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Psychic Meets Science

by Alison Demarco(more info)

listed in psychospiritual, originally published in issue 262 - May 2020


How many times have you experienced a ‘coincidence’?

How many times have you felt that ‘gut feeling’?

How many times have you thought of someone and the next thing they phone you?

How many times have you said, if only I had believed in myself?

Let’s take a look at the science behind how we intuitively know more than meets the eye.

How many times have you sensed that you get a good/bad vibe?


Alison Energy


Are We More Light Energy Than We Think?  Science now says 'YES.'

'In the Beginning, there was Light'

Without LIGHT, there would be no life as we know it today.  Light contains information, energy, frequency, vibration, colour, sound and matter.  We transmit light waves, and we receive light waves.  Every living creature relies on this wireless telecommunication system to repair, organise and renew their body cells and tissues.


Spark of Life


Scientists have observed a spark of Light appearing at the moment of conception, and Light contains information.  This spark of Light at conception in part becomes matter, the beginning of the growth of the baby through the information it contains.  Many people have experienced or seen a burst of Light, leaving the body at death.  Is it possible that the burst of Light coming in contains past life information and the flash of Light leaving the body contains all past and present personality and life information? The process of birth and rebirth or as some call it the soul.


External Electromagnetic Waves


External electromagnetic waves are all around us and can cause disease in the body – but can also cure it. The side-effects of high-tension electrical cables/lines (which emanate electromagnetic fields) on humans and other animals are now scientifically recognized. Modern electrical appliances have created a sea of electromagnetic traffic around our heads – never before experienced. We are dealing with sub-cellular components; with hydrogen

bonds within DNA macromolecules; with the ever-increasing electronic transmission of information; with wave mechanics; and other electrostatic energies such as 5G frequencies our electromagnetic field is slowly being short-circuited.  5G has already had a detrimental effect on wildlife, and sooner or later, this will start to disrupt the work of our delicate biological systems. 

Every living thing has an aura, the Light of the electromagnetic energy field, which is an accumulation of electromagnetic energies of differing densities.  The aura is our telepathic sensing transmitter and receiver of information.  The aura subconsciously transcodes all information it receives and sends by way of decoding the information into frequency, vibration, and colour, thus producing thought waves, pictures, sound and actions. For example, have you or has anyone ever said to you that you look off colour, or that you seem down, or asked you if you are angry, sad or unhappy without you telling them anything?

Colour is the language of our subconscious, and different colours define a person and their life in their entirety.


Psychic Consciousness


Psychic Consciousness and ‘I’

Many of us have been or are on auto piolet, and it is only when we 'wakeup' that we become aware of the 'I' the spark of Light, the consciousness that is there at our birth.  Often our quest to find our peace, our real place and purpose in life begins with the question 'who am I.'

We are not separate in body from the Light of our own consciousness, nor are we separate from the universal energy field, the consciousness that regulates all life as we know it.  We have free will to access and bring forth our 'Will' to reach all possibilities that exist in the universal consciousness and find our full potential.  What often holds us back are our limiting beliefs, filters, experiences and conditioning.  If our thinking has its basis on a negative pattern, then by becoming self-observant of our thoughts and actions will begin a process of change.  We can make changes if we are aware of our thinking and when a negative thought comes into our thinking, then replace it immediately with a lovely happy picture.  A smiling picture instantly wipes over the negative thought and associated feeling.  My beautiful happy picture is a brilliant yellow sunflower.  It is a way to change the thinking and feeling.  You need to have had the thought to create the feeling in the first place. 

Our minds are so powerful that once awake and through self-awareness, we can achieve unlimited potential.  A person's colour choices will reveal the real 'I' the 'I' they were born as. 


