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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 294

by Mike Howell(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 294 - May 2024

The Reverend Simon House  MA Cambridge

A Tribute from Professor M A Crawford Presented at his Funeral

 Rev Simon House  – Meritorious Services to Global Mental Health

Simon was also to be honoured by the Brain Trust as Brain of the Year,  an honour he richly deserved having published pioneering papers identifying the cause of mental ill health in adverse maternal/foetal nutrition and advocated with a strong and evidence-based voice for attention to be given to the nutrition of mothers before conception.

The papers he has written and chapters in books are monuments to Simon. I have seldom read such beautifully and elegantly written papers on the reproductive process and the importance of maternal nutrition before conception and through pregnancy and its relevance to the prevention of the escalating but unsung crisis on mental ill-health and falling IQ.


Simon House

The Late Reverend Simon H House from his website


He and Roy Ridgeway wrote a book, The Unborn Child: Beginning a Whole Life and Overcoming  Problems of Early Origin   ( ) in 2006 which was a landmark with vital messages and information for parents, potential parents and grandparents, as well as professionals with responsibility for children, and bringing babies into the world. It was translated into several languages.

I first met Simon in the 1980s when he was working with Roy Ridgeway in helping to supply people with cystic fibrosis in Russia with needed medications which were in poor supply in Russia. He expressed interest in our work on poor maternal nutrition as a case of low birth weight and prematurity, which sentenced the child born to a life of physical and mental limitations. He had identified this issue as a serious problem in Moscow where there was a high prevalence of adverse outcomes of pregnancy.

The Mother and Child Foundation in 1994 was to open a clinic in the East-end of London, close to and in collaboration with the Homerton Hospital. This clinic was to be run by Wendy Doyle, a state-registered dietician supported by several PhD students and volunteer workers. The aim was to conduct research on the causes of low birth weights and initiate actions for prevention. Simon suggested we invite a couple of interested Russians to come to the opening with a view to setting up a similar operation in Moscow. After letter writing and telephone calls, Dr Alexander Baturin of the Russian Academy of Medicine, and Professor Igor Kon of the Russian Academy of Sciences came to visit London and were present at the opening of the Mother and Baby Clinic. Afterwards, Simon and I took the two of them to Somerset where we had a weekend of discussions, music which included Russian songs and splendid Russian Vodka to finish off. We made plans and agreements with determination to move forward on stopping prematurity, low birth weights, deformities and brain stunting. Sadly, after more letters and phone calls, mostly with Simon, back in Moscow they were unable to get the support needed to set up a similar programme in Moscow.

Nonetheless, Simon became a powerful supporter of the prevention case and his writing on the topic is both innovative and totally convincing. He importantly opened the subject of emotional impact on pregnancy outcome and generated support from his European colleagues. He became a leader in the McCarrison Society developing his work in presentations at their conferences. Notably, he pointed to the significance of “not just nutrition preconception but also the life cycle with the beginning of puberty in the children” This led him to develop the theme of epigenetics whereby nutrition and environmental conditions can alter the way the genome behaves in a manner that looks like a genetic change but alters gene behaviour without changing the genome. With Dr John Nichols and Dr Rae he wrote an update on the discussion of supplementing food with folic acid to prevent neural tube defects.

His most recent activity, as a Council member of the Royal Society of Medicine’s Food and Health Section, was to put forward and have accepted a conference under the title of Preconception nutrition: Breaking the cycle of deprivation.

Owing to Covid-19 it was impossible for a face to face conference so it was held as a webinar on Thursday 23 June 2022, which of course included Simon’s powerful presentation in which he presented the enormous cost of mental ill health and its reality which was over twice the £110 billion estimated by the DoH in 2010, a cost greater than heart disease and cancer combined. This discrepancy was not a function of the time difference although it was certainly there due to its escalation. However, Simon rightly pointed out large missing costs such as cerebral palsy and violent behaviour. He was a genius.

Further Information

The Late Reverend Simon H House from his website



What’s the Connection between Russian Astronauts and these 3 Fortunate Individuals in England?

Whole Body Vibration  (WBV) training aids recovery of muscle mass and strength even after chronic debilitating conditions. WBV technology was originally developed to accelerate recovery from muscle atrophy of astronauts. These 3 examples illustrate how wide-ranging the benefits can be.

1. Urinary Incontinence? – Strengthen those Pelvic Floor Muscles

”In 2006 at the age of 48 I had prostate cancer with a radical prostatectomy and with it came all the side effects, particularly incontinence. I worked very hard with pelvic floor exercises and a tens device, but about 2 years ago it got significantly worse to the extent that I had to wear a pad. Although I increased my pelvic floor exercises and use of the device, I saw only a slight improvement.
“Since using the FlexxiCore Challenger over the last 60 days, together with my exercises, I noticed the leakage has got better by the week to the extent that last night I went out on a long walk and for the first time I was completely dry. I have no doubt that the FlexxiCore has helped strengthen the muscles which weaken as we get older.
“This is not something people like to discuss (particularly men - it needs to be put in the public domain as it can be a life changer for a lot of people” Male aged 66

