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  1. Coaching to Optimize Your Life

    by Tina Korup

    Life Coaching provides a one-to-one relationship and combines different tools and techniques to map out a structure to assist the achievement of long-term results in terms of life ...

  2. Empowerment Through Coaching

    by Linda Markley

    Coaching is a modern tool that can empower and bring significant shifts and goal achievements more quickly, with more enjoyment and less stress.

  3. Get a Hobby, Save Your Soul

    by Karen Charnock

    The author definitely writes this article from the heart, as prior to training as a Life Coach, she worked for the BBC 10 years as a Marketing Officer for the BBC.

  4. Getting Ready to be Ready for Love

    by Sophie Thomas

    It’s common for women to think that they’re ready for love and partnership because they want it so much but until they’ve made some internal shifts, they can find themselves going a...

  5. Health Coaching: Creating and Sustaining Lasting Change in Patient Health

    by Simon Padgham (Deceased)

    Today there exists a missing link in modern health care. Many patients/clients find it difficult to make and sustain health behaviour change. Consequently, the results that patients...

  6. How to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet: Tips From a Life Coach

    by Ben Edwards

    A new year is often viewed as a chance for a fresh start. Once a long, drawn-out January is over and you head in to the spring, reality sets in and motivation slowly dwindles. The c...

  7. Life Balance

    by Anthony Aurelius

    The author asks: “Where are you in your life? ...  Are you feeling something is missing? … Or are you feeling excited, satisfied or balanced?” Then he explains that to feel fulfill...

  8. Life Coaching for Emotional Health

    by Anthony Aurelius

    In this article Anthony Aurelius discusses the benefit of Life Coaching on our emotional and mental health. He argues that many of our problems stem from the fact that we are not r...

  9. More Self-Harm than Self-Help? How to Survive Today's Guru Industry

    by Sarah Alexander

    Since its origins in the 1970s, the self-help movement has become a global phenomenon touching the lives of millions. A Google search for ‘self-help advice’ now throws up approximat...

  10. The Confidence Muscle

    by Lisa Phillips

    After ten years as a Life Coach, I can say hand-on-heart that one of the most common issues I assist my clients with is the lack of self-love and self-confidence.

  11. The Ten Laws of Ancestral Living for Optimum Health in a Modern World

    by Charlène Gisèle

    2020 was the year that the world navigated health concerns together – in what is evolving into our ‘new normal,’ an unknown climate asking us collectively to slow down, simplify our...

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