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  1. The Shadow Dance of our Mind

    by Rajgopal Nidamboor

    of a plethora of entities, viz., the soul and other material substances.

  2. The Spiritual Romance: Soul-Mating According to the Kabbalah

    by Orna Ben-Shoshan

    This fascinating article sets out the fundamental principles concerning relationships from the Kabbalah, according to which marriage is a spiritual partnership between two people, ...

  3. The Stuff We Are Made Of

    by Joan Angarano

    Modern science has put together a computer animation program on the development of the universe and all of her parts. Through this program one can shrink, or dehydrate all of Life a...

  4. The Subtle and Shifting Currents of Change

    by Amy Suplee

    In this article, the author discusses the changing seasons and how they affect us. She looks at Chinese Medicine where every element has its opposite (yin and yang) and that we nee...

  5. The Symbolic Decision Chart

    by Greg Clarkson

    This article focuses on performance guidance through charting a path of opportunity and responding to symbols. The author says it's not the decisions people worry about, but the r...

  6. The Ten Commandments

    by Allan Armstrong

    It is written that God beckoned Moses to ascend to the summit of Mount Sinai from whence the Commandments were given to him and his people. The metaphysical interpretation of this s...

  7. The Twelve Chakra System

    by David Malin

    The article focuses on the 12 chakras within our energy field, and not just the seven which most people are familiar with. He presents information on the 12 chakras based on his h...

  8. The Unmet Friends

    by Juliette Mataxa

    This article focuses on our 'Unmet Friends' - emotions (like pain, anger and fear) that can bring monumental changes in our lives if we allow them to work in conjunction with one a...

  9. The Way We Were

    by Gina Pickersgill

    What ways we were thinking, what ways we were feeling, what ways we were judging, what ways we were taking for granted. These are all the ways in which we 'were'. No longer do we ha...

  10. Trauma, Body, Energy and Spirituality

    by Raja Selvam PhD

    …those involved in spiritual work in one way or another and those working with people with relational issues psychotherapeutically have much to gain in learning how to recognize an...

  11. Tribute to Heidi Rossanne Keep

    by Simon France

    Heidi was my woman: my lover, my partner, business partner in Aquarius, mother to my daughter, Rhiannon and son, Reubyn. And she was much more as well. A multi-faceted woman who sp...

  12. Tribute to Vivienne Silver-Leigh

    by Adam and Mark Reeves

    On June 14 Vivienne Silver-Leigh, our mother and regular contributor to Positive Health passed peacefully and gracefully into spirit. Vivienne meant so much to so many people, and ...

  13. Virtue of the Heart

    by David Malin

    This column looks at what our world honours and values in this day and age and questions why, unlike mental intelligence, physical intelligence, spiritual intelligence, emotional i...

  14. Walk the Soulful Talk from Deep Within

    by Rajgopal Nidamboor

    All of us - whatever our roots, profession, or purpose - have a natural, innate, or cultivated ability to express our feelings, or resolve our angst, while releasing ourselves from...

  15. Welcoming the Water-Carrier

    by Beata Bishop

    We are about to enter ‘the age of Aquarius’, the water bearer. The author notes that in astrology, he is an Air sign, but is seen pouring water onto the parched earth, both being...

  16. What is Power?

    by Nirvana Tehranian

    …the ego is never really satisfied. It is the ego that is never grateful since it is run by greed. Ah yes, greed! Greed's hunger is so voracious that nothing can satiate its deepes...

  17. What You Sow in your Mind You Reap

    by Rajgopal Nidamboor

    The best thing we’d all do, in the turbulent times that we now live in, is to cultivate our mind with a reflective sense of ‘attached detachment’ and vice versa. In other words, we ...

  18. When More is Not Merrier

    by Rajgopal Nidamboor

    There are circuits in the brain that signal our emotions, all right. They have the capacity to seamlessly connect with the type of attention you require to take the right decision. ...

  19. Wising Up

    by Vivienne Silver-Leigh

    Vivienne Silver-Leigh offers encouragement to those of us who feel that when we retire and become senior citizens our lives are more or less over. With the exception of those who s...

  20. You are what your Emotions Are

    by Rajgopal Nidamboor

    The explanation of unconscious facial expressions is representative of questioning idioms. That our facial expressions reflect our emotions was a stratagem first articulated by Char...

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