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  1. Convincing Sceptics of the Efficacy of Complementary Medicine

    by Jane Thurnell-Read

    Over the years I have developed several different approaches to the sceptic. I do not use all these approaches at the same time, but try to assess which approach will work. If one ...

  2. Evidence-based Medicine - The Paradigm Split

    by Dr Samanta-Laughton

    The author explores the arguments of the high priests of healthcare, the double standards that exist with orthodox and complementary systems and have an overview of the changing ...

  3. Evidence-Based Medicine: The Over-Reliance Upon Science?

    by Brian Beber

    The author discusses the meaning of evidence-based medicine, what it does and doesn’t support and who really provides the evidence. He also shows how medical opinions can be scient...

  4. Knowing Health

    by Dr Patrick Quanten

    Knowledge and technology are two very different things. Knowledge is defined as awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation. Knowledge is the result of exp...

  5. Science in Industrial Times

    by Dr Patrick Quanten

    Every part of our lives is construed around what we have come to accept as science. The word is used to, so called, underpin all aspects of life, which means that you and I are not ...

  6. Should we Still be Worshipping at the Altar of Peer-Reviewed Science?

    by Dr Robert Verkerk

    In furthering our scientific knowledge in human health, as with any other field of science, it’s vitally important that the reader has the ability to trust that the scientific findi...

  7. The Galileo Commission: Scientism and Impossible Facts

    by David Lorimer

    In a letter to Kepler, Galileo wrote: “Here at Padua is the principal professor of philosophy, whom I have repeatedly and urgently requested to look at the moon and the planets thro...

  8. Why Regulate? Why Research?

    by John Wilks and Mij Ferrett

    A flood of documents has appeared in the last nine months from various organisations . . . Their message to complementary therapists is simple; regulate, research and integrate or ...

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