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Cognitive Dissonance: Is 2021 A Wake-Up Call?

by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black(more info)

listed in vaccination, originally published in issue 277 - March 2022   [1]


With the traumatic events of the past two years, it is not surprising that much of the population world-wide has suffered from cognitive dissonance and splintered into ‘sheeple’ (a description of people just going along with what they are told, without question) and extreme views, both left and right.  We are disgruntled at not seeing relatives, the shut-down of shops, travel, entertainment and loss of businesses.  Initially, because of lack of knowledge and fear, attitudes towards the anti-social mandates of those who think they have the right to control people and trample over human rights were tolerated. 

The extract below outlines what ‘virus outbreaks’ really are, and what the much bigger wake-up call is all about.

“Periodically the news media incites the public to frenzied fear of a dreaded enemy: the ‘virus’.  With each ‘viral’ outbreak this invisible enemy is assigned a cryptic laboratory code fuelling speculation that it is beyond the average person to deal with such a high-tech threat.  All is not too gloomy, though, because the media also highlights a potential saviour in the form of a vaccine, anti-viral drug or research leading towards them.”  Interestingly, amongst all of the ‘virus’ outbreaks, extensive mainstream media (MSM) coverage just happens to co-inside with USA election years (which could smack of distraction techniques), some examples being:

Virus' outbreak years 2004 - 2020

In order to understand what ‘viruses’[i] really are and what threat, if any, they pose to health it is profitable to start with a definition:

The original meaning of 'virus' (Latin) is 'poison'

Today the word ‘virus’ is used in a totally different context meaning a microscopic entity which supposedly, although lifeless, invades as a living organism (like a pseudo-parasite)[ii] but kills its host.

Orthodox View of ‘Virus’ Properties:

A ‘virus’ is supposed to:

  • Invade a cell by injecting itself
  • Command itself to multiply until the host cell bursts with the burden, and then
  • Seek other cells to repeat the cycle
  • From Guyton’s Medical Textbook ‘viruses’ have:
  • No reproductive capacity
  • No respiratory capacity
  • No locomotion (means of movement)
  • No metabolism or do not possess ability to live, which even simple bacteria do (i.e. cannot breathe, grow, repair, use food)
  • Never been observed ‘alive’ (i.e. cannot be reproduced as live entities in laboratory culture like bacteria can)

There is no such thing as live 'viruses'

So why the confusion between universal acknowledgment that ‘viruses’ have no properties of life whatsoever and yet they are composed of genetic material surrounded by a protein coat, which is characteristic of living tissue? 

Most people who write about ‘viruses’ do not question this impossibly contradictive theory because it is ‘accepted religiously’ from experts[iii] whose credibility is not questioned. The accepted validity of this unquestioned theory is promoted by MSM [Main Stream Media], medical schools and scientific institutions, as if it is truth set in stone. People believe and parrot this theory without hesitation because they put unquestioned trust in the medical profession and the news media.  Voices which do raise objections[iv] are not given credence or mainstream exposure. 

Does the virus theory, much like the evolution theory, serve hidden economic and moral agendas whilst being protected and propagated within their relative establishments and the MSM?  Those who question mainstream narrative are discredited, ridiculed as conspiracy theorists or threatened for not following the 21st Century Pied Piper. However, a Pied Piper could be either the kidnapper of our informed choice, or a scapegoat for those burying their heads, not wishing to be informed, or make a choice.  It always takes two to tango?

The extracts below are examples taken from random websites demonstrating the general consensus that ‘viruses’ are (a) non-living, but at the same time (b) perform like a live entity. However, in being mistakenly hailed as efficient pseudo-parasites, they would be most inefficient in that they supposedly kill their host cells.  The consensus from encyclopaedias, dictionaries, textbooks and websites is that:

  • Viruses are much smaller than the smallest cell
  • They are particles of genetic material surrounded by a protective outer coat
  • They are lifeless dead entities but somehow become living, malevolent and powerful invaders of live host cells
  • They have power to force a host cell to reproduce a dead alien invader and in so doing also cause the host cell to commit suicide
  • Drugs (notably antibiotics) are ineffective against them
  • They supposedly evade treatment by mutating
  • They can only be found as part of dead cell debris

The above appears to be the stuff of alien invasion horror movies!

Orthodoxy and its parrots, both orthodox and alternative, attribute powers of malevolence to these lifeless fragments of genetic material, often in a double lipid-protein coat.  Supposedly, the information within the coat overcomes its lifeless (i.e. dead) state and directs:

  • Creation of energy from glucose
  • Creation of proteins from amino acids
  • Other functions including supernatural intelligence and obligate reproduction (reproduction of something other than its own kind – unheard of in nature.)

Attributing life to 'viruses' is like

Coming back to cognitive dissonance, why is it important to understand how the mind works with cognitive dissonance?

Referring to the article extract about the Pied Piper, generations have been told what to believe about morals, politics, religion, human factions, animal rights, diets, education, entertainment, fashion etc., since television, radio and magazines were introduced into society.  We have been reared to believe what we have been told by media, historians, scientists, the medical establishment, police, military and government.  This ‘conditioning’ is what we inherited as the shock of 2020 dawned upon us, worldwide.

Because of generational conditioning, initially the cognitive dissonance was considerable and most people behaved as ‘sheeple’.  As the lockdowns increased many people started to question the mainstream narrative.  Progression in time and disparities between the mainstream narrative and observed reality brought forth ‘investigators into the truth’[2].  These people, instead of being thanked for revealing hidden agendas were ridiculed as conspiracists and tin hat nutters. 

