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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 291

by Mike Howell(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 291 - January 2024



Kerry Doyle – Tribute Obituary August 1954 – October 2023


Kerry Doyle was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Health where she gained a Diploma in Nutrition and Health. She ran an aromatic practice for 5 years and was the UK distributor for Pranarom for a number of years.


Kerry Doyle

Kerry Doyle


Kerry was born in Cirencester in August 1954. The eldest of two girls.  At the age of 6 months the family moved back to the East Riding (the land of the big skies this formed her passion for light) where she lived for the rest of her life apart from 3 years at college and two years working in London and Malta.

She died on 8th. October 2023 and was buried in an antique white wedding dress with a daisy garland at the local Priory Wood natural Cemetery.

After school she had various jobs, but in 1979 after a period of ill health she was advised to take up art. She did to such an extent that she was accepted at the Bath Academy of Art at Corsham gaining a degree in Fine Art (Sculpture).

She trained as a Therapist at Champneys and during the Aids years she was a councillor for the families of HIV patients and later a therapist for HIV patients.

During this time, she bought and sympathetically renovated a 18th century town house in Hull even to the extent of making (including mixing the plaster) and attaching new cornices to most rooms. This house became the centre for her aromatherapy massage practice and later the essential oils business. The house was opposite the stage door of the theatre and her clients regularly included actors and ballet dancers.

Her beautiful Georgian house speaks of Kerry, it houses her art, her oils, her books her amazing collection of antique clothes and treasures all reminding us of her completely delightful self and her full and wonderful life.

She had an open and enquiring mind and continued through her life to try new and old ideas. She was an early advocate of juicing. She continued through the rest of her life to daily use essential oils and juicing. She was a fan of open water swimming and regularly swam in the North Sea off the coast of East Yorkshire fortified by her essential oil remedies.

She was very fond of her dogs – 3 rescue greyhounds and was a regular and popular sight walking them on the streets of Hull.

She came to painting again after attending a lecture, at the local Art Gallery of which she was a patron for a time, by Rose Horspool on Georgia O’Keefe; Rose became her teacher and mentor. Kerry being Kerry never took the conventional path became a plein air painter painting the light and skies over the Humber (in all weathers) reconnecting with her passion for light formed in her early years on the family farms on the banks of the Humber. She was a great fan of Joan Eardley and visited Catterline on holidays to paint the same seas as Joan.

Throughout her life she was an avid advocate of women’s empowerment voraciously reading any book on the subject. She was always open to new ideas and experiences.

Her favourite saying was “moderation in everything including moderation” it suited her well.

She is survived by Terry her long-term partner and “sceptical friend” from The Fragrant Journey (Positive Health Aug 1998), her niece Maya and several cousins.




Quantum Wellness – Sarah Williams Organic Aromatherapy

What is my purpose? Why am I here? 

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? 

We have all been awaiting “med bed“ style options and now Quantum healing is freely available to everyone.  This is off world technology combining  transitional state element( crystalline TSEs) with copper as the conductor. This has been ‘back engineered’ by 2 scientists here in England to make it wireless. It seems to communicate via plasma fields as a form of positive AI.


Quantum Healing Wholeness Support Unit


Our bodies are made from water, light and magnetic fields (99% water if you include the water held in a gel state). We have seen the power of homeopathy and Masuro Emotos and Vida Austin’s research. This WSU [Wholeness Support Unit] V4 is an opportunity to remind you of what you signed up for this incarnation! Like a phone call directly through to your Higher Self which affects all bodies ( physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). We all have stem cells and original DNA encoded with information designed to grow healthy bodies. This technology seems to activate it . Limited only by our soul contracts we can heal anything! 

We have even seen miraculous healing in animals who were not aware of being in ‘“pod’ !


  • We have witnessed help easing of symptoms for people diagnosed  with Parkinson’s Disease (and other serious neurological disorders ) 
  • All joint, neck and back pain 
  • Inflammation 
  • Eyes, ears and sensory issues
  • Pain relief
  • Emotional upliftment ( depression) 
  • Spiritual gifts being ‘remembered’

Testimonials are available on my website as well as videos on the Orynoco site (see sources below.) It’s now possible to share the opportunity of an amazing quantum face to face/remote/distance trial session in the [Wholeness Support Unit]  WSU V4 "pod" with powerful results as we’ve proved. We know that distance healing works as many blind studies reveal. 

