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  1. A Holistic Approach and Scenar to Treat Lameness in a Horse

    by Roger S Meacock

    The following case study demonstrates how a lateral-thinking approach to equine lameness can often result in a successful conservative approach to treatment avoiding radical surger...

  2. Can Dogs Detect Cancer

    by Jen Miller

    It might sound like something from a science fiction novel but there is now strong scientific evidence to show that our dogs can actually detect human cancers. This fantastic abili...

  3. Dogs, Mental Health, and the Ways They Can Help Our Minds

    by Will Tottle

    Mental health can be a struggle, and one that is often difficult to overcome alone. While having a strong support network is an excellent advantage to have, there is another part of...

  4. Dolphin Assisted Therapy

    by David Wolgroch

    Between 1992 and 1995 I served as the Psychological Consultant to the Dolphin Reef in Eilat, Israel. The facility is located in a natural lagoon on the Red Sea Coast. It contained ...

  5. Energy Balancing with the e-Lybra 8 System

    by Roger S Meacock

    In this article which focuses on the e-Lybra 8 system – a technology that has spawned various offshoot products combining modern hi-tech products with Energy Medicine – the author ...

  6. Healing Effects of Horses

    by Naomi Sharp

    Spirit Of The Phoenix is a service that was set up to create an opportunity for individuals with either a physical, mental or emotional disability to come and spend time with horses...

  7. Health in the Wild - Natural Preventative and Curative Measures

    by Cindy Engel

    Cindy Engel is a shiatsu practitioner and qualified animal behaviourist, who sees the health-maintenance strategies used by wild animals as “the evolutionary genesis of today’s hol...

  8. Holistic Treatment for People and Pets

    by Midi Fairgrieve

    If ever there's something wrong with my dog that doesn't require urgent veterinary attention, I always opt for complementary treatment. The other day we were both at the chiropract...

  9. Pets as Therapy: The Ultimate Guide

    by Wild Science

    Animals have been bringing smiles to our faces for years, but that’s just scratching the surface of what they’re capable of. Animal-assisted therapy (often shortened to AAT) has so...

  10. Raining Cats and Dogs - How Pets can Improve your Mental Health

    by Quinn Walkes

    As a society we are pretty confused about mental health. For a long time it was mostly neglected because it was intangible and internal.

  11. Skenar Healing Devices

    by Roger S Meacock

    Much has been written in the West regarding the Russian Skenar devices, most of which is anecdotal. Not surprisingly, the scientific community has been sceptical about a device whi...

  12. They Shoot Horses but Vaccinate Dogs

    by Chrissie Mason

    Immune deficiency diseases in animals - are they caused by vaccination?

  13. What Are the Effects of Hippotherapy on Children?

    by Thomas Brown

    Hippotherapy is a therapeutic technique that involves supervised interactions between children and horses. It has evolved from its historical origins to become a vital component of ...

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