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  1. Environmental Toxins and Weight Gain: The Link. An Interview with Paula Baillie-Hamilton MB, BS, Dphil

    by Russ Mason

    Author Russ Mason interviews Paula F. Baillie-Hamilton an expert on metabolism and the impact of toxins upon the human system who has, through years of research, identified certain...

  2. Ether: Vibration Everywhere – In the Beginning, Now and Forever

    by Marion Eaton

    “Birdsong tells the flowers when to bloom.” How could that be? I sat up and paid attention. The lecturer went on to describe how all of Nature is inter-linked. In the northern hemi...

  3. Fast Food, Obesity and Ill Health: The urgent need to shift from chemical-based to real foods

    by Jane Lorimer

    In this article on Obesity and Chronic Disease (CHD), the author, a McTimoney Chiropractor, authority on Candida and Wholefood Cookery says weight around the middle is a sign that ...

  4. Feeling Under the Weather

    by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

    Feeling ‘under the weather’, apparently originating from a sailing term, is understood to mean “not feeling right” in health or wellbeing

  5. Fluoride - Links with Cancer

    by Mike Menkes

    I have yet to know any Doctor, alternative health practitioner, Chiropractor, ozone promoter, alkaline dieter, acupuncturist, Reiki master, counsellor, guru, psychic healer, electro...

  6. Fragrance: A Growing Health and Environmental Hazard

    by Klaus Ferlow

    This article focuses on the hazards of fragrances, found in a growing number of products. A study by Greenpeace in 2005 discovered that at least 36 well-known perfume brands contai...

  7. Headlice control - unnecessary chemical warfare

    by Lisa Saffron

    Headlice are a frequent nuisance but cause no hazard to health beyond an itchy scalp. Yet they are treated with toxic pesticides, potentially capable of causing greater hazards to ...

  8. Healing - Sick Houses

    by Roy and Ann Procter

    Anyone concerned with improving their health will be aware that the environment in which you live and work plays an important part. You would avoid traffic fumes, especially if yo...

  9. Healing Spaces - The Importance of Architecture in Healthcare

    by Dr David Peters

    If we are ill, we know intuitively that a building can affect how we feel – and how well the practitioners around us do their work. But how might the built environment boost or und...

  10. Health and Societal Consequences of Geoengineering

    by Ann Fillmore PhD

    Anyone who is outdoors at all has come to the correct conclusion that a science fiction horror is going on above us. It is absolutely essential you go outside and look up. Now. Toda...

  11. Health Benefits of Soil-based Organisms

    by Helen Adams

    This article explains how, because of new farming methods and the use of fertilizers and pesticides, the soil in which our food is now grown lacks a healthy mixture of soil-based o...

  12. Heavy Metal Toxicity - An Unsuspected Illness

    by Janine Bowring

    The author, a Naturopath points out that heavy metal toxicity is becoming a growing concern due to industrialization and metals are used in many products that have made their way i...

  13. Hidden Dangers Lurking In Your Cosmetics And Personal Care Products

    by Klaus Ferlow

    This article, as the title suggests, rings a warning bell about the possible toxins and carcinogens which may be included among the ingredients of our commonly used cosmetic and ...

  14. How Heavy Metals Affect Neurotransmitters Production and Balance

    by Manuela Malaguti Boyle and Geoff Beaty

    The article discusses the range of conditions which appear to be the result of heavy metal toxicity, which begins in the womb, as the foetus’ developing neural systems and brain co...

  15. How Multiple Allergies can Devastate our Lives or Make Them Healthier - Emma's Story

    by Maxima Skelton

    Emma was a restless and overactive baby from the day she was born. Often screaming, unable to sleep and in discomfort from severe digestive problems, we tried everything to get her ...

  16. How Organic Principles will Inform Future Food Production

    by Martin Lane

    There has been a great deal of disparaging copy concerning organically grown food in recent years. The tone has become more vitriolic as the popularity of organics has grown and, as...

  17. How to Create a Healthy Living Space

    by Anat Cohen BMed

    Although we often regard our homes as a safe haven from the dangers of the outside world, the indoor environment presents its own hazards in the form of toxic pollutants and other ...

  18. How to Prepare for Severe Wet Weather

    by CountyClean Group

    As experts predict severe weather conditions and flooding will hit the UK this winter, it is naturally a concerning time for home and business owners, especially those based in high...

  19. How to Stay Healthy at Your Desk

    by Sarah Stewart

    In today’s society, the pressure of sitting at a desk all day is taking its toll on our bodies and our mental health. Stress, backache, tiredness and low energy are all common issue...

  20. Is Adding Fluoride to our Public Water Supply Health Enhancement or Disease Enhancing?

    by Roddy MacDonald

    One of the current hot topics when it comes to our public water supply is the Government’s intention to fluoridate all the UK water supply. Currently about 15% of the water supply h...

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