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  1. Biodanza

    by Karen Woodley

    The creation and organisation of Biodanza was initiated through research by Rolando Toro during the 1960s. A clinical psychologist, anthropologist, poet and painter, Rolando Toro a...

  2. Evolutionary Health

    by Edwin Alan Salter

    We have arrived at an understanding of our biological origins that is truly inspiring. The argument set out briefly here aims to sketch a vision of how our evolution can guide both ...

  3. Holistic Movement for Health

    by Gina Pickersgill

    Regular moderate exercise is well known to improve such conditions as obesity, diabetes and hypertension. Weight bearing and aerobic exercise can help osteoporosis and some cancers...

  4. How to Smooth the Transition from a Walker to a Wheelchair

    by Thomas Brown

    In case the elderly are facing increasing difficulties with using a walker, it may be time to consider a wheelchair. Wheelchairs offer improved stability and mobility compared to wa...

  5. Moving and Stretching - Catalysts for Energetic Change

    by Mike Webster (Deceased)

    In all movement lies the potential for the energetic changes that underpin life, health and effective functioning - our very existence. Some movement is not directly task orienta...

  6. Moving Well: Laban Movement Therapy in Action

    by Edwin Alan Salter

    Body movements provide an insight into the innermost feelings and way of life of a person. The Laban Movement is a system and language of observing, describing and notating all for...

  7. Posture And Balance

    by Edwin Alan Salter

    Both of the terms posture and balance seem to speak of stillness, but it is rather that they are continually with us, most noticed when the flurry of activity ceases.  And every mov...

  8. TA KE TI NA

    by Derek Gale

    The workshop provides a supportive and non criticizing space in which you can work on all those negative messages you give yourself about not being able to do things. Learning to c...

  9. Therapeutic Value of Dance

    by Wendy Buonaventura

    A recent British survey came up with the fascinating result that, next to eating out, what people of all ages enjoy doing most in their spare time is… no, not going to the cinema o...

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