2. Recovery of Muscle Mass and Strength after Long-Term Hospitalisation – Strengthen Muscles while Losing Weight and Fat Around the Waist

”I came out of hospital 3 years ago, after a long-misdiagnosed condition, weighing 8st 4lbs – height 5'9" and having lost virtually all muscle. This was compounded by a major road accident 6 months later. I have worked hard to gain fitness and health, but I reached a plateau of muscle mass, no matter what I did – including change of diet, weight training, Qi Gong and Hot Yoga 5 times a week. I still wasn’t gaining more muscle.
“I started using the FlexxiCore Challenger with 2 main hopes: to gain muscle mass and improve my hip-waist ratio. Both have been achieved after just 60 days. Amazingly I increased muscle mass by 2.6 lbs – over a kg! – while losing 7 lbs of fat around the waist (6 cm reduction), while my hips stayed the same.
“I also noticed my breasts are firmer, my energy levels have improved, and peristalsis is being stimulated for sure. I like the fact that the whole body gets a workout, unlike many gym exercises that focus on certain muscle groups.” Female aged 59

3. Recovery from Bone Marrow Transplant and Support for Ongoing Physiotherapy Treatment for Osteoporosis and Torn Rotator Cuff

”My body is still in recovery following a bone marrow transplant 2 years ago, but the FlexxiCore Challenger really has made a tangible, holistic difference to my level of fitness, pain reduction and quality of life, all of which have been improved even though I have taken things slowly due to injury and recovery challenges.
“The osteoporosis and bursitis in my hip made it difficult for me to walk, but using the challenger in conjunction with physio has been a game changer for me. I now walk without a limp. The knee locking associated with this injury is also much reduced. The torn rotator cuff in my shoulder is also much improved: by simply holding light weights while on the Challenger, my arms began to strengthen.
“I have lost some weight and my muscle mass is gradually and visibly increasing. I have discussed how beneficial I am finding it with my consultants and physiotherapist. I rate it highly as I don’t think I would have got to this level of improvement in my health had I not used it. It has been ideal for me to use at home as I cannot go to gyms or swimming pools”. Female aged 62

Flexxicore Composite 4 Images + Logo 2 Cropped

“This is not something people like to discuss (particularly men) and just get on with it.  Somehow it needs to be put in the public domain as it can be a life changer for a lot of people.”


Special Offer and Further Information

Energy for Health are offering PH readers a chance to apply for our 2nd Phase Trials – enjoy a 60-day No-Obligation Trial of the FlexxiCore Challenger with a 50% discount if you decide to purchase, in return for keeping a log of your progress.

For further information please contact Energy for Health on Tel: 01934 257066; 




Balens Specialist Insurance Brokers.

Established in 1950 Balens have been offering specialist insurance across the Health, Well-being, Fitness and Beauty sectors since the early 1990s and now insure over 100,000 clients.  Our insurance solutions are available for individuals and their businesses as well as organisations, charities and the not-for-profit sectors. Our teams have considerable experience in these fields enabling them to focus on guidance, support and service to our clients.


Balens Banner + Badge


As an individual Health and Wellbeing practitioner you can be held legally liable for loss or damage to other people’s property, injury, harm or financial loss alleged to have been caused to your clients, patients or other parties as a result of your actions or advice that you have given. 

The individual insurance scheme offered through our Affinities team is unique to us and is one of the most comprehensive wordings of its type within the UK.  Through our chairman David Balen’s teaching and Healing, colleagues in the Natural Therapy fields asked him to get involved in the early 1990s in setting up multi-therapy insurance schemes for Health and Well-being Professionals.  Such policies were not easily available to therapists at this time as the policies were more focused to those in the medical professions.  David worked on designing and refining cover that would meet the specific needs of Health and Well-being professionals, this is where our journey with these clients began.

At Balens we believe we are more than just insurance, we have witnessed many of our clients businesses grow and have been there throughout their journey offering insurance solutions along the way. Our focus is on supporting you and your business so you can focus on your specialist area whilst caring for your clients. As well as our individual cover we also offer a range of other policies which may be suitable for you and your business, including: Therapy/Treatment Room cover; Income protection solutions; Schools and Clinics packages; Health Products Insurance and more.

Further Information

To learn more about the policies we have on offer please visit our website or contact us:
 Tel : 01684 893006;  



The Supercoherence I AM Resilient and Resourceful Frequency

The SRRF is the newest in the family of Supercoherence Frequencies, and is here to help us navigate these challenging times, with greater ease, flow and grace.


I AM-Resilient-Resourceful


Some of the effects people have noticed include:

  • Increased level of comfort and confidence in maintaining your integrity and “emotional buoyancy” in the face of challenge;
  • Being able to respond rather than react in difficult situations;
  • Lessening of anger, which is often related to feelings of frustration and/ or disempowerment;
  • Lessening of feelings of anxiety and panic (at the physical, mental and emotional level);
  • Increased feelings of lightness and space in body and mind;
  • Increased levels of inspiration in finding new and creative solutions to seemingly intractable problems.

Having the courage to be free to be your authentic self and live your own truth without being unduly affected by the opinions or judgement of others- and enabling others to do the same!

