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Vocal Toning and Energy Alignment

by Jennifer Warters(more info)

listed in sound and music, originally published in issue 179 - February 2011

During my years of working within schools, hospitals, residential homes and community clinics as a Speech and Language Therapist, I became disillusioned with systems and methods that failed to address the underlying emotions of the client whether adult or child. Professional assessment while providing a diagnosis, often makes a list of assumptions which may limit and veil our perception of the client's potential and interferes with their ability to progress.

Working in a creative way with children

Having tried and tested numerous working methods within health and education over a long period of time, I came to the conclusion that focusing on the communication impairment and trying to teach the adult or child to do what they find most difficult is often a debilitating and pointless exercise for both client and therapist. All too often we 'shine a torch' on the difficulty in the hope that any new learning will be integrated into daily life. Instead, I felt the need to refocus the client's mind away from their impairment and involve them in a positive experience. This process aids relaxation restores confidence and begins to dissolve self-doubt.

We all know that when relaxed and happy we learn more easily, enjoyment changes our perception of our difficulties, which diminish as a result. On my journey of discovery I found that we are able to begin our healing process surprisingly quickly when we are offered positive creative choices based on what we enjoy doing within a structured framework of familiarity, routine and clear boundaries. This common sense understanding caused me to shift my focus from the left brain, the seat of impairment struggling to communicate with the creative intuitive aspects of the right brain.

Research now confirms that positive energy and joyful experience accelerate an impulse to the heart inducing momentum within the electromagnetic field. Active enjoyment of a creative task causes a magnification of positive light energy to flow into those areas of the brain that are impaired, just as sunshine and water droplets stimulate plant growth through the process of photosynthesis. Positive thoughts and feelings enhance the flow of subtle energy, while negative thoughts and feelings restrict the flow of energy entering the physical body.

With this realization, I recognized my own requirement for healing which led to Post Graduate training in The Anatomy of the Human Energy Field with The Academy of Spiritual Sciences, Rainbow Light Foundation, prompting a funded research programme within the NHS to examine holistic approaches to communication impairment with adults with learning disabilities. The positive outcome of my research was hampered by lack of further funding, confident however, in the knowledge that holistic approaches are instrumental in the healing process, I left Speech and Language Therapy to establish my own holistic practice. A successful therapist training programme followed, integrating energy alignment with a system of vocal tones. A simple energy alignment technique, referred to as 'The Emerald Alignment' is integrated into the vocal toning process and is taught as a self-help technique to attune the body energy by realigning the molecules within the cells.

In order to understand this process more fully, we must travel beyond the parameters of the brain to discover that we are more than physical beings. If we stretch our arms out to the side and above us, we perceive this as our personal space, it is the envelope of subtle energy, our personal energy field also referred to as the electromagnetic field. In Eastern tradition the source of this energy is known as the life force, the universal energy or chi. The source of this energy originates in the non physical dimension of higher consciousness. Physical health is dependent on positive subtle energy flow within the electromagnetic field; physical symptoms cannot be eradicated without healing the underlying emotions and resolving the control patterns that interrupt this flow of energy.

A raft of research now supports the view that all living things have their own unique energy field, which is dependent on this source. The flow of subtle energy travels through the multi dimensional vibrational layers of the intuitive, mental and emotional energy systems and connects with the physical body via a complex network of channels called meridians, which are invisible to the naked eye. The subtle energy field is energized by light received at the crown, channelled via the endocrine system, through the spine and the central nervous system to affect our physical health, communication and behaviour.

In traditional Chinese medicine, patterns of physiological and emotional disharmony are thought to be caused by blockages or disruptions of energy flow along the meridians. There are seven major energy centres, power points or chakras. Descriptions of the chakras go back as far as the ancient philosophical texts of Hindu religion. The chakras interconnect to metabolize the incoming energy, maintaining balance and flow within the energy field. Negative thoughts and feelings manifest as fear and control patterns, which interrupt and impede this flow of energy, and our will comes into play to determine our choices and actions.

Chakra Man
Diagram showing the Electromagnetic Field: The Academy of Spiritual Sciences 2010

Through an acceptance of the electromagnetic field and an understanding of the process of energy flow, we can begin to understand how physical symptoms and behaviour are responses linked to the thoughts and feelings associated with the memory of past experience. Regular practice of energy alignment stabilizes the emotions and curbs emotional response to external triggers. When we align the physical, mental and emotional bodies of the energy field (the envelope of subtle energy surrounding us), we are bringing the misaligned atoms and molecules into line with and attuned to a higher vibration of consciousness.

