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Self Help Tips to Attain Positivity in Life

by Gurdeep Kaur(more info)

listed in psychospiritual, originally published in issue 199 - October 2012

Life is not a bed of roses. God, I believe, has spared no one from facing difficult and complicated situations. Some people are fortunate to have experienced adverse situations temporarily, whereas others might face challenges and complexities throughout their life.

Anxiety, frustration, helplessness, anger, loneliness, depression, along with negative thinking is the end product of adverse situations that one faces in life. Before understanding, what positive thinking is or how it can be developed, it is important to understand negative thinking or negativity.

Self-help tips

Negative thinking is a state of mind, more inclined to consider or perceive the bad side of somebody or something, and is usually accompanied by hatred, agony, helplessness and desolation. Although negative thinking to a certain extent is a natural human behaviour, if it continues over a long period of time, it would result in lot many wrong affects. Some of them are:

  • Problems in social adjustments and functioning;
  • Behavioural problems may arise - a person may become stubborn, rude, arrogant, and indifferent to others feelings;
  • A person may exhibit low self esteem, low self-worth, and withdrawal symptoms;
  • A person may commit crimes like hitting himself or others.

Thus, negative thinking can result in serious repercussions, which makes it important to understand the need and importance of positive thinking and also follow ways and means to develop positive thinking.

As mentioned earlier, life does not remain the same always, people change, relations change, so do the circumstances change. It is up to us, how we react to changes, accept changes and lead our lives. The real way of leading the life is to perceive a half empty glass as a half filled glass. The way we live our life has to be very guided and thoughtful.

Our attitude towards life directs our actions, behaviour and deeds. Therefore, positive attitude needs to be incorporated in one’s personality, as it has also been known through studies that successful people did not get success in one shot. They are actually the people who did not change their attitude with failures; their persistent efforts, hard work, perseverance, and positive attitude brought those laurels and recognition.

Studies have proved that positive attitude can bring amazing results. Medical science too firmly believes that even when a patient is suffering from chronic physical or mental illness including cancer, if takes treatment with positive attitude and with zest for living, can get amazing results. Ancient healing treatments through Ayurvedic and Yoga too emphasize on meditation and regular prayers that customarily develop positive thinking. Now that we have understood the need and importance of positive thinking, the following are a few self help skills to develop positive thinking;

  1. Love thy own self, accept yourself with all your abilities, qualities and of course your drawbacks : Do not compare yourself with others and unnecessarily hurt yourself and infuse negative thoughts, as no two persons are alike. It is best to remain focused and polish your abilities and skills and also identify your drawbacks and improve upon them;
  2. Count your blessings and not your foes: Stop complaining of what you were not blessed with; instead, thank God for what all God blessed you with - which others perhaps are not blessed with;
  3. Every unfortunate incident happening and event send a message: Do not feel low on facing unfortunate happening, as there are encoded messages in all unfortunate incidents. Intelligent and wise people try to decipher the message and make their life better and contributively;
  4. Don't expect from others but come up to other's expectations: Non-complaining attitude goes a long way in shaping the right kind of personality. This happens, when you stop expecting from others. Fulfilling other's wishes, desires, caring for other's happiness develops positivity in you. There is nothing like coming to others expectations;
  5. Remember every cloud has a silver lining; no situation of life remains forever; circumstances would certainly change. A bright sunny day follows a dark stormy night. So, in most critical situations and through tough testing times remain composed and develop the quality of perseverance;
  6. Turn your wounds into wisdom;  no one is happy in this materialistic world. We all have grudges against something or the other. World is full of 'n' number of suffers and life is full of endless sufferings. It is we ourselves, who can make our life worth living through right thinking, right conduct , right perception about our own self and about others. Have a sensible, intelligible attitude towards all people and all situations you come across in life;
  7. Groom yourself after identifying you capabilities: forget about what you cannot do. Concentrate on what you can. Identify all hidden talents of yourself. Nothing goes to waste; there are buyers of everything. It is up to you how you put forth your qualities, capacities and abilities;
  8. Learn to live and not be an evil: we all are blessed to be human beings, the most rational, intelligent and sophisticated creature on this earth. Make use of this life the fullest, explore yourself, introspect yourself and don't let it go waste by cursing others and by making life hell for yourself and others;
  9. Do one good deed a day no matter small or big: this exercise is very satisfying and gives you a feeling that your life is worth living and blessings from others that you get as a reward from both known and unknown people cannot be expressed in words. All the blessings are a tonic for living; they energize you and infuse positivity in you;
  10. Don’t be envious, be a good appreciator, if not at least be a learner: don’t envy others over their achievement, learn from them, appreciate them and try to follow their foot-steps. Being jealous or envious actually happen to be great obstacles in progress and development;
  11. Develop hobbies : as the saying goes : Empty mind is a devil's workshop, therefore involve yourself in some interesting hobbies like reading, writing, gardening, cooking etc, this would make you free of ill-will of others and about your own self . Making constructive use of the time is one of the surest way to get rid of negativities of all kinds;
  12. Last but not the least. Remember God for everything you do in your life: God the master, the creator , the forgiver, the rescuer is above everything and above all. Praying regularly makes one humanitarian and compassionate in approach.


  1. ERC said..

    Useful and insightful article which has put into words matters I have known from experience and which has also provided missing links to issues in my life at the present time. I will be recommending this to others. Thank you.

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Gurdeep Kaur  MPhil (Political- Science), is lecturing undergraduate students at College Of Commerce, University of Delhi. Her work aims to increase understanding on general and social issues in order to improve upon the quality of life. Gurdeep may be contacted on

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