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The Twelve Chakra System

by David Malin(more info)

listed in psychospiritual, originally published in issue 128 - October 2006

Chakra Mystique

In the past few years, more and more people have been hearing the word 'chakra'. The fact that yoga has become mainstream has most likely helped the chakras to come out of hiding. This formerly (and still) esoteric word is now approaching the threshold of mainstream consciousness, soon to drop its shrouds of mystique that tend to surround such esoteric terms. And why should it not drop the cloak that hides it from the many? Such enveloping mystery around certain information only serves to keep the subject matter elusive and available to just a few, the 'initiates'. Reiki healing, for example, a system of energy work that has done our world a great service by teaching hundreds of thousands about energy healing, has often been presented with such shrouds of mystique. The truth is that knowledge is power and is something that needs to be easily accessible to all. This is one of the internet's greatest virtues, especially for those who previously had little or no access to books and other educational material about esoteric subjects.



The 12 Chakras are named (from bottom to top) Red, Fire, Orange, Golden, Yellow, Green, Opal, Pink, Blue, Cobalt, Indigo, Violet.

The 12 Chakras are named (from bottom to top)
Red, Fire, Orange, Golden, Yellow, Green, Opal, Pink, Blue, Cobalt, Indigo, Violet.


The book, The Da Vinci Code[1] (also a current and popular movie), depicts how aspects of the life and teachings of Christ were made secret by various factions of the church hierarchy who wanted to keep the masses in ignorance about their own true nature, including important aspects of Christ's relationship to the feminine. The result was that such esoteric teachings could then only be accessed by the patriarchal 'entitled few'. There still appears to be a cover-up going on to this day, as many churches are telling their worshippers not to see this movie. Even with eastern religions, the topic of chakras has been shrouded to some degree in esoteric mystique. The potential power of the feminine, which involves half of our own true nature, seems to be a key element that has been extensively covered-up for thousands of years, by both eastern and western religions that are all patriarchal. This has affected the feminine side of all of us, whether we have a male or female body, as I am referring to the feminine (or yin) aspect within each of us.

Chakras Defined

So what does this all have to do with chakras? To better answer this, I would like to first define the word 'chakra'. According to Wikipedia[2] "Chakra is from the Sanskrit meaning 'wheel' or 'circle'… also referring to 'the wheel of life'… In Hinduism and in some related Asian cultures, chakra is thought to be a nexus of metaphysical and/or biophysical energy residing in the human body". It further says that "Some traditional sources describe five or seven chakras, others eight". My own working definition is that chakras are individualized expressions of one's vital life-force, which originate in the spiritual realm and are 'stepped down' all the way to the physical via the mental and emotional dimensions. Chakras have specific relationship to the various functions of one's entire being, with there being 12 major chakras related directly to one's physical body. So if chakras are key components of our basic spiritual nature also relating to our mental, emotional and physical nature, then is it not time that this basic nature of our being be known to all, especially since knowledge is power?

For many, the term 'chakra' is associated with a system of seven chakras (or seven major chakras, with many more minor chakras). This is the commonly accepted view that those 'in the know' have passed down from various esoteric sources or writings. Having personally read many such sources, I was often troubled by the fact that this information typically felt like knowledge passed down from guru to initiate (or from teacher to student) without ever being questioned or examined and without any concrete experiential substance. This can be the nature and downside of the transfer of such esoteric knowledge, where the source is not examined or questioned. To some these words may sound like those of a heretic. That's okay, as I have been called much worse. However, I prefer to be called 'an empiricist' who is always kept busy reformulating his theories to match his empirical experience. Actually, this used to be the true nature of scientific research, which cynically speaking, has 'devolved' to often making the data match the theory (or more precisely: the data needing to fit into the operating paradigm of the existing theory). Thus no well-established belief systems need be challenged or upset (nor will those funding the research being attached to certain outcomes be upset, and consequently cut off any large purse strings).

