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  1. Stuck in Dry-dock

    by Michael Levy

    According to the author the source of intelligence that requests mankind to proceed on a paradise journey of a lifetime is not written up in any textbook or holy books. The truth...

  2. Surrogate Joy

    by Michael Levy

    In this issue Michael Levy looks at the concept of joy and how many of us are trying to find it in the wrong places. He points out that though people have more spiritual and medica...

  3. Ten Alchemy Tidings for Authentic Living

    by Michael Levy

    The pressures of living in the twenty-first century have greatly expanded. In fact, as each year passes by, more and more stress and tensions appears to build up in the majority of ...

  4. The Course Will Close Itself

    by Michael Levy

    Using the metaphor of a committee trying to decide on a rule for when a golf course should close, the author draws our attention to the value of attuning ourselves to the messages ...

  5. The Excellent Writer Within

    by Michael Levy

    The art of good writing comes from the artist within. All humans have the ability to become great authors, poets, artists and musicians, etc., so why do most folks find it such a di...

  6. The Half-Lived Life: Why Overcoming Passivity is so Important

    by John Lee

    Passivity is

  7. The Inner Moaner

    by Vicki McKenna

    This article gives clear and humorous advice about how to deal with our Inner Moaner – the part of us that is resisting, feeling victimized by current circumstances. 

  8. The Penninghame Process - Deep Personal Growth and Self Awareness

    by Rosie Manton

    A group of courageous people arrive at a given location. They are challenged quite strongly and held in love. After six days they leave, still with their stories but with a profound...

  9. The Quest for Paradise on Earth

    by Michael Levy

    This article consists of two allegorical tales. One is of a knight’s quest for entry into Paradise, and the necessary advice from a little boy eating a peanut and banana sandwich. ...

  10. The Sedona Method of Personal Transformation

    by Alex Christie

    This article claims that the Sedona Method, developed by Lester Levenson, provides a unique and simple approach for releasing emotions and reducing stress using a process of self-e...

  11. The Treasure Hunt 

    by Michael Levy

    I remember a story I was told when I was knee-high to a grasshopper ... A man is searching for a valuable coin he dropped in the street.

  12. The Vanishing Wizard

    by Mike Webster (Deceased)

    This enigmatic yet engaging article is based on the author’s practice of energy field (waveform) work.  Each of us has an energetic pattern which is as identifiable as a fingerprin...

  13. The Wizard’s Secret Power

    by Michael Levy

    In a small chocolate box cabin, on the edge of an obscure forest dwells a wizard with an incredible secret power. One day, he was meandering along a winding path deep in the forest ...

  14. Transform Your Life

    by Donna Taylor

    Integrating Astrology, Homeopathy and Changed Beliefs by Donna Taylor Laurence Le Shan sums it up nicely when he says that "a disease from the viewpoint of holistic medicine is a s...

  15. Understanding Relationship

    by David Peet

    This article is about understanding relationships and can benefit individuals looking for a partner, people in a relationship where they feel stuck, distant or dead, and those in c...

  16. Unlocking Your Hidden Abilities – the Easy Way

    by Geoff Merrigan

    Geoff Merrigan explores ways in which we can easily release our hidden healing abilities. He himself shifted from a conventional scientific background to discovering and then teach...

  17. Wealth Creation For The Better Good - The Significance of Money - Is Money a Curse or a Blessing?

    by Michael Levy

    I doubt if anyone who would dispute the fact that money is the most important commodity in any person’s life. It is right up there with gravity, light and water as necessities for s...

  18. Who You Were Born to Be: How to trust yourself and gain the key to happiness

    by Gina Pickersgill

    Many of us suffer from indecision about what we want or need. What we do not realize is that the things which will make us truly happy are those things that bring us new challenges ...

  19. Why Dreadful Things Take Place in Nice Peoples Lives

    by Michael Levy

    This brief article is a mythical allegory about universal truths from a particular perspective, with resonances with the Old Testament concept that it is man’s pursuit of knowledge...

  20. With Birth Carpe Diem - Seize the Day

    by Michael Levy

    Children do not think about time in the same way as older folks. They are too busy playing games and chatting with their friends. They grow into adults who gain responsibilities and...

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