One might also describe it as “an antidote to victimhood”.

This is the first time that the Lumanetic Crystal Frequencies have come up to create a Supercoherence Frequency. Crystals are of the Earth, and yet they are also of the Light. They can serve to strengthen our connection with the Earth to enable us to be better grounded and rooted and connect us more deeply with the Earth, whilst also acting as a bridge to connect us to the realms of Light.

It is only when they are found (or perhaps, they allow themselves to be discovered), and are brought out into the Light, that we can truly see and be amazed and awed by their shining beauty.

I see the SRRF as a key/ tuning fork to discover, access and awaken more of the amazing and magical treasures of the deep Self, giving us the wherewithal to respond to any challenges from a place of true freedom, and with courage, confidence and creativity.

You can read more about it here and here

In the Supercoherence System, our understanding is that the Soul is the central player in our lives, and that our Light-Energy-Information Field, or Quantum Field, carries the In-Formational encodings in the language of Light-Energy-Information which are the blueprints for what manifests at the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Also, that we have everything we need with-In us, BUT/ AND, we only have a very limited access to those enormous resources (for a variety of reasons). The Supercoherence Frequencies are all created to provide "informational keys" to enable us to more effortlessly and consistently access and connect with the treasures of the deep Self, each in their own unique way.

The invitation is to Explore, Experiment and Experience for yourself!

Further Information

You can read more about it here and here NB all our Frequencies come with an unconditional 180-day money-back guarantee (less postage costs of tracked delivery).



The College of Ayurveda UK: Ayurveda – Ancient and Science-Based System of Medicine

Ayurvedic Medicine, based on the Vedic wisdom expounded by the ancient sages, is the most ancient system of medicine known to mankind It emerged within the Vedic culture that arose on the foothills of Himalayas and along the banks of the great rivers of India.

The College of Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy is the premier educator for individuals seeking to make a difference in the world through a career restoring the natural balance of body, mind and spirit with the wisdom of Ayurveda. This mission has been the central driving force of the College since its inception. The College of Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy is the only institution in the UK that offers a complete Ayurvedic programme comparable in content to the B. A. M. S. (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery) degree course taught in India.


Spices Spoons Square w_logo


Ayurveda is a science-based healthcare approach that treats illness and promotes wellness by focusing assessment on biochemically-unique aspects of each patient, and then individually tailoring interventions to restore psychological, physiological and structural imbalances. Ayurvedic medicine not only recognizes the uniqueness of the individual but also the oneness of all creation and how this translates into human health on all levels. There has been a worldwide surge of interest in Ayurvedic medicine as people seek health and well-being.

The basic principles upon which Ayurvedic medicine/healthcare operates are:

  • Biochemical individuality based on genetic and environmental uniqueness;
  • Dynamic balance of internal and external factors;
  • Web-like interconnections of psycho-physiological processes;
  • Health as a positive vitality – not merely the absence of disease;
  • Promotion of organ reserve through psycho-neuro-immunological processes;
  • Patient-centred rather than disease focused healthcare.

Using these principles, Ayurvedic healthcare practitioners focus on understanding the fundamental physiological processes, the environmental inputs, and the genetic predisposition that influence every person’s experience of health and disease. A person is considered an integral part of the Universe which is governed by natural laws. Ayurveda works primarily on human constitution called Dosha and Prakruti through lifestyle counselling, herbal preparations, nutrition, massage, yoga and Panchakarma all used to bring about balance and harmony in the body.

The College, which promote the values of a tolerant and democratic society and the ideals of scholarship and the benefits of life-long education and training, aims to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive Ayurvedic medical education. It works to develop and support educational programmes and select a student body of such a size that every student has a quality and relevant educational experience, and provide students with clearly defined academic programmes, competent teaching, a caring and supportive academic structure and an attractive and facilitating environment.

Further Information

We’re now accepting applications for our 2024/2025 cohort; please leave your details at; The first step of the admission process is to fill in the application form linked below and pay the £25 application fee. Applications close on the 1st of June at 12 noon. Once you have done this we will be in contact with you.  For further information or a prospectus please contact the College of Ayurveda’s Administrator Ione Ashmore at or visit their website at



The Sanctuary Videos –

The ’Awakening’ and the ‘Path’

A series of discussions between Allan Armstrong the current prior of the Order of Dionysis & Paul – ODP , and David Friese-Greene, about the spiritual life as lived by Order members. The ODP, established by Dennis Claude Green in 1947, is a contemplative, mystical order strongly influenced by the Levantine monastics of the 4th century. It is dedicated to a life of Prayer, Meditation Study and Healing. David engages the enigmatic prior in a series of absorbing dialogues concerning the soul’s awakening to the spiritual life, and the path of self-knowledge that follows. These conversations between David and Allan makes compelling listening as they discuss what draws people to the spiritual life.  


The Awakening and The Path


The ‘Awakening’ is the first part of a series of discussions between Allan Armstrong (Brother Marcus), the prior of the Order of Dionysis & Paul, and David Friese-Greene about engaging in the spiritual life - how it begins, the different paths of spiritual development, and the communities that emerge to support them. As the title implies, the ‘Awakening’ is concerned with the emerging spiritual impulse that takes place within a soul, as understood by the Order of Dionysis & Paul. 

