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  1. Case Studies: Holistic Effects of Thai Massage

    by Susan Lorrimer

    Thai massage is performed using rhythmic thumb, palm and elbow pressure, muscle compressions and stretching along these energy lines.

  2. Extraordinary Healing Art that is Thai Massage

    by Bob Haddad

    These days, one of the most popular - but often misunderstood healing modalities - is traditional Thai massage.

  3. Thai and Swedish Massage Research Project

    by Susan Lorrimer

    There are over 150 postures in Thai massage, the therapist will choose the ones most suited to the client’s needs, taking into account flexibility and contra-indications.

  4. Thai Yoga Bodywork

    by Sonia Osorio

    The basis of this massage is working the energy lines. The main purpose is to clear blockages and allow energy to flow along these lines, known as sen.   By working the body phys...

  5. Thai Yoga Massage - an Ancient Healing Art

    by Kira Balaskas

    The ancient tradition of Thai Yoga massage is a unique and powerful massage therapy, combining acupressure, gentle stretching and applied Yoga.

  6. The Richness of Thai Massage

    by Christine Townley

    This article focuses on Thai Massage known as Nuad (to touch) Bo Rarn (ancient or sacred) in Thailand, a technique that reflects Buddhist teachings of loving kindness, compassion, ...

  7. Traditional Thai Massage

    by Christine Townley

    Traditional Thai Massage is a therapeutic clothed bodywork combining Applied Yoga, Massage and Acupressure, which increases Vitality, Flexibility and Tranquility.

  8. What is Thai Yoga Massage?

    by Amy Ku Redler

    This article is an account of the history, philosophy, and technique of Thai Yoga Massage.  This practice is helpful for a range of physical complaints, as it works through releasi...

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