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Journey To Enlightenment: Guiding Principles

by Simran Singh(more info)

listed in psychospiritual, originally published in issue 215 - July 2014

Viewed as a fresh and innovative voice in the realms of inspiration, motivation and spirituality, Simran Singh clearly states she is not here to be a teacher or a guru. Instead, Simran prefers to stand as an example of rebel humanitarian. As an author, visionary speaker and love catalyst, Simran is opening hearts around the globe.

Your Journey to Enlightenment



Light is always present. Until you awaken to the brightness that shines, it is not lit. If it is not apparent to you, then it cannot be seen by anyone else. What good is Light if it is in a closed room? If your illumination remains on the inside, how will it Light up the world? You may say, “If there really is nothing ‘out there’, what need is there to Light up the world?

The world is your reflection. It exists as a means to gauge your inner world. Because you have eyes that see outward, you are unable to see what is inside. The world is a projection screen, always displaying what is within the projector.

Illumination happens when you have not only released the small ‘i’ but also the larger ‘I’. It identifies with no thing. It is pure Light. The Illuminated One has reached the enlightened God state in full knowing, in words, beyond words, and even in the space between the words. Here lies pure truth. The Illumined One just IS.

These Ones of Light are no longer just living; rather, they embody aliveness. They have moved from form to formlessness. They venture beyond space and time, into timelessness. They have released their bounds and boundaries to experience boundlessness. They have transcended all longing into belonging. Illumination is the divinely inspired embrace of itself: Light Being.

Will you have this? Will you allow it?

Will you move beyond having a life?

Will you step past living?

Are you ready to experience aliveness?

We have it a little backwards. We have been seeking inspiration from others. We want clergy, teachers, movies, and books to pull us out of our doldrums. We take some in and become inspired, but slip back into the mundane, seeking out more inspiration and happiness. We paste sticky notes with affirmations everywhere. We use images to remind us of who we think we are supposed to be. We hang onto quotes, crystals, or a pendant to help us remember to be joyful. Those appeared as the message of who you already are!

What are you waiting for to wake up truly inspired and happy every single day of your life? A cure, a lottery win, a lover, a job, a family...a purpose? These lists, regardless of material or spiritual in form, could become never ending. Honestly, neither have anything to do with happiness. These are all external focus and gratification. They focus on an end result as the means to get there. We are using both the material aspects of spirituality and that of the world in the same way - as a crutch. But these crutches do not help us run to the finish line; they merely hold us up where we stand.

I am not telling you to stop using any of the above; I just want you to get beyond your crutch so you realize you can stand on your own. You can run to the finish if you desire. Inspiration and happiness are based on the courage and commitment to freedom and expression in one’s own life. Instead of operating from “What do I need to get me there?” move into “What unknown of myself am I being asked to discover?”

The happiness is already there. The abundance is as well. Everything you desire is already within you as an experience you have yet to discover. There is a ‘known’ part of you and an ‘unknown’. What you feel is missing in your life is simply your unknown

We come into the Earth school experience to discover ourselves. However, if we become too focused on what we are discovering about others or believing that external things will create everlasting peace, we have sidestepped the curriculum. Those moving into the New Dawn recognize that they are the inspiration, they are the one to inspire, and they are inspired through the experience of that unknown self.

Every situation in life has been an initiation - the leap forward, an activation; the reconciliation and clearing - the integration; and all of it leads to the brilliance of your illumination. Let each moment in life be an awakening to some untapped part of you. This is not just time passing by. It is all with purpose. You need only conduct your life on purpose, committed to fully experiencing each moment.

We are initiated through experience, both the challenging and the easy. It is in the more challenging experiences that initiation occurs. On a deep cellular level, within the DNA strands, there are locks and keys. Specific leaps of consciousness are keys to scaling the great ladder that rests within. Having the courage to be the change leads to the deeper treasures that have been hidden away. The secret garden, this heaven, lay within you.

An essence exists inside of you, a rich Divine Essence. Not only is it inside of you, it is you. It is pure being. This original form is the concentrate from which we come. It’s the juice - succulent, refreshing, nourishing, sparkling power! We came from Divine Source, as smaller individuations of it. This flows within us, from us, and around us. It is also what we marinate in all of the time. We cannot get away from it. It can never leave us. You are God-stuff.

What is ‘to be allowed’ that is uniquely different than ‘the need’ in embodying this truth? Allow in the Love that is unlike any experience of love you have ever known before, far deeper, richer, greater and expansive than ever before. Allow in a commitment, wholehearted and pure, to any and everything you do. Step out of the conformity of your life into courage to live in aliveness. The only way in is through the path of the child, in all their expression, and the guiding essences they hold. Will you discover the secrets of the Divine child? When you do, you open yourself to the full play of the Universe in support of its child.

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Excerpted from Your Journey To Enlightenment: Twelve Guiding Principles of Love, Courage and Commitment in the New Dawn, New Page - Career Press Copyright 2014


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