The Path is the second part of a series of discussions between Allan Armstrong (Brother Marcus), the prior of the Order of Dionysis & Paul, and David Friese-Greene about engaging in the spiritual life. The Path means many things to many people, but from an ODP perspective it is a path or journey of self-discovery, of Self-Knowledge. It is primarily concerned with spiritualising our earthbound carnal self through the conversion of our inherent self-serving nature into a selfless being – becoming less self-focussed and more focussed on the common-good.  

Further Information

Please visit



New Projects on the Horizon – Imam B Jaiteh Charitable Foundation

Imam Jaiteh has thanked all those who supported the Foundation’s project as well as the Gambia government for providing and encouraging a conducive environment for a successful endeavour. Imam Jaiteh, also a Gambian Ambassador at Large based in the UK and The Gambia, reports that the Charitable Foundation donated in 2020 to villages including  Jamaly Babu, Jamali Tamiser, Jamali Ganado and Jamali Musa. These projects included infrastructure projects such as the digging of boreholes or wells, solar systems, dozen street lights, building of mosques and supporting vulnerable and other needy residents.  New Projects planned from 2024 include a hospital, blood banks with associated hygienic facilities, as well as a funeral home and mortuary with larger space for funeral ceremonies.


Imam Jaiteh Charitable Foundation Solar System + Borehole + Street Light

Imam Jaiteh Charitable Foundation Solar System, Borehole, + Street Light


The Foundation supports orphans to pursue their education free of charge from kindergarten up to university level.  Taking into consideration the significance of electrification, the Foundation also embarked on electrifying the villages as well as supporting sick and ailing people by paying their full hospital bills.  

Further Information

The Charitable Foundation needs help and the support of philanthropy. To help or for further information please contact Mr Imam B Jaiteh on Tel: 07985 691335;

Acknowledgement Citation

Previous Donation Published from



Nutritional Mushroom Coriolus versicolor Confirmed as Potential New Treatment for Ménière's Disease

Current Neuropharmacology published results of a 6-month follow-up study that used Coriolus versicolor mushroom biomass to treat patients with Ménière's disease.[1] A 3-month pilot study[2] had already indicated the potential for this mushroom to reduce cellular oxidative damage and neuroinflammation and improve disease symptoms, and this new research demonstrates that these beneficial effects persist.

In the latest study, the team of global scientists led by Professor Vittorio Calabrese (University of Catania, Catania, Italy) followed 50 Ménière's disease patients over 6 months, assessing their symptoms and pro-inflammatory/oxidative status in response to mushroom supplementation. All patients in the study had sensorineural hearing loss: 30 took Coriolus versicolor mushroom biomass (1500 mg) twice daily, and 20 were not treated.  After 3 months and 6 months, treated Meniere’s disease patients showed an enhanced antioxidant stress response, reduction in oxidative damage, reduction in inflammation, improved mood, and fewer and less severe Ménière's disease symptoms.


Figure 1. Effect of C. versicolor treatment on markers of stress response in Ménières disease (MD) patients

Enhanced Antioxidant Stress Response

  • At 3 months, mushroom-treated Ménière's disease patients showed significantly higher (p<0.05) level of cellular stress response biomarkers (Nrf2, HO-1, Hsp70, γ-GC, Trx and sirtuin-1) than untreated patients (Figure 1);
  • These marker levels were even higher at 6 months, indicating an optimised response to oxidative stress by patients treated with mushroom biomass (Figure 1);
  • Glutathione is the major endogenous antioxidant capable of preventing oxidative damage to important cellular components. Plasma levels of reduced glutathione (GSH) were significantly higher (p<0.05) in mushroom-treated patients at 3 and 6 months (Table 1) compared with untreated patients, as controls.

Reduction in Oxidative Damage

  • At 3 and 6 months, markers of oxidative damage, measured in lymphocytes as carbonyls, HNE and UWCL, as well as plasma GSH:GSSG (reduced glutathione:oxidised glutathione ratio) were restored to near-healthy control levels in treated Ménière's disease patients, but not in untreated patients (Figure 2 and Table 1). The higher plasma GSH:GSSG ratio in the treated patients corresponded to significantly lower GSSG levels and higher GSH levels (p<0.05).

Reduction in Inflammation

  • At 3 and 6 months, Ménière's disease patients receiving mushroom biomass showed lower pro-inflammatory status than untreated patients, indicated by decreased expression of α-synuclein (a highly soluble unfolded protein that accumulates in Lewy bodies and Lewy neurites in Parkinson disease), GFAP and Iba-1 proteins, increased expression of IKB-α, and modulation of the NF-kB pathway) (Figure 3);
  • The decrease in inflammation in mushroom-treated patients was reflected in a significant increase of anti-inflammatory markers (p<0.05): LXA4 (Figure 4), anti-inflammatory eicosanoids (Figure 5); and a significant decrease in pro-inflammatory eicosanoids (p<0.05) (Figure 6).