Language of Colour


The Language of Colour includes stored memories, mental programmes which have their bases on outdated beliefs, habitual habits all which automatically trigger the same energy day in and day out without any evaluation and form the same outcomes.  We base our judgements on our associated memories, perceptions and emotions when we receive external data.   It's not the data itself that contains feelings; it's our interpretation of the data based on our past experiences which causes our feelings. 'I think, therefore 'I' am; therefore, I will.

Many of us have a tunnel vision personality, and so we become limited in our thinking. If we rely purely on our senses to perceive the physical world, then we limit our personality.

Light, information, energy, frequency, vibration, colour, sound, matter and consciousness, all of which lead us to be able to decode our and other peoples thinking, personality, life and even purpose. 


After Death


So, what happens to our Light when it leaves our body?  Where does it go?  Scientifically we know that there is a spark of Light at birth as well at death, this leads us to question what happens to our Light once we die.  From my experience having helped hundreds of people for over twenty-five years, I know with certainty that the persons Light continues to be able to be reached by a sensitive who can transcode the energy transmitted from the individual’s light source.  This Light source contains all the information about the specific person.  I believe that as a receiver, just like a tuned radio station, it is possible to process the information from a person who has passed over as they communicate as a Light energy source, a consciousness which uses wavelengths and frequencies to transmit their messages.  The received wavelengths and frequencies are picked up and transcoded by way of colour pictures and sound.


Communication Passed Over


From her experience and feedback, Alison does not doubt there is communication between those who have passed over and herself.  Furthermore, Alison has witnessed the comfort and peace her clients feel on receiving information from their loved ones in spirit.

A person’s colour choices will reveal the mental, emotional, spiritual and physically challenging obstacles. Alison helps to locate the priorities, so people can get out of the muddle, which provoked them to lose track of what makes them joyful and peaceful.   

Colour choices enables a person to access new ways to understand their life, themselves, and others while forming new behavioural and communication skills that will lead them to live in a consistent state of health, focus and productivity. 

We often get thrown off too quickly and then get stuck in a rut we think will lead us to success and joy - but it never feels like we reach that plateau - that ever-unreachable plateau.

Alison offers the tools and insights to move you in a straight forward and direct manner to your desired results and lifestyle - not to a plateau, but to find your true desired destiny - one that makes you feel good.  Harnessing the will to decide and act with your gut, heart, soul and mind in unison – creates freedom from emotional blockages, fear, over-thinking or worry. Realizing the "I", the driver of your actions, beliefs, habits, traits, conditioning, thinking and persona will enable self-awareness so you will experience the joy of living and feeling the freedom from all conflict by being in touch with the true self.

Freedom of the mind for success, and happiness.


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About Alison Demarco

Alison Demarco is a Colour Therapist, Kirlian and Energy Practitioner, NLP Practitioner and Self-development Expert and Life Coach, Psychic/Clairvoyant, Visionary, and Author. As a specialist in the language of colour, Alison uses colour to tune into and uncover the root cause and issues that are holding her clients back from being ‘in their element ‘and offers them the ‘how to’ lead a happy, successful life. Alison is one of the world’s fastest and most accurate personality, and temperament assessors. Having been deemed by some experts as the world’s #1 Spiritual Guide and Visionary due to her ability to read people and their lives as if they are an open book. She is the author of Dark Storm Golden Journey, The Signature From Tibet, Lomond’s Awakening and Own Your Power Cards

Alison has been seen and heard on BBC TV, ITV Lorraine Kelly Morning Show, Channel 5, House Busters with Russel Grant, Radio, and featured in the National & International Media. Alison offers Guidance and Support in the workplace, and uses a colourful Team Building System to understand personality & temperament thus creating balance and harmony for the team members. As an experienced and entertaining speaker and lecturer, Alison runs workshops worldwide, offers numerous self-development webinars, & Private Spiritual & Self- Revealing Readings, as well as facilitating her accredited Colour Therapy/Colour Language and Personal Assessment & Face Reading/Temperament Courses. Alison may be contacted on Tel: 07716 669 566;


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