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  1. Soft Tissue Therapy - More than Sports Massage

    by Tanya Milne

    Sports Massage has been steadily gaining recognition over the last forty years, although it has been practised since Egyptian and Roman times. It has been used as a way of aiding re...

  2. Sports Massage - A Therapy for All

    by Wrio Russell

    Although the name 'sports massage therapy' suggests that it is only suitable for athletes and dancers, Wrio Russell, a qualified massage therapist and founder director of the Londo...

  3. Standards in Massage Therapy

    by Leon Chaitow, ND DO

    A question which I am regularly asked deserves an honest answer. "How do you find the standard of massage therapist here compared with elsewhere?" The truth is that standards of tr...

  4. Thai Traditional Massage

    by Maria Mercati

    Touch is and always has been powerful medicine. It soothes, relaxes, comforts and heals. Massage is the means whereby touch is applied in diverse ways to achieve these effects. Tha...

  5. The Application of Massage in Psychogenic Disorders

    by Mario-Paul Cassar

    It is well known that massage relaxes us and can benefit us on emotional levels, but can it help with more complex behavioural and neurological dysfunctions? Recent research has be...

  6. The Healing Benefits of Oriental Massage

    by Maria Mercati

    This article is about four different types of Oriental Massage: Tui Na, Shiatsu, Thai massage and Indonesian massage. Although these are all distinct forms of therapy with their ow...

  7. The Importance of Pathology for Massage Therapists

    by Su Fox

    The branch of medicine concerned with the cause, nature and origin of disease, including the changes occurring as a result of disease;

  8. The Massage Practitioner and the Medical Profession - Then and Now

    by Su Fox

    This article focuses on the changes over the years on massage techniques and requirements. The author says massage is no longer just a therapy of indulgence and pampering but one t...

  9. The Power Of Voluntary Work

    by Clare Maxwell-Hudson

    Regular contributor Clare Maxwell-Hudson shows how voluntary work has been a valuable part of societies all over the world. A large study in Michigan found that those who did volun...

  10. Tuina: A complete holistic healing system from China

    by Maria Mercati

    Tried and tested over 4,000 years and still regularly used by over one fifth of the world’s population, Tuina is still little known in the West. Maria, who is an established teache...

  11. Turning Massage from a Yang Therapy into a Yin Therapy

    by Peter Smith

    I describe myself as an eclectic holistic practitioner. Having had issues with my back in my early 20s, I have always been keen to seek relief where possible. Wearing my suit of bod...

  12. Whole Meridian Massage Therapy

    by Zhu Gang

    This article focuses on Traditional Chinese Medicine body massage and the meridians, the route to promoting better blood and energy circulation and overall communication between th...

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