Improved Mood

  • After 3 and 6 months, treated Ménière's disease patients showed an improvement in all six mood parameters (anger, confusion, depression, fatigue, tension and vigour) and in total mood disturbance, while there was no improvement in the untreated group (Table 2).

Fewer and Less Severe Meniere’s Disease Symptoms

  • By 6 months, frequency of vertigo attack frequency and tinnitus handicap inventory scores were both significantly reduced in treated Ménière's disease patients compared with untreated patients (Table 3).

These Results Confirm Earlier Findings That:

  • The neuropathophysiological changes of Ménière's disease appear to be mediated in part by an increase in a-synuclein and an upregulation of NF-kB-mediated processes;
  • Treatment of Ménière's disease patients with Coriolor versicolor mushroom biomass boosts the response to oxidative stressors, reduces oxidative damage and modulates inflammation;
  • These effects are reflected in symptomatic relief – an improved mood and reduction in tinnitus.

The researchers concluded that their nutritional approach – using Coriolus versicolor biomass supplementation – represents a promising and innovative strategy for reducing both the oxidative stress-induced neurodegenerative damage of cochleovestibular diseases (including Ménière's disease), and the pathology associated with sensorineural hearing loss.

For further information about Figures and Tables not included in this Short Feature please contact William Ahern



Face Your Fears: 7 Steps to Conquering Phobias and Anxiety

by Christopher Paul Jones

Published by Michael O'Mara. 18 Jan. 2024. Paperback. £10.11 / $17.99   ISBN-10: 1789295327

‘Face Your Fears: 7 Steps to Conquering Phobias and Anxiety’ is the new book from Harley Street phobia specialist Christopher Paul Jones. This is the book for anyone who needs to overcome their fears, phobias and anxieties. In the UK alone, approximately 10 million people suffer from some sort of phobia – that’s around one in every seven people. And the effects of phobias can range from a simple inconvenience to severely limiting people’s day-to-day lives.


Face your Fears book FC


But what can you do about it?

Phobia Specialist Christopher Paul Jones helps people every day to face and overcome their fears, phobias and anxieties. His clients come from all over the world and include Hollywood actors and Oscar nominees, models, musicians, presenters and other celebrities. Some travel to his Harley Street clinic, while others benefit Christopher’s expertise over Zoom. Having overcome debilitating phobias himself, Christopher started on the path to becoming a therapist and coach, so he could do for others what he had done for himself. He now has over 20 years of experience and, with the launch of this book, readers can gain the benefit of his knowledge to overcome their own fears.

‘Face Your Fears: 7 Steps to Conquering Phobias & Anxiety’ is a practical guide to taking control of your mental wellbeing and treating common phobias, including (but not limited to) fears of flying, spiders, public speaking and heights, as well as claustrophobia, agoraphobia and anxiety. Christopher’s innovative Integrated Change System offers a series of easy-to-follow, guided exercises that will allow you to uncover the source of your fears and work towards overcoming them. With this proven approach backed by a mix of cutting-edge methods, removing a phobia can be quicker and easier than one might think.

The book is divided into three parts. To start with, Christopher looks at how phobias are created and, in the third section, he deals specifically with the most common phobias. Part two is a simple, practical guide as to how you can make the changes you need to in order to live free of your phobia(s).

These are:

Step 1: Recognize what you’re really afraid of

Step 2: Relax the conscious mind

Step 3: Reward for your fear (secondary gain)

Step 4: Recipe (deconstructing your strategy)

Step 5: Release the past

Step 6: Recondition your emotions

Step 7: Realize a powerful future

So, ‘Face Your Fears: 7 Steps to Conquering Phobias & Anxiety’ is perfect for anyone looking for a literal step-by-step guide to find out just how straightforward it can be to overcome your fears and get your life back!

For more information see: 

About the Author

Christopher Paul Jones is a leading Harley Street phobia expert. Having overcome his own phobias, Christopher’s culmination of over 20 years of research across Europe, North America and Asia is an integrated approach combining mainstream psychology with cutting edge techniques: The Integrated Change System™. The system aims to change the mind’s danger response and leave people free and happy to enjoy things they once found terrifying. A fear, anxiety or phobia can be cured in as little as a session. Christopher’s clients come from all over the world and include Hollywood actors and Oscar nominees, models, musicians, presenters and celebrities. He may be contacted via

Source and Media Contact

For media enquiries please contact Sophie at Panpathic Communications on Tel: 07815 860 082.

Further Information

Available in all good bookshops and on  



Gut Health and Fasting For Beginners

by Tina Shelton

Independently Published. Feb. 2023. Paperback. £15.98 / $15.98. ISBN-13: ‎979-8375774756.

With the whole world talking about it and advocating it, there’s more to intermittent fasting phenomena than first meets the eye. In her book, Gut Health and Fasting for Beginners, Tina Shelton proffers an impressively researched and easy-to-follow overview of all there is to know about our digestive process and the different options for both intermittent and long fasting.  Also offering helpful and scientifically based advice on how IBS, Leaky Gut, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), and other gut issues can be improved through a fasting regime, there’s nothing this community health activist doesn’t know about her subject (having successfully remedied her own, and her brother’s health issues through the process). 

