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  1. Toxic Chemical Overload

    by Michael V Brooking and Naheed Zaman

    Despite the many scientific breakthroughs over the last five decades, we have seen a steady increase in killer diseases such as cancers, heart disease and diabetes. Could this incr...

  2. Toxic Teeth

    by Ann Crowther

    In this column on dental health, the author explains why many of us, in spite of using water filters, air cleaners, eating organically grown produce and taking herbal and alternati...

  3. Toxicity of Cancer-Causing Chemicals

    by Kathryn Alexander

    This article focuses on Cancer, the role of chemicals – most of which have been proved to be toxic, carcinogenic and incompatible with life – in causing this condition, and high ex...

  4. Viruses Mutate more Readily in Selenium-Deficient Surroundings

    by David E Marsh

    Even though selenium is critically important for good human health, its value is not widely known. It is important both for the prevention of selenium-related deficiency diseases an...

  5. Ways to Protect ourselves and the animals in our care from BSE-like diseases

    by Helen Fullerton

    Dr Fullerton discusses and puts forward her views and ways to protect ourselves and the animals in our care from BSE-like diseases.

  6. Why Buy Chemical-Free Cosmetics and Personal Care Products?

    by Klaus Ferlow

    Everyone hopes to have a perfect body but, unfortunately no matter what we do, our bodies never seems to be perfect. Are nose or breast to large or too small? Is the skin too dry or...

  7. Why Can't I Lose Weight?

    by Emma Lane

    The media reminds us frequently that obesity is on the rise as is the incidence of Type 2 diabetes, generally the two often go hand in hand.  Certainly, abundant processed foods, de...

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