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  1. 12 Health Benefits of Sleeping 6-8 Hours

    by Tom B Barnowski

    Getting the right amount of shuteye not only makes you feel better, but it goes above and beyond in just improving your mood or removing those unwanted eye-circles. A good night’s s...

  2. 15 Scents to Help You Sleep and Fight Insomnia

    by Karli Jaenike

    Aromatherapy has been used by humans to enhance sleep practices and to relax the nervous system since ancient times. Aromatherapy, among many other benefits, can aid relaxation, imp...

  3. 25 Foods that Help you Sleep

    by Samir Ferdowsi

    Food is required for sleep. We need fuel to make sure our body’s metabolism is in order and works how it should. However, with busy schedules piling up our days, it’s becoming more...

  4. 5 Tips To Beat Insomnia and Sleep Better

    by Kyla Stewart

    Insomnia is one of the most insidious disorders, impacting one’s physical health, mental health, and cognitive ability. Some people who struggle with insomnia lack the ability to fa...

  5. A Nation of Sleepless Nights: One In Four Adults Want a Better Night’s Sleep

    by Rick O’Neill

    Sleep is a basic human necessity, but in the frenetic world that we live in, this may seem hard to come by. Indeed, there are many reasons why somebody may not get a good night’s sh...

  6. A Sound Night’s Sleep: Ultimate Lullabies, Love Drug or ‘Coloured’ Noise?

    by AXA PPP healthcare

    Tired of tossing and turning each night trying to get to sleep? You’re not alone. And the effects the next day might go beyond simply yawning and feeling sluggish – it is estimated ...

  7. Beating The Demon Of Insomnia

    by Double Wood Supplements

    Insomnia is well-known in popular culture as the maddening inability to fall asleep when you really want to. It is also a serious medical condition with a variety of causes and an e...

  8. Bed and Mattress Advice

    by Wendy Emberson

    Wendy Emberson gives absolutely essential advice regarding how to choose the right sleeping components for you and your family. This includes tips regarding how to determine if y...

  9. Benefits of Sleep - The Impact of Sleep on the Body

    by Benefits of sleep.

    A lack of sleep the night before is enough to leave us tired, grumpy and fed up for the rest of the day. Getting the right amount of rest is crucial to tackling everything the world...

  10. Bringing Sleep Clinic Quality to the Bedroom

    by Hugo Mercier

    Sleep influences how well we live our lives in myriad ways - from our physical and mental health and performance to our productivity at work, mood and cognitive abilities. Sleep is ...

  11. Dream Journal Templates to Reconnect and Spark Creativity

    by Amanda Tallent

    Many of us know the feeling of settling into bed only to have our minds wander while trying to go to sleep. After a long day, it’s difficult to let go of the things that occurred an...

  12. Health Benefits of Napping

    by Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts

    Our increasingly busy lifestyle prevents us from taking the time to nap, with nearly a third of us saying we are not getting enough of it. Recent scientific studies suggest that mid...

  13. Holistic Approaches to Insomnia

    by Janette Stroud

    There is only so much insomnia that one person can take. The moment that I decided to get the better of it a major insight occurred. I realised that for most of us it is a self est...

  14. How Sleep Surfaces Affect Our Backs

    by Bill Ancell

    There are approximately three million beds and mattresses sold in the UK and almost a third of them are purchased in order to provide relief from back pain. However, many of these ...

  15. How to Combat Fatigue when Working Night Shifts

    by Terrys Fabrics

    Working night shifts can cause havoc for your sleeping pattern, as unsociable hours often mean sleeping during the day to prepare you for work at night. To help people manage their ...

  16. How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

    by Michal Szlas

    The Dalai Lama once said, “sleep is the best meditation”, and with proven benefits on both physical and mental wellbeing, the importance of a solid night’s rest really is incomparab...

  17. Influence of Screen Time on Children’s Sleep Patterns

    by Dave Gibson

    In the evening, modern teenagers now face a host of challenges: balancing ever-increasing amounts of homework, real life and online social demands, which is all on top of their nat...

  18. Is Sleep a Dormant State of Mind?

    by G Ravishankar

    This article looks in-depth at sleep and how important it is. The author tells us that it is one of life's essentials and that a good night's sleep leaves us feeling refreshed, inv...

  19. Relationship between Anxiety, Mental Health, and Quality of Sleep

    by Purple

    Anxiety comes in many forms, from the general worry that comes from everyday life to the intense fear caused by major psychiatric disorders. As debilitating as anxiety can be to our...

  20. Science-Backed Tips for the Perfect Nap

    by SensorGel®

    Although nothing can wholly compensate for a full night’s sleep, napping during the day has been shown to reduce some side effects of sleep deprivation, as well as provide benefits ...

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