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  1. Of Discs, Soaps and Camemberts

    by Joel Carbonnel

    Last month, I explained why the intervertebral disc (ID) is not like a bar of soap that can slip in and out of its position. Being from Normandy, I prefer, strange as it may seem, ...

  2. Ouch! I Think I’ve Slipped a Disc...

    by Neil Velleman

    A herniated or ‘slipped’ disc is amongst the most debilitating of back pain problems - sometimes with added symptoms such as the grinding leg pain of sciatica. There are many levels...

  3. Pandemic Rehabilitation of Spine Surgery

    by Dr Ken Hansraj

    In these pandemic times, one assumes that patients are prone to staying still and to staying isolated. Not so! My observation is that something happens, and there is a significant b...

  4. Power Assisted Micro-Manipulation

    by Irene Phillips

    Power Assisted Micro-Manipulation by Irene Phillips the first osteopath to be using Power-Assisted Micro-Manipulation. The treatment is carried out working on all levels of the spi...

  5. Prevention of Back Pain

    by Richard Ablett

    It is staggering to think that back pain will affect so many adults. Back pain in its various forms will affect 80% of people at some stage during their adult lives. This is the gr...

  6. Promoting Healthy Posture for Wheelchair Users

    by Ailsa Reston

    The provision of an appropriate and supportive wheelchair will enable good posture with head, spinal and trunk support and pelvic alignment. This is essential for regular or permane...

  7. Retrospective Study Comparing Surgery for Scoliosis against the Non-Surgical ASMI Treatment

    by Damien Mearns

    The aim of this study was to investigate what the impact of surgery for scoliosis on the reduction of the curve is compared to the non-Surgical ASMI treatment (ASMI – Advanced Spina...

  8. Rugby Players, Homeopathy and a Painful Coccyx

    by Dr Neil Slade

    This article focuses on homeopathic treatment for a painful coccyx sustained by a fall on concrete steps.

  9. Self-Help for Back Pain

    by Pete Moore

    The Pain Management Programme uses a multidisciplinary approach with a number of practical techniques and psychological strategies to enable a person with on-going pain to mainta...

  10. Sitting Still was Yesterday: Why Flexible Sitting is So Important for a Child’s Back

    by AGR - Campaign for Healthier Backs

    Just about all children await their first day at school with anticipation and impatience - after all the first school day is a very special day for them, a day on which they can fe...

  11. Slipped Disc Or Split Disc?

    by Joel Carbonnel

    The term 'slipped disc' is a misnomer, since intervertebral discs (IDs) do not and cannot slip out from their vertebral position. Nor can they slip back, which means that no amount...

  12. Soften The Blow of Killer Heels

    by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

    The ‘wow’ experience of trying on new designer high heels certainly brings the above dictionary definition to life to those who worship current fashion.  In the whirl of unboxing, r...

  13. Spinal Manipulation - What are We to Believe?

    by Leon Chaitow, ND DO

    In this column the author focuses on the background to a news report earlier this year that ‘Chiropractic and Osteopathic Manipulation does not work,’ based on a review published i...

  14. Spinal Stenosis and Fusion Surgery

    by Jesse Cannone

    The author explains spinal stenosis, which is a narrowing of the spinal canal, which can put pressure on the spinal cord and other spinal nerves. But not everyone who has it experi...

  15. Staying Healthy at Work

    by Mark Fletcher

    With 31 million days lost to musculoskeletal conditions in the UK every year, protecting your back – or the backs of your employers – has never been more important.

  16. Taking Control Can Do Wonders for Your Back Pain

    by Chris Aldred

    Feeling in control makes us happy. We all like to know that it’s our decision what we eat, what we do in our spare time, what job we do, and generally how we live our lives. We feel...

  17. Talk Back - From the Spine

    by Ruth White

    Ruth White writes from the point of view of the backbone in the context of a case study of a woman called Christine. Christine suffered from terrible back pain and had her backbone...

  18. The Alaska Back Pain Protocol – Who's It For and How Does It Work?

    by Dr Brent Wells DC

    The Alaska Back Pain Protocol (ABPP) was developed in 2001 to treat people with back pain and it has helped 9000+ people.

  19. The Alexander Barrie System Of Pelvic Correction

    by Alexander Barrie

    The author, a Registered Shiatsu Practitioner and Registered Cranio-sacral Therapist, has developed a system for correcting the position of the pelvis through observation, empirica...

  20. The Healing Power of Far Infrared Heat (FIR)

    by Jesse Cannone

    The author explains that both ice and heat are well-known for breaking the pain-spasm cycle.  However most heating remedies provide only superficial relief. Far Infrared Heat, on...

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