Garnering five-star reviews and an appreciative fan base in just a matter of months; if you’re keen to start on your own intermittent fasting journey, this is the book (or audiobook) for you.


Cover Gut Health and Fasting for Beginners


Are you tired of having to choose between losing weight and having a healthy gut?

Your gut is responsible for maintaining functionality, healing, and even repairing your body, which means that without a healthy gut, all the dieting attempts you have tried up to this point have been in vain.

But that is about to change.

If you want to learn how fasting can be used to reprogram your microbiome for improved moods and better quality of life, then you need to read this book!

Inside this book, you will find all the resources you need to reach and maintain an optimal digestive system that can prevent and heal chronic gastrointestinal disorders.

Within the pages of Gut Health and Fasting for Beginners, discover:

  • The functions of the gut and why it is also referred to as the second brain;
  • The symptoms of gut dysbiosis and the common signs of an unhealthy gut;
  • The practice of fasting and how it naturally promotes the harmony between nutrition and gut health;
  • Rules, strategies, and actionable steps for before, during, and after your fast;
  • A scientific perspective on gut health and fasting.

And so much more that will provide you with all the tools and science-backed facts you need to stop treating the symptoms and start taking care of the root cause.

From understanding gut-bacteria-related disorders such as SIBO, leaky gut syndrome, and CGDs to the science behind fasting, Gut Health and Fasting for Beginners is the ultimate step-by-step guide to healing your gut, balancing your microbiome, and improving your diet for good – the right way.

Get your copy today for a healthier gut, a happier you, and the quality of life that you deserve.

About the Author

Tina Shelton is an expert in education and teaching, with over 20 years of experience and a background in social research and investigative journalism. She is passionate about sharing simple steps to improve the quality of life for men, women, and families by helping them improve their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Tina is a well-respected community health activist who discovered the benefits of fasting when she first used it to alleviate perimenopausal symptoms. Later, she helped her brother fast for 21 days to overcome high blood sugar and prostate issues. Tina is dedicated to empowering her readers and listeners to adopt a positive mindset and enjoy a healthy, relaxed lifestyle through scientifically proven fasting practices.

Further Information 

Gut Health and Fasting For Beginners is available  on and



You Are a Frequency: How Personal Vibration Influences Health, Well-Being and Development Paperback

by Debbie Sellwood

Published by O-BOOKS. 2024. Paperback. £10.99 / $ 12.95.  ISBN 10: ‎ 1803413964.

“Debbie’s book helps us discover ourselves as energetic beings that have the power to take control of our present happiness and health.” Jan Stewart, Chair of the Confederation of Registered Essence Practitioners


You Are a Frequency: How Personal Vibration Influences Health, Well-Being and Development Paperback


A transformation in human consciousness is taking place. And it’s generating a growing interest in how subtle elements of the human constitution play a part in the maintenance of our health and wellbeing. You Are a Frequency introduces a new paradigm for health and healing based on the whole person, not the physical body on which traditional medicine focuses.  In this book, Debbie Sellwood describes the human being’s various energy systems, indicating that everything –animal, vegetable and mineral –has its own unique vibration.

She explains how these energy bodies influence our health and wellbeing, that the physical body is a medium for the consciousness of the energy bodies. You Are a Frequency explains that how we perceive and react to life events determine what experiences we attract into our lives, including health. Our reactions also impact the frequency of our vibrations, and by raising our vibrations, we become more empowered, able to take responsibility for ourselves.

It is the author’s belief that understanding ourselves as energetic beings will ultimately inspire a future health paradigm and lead to the transformation of the medical system. This book will appeal to the increasing number of people who are aware of a spiritual component to their existence, who want to understand who they really are, and their potential, at a more holistic level. The times in which we live are causing us to acknowledge that there is more to life, and to ourselves, than meets the eye -you are more than you think!

Further Information

Available from 


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    Mushroom Biomass Bioactive Properties Presented in EUROCHEM Conference

    In a presentation at EUROCHEM Congress on June 16th 2023 in Belgrade Serbia, a team of Portuguese researchers led by Professor Manuela Pintado and Professor Joao Relvas   chemically characterized the bioactive groups in the biomass form of three mushrooms. The presentation was by Helena Rodrigues (PhD in which the bioactivity was identified and quantified towards understanding of their respective biological potential. The mushroom biomass forms studied were Coriolus versicolor (CV), Hericium erinaceus (HE) and Pleurotus ostreatus (PO) species. The information on α-glucans is scarcer than that for β-glucans;  several studies have suggested their prebiotic potential. The mushroom biomass used in this study were supplied by Mycology Research Laboratories (Luton, United Kingdom) and available for healthcare practitioners in Natural Dispensary, Revital and Aneid UK Ltd.