Again, what does this have to do with our topic of 'The Twelve Chakra System', and why am I mentioning the power of the feminine and seemingly bashing patriarchal authority and scientific research? The reason is that the seven chakra system is missing key aspects of our true nature, and our birthright, as homosapiens. This system reflects the existing world view that is based on a patriarchal hierarchy and places intellect, logic and male focused spirituality on top. And within this system, the 'upper chakras' (more yang/masculine ones located around the head) are often favoured or given more emphasis than the 'lower ones' (more yin/feminine ones located in the abdomen and pelvic regions and relating more to our denied emotions). The upper chakras in this system are often even referred to as 'the higher chakras', reflecting the hierarchal value given them, which is inherent to this system. On the other hand, the 12 chakra system is one that sees us as a gestalt, as an integrated whole, where all the parts contribute synergistically without the need for a hierarchy, much less one dominated by the masculine. When I say 'masculine', I am referring to the masculine side within each of us (be we male or female) and focused in our cortex, the region of the upper chakras. This masculine side maintains that reason and logic is more important than what we feel or experience, which is related to our feminine side (located more in our gut and non-cortical parts of our brain). Similarly, our outer, male-dominated world is simply a reflection of our collective internal imbalance between our feminine and masculine (yin and yang) sides that exists within us. So the seven chakra system reflects the state of our existing world, both outer and inner, that is in process of going through tremendous change and transformation. For as we continue to evolve, learning to better access our feminine side, we are also learning to access all 12 of our chakras which are part of our new found potential. It can be helpful for us to remember that change, like the wheel of life, may be scary, yet is quite necessary for our growth and evolution.

The information I present on chakras and the 12 chakra system comes from my direct experience working with chakras and feeling them (with both of these methods being a feminine/yin means of accessing this information). So it is no surprise that what I have found pertains to the 'missing' (or lesser known) feminine aspect of our chakras (of our being). I am not clairvoyant, that is I do not 'see' the chakras per se, but rather have trained my hands to feel them, and thus assess the chakras kinaesthetically, by feeling the energy with my hands. I began doing so when I commenced my training in the Healing Arts 29 years ago, which included the study of chakras. Then after the first 12 years of my career, when my logical mind insisted on knowing what my hands were about, with all the sensing and working with energy that I had been doing, I began to train with Jean-Pierre Barral, a French Osteopath. Barral had trained his hands to feel restrictions off-body in the first two layers of the electromagnetic field (or aura) that related to restrictions in the physical anatomy and physiology. (I described these layers, as well as some of Barral's research, that helped to validate his findings in an article titled Healing on a Multidimensional Level, published in Positive Health January 2000 issue 48[3]). Barral did not work with the chakras, but another teacher for me at the time, Dan Friesen – a Canadian Clairvoyant, did. In working with Friesen, I found that I could 'translate' much of what he could clairvoyantly see concerning the chakras, by using my hands to feel this energy off-body at specific locations (much like a blind person using brail to read). As I practised doing so over the subsequent years with thousands of my patients, family, friends, students, etc, (basically with anyone and everyone I could), I was able to empirically learn much about chakras that was not found in any books. I have since trained others to do this, and get the same, reproducible results.

Interestingly, back when I was first working with Friesen, I went to feel the heart centre (the green chakra) in the centre of the chest where all the esoteric books describe it to be, and Dan said "what are you doing, the green chakra is over here?!" pointing to the left pectoral region. For Dan Friesen is also an empiricist, having discovered much about the chakras by working on healing himself. Dan had always seen green on the left and pink on the right, thus working with an eight chakra system (with green and pink being the yin and yang of the heart). I, also being a theorist at heart, have since speculated that somewhere in our spiritual evolution we became polarized and our heart centre split into two: the green being the Earth-based, mother/feminine or yin side related to nurturing and caring, and the pink being the Heaven-based, father/masculine or yang side related to more abstract unconditional love. After this experience I searched the esoteric literature and found a few references to the heart centre as sometimes being pink or rose colour. Again, I don't speculate that the seven chakra system is incorrect, but rather, is simply outdated, as I believe we did once operate with just seven chakras. But we are evolving, and I might add, at an extremely fast rate, which seems to be particularly the case for the past roughly, 20 years or so. I believe that we are now 'coming into phase' with another aspect of our spiritual birthright in our evolution, as noted by our improved access to all 12 chakras. Interestingly, there also seems to be good correlation with the figures from brain research on how much of our brain we use to how many of the 12 chakras are present. Thus I believe that as we continue to access more of these 12 chakras, we will also see a concurrent increase in our brain function.

