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  1. Using pH as a measure of Digestive Physiology

    by Peter Bartlettt

    Proper digestion is a prerequisite for optimum health. Ascertaining the degree to which digestion has become dysfunctional is critical, as abnormal digestive physiology adversely a...

  2. We Are All Coeliac

    by Mike Menkes

    Gluten intolerance is not always recognized because the symptoms can be mild or delayed and can be wrongly blamed upon other common intestinal issues. Some symptoms come from inflam...

  3. What’s Lockdown Gut to do With It? – the Gut Stuff

    by Lisa and Alana Macfarlane

    Even as we are emerging out of lockdown, a lot of us are going to continue to spend more time at home than ever before – and this adjustment to a new way of life is likely to have t...

  4. When Food Makes You Ill

    by Linda Lazarides BA

    Regular contributor Linda Lazarides looks at the problem of poor digestion. It is possible to lose the evolutionary ability to tolerate food and many people become so ill when they...

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