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  1. Fitter for Life - Stop Sitting Down so Much

    by Carrie Schmitz

    Summer is coming and with it, the anticipation of beach holidays in far flung places. For many, the onset of Summer also means the start of the ‘beach body diet,’ which tends to con...

  2. For Back Pain Look to the Front of the Body Too

    by Allan Rudolf

    Bodyworkers can divide their clients loosely into two (not necessarily exclusive) groups. There are clients who want to relieve general stress and be more relaxed. And there are cl...

  3. Gokhale Method™ for a Pain-Free Back

    by Esther Gokhale

    If you are a health and wellness professional, sitting, standing, bending and lifting likely constitute a large part of your work life. Are these positions comfortable for you or do...

  4. Good Piano Technique: The Key to Healthy Computer Keyboarding

    by Prof Linda Holzer

    The author looks at the parallels between playing the piano and using a computer by looking at the posture that we adopt during each activity. She tells us that we can take the pri...

  5. How to Pick the Best Mattress for Back Pain

    by Tuck

    We are not powerless against back pain. It can be alleviated or even prevented with one simple thing: how we sleep. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true. Some aches can be aggrav...

  6. How to Sit with Sciatica – A Comprehensive Guide

    by Cristian Lungu

    Sciatica, a condition characterized by pain radiating along the path of the sciatic nerve, can cause significant discomfort and affect a person's daily activities. One of the most ...

  7. How to Sleep with Neck Pain

    by Dr Brent Wells DC

    At one time or another, everyone will wake up with neck pain. The first thing most people say is “I must have slept on it wrong” and this could very well be the case. However, if yo...

  8. How to Treat and Avoid Low Back Pain

    by Oliver Eaton

    Low back pain is the most common symptom presented to a GP in the UK. According to recent figures from the Office for National Statistics, almost 31 million days of work are lost ev...

  9. Hydration is the Key to Spine Health; How to Keep your Back Hydrated and Healthy

    by Anthony Padgett

    Drinking plenty of water is good for our general health and well-being. Doctors and fitness experts have been telling us this for decades. But how many of us ever consider that a l...

  10. I Could Not Cure Less!

    by Joel Carbonnel

    There are an enormous number of therapies available for bad backs and a corresponding number of therapists offering their services. Yet in spite of this onslaught back pain continu...

  11. IDD Therapy – A New Way to help Unresolved Back Pain and Sciatica

    by Mark Webb

    When people suffer with back pain or sciatica for a long time, it can feel like having their own personal rain cloud following them around all day, even when the sun is shining. For...

  12. Intervertebral Disk Decompression Cured my Back Pain

    by Sally Lansdale

    After many years of working as an osteopath, Sally Lansdale was suffering from so much back pain herself, she thought her career had come to an end. A combination of day-to-day ben...

  13. Is Arching Good For Your Back?

    by Joel Carbonnel

    Whether the lower back should be flexed (bent forwards) or extended (arched) is the latest controversy. Both approaches may be right or wrong depending on the patient specific prob...

  14. Is Slouching Good For Your Back?

    by Joel Carbonnel

    According to John Gorman, a chiropractor and former mechanical engineer, slouching and slumping are good for the back.

  15. Long Periods of Sitting Took their Toll - Exercise and a New Chair Made the Difference

    by Lindsey Venner

    “Long periods of sitting for work and handling a children’s gym club really took their toll on my back, but the right exercise and a new office chair have got rid of the pain and ma...

  16. Low Back Pain: A Naturopathic Approach

    by Wendy Gist

    This article focuses on the naturopathic approach to healing, in particular lower back pain, and the common causes of this condition, which in most cases is the result of muscle st...

  17. Lower Back Pain

    by Tanya Milne

    Most people with back problems, and back pain suffer in the Lumbar region. Lower back pain has many causes but the vast majority are caused through bad posture and overuse conditio...

  18. Meditations To Boost Back Health

    by Dr Ken Hansraj

    As a known and published spinal surgeon, Dr Ken Hansraj has dedicated more than 20 years of his life to helping people across the globe improve their spinal health. He is a prominen...

  19. Neck Pain - What Causes It, How to Treat It, and How to Avoid Getting It

    by Oliver Eaton

    Almost 31 million days of work are lost each year due to neck, back and muscle problems, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Neck pain is a modern day epidemic du...

  20. Neck Pain and the Primary Control

    by Stephen Braybrook

    More than 50% of adults have had neck pain during the past year, with around two-thirds of the population having neck pain at some point in their lives. The incidence of neck pain i...

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