I am based in England and have been seeing wonderful miracles happen as I use a surrogate body here and then transmit to anywhere in the world. I have so many testimonials observing instant results and effects, although maximum benefits also appear during integration of effects (72hrs) . 

Combine this with the facilitation of a balanced soul star chakra (15ml chakra balancing cream) from our expansive range and you’ll be flying high “remembering” what your life purpose is! This quite simply can make life easier. 

At my talks and demo entitled “Quantum Healing “ which are incredibly well attended and received , packed to capacity indicating a real readiness for this method of wellness! 

Instant Pain Relief

I shared the miraculous, magical quantum loop. .. when I hand them to people with back pain, sore knees , painful neck/ shoulders etc. people just feel their instant effects and don’t want to give them back!

 Magic that you can try for free! 

Speaking as a professional full time holistic therapist for over 30yrs , I have never seen results kind this! I’ve been trying it out for myself, my family and clients for over a year now since Sept 2022 .I am “ blown away” by the results and testimonials!  

All my sessions are now amplified and influenced by the Orynoco  V4"pod". 

“In the next phase of our human development we will need to explore the quantum field” 

Malcolm Boscher   ( Orynoco)


I'm so excited to be able to share this Quantum Wholeness Support Unit (WSU) V4 vibrational crystalline frequency based energy from my healing space 


Further Information and Sources 

Please contact Sarah Williams on Tel: 07710 994432;




Balens Specialist Insurance Brokers


Established in 1950 Balens have been offering specialist insurance across the Health, Well-being, Fitness and Beauty sectors since the early 1990s and now insure over 100,000 clients.  Our insurance solutions are available for individuals and their businesses as well as organisations, charities and the not-for-profit sectors. Our teams have considerable experience in these fields enabling them to focus on guidance, support and service to our clients.


Balens Banner and Badge


As an individual Health and Wellbeing practitioner you can be held legally liable for loss or damage to other people’s property, injury, harm or financial loss alleged to have been caused to your clients, patients or other parties as a result of your actions or advice that you have given. 

The individual insurance scheme offered through our Affinities team is unique to us and is one of the most comprehensive wordings of its type within the UK.  Through our chairman David Balen’s teaching and Healing, colleagues in the Natural Therapy fields asked him to get involved in the early 1990s in setting up multi-therapy insurance schemes for Health and Well-being Professionals.  Such policies were not easily available to therapists at this time as the policies were more focused to those in the medical professions.  David worked on designing and refining cover that would meet the specific needs of Health and Well-being professionals, this is where our journey with these clients began.

At Balens we believe we are more than just insurance, we have witnessed many of our clients businesses grow and have been there throughout their journey offering insurance solutions along the way. Our focus is on supporting you and your business so you can focus on your specialist area whilst caring for your clients. As well as our individual cover we also offer a range of other policies which may be suitable for you and your business, including: Therapy/Treatment Room cover; Income protection solutions; Schools and Clinics packages; Health Products Insurance and more.

Further Information

To learn more about the policies we have on offer please visit our website or contact us:
 Tel : 01684 893006;  




Ayurveda – Ancient and Science-Based System of Medicine;  The College of Ayurveda UK


Ayurveda is a science-based healthcare approach that treats illness and promotes wellness by focusing assessment on biochemically-unique aspects of each patient, and then individually tailoring interventions to restore psychological, physiological and structural imbalances. Ayurvedic medicine not only recognizes the uniqueness of the individual but also the oneness of all creation and how this translates into human health on all levels. There has been a worldwide surge of interest in Ayurvedic medicine as people seek health and well-being.

Ayurvedic Medicine, based on the Vedic wisdom expounded by the ancient sages, is the most ancient system of medicine known to mankind It emerged within the Vedic culture that arose on the foothills of Himalayas and along the banks of the great rivers of India.


College of Ayurveda Spices and Food

College of Ayurveda Spices and Food


The basic principles upon which Ayurvedic medicine/healthcare operates are:

  • Biochemical individuality based on genetic and environmental uniqueness;
  • Dynamic balance of internal and external factors;
  • Web-like interconnections of psycho-physiological processes;
  • Health as a positive vitality – not merely the absence of disease;
  • Promotion of organ reserve through psycho-neuro-immunological processes;
  • Patient-centred rather than disease focused healthcare.

