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  1. Changing Minds about Medical Cannabis

    by Ramya Sriram

    Despite the legaliaation of medical cannabis in November 2018, only a small proportion of the people who could benefit from the drug have been able to receive it. Here Ramya Sriram,...

  2. Chemo or Cannabis to Treat Cancer? Interview with Len Richmond

    by Daniel Moler

    Len Richmond

  3. Future of Medical Cannabis and CBD Products in the UK

    by Dr David Dawit

    When research first began into the medical benefits of CBD, they were investigating its use in managing and treating those suffering from epilepsy. This research has resulted in the...

  4. Health Benefits of Legal Hemp Extracts: Sorting Fact from Fiction

    by Thomas Rowland and Tony Calamita

    Natural hemp extract Cannabidiol - CBD - is one of the world’s most widely studied compounds yet confusion over its legality and the safety of CBD products is commonplace. When we t...

  5. Meet the Endocannibanoids - Pleasure Producers, Pain Relievers - And Much More: The Bodywork Connection

    by Leon Chaitow, ND DO

    In this Expert Column, Leon Chaitow looks at our body’s ability to produce virtually identical chemicals to those that appear in cannabis. He tells us that through exercise and t...

  6. The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and Its Deficiencies: the New Science of Homeostasis

    by Stephen McCamman

    Most blockbuster scientific discoveries do not start with transporting 10 kilos of an illicit substance on public transport. The exception is Israeli biochemist Raphael Mechoulam's ...

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