    Further Information: A copy of the EUROCHEM presentation is available on the MRL website;   


    Human Givens College

    Guided Imagery – 'Day 2' Essential therapeutic techniques. This new workshop with Ros Townsend gives you the opportunity to learn 3 advanced guided imagery techniques that are essential for helping people successfully overcome depression, addictions, anxiety and more... This day builds on Guided Imagery and Visualisation for therapeutic change (‘Day 1’)  but is also suitable for anyone who already has plenty of experience in using guided imagery and visualisation to induce a relaxed state in their clients. LEEDS: Thursday 16th May; BRISTOL: Thursday 26th September; LONDON: Thursday 14th November

    Further Information: Contact us at Tel: +44 (0)1323 811690;  Book Online at 


    Blackcurrant Extract Boost Performance

    A new study has revealed a breakthrough for runners looking to improve their 5km running times, with one dose of CurraNZ® New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract improving performance by up to 5.7%.  On average, runners participating in the double-blind randomized cross over design study ran 3% faster with 900mg (three capsules) of the berry extract, an exciting development for recreational athletes looking to blitz their next parkrun.

    Further Information:


    Social Prescribing Against Dementia

    u3a is a UK-wide movement of locally-run interest groups that provide a wide range of opportunities to come together to learn for fun. Sir Muir Gray gave a talk – his presentation on reducing the risk of dementia was part of a series that aims to inform, inspire and influence members to live better future lives. As one of the world’s foremost experts on ageing, Sir Gray feels that the u3a can be seen as a health and dementia risk reduction service, on account of members being involved in social and physical activities. Sir Gray is an Adviser to both NHS England and Public Health England. He was the NHS’s Chief Knowledge Officer and was awarded both a CBE and later a knighthood for services to the NHS.

    Further Information:


    School of Homeopathy: Spirit of the Gems

    Spirit of the Gems with Peter Tumminello Marvellous May Event 2024 11th - 12th May 2024. Each year in May we open the School up and invite past graduates, students and homeopaths to join us for a special weekend of teaching with renowned international speakers. This year we are delighted to have Peter Tumminello all the way from Australia! He will be teaching: Gem remedies - ‘the precious ones’ Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby etc.; Gem remedies - there are many semi-precious which can now all play a part in practice; Gem remedies and pandemic; Crystals and crystallisation in homeopathy – an introduction to its relevance and power in practice. The world of the colour affinity – an open door for the future of homeopathy.

    Further Information: Dates: 10am - 6pm 11th May 2024;  10am - 5pm 12th May 2024; Location: Online Via Zoom & In-Person at Stroud; Course fee: £200.00.  Book  Online here  or Tel: +44 (0)1453 765 956; School of Homeopathy


    Hpathy Needs Your Help!, i.e., Homeopathy for Everyone was started in 2001 as an open community project for bringing together homeopaths globally and to curate and publish contemporary homeopathic literature. Its sister project, a library for historical books and journals is also now more than a decade old. I (Dr Manish Bhatia) have kept these projects funded with my own resources or through advertisements all these years. Unfortunately our ad revenues have fallen to a level where we can't sustain these projects without community participation and help. Our current revenue is falling short by 1200$ per month, that is nearly 15000 USD per year. We request you to please participate in this fundraiser which will help us keep these two major homeopathic resources alive and available.

    Further Information: Join the Fundraiser  Join the Fundraiser in India


    Mind Body Soul Experience

    Mind Body Soul Experience is  at Alexandra Palace, London 18-20 Oct 2024. Sally Morgan Psychics are sponsoring the Nirvana Lecture Area at Mind Body Soul Experience 2024. Being co-located with OM Yoga Show and Vegan Life Live this year means that you tap into new audiences when you join us at Mind Body Soul Experience!  Showcase your wellness products, practice your therapies or promote your services to up to 15,000 visitors over the 3 days. Stands from just £504 + VAT for the full 3 days.

    Further Information: Please contact Claire on Tel: 01787 220650;


    May Day Festival at Hawkwood

    6 May 2024: 10AM - 5 PM. Community Day. A Day of Local Food, Live Music, Talks, Stalls, Creative Workshops, and Family Activities. Tickets on the Door, Pay what you can. Special Guests: Dr Penny Hay, Our Kid's Climate.

    Further Information: For more information please contact Hawkwood on Tel: 01453 759 034;


    Amchara Health – How Does Vitamin D Influence Your Hormones?

    Vitamin D is unique among vitamins because it acts more like a hormone than a vitamin. It’s known for its role in controlling inflammation, as well as supporting your bone health, immune system, blood sugar control and blood pressure. How Does Vitamin D Influence Your Hormones?    How To Strengthen Your Gut Microbiome   Why Does Rishi Sunak Fast For 36 Hours?

    Further Information: Tel: 01823 213111;  Shop Cleanses


    Adaptogenic Apothecary Double Winner at Hip and Healthy Awards 

    Adaptogenic Apothecary, expert herbal alchemists have been announced as “Gold” and “Silver” award winners at this year’s Hip and Healthy Awards in the following categories:

    Best for Mental Health: Gold Winner – Freedom; Best 40+ Wellness Product: Silver Winner – Freedom. “Freedom” was launched in June 2023 as a ground-breaking adaptogenic food-based supplement, using clinically proven ingredients to ease symptoms of the menopause. Created as a natural support for women who don’t have regular cycles anymore, going through the perimenopausal transition and/or are in menopause, “Freedom” has been formulated to support female vitality and can be taken instead of, or alongside HRT.