Friesen at the time (early 1990s) was starting to see even another chakra beginning to 'show up' on some people and it was located between the green and pink. He referred to this new one as 'turquoise' (which is the opal chakra in the Body Math™Twelve Chakra System[4]), but at that time he was not including it as part of his eight chakra system. I have chosen to include below an excerpt of an article I wrote in 1999 that will provide an even more pure and historical perspective of my process of 'discovering' the additional four chakras, which I used to refer to as the 'Mother Centres'. I should say 'the additional three chakras', as Dan Friesen had already 'discovered' the opal chakra (which he called turquoise). Please note my tongue-in-cheek use of the word 'discover' here, as did Christopher Columbus actually 'discover' the new world? Of course not, for thousands of aboriginal tribes had already 'discovered' the Western Hemisphere a long time before 'Columbus' discovery'. He did, however, actually help to shift and expand the existing European paradigm of the time, as to the structure, shape and nature of the world. Unfortunately, the European white man did not try to understand, respect or learn from these Earth-based (more yin/feminine) native cultures that already existed in the new world. They simply annihilated them. Does history here tell us anything about how the masculine side deals with its feminine side? So hopefully, the following excerpt describing 'this explorer's discovery' will provide an even deeper understanding of how this 12 chakra system is an expanded paradigm of the existing seven chakra system, following our own internal expansion.

The Mother Centres

The Mother Centres are earth-based chakras that are richer in their expression as well as in their colour than are the other more heaven-based chakras. There are a total of four Mother Centres and they complete the colours of the rainbow, filling in the spaces between the eight other chakras. They are Fire at the penis/clitoris, Golden at the navel, Opal at the thymus and Cobalt at the mouth/tongue/brainstem.

I can't exactly remember precisely how and when they came to my awareness and consciousness, as I have never come across anything written on them. Dan Friesen, the clairvoyant from whom I learned back in '91 and '92, was at the time just starting to work with the opal centre (which he called turquoise) but did not see any of the other ones. And his understanding of 'the turquoise' was very limited at the time with no reference to it being earth-based or different from the others in any way. However, I believe he did have an understanding of it being the balance for the pink and green centres (the male and female sides of the heart). I have found it to actually be the balance point for yin and yang within our whole being, with no surprise that it is in the centre of the heart region and embracing all the colours (as do opal stones). It also represents the centre point of the Cross of Christ, as well as both the black dot and the white dot in the yin/yang symbol.

So after discovering them through non-clairvoyant means, through 'sensing their presence' to some degree or another, I slowly, over time, began to figure out their locations (relationship to the body), their individual functions, their relationships to the earth, their regions within the body that they 'ground', and their actual colour. All of this information came through a certain amount of 'trial and error' and working with myself, my family and my patients over time, until what I came up with had been distilled back down to something that felt very right within me. I did not use muscle testing (kinesiology) or the pendulum to determine any of this information. The fact that these centres were rarely found present in people, made their discovery doubly challenging.

It was during this discovery period that certain students and patients would come to me (perhaps sent by the Universe in response to my quest for understanding). Such patients and students were beginning to show the presence of these Mother Centres, which at first appeared only sporadically in the different levels of the aura, as if they had to feel safe and welcomed in order to become present. By this time I had figured out how to consistently keep present all 12 of my chakras in all of the first four layers of my aura. This of course included my Mother Centres, as I was beginning to note the interaction between them and my other chakras.