Using these principles, Ayurvedic healthcare practitioners focus on understanding the fundamental physiological processes, the environmental inputs, and the genetic predisposition that influence every person’s experience of health and disease. A person is considered an integral part of the Universe which is governed by natural laws. Ayurveda works primarily on human constitution called Dosha and Prakruti through lifestyle counselling, herbal preparations, nutrition, massage, yoga and Panchakarma all used to bring about balance and harmony in the body.

The College of Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy is the premier educator for individuals seeking to make a difference in the world through a career restoring the natural balance of body, mind and spirit with the wisdom of Ayurveda. This mission has been the central driving force of the College since its inception. The College of Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy is the only institution in the UK that offers a complete Ayurvedic programme comparable in content to the B. A. M. S. (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery) degree course taught in India.

The College, which promote the values of a tolerant and democratic society and the ideals of scholarship and the benefits of life-long education and training, aims to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive Ayurvedic medical education. It works to develop and support educational programmes and select a student body of such a size that every student has a quality and relevant educational experience, and provide students with clearly defined academic programmes, competent teaching, a caring and supportive academic structure and an attractive and facilitating environment.

Further Information

The College of Ayurveda is now accepting applications for the 2023/2024 cohort; please fill in the appropriate application form at

For further information or a prospectus please contact the College of Ayurveda’s Administrator Ione Ashmore at or visit their website at



Crucible Books – A Theurgic Life

by Allan Armstrong

Published by Crucible Books. 2023. Hardback. £25.00, post-free in UK


An Introduction to Theurgy

The author demonstrates in this book that far from being a discipline frequently associated with magic, and the elevation of Self, it is a means by which the soul is able to achieve union with the Divine aspect of life that is ever-present within Creation. He sums up the work of Theurgy in the following words:


“Let us never forget that the theurgic life is not simply a life of never-ending rituals,
but a life of service to God, Self, Humanity, Nature, and all living things
that follow the path of becoming.”


A Theurgic Life

A Theurgic Life



Further Information and to Purchase

To acquire a copy see A Theurgic Life by Allan Armstrong - Crucible Books




The London Acupuncture Clinic – Beverley de Valois PhD


Beverley de Valois PhD LicAc FBAcC MBLS, one of the foremost authorities in the western world on using acupuncture for cancer survivors, has spent the past 25 years researching how the treatment can manage aftereffects of cancer treatments including hot flushes, night sweats, fatigue, chronic pain, anxiety and dry mouth.


Dr de Valois, Clinic and Book

Dr de Valois +Clinic + Book


Her new clinic, hosted by the London Acupuncture Clinic in Wimpole Street, London is the first such clinic dedicated to cancer survivorship post-treatment. Up to 25% of cancer survivors experience long term consequences of cancer and its treatment, which are often not adequately addressed by the healthcare system.

Dr de Valois said: “Many survivors are told that nothing can be done to alleviate their symptoms and that they need to learn to live with them. But numerous research studies show that acupuncture can help alleviate these symptoms and the evidence base is sufficiently robust for prestigious oncology organisations to recommend acupuncture as a treatment option for the consequences of cancer and its treatments.”

Many cancer survivors, who have faced complex aftereffects of cancer and its treatments report dramatic improvements in their lives following acupuncture.

Dr de Valois has recently published a book: “Acupuncture and Cancer Survivorship: Recovery, Renewal and Transformation”. In it she argues that acupuncture should be part of the multidisciplinary care of cancer survivors, as it can offer a non-pharmacological approach that sometimes equals the effectiveness of conventional drugs.


Further Information

The London Acupuncture Clinic may be contacted via Tel: 02079352030;

The book Acupuncture and Cancer Survivorship: Recovery, Renewal and Transformation is available to purchase on Amazon



Imam B Jaiteh Charitable Foundation New Projects on the Horizon


Imam Jaiteh, also a Gambian Ambassador at Large based in the UK and The Gambia, reported that the Charitable Foundation donated in 2020 to villages such as Jamaly Babu, Jamali Tamiser, Jamali Ganado and Jamali Musa. These included infrastructure projects such as the digging of boreholes or wells, solar systems, dozen street lights, building of mosques and supporting vulnerable and other needy residents.  New Projects planned from 2023 include a hospital, blood banks with associated hygienic facilities, as well as a funeral home and mortuary with larger space for funeral ceremonies.


