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The Poetic Truth

by Michael Levy(more info)

listed in psychospiritual, originally published in issue 289 - September 2023

Am I lost or just misplaced asks an orphan drifting on the gusts of time, humanity claims they would like to adopt me but, never do they embrace me for what I am, they just try waltzing around me, dancing to the drummers beat, shadow boxing with mythological feet

Religions pro-claim me, I'm theoretically written in their holy books by every doctrine in the letter of their laws, perhaps my spirit may shine-through occasionally, alas; it is all too often dimmed by a man-made dogmatic God So go ahead if you so desire .... wear the tattered remnant garbs of my over-alls as your cover ... as your guise, however, observe how your passion tears me to shreds, you even take my bare threads to alter

Go then; invent your lucid hounds of hell, let them nip at my heels with their fangs of hate and fear, damnation will evaporate, like the steam from volcanic fireballs melting on an iceberg once my authentic melody of energetic intelligence is inhaled and digested

Until then; pretend you hold me tight, dear honey-pie, scatter the ashes of my evidence into the gale-twines of man-u-fractured be-lie-f systems, while you persist on showering your hatred towards another's tribal legacy, to cause disquiet, turmoil and unrest

Erroneous actions abound, science inflexibly states it can work me out by numbers, I'm just a mathematical equation pausing to be solved, you see, I'm not conform-able to their standards, yet they try to adapt (no, not adopt) reiterate, adapt me, into the wake of their paradigm, they maintain all is by-chance, Determination on a figment string, a mechanical model universe ... with no mechanic, Ah! Just wait till they need my service!

How can any creation evolve without me, for I am the cornerstone, the foundation of all the macrocosm, grains of discovery uncover a fragment of me, `Tis but a drop in a quantum pool of information, a dram in spirits limitless cup, a crumb in a souls immeasurable de-light, if they exist for a trillion years it will not scratch the surface of the wisdom I hold

Skeptics laugh in my face, Shakespeare's to be or not to be, fight a duality battle without compromise, constantly, infamously, cantankerously, arguing the point with each other, de-baiting who or what preserves my soundness, maybe one day, I will surface like cream on milk, in-between-time, I'll be put on academic hold by those beings in power places, swimming in vacuums of chaos, pointing their little fingers of authority in all directions, painting the blame, on the hues of fresher, newer unfamiliarity.

I'm a wandering nomad tossed from pillar to post, misused, mistreated, alienated and abused, contorted, confused, maligned, and distorted, divided, befuddled, muddled and undecided.


Levy Poetic Truth


Oh! before I continue any further, down the side-roads of humanity, I have neglected to identify who I am, I should introduce myself, My name is; Truth! will you take me in? I'll let you ponder on it for a few hours

Well? You've had a good night’s sleep, a chance to deliberate my request, ponder my adoption, Hey! where are you going, rushing off to an appointment are you? I'll be here when you get back you know

What! you are building a wall to keep me out, go ahead, build it as big as Everest, as long as the Wall of China, as wide as the Five Continents, I'll still be your misplaced devoted servant, I will be in and out of your mind like an endless, unfathomable piston, layered with an infinite treasure chest of insights, It looks like you need a holiday

Hello! I know you are on vacation, taking time-out, loosening-up on a white sandy beach, now that your relaxed I have a secret to tell you, I'm not lost at-all, I've been here since you were born, permeated in every cell of your being, located in every nerve ending, transfused in every neuron of your mind, the only place you lost me is in the ignorance of your intellect/ego

Be-aware, your ego/intellect is only an illusion at best, it is the only place you can misplace sight of me, not one other place in the whole universe can I be lost, not one minuscule tissue of your body can I be hidden, not even in one sinew can you hide my existence, no muscle is strong enough to keep me at bay. you see my dear ego... you have led yourself on a not-so- merry chase

Hiding away in politics will not keep me away for too long, obstructing me with barricades of religion will not remove me from your short-sightedness, concealed behind mountains of gluttonous money will not keep me from appearing inside your ravenous masks for I will penetrate it all

The media know of my existence, but will rarely mutter any of my sagacity, how can they when their advertising armies are lined up to peddle the latest contraption, the new-fangled device, the newest pill to pop

How can I be anywhere in sight in such a bedazzling fellowship of lofty ignorance? they feed phenomenal overstated worry, sensationalistic anxiety filled news, to a public eager to soak up every stress inducing morsel, replacing me with negative messages that communicate tensions undertaking, to destroy the body and mind with cancer, heart failure and many other debilitating dis-ease's, in a feeble attempt to disown me, ignore me, neglect me

Draining every drop of my authentic genealogy from every vine in their assemblage, however; It is to no avail, I will always be Truth, and Truth will be all they will ever know, if not now, then without body or mind ... throughout eternity, they can ponder on my grace in the everything of nothingness So go ahead and waste your life on earth, pretend you have lost me, let your intellect play its infantile game of ignorance, make up your man-made rules and regulations, congest your mind with shadowy dogma from erroneous teachings

Even though you are in vogue with your culture, in fashion with your society, complimented by your tribe, awarded by your academy, hide away in your many chic guises

Eventually, as the pendulum of your ticking clock slows-down your mortal widow dressings fade with sunlight, finally discovering, I have always been the one, one that loves you, that nurtures you, the one that brings you joy, Your sincerely in eternity, The Truth.


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About Michael Levy

Michael Levy is an international talk show host, philosopher, poet and author of 17 inspirational books which have never been marketed, for Levy feels authentic works will eventually find their place in humanity by word of mouth. His lack of education makes his philosophy unique in a modern world, where everything is analyzed and sophisticated by experts until all true meaning drains away. His works do not follow any past or present philosophers. Michael’s recent books  include That's Rich: Connect the Dots, also Well Well Well: Eat Well, Think Well, Live Well which is on healthy eating, meaningful thinking and authentic living. Michael's poetry and essays enhance many web sites, newspapers, journals and magazines throughout the world. He is a prominent speaker on health and wellness maintenance, stress eradication, wealth creation and development, authentic happiness and inspirational poetry. Why not visit Michael's new website with 5 new Blogs and lots of inspiration insights:


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