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  1. Barefoot in Honduras

    by Richard Graham

    In this article, the author provides a detailed account of his recent assignment in Honduras, teaching Physiotherapists in a rehabilitation centre a series of Yoga exercises and Sh...

  2. Health Exercise Techniques: Strength Training and Stretching

    by Neil Summers

    The article looks into correct exercises for the maintenance of a Healthy Lifestyle and the few exercises where the benefits outweigh the damaging elements brought on by unwelcome ...

  3. How Effective is Physiotherapy to Reduce Chronic Pain?

    by Simon Morris

    You may treat chronic pain or long term pain efficiently using physical therapy. You may rectify any injury to a large extent by using this method. It can help you move and feel be...

  4. Independent Physiotherapy

    by Jean Kelly

    Physiotherapists utilise a growing number of complementary forms of medicine and treatment methods such as massage, manipulation, acupuncture, reflex therapy, cranio-sacral therapy...

  5. Neuromuscular Taping Reduces Blood Pressure in Systemic Arterial Hypertension[1]

    by Dr Jean Monro

    Neuromuscular taping is the application of a particular type of tape which can be applied to the skin in various patterns to alter function and alleviate pain in many conditions. I...

  6. Neuromuscular Taping: Innovative Rehabilitation Technique

    by William Ahern

    The development and use of various types of tape to support parts of the body to aid healing is not new.  However the author’s experience and technical skills have enabled him to d...

  7. Physiotherapy Case Studies

    by Wendy Emberson

    The following series of case studies were all carried out by members of Physiofirst (the Organisation of Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice).

  8. Physiotherapy Today

    by Nadia Ellis

    Physiotherapy today is defined as: "A systematic method of assessing musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory and neurological disorders of function including pain and those of...

  9. Self-Help for Optimal Back Care

    by Neil Summers

    In the article Neil Summers looks at two of the common prescriptions for backache: bed rest and exercise. He concludes that bed rest may be beneficial because of the horizontal p...

  10. The Self-Healing Method - A Physiotherapy for the 21st Century

    by Maggie Lyons

    Self-Healing – a unique therapy combining massage, movement, and natural vision training based on the teachings of Meir Schneider (see our interview with Meir under - Interviews). ...

  11. Treating and Preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders while Self-Isolating

    by Mark Fletcher

    The effects of the COVID-19 crisis are being felt across the world. In the UK, the Government has put social distancing measures in place and ordered many businesses to close in ord...

  12. What You Need to Know about Physiotherapy and Sports Physiotherapy

    by Russell Thompson

    Do you know someone who had lost the use of their arms and legs after they have suffered from a stroke? Or someone whose limbs or other parts of the body had been injured so that th...

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