Borehole, Street Light and Solar System

Borehole + Street Light + Solar System


The Foundation is currently supporting orphans to pursue their education free of charge from kindergarten up to university level.  Taking into consideration the significance of electrification, the Foundation also embarked on electrifying the villages as well as supporting sick and ailing people by paying their full hospital bills.  

Imam Jaiteh thanked all those who supported the Foundation’s project as well as the Gambia government for providing and encouraging a conducive environment for a successful endeavour. 


Further Information

The Charitable Foundation needs help and the support of philanthropy. To help or for further information please contact Mr Imam B Jaiteh on Tel: 07985 691335;


Acknowledgement Citation

Previous Donation Published from



Hitler, Stalin, Mum and Dad: A Family Memoir of Miraculous Survival

by Daniel Finkelstein

Published by William Collins. 2023. Hardback. £20.99 / $39.62.   ISBN-10:0008483841.


“From longstanding political columnist and commentator Daniel Finkelstein, a powerful memoir exploring both his mother and his father’s devastating experiences of persecution, resistance and survival during the Second World War.”


Hitler, Stalin, mum and Dad

Hitler, Stalin, Mum and Dad


“Daniel’s mother Mirjam Wiener was the youngest of three daughters born in Germany to Alfred and Margarete Wiener. Alfred, a decorated hero from the Great War, is now widely acknowledged to have been the first person to recognize the existential danger Hitler posed to the Jews and began, in 1933, to catalogue in detail Nazi crimes. After moving his family to Amsterdam, he relocated his library to London and was preparing to bring over his wife and children when Germany invaded the Netherlands. Before long, the family was rounded up, robbed and sent to starve in Bergen-Belsen.

“Daniel’s father Ludwik was born in Lwów, the only child of a prosperous Jewish family. In 1939, after Hitler and Stalin carved up Poland, Ludwik’s father was arrested and sentenced to hard labour in the Gulag. Meanwhile, deported to Siberia and working as a slave labourer on a collective farm, Ludwik survived the freezing winters in a tiny house he built from cow dung.

“Hitler, Stalin, Mum and Dad is a deeply moving, personal and at times horrifying memoir about Finkelstein’s parents’ experiences at the hands of the two genocidal dictators of the twentieth century. It is a story of persecution; survival; and the consequences of totalitarianism told with the almost unimaginable bravery of two ordinary families shining through.


Further Information

Available to purchase on




Why Am I Eating This? Is This the Nourishment I Need?

by Sandy Robertson

Published by ASIN. 2023. Paperback.  £8.95/ $10.95.  ISBN-13: 979-8857752715.


In Why Am I Eating This? Is This the Nourishment I Need?, registered nurse and former corporate and hospital wellness program manager Sandy Robertson shares steps in which readers can transform their relationship with food, making space for self-care as a form of nourishment. With a background in holistic nursing and leading preventive lifestyle change programs around mind/body wellness in several corporations and hospitals, Robertson brings her wealth of knowledge to this 2nd edition of the book.


Why Am I Eating This

Why Am I Eating This


In a world that seems obsessed with fad diets and quick fixes, it's easy to lose sight of what truly nourishes our soul. If you're tired of diets that focus solely on counting calories and restricting food, brace yourself for a revolutionary approach to weight loss. Why Am I Eating This? is not just another diet program; it's a holistic journey toward intentional eating and lasting transformation. Robertson’s seven-point plan goes beyond the plate, delving into the depths of your desires and uncovering the truth about eating. Exploring the link between what and when we eat and the self-love we deserve is at the core of Why Am I Eating This? The book provides an intelligent approach toward our relationship with food. Through gentle curiosity, mindful eating exercises, meditations and strategies for self-nourishment, Robertson guides readers toward self-discovery, offering lightbulb moment questions to provide new perspectives on the choices we make about food, inviting us to explore our personal relationships with food. The book expertly lays the groundwork for those who want to uncover some mysteries of their eating patterns, such as why we eat more than we need or what might trigger when we eat.

