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  1. Acupuncture: East Meets West

    by Dr Richard Halvorsen

    Some practitioners in the West have questioned the necessity of practising acupuncture exclusively as traditionally taught. Are there other ways of using it that could be equally o...

  2. Development of Professional Acupuncture in the UK

    by Nick Pahl

    The founding of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) 20 years ago was a significant moment for professional acupuncture. It helped create a confident, positive profession of aroun...

  3. First Aid and Master Acupuncture

    by Michael James Edmondson

    A friend recently shared a link - how to survive a heart attack when you are alone - on Facebook, which got me to thinking this; how many people know that there are acupuncture firs...

  4. Fractal Acupuncture

    by Dr Zude Ye and Zoe Desmond

    We are writing to introduce the fractal needle, a new therapy developed by Dr Zude Ye, based on the widespread, and age-old technique of puncturing the body with a needle.

  5. Getting the Needle - Reminiscences of an early UK Acupuncture Student

    by Arthur E Bromley

    The author looks back at the trials and tribulations, and many amusing moments, during his three-year acupuncture training course, which he commenced in 1966 at the very first Acup...

  6. High Touch Acupressure

    by Heidi Ritz

    This ancient Japanese healing art form utilises gentle touch on specific acupressure points, over clothing, to stimulate the body's own innate healing capacity. It works on the phy...

  7. Shen Tao Acupressure

    by Eliana Harvey

    Shen Tao holds a special place in the spectrum of therapies that go under the heading of Acupressure.

  8. The Pleasures and Pains of Acupuncture

    by Sam Hart

    I first came into contact with acupuncture because I'd broken my back in a snowboarding accident a couple of months before. I'd been hurtling down a slope when I caught the wrong e...

  9. Traditional Acupuncture: Embodying the Emotions

    by Anna-May Silvestro and assisted by John Hesselworth

    The title of this article came out of a conversation I had with a GP in Leamington Spa. We were discussing the treatment of a person diagnosed as having a manic depressive illness....

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