Science confirms that movement is vibration and all vibration creates sound; vocal toning is a powerful and ancient form of healing which has been used since ancient times. Sound was thought to be the principle healing tool of the ancient mystery schools of Egypt where tones and chants were used to manipulate energy fields and bring about balance in the body. Ancient cultures understood the key principles underpinning the origins of sound; a deep knowledge of crops, soil and climatic conditions enabled them to understand the law of vibration and to harness its power through chants and tones in healing rituals.

If we accept that harmonious sound is fundamental to health and well being, we can begin to harness it as a positive and powerful creative force with which to transform our lives. Our voice encapsulates our identity and emotional state and is a powerful instrument of healing and communication, which can be used to positive or negative effect. Light energy is individually expressed as sound through speech. All sound carries a momentum of power with a positive or negative charge; creating balance and harmony, or imbalance and discord; we then see that we should speak carefully and not carelessly if we wish to build a momentum of light within the auric field. Hyperactive children who reflect the anxiety of those around them are more likely to become calmer and settled in the presence of an adult who predictably responds to them with a calm voice and peaceful demeanour.

Our ears can now only hear within a restricted frequency band because of the constant bombardment of noise pollution in our technological society. Our lack of discernment about what we choose to listen to is rapidly impacting on our ability to hear. Professor Alfred Tomatis, a world renowned pioneer in the field of psychoacoustics, applied his theories to vocal performance confirming that we can only vocalize what we hear. Toning recharges and opens the ear, enabling it to attune to higher frequencies by releasing inner tensions and opening up the neural pathways. Toning is therefore a successful healing tool in the treatment of tinnitus.

I realized, as a trained counsellor, that the main difference between the medical and holistic model of counselling is energy awareness. Talking about difficult and painful experiences ignites memories and negative emotions and brings them into conscious awareness, which in turn disturbs the balance of energy within the electromagnetic field. Realignment of the energy systems is therefore fundamental to the holistic counselling session to prevent the client from feeling drained of energy and overwhelmed by re surfacing emotion.

The holistic counsellor recognizes the body's ability to heal itself and seeks to balance the emotional and mental energy systems within the spiritual or intuitive dimension, by encouraging personal responsibility for thoughts, emotional responses and actions. In this way, wholeness is restored, although we need to be aware that the client may resist the challenge of this process. Physical health is dependent on positive subtle energy flow within the electromagnetic field. Physical symptoms cannot be eradicated without healing the underlying emotions and resolving the control patterns that interrupt this flow of energy.

Toning is a simple process. We release (emit) our emotions through vocal sound, sending a ripple of vibration through the physical body and subtle energy surrounding it. To empower the voice, we make the shape of the tone with the mouth and release the sound. The vibration of the tone ripples through the body and subtle energy system, drawing upon the body's natural inbuilt systems of self-healing to strengthen and balance the electromagnetic field. Our thoughts and feelings are carried in the tone of our voice; through focused vocal toning we restore health by stimulating the circulation and releasing held emotions and impacted memory.

The Chakra Toning System can be integrated successfully into therapeutic practice. Each chakra corresponds to a specific tone which links to a specific anatomical area of the body. When we focus our attention on the tone we are focusing our will and choosing to align to a higher vibratory rate of consciousness. Each chakra and tone also resonates with a corresponding colour from the rainbow spectrum, thus creating a rainbow of colour and sound to strengthen and balance the auric field. Toning incorporates a breathing technique, which oxygenates the blood, improving circulation and airflow and cushions and supports the voice, preventing vocal strain.

Toning has many applications. If the individual is experiencing painful emotions and feels out of control, fearful and anxious or has negative thoughts and feelings; for example feelings of jealousy, bitterness or resentment, this will impact on the electromagnetic field at the mental and sensory levels, creating disturbance within the physical body and may manifest as physical symptoms. Positive flow is restored as the vocal tone realigns the molecules within the cells. If the flow of energy is harmonious and balanced, the individual experiences feelings of well-being. To facilitate communication and improve health, we need to release stressful emotions held within the electromagnetic field. Bowel disturbances such as irritable bowel, constipation, urinary infections etc are manifested fear patterns, which sit in the alimentary tract, their final resting place before release. These patterns of emotional holding are connected to the memory of negative experience. Fears, if not resolved through positive experience and interaction, continue with us. Toning facilitates the process of emotional release.

Vulnerability may be mirrored in both staff and clients cared for in residential homes. Experience has shown that where care staff are reluctant to take personal responsibility for their own energy, thoughts and behaviour, they will continue to mirror and reinforce their clients' problems. Regular practice of toning will improve physical health as well as communication, thought processing and social interaction.