    Further Information:


    Women's Pelvic Health Expo WHEN2024

    Urinary incontinence? Tissues bulging from the vagina? Pain with intimacy? Faecal incontinence? The WHEN2024 Women’s Health Empowerment Network two-day expo will shine a light on vaginal, pelvic, and intimate health issues women rarely talk about out loud. We encourage patients and practitioners to join us August 8-9, 2024 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

    Further Information

    Association for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support. Tel: +1 262-642-4338;


    ‘New’ Chakras – Expand your ‘Chakra Map’

    Tuesday 28 May 2024, 2 - 4pm. In this workshop we will work with the additional Transcendental, Lower Root, and the Upper Heart Chakras.  Delcia McNeil will share her own understanding of the functions and meanings of these centres and will go through a meditative process that will be recorded and emailed to you after the workshop. A basic awareness of the Chakra system is required for this workshop. The fee is £39.

    Further Information:  To book your place contact Delcia McNeil on Tel: 07515 807366


    Academy of Medical Sciences elects new President

    The University of Edinburgh's Professor Andrew Morris CBE FRSE FMedSci has been elected as the new President of the Academy of Medical Sciences, the independent, expert voice of biomedical and health research in the UK. He will succeed Professor Dame Anne Johnson DBE PMedSci, taking up the role from 25 April 2024. Professor Morris was awarded a CBE (Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) in the 2018 New Year’s Honour’s List, the Royal Medal of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2021 and has served and chaired numerous national and international grant committees and Governmental bodies.

    Further Information: Please contact Nicky Swire, News and Media Manager, Academy of Medical Sciences on Tel: 079200 63314;


    Gentlemen, Let’s Talk Prostate Health

    Snap Supplements – your Blueprint for Health. 35% of men face Prostate Problems by 65. We don’t want that to be you (that’s why we’ve developed our Prostate Health Supplement) Our unique targeted blend of mushrooms, antioxidant nutrients and botanical extracts support male reproductive health. Supports prostate health;Promotes urinary and bladder health;Encourages healthy inflammatory response; Antioxidant protection;  Supports healthy immune system.

    Further Information:


    HayMax Wins Second Global 100 Award

    HayMax, the organic drug-free allergen barrier balm for hay fever, dust and pet allergy sufferers has just won its second Global 100 Award. Now with over 60 awards to its name, HayMax is established as a highly successful brand. HayMax works on the prevention principle – seeks to stop pollen getting into the body before it can cause a reaction. HayMax has now switched to using sugar cane to make their pots, using up CO2 instead of producing it. They have also reduced the amount of material used in the pots by just over 54%. And they have switched from plastic labels to paper labels. These pots are recyclable with your roadside collection. So now, HayMax is making a positive contribution to reducing climate change.

    Further Information: HayMax is available from wholesalers to the health store and pharmacy trade, including Hunts Foods, Jumla, CLF, Hampdens and Sundrelle. Please contact on Tel: 01525 40660;


    Nutrition in the Kitchen - Superpower your Cookery Skills

    Join The School of Health and the Natural Cookery School for delightfully delicious Nutrition in the Kitchen events. These cookery and nutrition workshops are based on Eastern nutrition and naturopathic principles focusing on therapeutic healing through whole foods. Each morning begins with a nutrition session delivered by a nutritionist from The School of Health, and Erin Baker from the Natural Cookery School will then lead you to the kitchen for a hands-on practical session that puts nutrition principles into practice using local, seasonal and foraged foods. These recipes can be enjoyed by yourself as well as passed on to your clients and patients. All recipes will be gluten free, refined sugar free and plant-based vegan. Nourish – 3 Day Event:  June 17-19; Monday 9:30am to 4.30pm, Tuesday 9:30am to 4.30pm, Wednesday 9:30am to 3:30pm.

    Further Information: Please contact and book via Tel: 01453 709 709;  


    The Alexander Lowen Foundation

    Empowering Individuals through Bioenergetic Psychotherapy. We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you! The Alexander Lowen Foundation now offers Dr Lowen's renowned books in eBook format. With just a few clicks, you can have instant access to his transformative teachings wherever you go. It's the perfect opportunity to deepen your knowledge of bioenergetic psychotherapy and enhance your personal growth journey. Our extensive range of ebooks covers various aspects of bioenergetic psychotherapy, self-improvement, and personal development. Discover new perspectives, learn practical exercises, and gain valuable insights from the master himself.

    Further Information: Contact via Explore the Ebook Collection at


    Issviva Menopause 'Cooling Bra Inserts' for Hot Flushes

    According to a recent survey of 40,000 women in the UK, 56% suffer with hot flushes. As the spring and summer months approach, keep your cool with  convenient and discreet cooling inserts. Issviva cooling bra inserts have been created with innovative Phase Change Material to rapidly pull heat from your body without the need for refrigeration. Place directly onto your skin for targeted cooling - under your bra strap, on your nipples or wherever cooling is needed most.

    Further Information:  £19.99 available from

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