Now the tide is turning and all over the world millions of people are taking to the streets in protests against vaccine mandates, mask mandates and disregard of human rights and individual choice.  They are also questioning why, since 2020, all causes of death were registered as Covid.  Suddenly no influenza, old age, heart attacks, etc.  Hospital staff and funeral directors have attested to this.  Why has the definition of ‘vaccine’ been changed twice to fit with the change in nature and failure of booster shots? 

Why have the ingredients in the vaccines not been publicly shown by mainstream?  If people are fearful of catching a disease and think that the vaccine will protect them, there could be massive cognitive dissonance if the ingredients and vaccine-damage statistics were also known.  Some of today's vaccines not only contain live versions of the diseases you do not want, but also contain GMOs, hormones from infected cows, pigs, chickens and monkeys, untested ‘virus’ material, aluminium, mercury, formaldehyde, emulsifiers, crossbred bacteria from animals, mosquitoes and humans, graphene oxide, graphene hydroxide and potential DNA altering factions.  According to some researchers, they can also contain foetal cells and other suspect substances.  I highly recommend an excellent exposé of vaccination from historical origin to vaccine statistics, by Dr Ray Obomsawin.  The latter half of the video is an eye-opener for parents responsible for the health of their children.

How can heavy metals, toxic foreign proteins and noxious chemicals help the immune system to do its work?  Why would anyone knowingly give such a toxic cocktail to babies, children, elderly and ill people?  I have asked some people, who have either had the vaccine or going to have one, if they knew what is in the vaccine.  I was saddened to hear the reply, “I don’t want to know” or “it’s ok because it’s chemicalized”.  This is cognitive dissonance caused by conflict and fear.  However, more and more people are beginning to ask questions and ask what authority the so-called government has to force people to comply with their dictates.

The best they can do is what they are doing: unlawful coercing of people using fear and threats of job losses to get as many jabbed as possible which  goes against the Nuremberg Code.[3]

Covid is not a pathogen but...

What about putting PCR swab tests up the nose?  The inventor Kary Mullis, stated that it is incapable of identifying a ‘virus’, cannot determine if someone is sick and should not be used for testing Covid.[4]  These PCR tests have been sterilized, dipped in toxic Ethylene oxide, a carcinogen, and are subject to reports of nanotechnology on the swab tests.  They should not be used on human beings.  Nothing should enter your nose.  It is the passageway to your brain and can cause serious bacterial infections if it breaches the blood brain barrier. 

If ‘viruses’ were truly natural entities, could they be patented?  NO!  Bacteria, being living entities, cannot be patented. Why have all the ‘viruses’ been patented?[5]  Because they may have been man-made in laboratories!   

I will leave it up to the reader to research masks.  They restrict oxygen intake, the wearer breathes in exhaled stale air containing bacteria and moisture.  This is a recipe for bacterial chest infections.  They suppress the immune system and might contain questionable chemical components as well as fibres which can be inhaled.  The manufacturers state on the box that they are not protective against ‘viruses’. The isolating and antisocial aspect is obvious. 

What is a mandate?  A mandate is a contract which has to be agreed to by both parties.  It is by consent!  If it is not objected to, then implicit consent is taken and a contract exists.

Thousands of researchers present evidence for facts presented but whether reports are true, half true or false, it behoves us all to take charge of the precious life we are given.  If we don’t then, by default, something else will, and it is unlikely to be how we want it to be.

It's time to wake up and resolve


“Blow the trumpet, sound the alarm…”[6]


Is there anything I can do if I’ve had the jabs and want to boost my immune system or counter any possible damage?  The answer is a resounding yes, but this is for another article.

For those who have avoided the jab, visit


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Extract References:

i. “A virus is a small collection of genetic code, either DNA or RNA, surrounded by a protein coat.”   Although the term ‘virus’ now also applies to computer malware, only the ‘virus’ associated with disease is the subject of this article. 

ii.  Definition of parasite: a living organism exploiting another living organism by living in or on it and feeding off it. (In general, parasites are much smaller than their hosts, show a high degree of specialization for their mode of life, and reproduce more quickly and in greater numbers than their hosts. )Worms and flukes are examples of parasites.

iii.  The use of the term ‘experts’ does not refer to the many excellent experts who enrich us all by adding to their field of expertise by way of knowledge, research and experience. The term ‘experts’ in this reference applies to those who hold hidden agendas propagating unproven/unscientific theories as a historical given based upon the credibility of the original proponents’ theories or the dissemination of unproven dogma as fact, e.g. Pasteur’s germ theory. I am sure that some of history’s greatest men would have moved on from their own theories if they were to progress to what the next generations had at their disposal as research and validation tools.  The ‘setting in stone’ of someone’s faulty or incomplete theory is not necessarily the fault of the originator but the inability of future followers being able to progress from thereon for either hidden agendas or ignorance.  It is the responsibility of us all to evaluate material presented as scientific by those who are entrenched in ignorance for whatever reason.  The deliberate ‘peddling’ of fraudulent dogma by those with hidden agendas is another matter altogether.

iv.  Just a few of the 1000s of voices to look up: Sherri Tenpenny, Judith Mickovich, Rashid Buttar, Vera Schneibner, Guilane Langtot, World Doctors Alliance (telegram),


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