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  1. The Heart and the Emotions

    by Mary Martin

    In her regular column Mary Martin examines the connection between heart problems and the emotions. She believes the condition of our heart reflects lifestyle and mental attitude. T...

  2. The Real Causes of Heart Disease - [and Statins don't help]

    by Justin Smith

    Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. For decades our health authorities and the majority of the medical profession have told us that dietary saturated fat and chol...

  3. Two Intractable Complaints

    by Dr Angela Jones

    I have just heard about the death of one of my patients. Even homeopathy cannot prevent this inevitable event. Sarah was seventy-five, alert and active. She suffered a massive hear...

  4. Your Healthy Heart: Herbal and Nutritional Approaches

    by Jill Rosemary Davies

    The author argues the case for integrated medicine as an approach to an imbalanced heart or circulatory system and the precursors such as low or high blood pressure, angina, harden...

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