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  1. 10 Healthy Fatty Foods

    by Rebecca Schmidt

    In recent years, having an excessive physique or rather being ‘fat’ has a pretty negative connotation. It is somewhat justifiable that having a high body fat percentage is undesirab...

  2. 15 Health Benefits of Mackerel (+8 Delicious Mackerel Recipes)

    by Jen Miller

    Mackerel is a common name for the fish found in the Scombridae family, which are closely related to tuna. They come in various types, including Cero, Atlantic, King, and Spanish mac...

  3. 4 Traditional Indian Home Remedies For The Skin, Hair And Nails

    by Vera Kaur

    In India the medicinal properties of sesame seeds have been widely recognized since ancient times. They protect the body and mind from a wide array of ailments and are associated wi...

  4. A Woman's Guide To The Ketogenic Diet

    by Dott.ssa Mariachiara Ruggiero

    Our health and the wellbeing of the body depend a lot on what we eat. The ketogenic diet has gained immense popularity in recent years and has been used by many people for weight ma...

  5. All You Need To Know About Chia Seeds

    by Jaspal Niijar

    Also known as Salvia Hispanica, chia is a flowering plant native to Mexico and Guatemala. The Codex Mendoza suggests that the Aztecs cultivated the chia plant. The plant is a member...

  6. Beat the Heat by Gulping Fruit Infused Water Drink

    by BD Basu

    ... Moreover, if you are a health freak and do not want to gulp fizzy cold drinks or sodas, is there any option left to rejuvenate and invigorate your body and mind so that you can...

  7. Coffee Lovers: Just How Much Coffee is Good for You?

    by Ava Jones

    The biggest benefit and the most known fact about coffee is that, no matter how sleepy you are, it will ensure you jerk up to alertness.

  8. Colour Coding Your Diet

    by Lauryn McGuiness

    This article focuses on the importance of colour coding our diet, which the author says is the healthiest way to eat as it is colour that determines food’s beneficial qualities mor...

  9. Everything You Need to Know About Lentils

    by Kate Morin

    They’re the world’s oldest cultivated legume, so it’s no surprise that lentils have become a staple across the globe – from India to the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas.[1 2]<...

  10. Fermented Foods are not ‘Flavour of the Month’ but are here to Stay

    by Gill Jacobs

    Fermentation is a process of microbial action, and when used to break down food, produces numerous benefits for those who consume them. Fermented foods have been known throughout t...

  11. Five Must-Know Tips Before Starting the Keto Diet

    by Suzannah Robin

    The ketogenic diet continues to dominate the diet world. Google’s latest trends data shows it’s once again the top-searched diet, with over 25.4 million searches in 2020 alone.[1] (...

  12. Food and Emotions

    by Montse Bradford

    The author believes that food and emotions are linked together and the relationship begins at birth with mother's milk. During childhood, food is linked with treats which are given...

  13. Food and Mood

    by Amanda Geary

    The current approach to mental health problems continues to favour the use of drug therapy and/or psychotherapy, yet more than 30 years of research provides convincing evidence for...

  14. Food Trends Change over the Past 25 Years

    by Leisure

    Few of us will be shocked to read that eating habits in the UK have undergone some significant shifts since the mid-1990s. This, after all, is the very essence of trends: regardless...

  15. Healthy Eating and Habits - Bruschetta

    by Michelle Tchea

    Bruschetta It's easy to fall into the rut of not eating a proper meal, especially after a long day at work. But rather than delving head first into a box of cereal or calling your l...

  16. Our Inner Fire

    by Montse Bradford

    The author suggests that we all sit quietly for a moment with our eyes shut. Imagine a flame inside us and decide on its shape, size, colour and intensity. Is it burning happily, v...

  17. Seasonal Ingredients are Better for You, Your Tastebuds, Wallet, and Environment

    by Toby Geneen

    Older readers may remember the days when you could only buy strawberries in the summer and when they ran out you were onto raspberries. Younger readers may not be aware that the re...

  18. Selection and Use of Whole Grains

    by Yvonne Leahy

    This article describes evidence-based health benefits of consuming whole grain foods. It offers practical tips for incorporating more whole grains into existing diets. The relation...

  19. Sip and Enjoy the Most Nourishing and Healthy Drink

    by BD Basu

    To beat the heat of summer, why not to enjoy a mouth-watering drink of apple or basil based composition.

  20. Sprouting for Health

    by Ran Janda

    Sprouting is the process of germinating seeds into sprouts which can then be eaten raw and which are nutrient dense. They are one of the easiest things to grow indoors, can be ready...

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