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  1. Meditation: Staying Present to the Now

    by Harry Henshaw

    To live fully in the present is to become awakened to what is truly real and to our own natural power. Much of our life is spent living in the past, and in the process, attempting ...

  2. Mindfulness and Meditation are the Steps to Wellbeing during COVID-19

    by Simon Morris

    The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has not been kind to anyone. Externally, we are maintaining social distancing norms and stay-at-home orders, but internally, we are absorbed with feel...

  3. Mindfulness for People Living with Long Term Conditions

    by Dr Jaqui Long

    As the numbers of people living with a Long Term Condition (LTC) increases worldwide,[1] a new study ‘Starting Where I Am’[2] explores how practising mindfulness can positively affe...

  4. Mindfulness in Everyday Life – Tools to Provide Calm, Reduce Stress and Help Gain Clarity of Thought

    by Kish Modasia

    During the pandemic, people are experiencing more stress and anxiety than ever before. This is caused by uncertainty and ever-changing information. It means we are having to adapt a...

  5. Mindfulness Meditation - Finding True Inner Peace

    by Charles A Francis

    Many of us spend our whole lives searching for happiness and inner peace. Sadly, some of us never find them. We try to acquire the things that our society tells us will make us happ...

  6. Mindfulness Meditation for Stress

    by Jon Kabat-Zinn

    The stress in our lives is now so great and so insidious that more and more people are making the deliberate decision to understand it better and to bring it under personal control...

  7. Neuroplasticity – How to Heal Incurable Tinnitus, Dizziness and Vertigo Symptoms

    by Joey Remenyi

    Every person who experiences vertigo or tinnitus has their own way of describing them. Your sensations are something that no one else can ever feel or really understand. While this ...

  8. Never Move From Where You Already Are

    by Andrew Cohen

    The meditation instructions that I give are very simple. I ask people to relax as much as they can, to be as at ease and as free from tension as possible and at the same time I w...

  9. Oases of Calm

    by Catherine M Crawford

    This article focuses on the importance of quiet time, especially in today’s environment where the levels of stress we experience create problems such as headaches, skin irritations...

  10. Practical Meditation

    by Steve Hounsome

    Meditation has been used for thousands of years, in many different ways and in cultures across the globe. It is thought primarily to be an Eastern practice as a means to finding sp...

  11. Primordial Sound Meditation

    by Jane Colebourn

    Primordial Sound Meditation is a mantra meditation that was developed by Dr Deepak Chopra from an ancient tradition.

  12. Reflections on Meditation - Personal Thoughts on an Enigmatic Subject

    by Allan Armstrong

    Over the course of the last fifty years or so the term ‘meditation’ has come to mean two distinct things. On the one hand there is the traditional concept of meditation being an exe...

  13. Reverie

    by Jack Schwarz

    Reverie is a short, consciously guided daydream. Day-dreams, like the dreams of sleep, give us a taste of the meditative experience. They feel quite real, and we can think, sense...

  14. Role of Meditation in Stress Control

    by Kushal Kumar

    Human mind moves with fastest speed, thinking about one or the other thing all the time except when one is in sound sleep. During the course of his dialogue with Arjuna, Lord Krishn...

  15. Self-Healing - Buddha's Smiling Meditation

    by liberty forrest

    Meditation. The very word makes me feel peaceful. Perhaps that’s because meditation has been such a big part of my life, whether teaching it, doing it or recording CDs but I associa...

  16. Spirituality and the Boardroom: Where Do They Meet?

    by Debbie Shapiro

    Stress costs the business world millions of pounds every year. The authors discuss the conflict between a high-powered, stressful position (the professional) and being able to be e...

  17. The Four Pillars of Meditation

    by Allan Armstrong

    For many, the holy grail of meditation is the achievement of spiritual enlightenment, concerning which a vast amount of literature and folklore has passed from generation to generat...

  18. The Hidden Powers of Chakra Meditation

    by Anna Dorbyk

    Anna Dorbyk looks at the idea of achieving positivity in our life. She believes that when we carry out positive actions and our contribution to the world is positive we in turn int...

  19. The Natural State of Being

    by Garuda Ishaya

    Life is change. Nature teaches us many things: beauty, vitality, creation, destruction – nothing ever stays the same in this universe. Indeed if we are vigilant we can see that thi...

  20. The Secret Garden: Secret Life of the Inner Soul

    by Allan Armstrong

    In this article focusing on the soul of a person, the author says that throughout history, exponents of the spiritual life have likened the soul to a garden, a secret garden hidden...

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