When painful memories are triggered we take responsibility for choosing to let go or hold on. An adult with learning disabilities is unable to deliberately make this choice. True healing can only occur when these compounded memories are released and the individual is at peace. This process can be facilitated through vocal toning. Toning is also a powerful tool to use in the breaking of addictive patterns and can be successfully integrated into therapeutic practice.

The following case studies are offered as examples of successful outcome.

Client A (Child/ Female/ Aged 3)

  • Only child of an Asian family;
  • Child refusing to eat meals with the family but continually demanded snacks;
  • Child refusing to use the toilet for bowel movements and was constipated;
  • Professional father who travelled abroad and was absent much of the time;
  • Mother not imposing boundaries and accommodating her daughter's behaviour by giving in to her wishes.

Further discussion with the mother revealed that her own mother had died in India six months before and in her own words she was "in great sorrow and cannot get over it." The child's mother felt unsupported and isolated from her sister and relations in India.

  • The child was seen at home for one session with the mother;
  • The mother was seen separately to discuss her management of her daughter and agreed house rules were put in place to give the mother back the authority she had lost;
  • The child was mirroring the difficulties within the family and demonstrating the holding of emotion through her constipation;
  • The mother found the courage to talk to her husband about her distress and arrangements were made for her sister to visit.


  • At the initial session, the therapist made the Base Tone for the child as she sat on her mother's knee;
  • Later that day the child was happy to sit on the toilet as her mother made the sound for her;
  • The constipation was resolved within twenty-four hours and the child's mother continued to practise the tone for her own emotional healing.

Client B (Adult Male Aged 70)
Retired Royal Navy Petty Officer / Gunnery Instructor;
Sleeping birth - under deck of the Aircraft carrier Ark Royal.


  • Tinnitus in Left ear (buzzing and high pitched whistle);
  • Disturbed sleep and daytime activities;
  • Sensitive to noise - impatient;
  • Marked acceleration of tinnitus after triple bypass operation (aged 65 years.)

Treatment: Eight sessions (one session per week)
Toning Therapy /Energy Alignment

  • Therapist toning a sequence of three specific tones to release resistant patterns and tension within inner ear and body;
  • Sequence of tones repeated three times at feet, head, right ear and left ear.

Client Response

  • Deeply relaxed. Could see blue;
  • Enjoyed feeling vibration of tones within body, 'in a bubble of sound'.

Self Help

  • To practise sequence of Tones three times per day.


  • Client initially resistant to home practice;
  • After two weeks - Tinnitus reduced;
  • Client now enjoying home practice;
  • After four weeks- Tinnitus intermittent and much fainter;
  • Client's general health and stamina improved;
  • After 8 weeks - Symptoms disappeared;
  • Client now free from Tinnitus.

Toning is a safe and powerful but uncomplicated process and I have many inspirational stories of clients of all ages and abilities who have successfully used their voice to heal themselves. I hope that I have encouraged you to explore and enjoy new ways of improving your life by using your voice more effectively.

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Further Information

Light Voice Toning workshops have run successfully for the past ten years and teacher and therapist training programmes have inspired trainees to integrate toning into their own therapeutic practice and to open their own healing clinics and centres. Jennifer's toning workshops have also been offered in Ireland and Australia as well as the United Kingdom. Jennifer has travelled widely and visits to Australia have deepened her understanding of the use of sound as a transformative power within ancient cultures. Jennifer .continues her research into the link between consciousness and communication impairment through The Living Memory Research Project. and her unique approach and innovative teaching methods are available through manuals and CDs.


  1. Rebecca Penkett said..

    I have enjoyed reading this well written and researched article.

    Jennifer taught me the Light Voice Toning system in 2004, which has been a much needed healing tool in my life, particularly in times of stress and has provided me with a means of safely releasing pent up emotion.

    I was so inspired by this teaching, that I went on to train as a Toning teacher with Jennifer. By attending the course, I gained a deeper understanding of sound vibration which was the key for me to open the door to my work within the field of musical medicine and harp therapy.

    Thank you Jennifer for offering this inspirational teaching.

  2. Sarah Chater said..

    As a well established music therapist and trained energy field healer I am delighted to read your well written article. It has inspired me to include and extend more of this type of healing work with learning disabled clients.

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A unique online Consultancy practice offers an integrated holistic approach through toning, colour and energy field alignment.  Innovative approaches to specialist holistic services for adults and children with communication and behavioural difficulties are now integrated as teaching packages through The Academy of Spiritual Sciences.  Jennifer’s manuals are available through Epiphany Press. Jennifer may be contacted on Tel: 01422 612155;


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