The Chinese healing and martial system of Bagua[5],which I was learning at the time from a Chinese master (Dr Xie was one of the very few I had found to have a strong presence of these Mother Centres) is based on the most fundamental understanding of Yin and Yang from the I Ching[6] (The Book of Changes), which I had studied extensively over 20 years before. I mention all of this because it was through my now 'revived' and much deeper understanding of the I Ching and Yin and Yang that I was able to have a framework of understanding to really embrace the Mother Centres and their relationship to the other chakras. I must also note that this deeper embodiment of Yin and Yang principles went hand in hand with my ever growing understanding of the Right Use of Will books[7] and channelled material by Ceanne DeRohan, which gives a more Earth-based perspective on the chakras. These principles were most definitely the foundation for understanding the interplay between 'the Mother and Father Centres' and why the Mother Centres typically are not, and have not, been seen or acknowledged in 'chakra speaking circles'. Or more to the point, why they have not even been present or active in people on the planet for so long.

Since writing the above about seven years ago, I can say that I have developed a much deeper understanding and appreciation for these additional chakras. In the past few years I have started to find them much more present in people globally in their first four auric bodies. However, a huge breakthrough for me in this 'research' came during a period of a few years (between 2002 and 2004) when I was going to Bolivia and Brazil to teach and treat. On two occasions I added some sightseeing to some of the sacred sites of the Incan civilization to my travels, which included Peru. I researched the effects of specific locations, of energy focal points, at such sacred sites as Machu Picchu and the Islands of the Sun and Moon on Lake Titicaca, on myself, as well as discreetly checking others (as I had learned to do so at a distance by then). What I found was exhilarating to discover, for this type of testing on myself, and on literally hundreds of other tourists on several different occasions (without them being aware), revealed the specific presence and sequencing of these Earth-based chakras or Mother Centres. I had done similar research at many of the Standing Stone and Stone Circle sites in the UK years previously, but this was limited to just on myself and the few people I was with at the time. So this was an important confirmation for me as to the universal existence of these Mother Centres, or Earth-based chakras. After this I no longer referred to them as something separate or different than the established seven (or eight) chakras, but instead, as having equal potential for being present in everyone. Concurrently, I was beginning to more and more effectively teach people how to bring up, or make present, all 12 chakras in all four bodies, thus having even further experience with working with these Earth-based chakras on clients.

I have also come to theorize that we may have once existed on this planet as a much more simple, yet well-connected to the earth, species with a four chakra, Earth-based system, just Fire, Golden, Opal and Cobalt present (perhaps during the time of Lemuria/Mu). I further speculate that we may have thousands of years later, switched to a seven chakra, Heaven-based system (perhaps during the time of Atlantis). Then at some point since, we may have polarized our feminine and masculine (yin and yang) sides causing our heart centres to split into two (the Pink and Green). And now in very recent years, as we rapidly accelerate our development and our potential for healing, we are able to more readily come into our wholeness, as we come into our present stage of spiritual evolution. So we are now able to integrate these two systems as one 12 chakra system. This, of course, is all highly speculative theorizing, with nothing of substance to hang the lightest of hats on, but it always makes our logical mind feel better when we can propose a grand theory that can encompass all the presenting phenomena! However, there is no question that these chakras exist and have the specific functions[8] that they do, it is just the theorizing of how it all came about and fits together, that can be a highly speculative process.

As I read new material on chakras (for example, Barbara Marciniak's profound four books channelled from the Pleidians[9]) that discuss a 12 or even 13 chakra system, they still refer to the standard seven as well as additional ones outside of the body. Again I don't at all discount this perspective; I would only add that there is a richness of Earth-based chakras interconnected to the others that fill out more fully all the colours of the rainbow. In fact when I 'palpate' these Earth based chakras with my hands, they have a much more alive and 'sparkly' quality about them than do the others. And we live in a world that is more yang/male or Heaven-based, which is also the perspective of the Pleidians,9 who would be the first to suggest that we need to connect more fully with our Earth-based roots. So in the Body Math™ Twelve Chakra System, I have chosen to limit the focus of the chakras to the 12 that relate directly to the body. For I feel it is very important for us to first fully activate, ground and make present these 12 chakras in each of the first four layers of the aura (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) as a foundation or starting point for our healing, and becoming whole again,[10] both individually as well as collectively, as responsible stewards of this planet.


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