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  1. Case Study Issue 118: Benefits of Shiatsu and Positive Thinking

    by Geraldine McMahon

    In this article, the author supports the benefits of shiatsu and positive thinking with a case study of a client predisposed to being negative about himself, his health and life in...

  2. Case Study Issue 95: Shiatsu Treatment for Insomnia

    by Katharine Hall

    Katherine Hall, a Shiatsu practitioner, looks at the case of Rosemary. Rosemary is 57 and suffered from low energy due to lack of sleep, getting only about two hours of sleep a nig...

  3. Kiental - A Step towards Unity

    by Mike Webster (Deceased)

    Over the last 10-11 years I have watched with growing concern as the survival of individual CAM organizations which are created for the benefit of therapists have, in some cases be...

  4. Shiatsu

    by Chris Jarmey

    Shiatsu is a Japanese word which literally translated means ‘finger pressure’. However, Shiatsu is much more than that.

  5. Shiatsu - Ancient Technique for the 21st Century

    by Kris Deva North

    Shiatsu is a hands-on therapy to harmonize the flow of energy throughout the entire being, seeking the cause of conditions as well as relieving the symptoms. It acts as an intermed...

  6. Shiatsu and Massage in Pregnancy and Childbirth

    by Suzanne Yates

    As a therapist the author outlines how, during pregnancy she introduces the mother to breathing exercises, meditation, and visualisation to put them more in touch with their bodi...

  7. Shiatsu for Health and Wellbeing

    by Cheryl L Jenkins

    This article contains a detailed, systematic account of what shiatsu is and what it does.  It then reports on recent research projects; an exploratory study, then a carefully desig...

  8. Shiatsu Massage for Frozen Shoulder

    by Sandra Laidley

    The author describes her experience of a syndrome which is five times more common in diabetics, 60 per cent more common in women, mostly affects 40-60 year olds. About 15 per cent ...

  9. Shiatsu to Balance Your Internal Fire Energy

    by Debbie Heaney

    Is your summer long, happy, days lazing in the sun… or do the stresses of life leave you feeling burnt out?

  10. Shiatsu, Nutrition and Mind in the Treatment of ME

    by Mike Webster (Deceased)

    This article is written by a Shiatsu practitioner and teacher who is trained in clinical nutrition and a specialist in a type of energy work called Waveform. He gives an encourag...

  11. Shiatsu, Yoga and Breath

    by Rosamunde Jordan

    Shiatsu is a word that seems vaguely familiar to a great many people: ‘That’s under dogs, isn’t it?’ said the young lad who searched for the appropriate section for my advert.

  12. What do Shiatsu Practitioners Treat?

    by Nicola Pooley

    Shiatsu is usually found to be deeply relaxing and invigorating for the mind and body. The medical diagnoses given by shiatsu clients when they first came for shiatsu include mus...

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