Why Am I Eating This? acknowledges that often we turn to eating as a coping mechanism, seeking comfort or distraction from our emotions. Offering powerful new tools to learn to make empowered, wise choices with food, Robertson helps readers move toward a more compassionate, nurturing and nourishing relationship with themselves. The book is a welcome guide for those frustrated with overeating despite awareness of healthy food options or realizing they use food to self-soothe. It is also for anyone frustrated by yo-yo dieting or fed up with not being able to fit into clothes they love. Robertson reveals the nourishment we may be really seeking through our personal eating habits and patterns: self-love. When we truly care about ourselves, our physical health habits frequently improve. As she states, “Outer self-care reflects inner self-love and appreciation. When we love and cherish ourselves, we will want to love and cherish our bodies and will want to fill it with just the right amount of nourishing and healthy food.” (At least most of the time!)

About the Author

Sandy Robertson RN MSN PH-CNS is an author and Board Certified Holistic Nurse (HN-BC). For the past 25 years, she has been a notable corporate and healthcare systems manager/leader/educator of wellness and obesity programs, and she has been in the forefront of integrative, complementary and mind/body approaches to behaviour change. She is also a Certified Medical Intuitive (CMIP) and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (CHTP) who weaves the traditional art and science of medicine with mind-body approaches to well-being.

Further Information

Available from and


Dodging Dementia: Understanding MCI and Other Risk Factors: 2nd edition of The Essential Guide to Avoiding Dementia

by Mary Jordan With a contribution by Dr Jerry Thompson

Published by Hammersmith Health [HH] Books. Jan 2024. Paperback. £17.99.$29.99. ISBN-10: 1781612420


Whether you have a close relative with dementia, a history of high-risk factors for this condition, or a diagnosis of MCI (mild cognitive impairment) you may be concerned to know how personally 'at risk' you or a loved one is, and what you can do to 'dodge' what is definitely not inevitable.


Dodging Dementia 2nd Edition

Dodging Dementia 2nd Edition


In this second edition of her highly regarded Essential Guide to Avoiding Dementia, Mary Jordan guides readers through the many factors associated with developing dementia and the science behind our current understanding, including:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Trauma
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Genetics
  • Social isolation
  • Sleep
  • Neurological deficits such as hearing loss, insulin resistance and diabetes type 2.

Based on her professional and personal experience of working, Mary offers a programme from which the individual reader can choose what works for them and their individual risks and circumstances.


About Mary Jordan

Mary Jordan is a director and founder of Adapt Dementia Ltd formed to help people find a better way to live with dementia. She has specific first-hand experience of dementia through her work for Alzheimer’s Society, a UK dementia charity. She also has many years of experience working for the National Health Service and in the field of medical publishing. Mary qualified to deliver the Alzheimer’s Society CrisP programme which specifically caters for family carers and is QCF assessor in vocational achievement for Dementia.

About Dr Jerry Thompson

Dr Jerry Thompson has been working as a doctor for over four decades, mostly in general practice. He now works part-time in general practice in the East Midlands. He has been a long-standing member of the British Society for Ecological Medicine (BSEM), is a member of the committee and has given regular talks for the society


Further Information

Available from and





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    Health Creation Virtual Assistant

    Dr Rosy Daniel seeks a Virtual Assistant for 6 months to cover her Assistant’s Maternity Leave. Hours: 15 hours per week 9-12am plus a further 33 hours per week for Health Creation North; Dates: Feb 12th to August 16th , 2024 with 20 hours of induction during January 2024. Payment: £1,000 per calendar month plus £48 per week from HC North. Holiday: 2 weeks plus Bank Holidays. Main Duties: Administration of Dr Rosy Daniel’s clinic, talks and webinars. Skills and Experience: Strong IT and computer with competence in the use of: MS Office (Excel, Word and PowerPoint); WIX/Word press and Woo Commerce ; Accounting software Square and Xero; Online filing systems (Share Point and One Drive); Mail chimp; Zoom; Social media Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn; Vimeo; Canva.

    Further Information: Please send application by December 1st,  interview December 8th. Please send your CV and a covering letter to;  we will send you a full job description


    Research The Alcat Test for IBS

    Gastroenterologist Dr Tal Engel, presented compelling evidence supporting the efficacy of The Alcat Test guided diet for individuals with IBS. The randomized, double-blind trial, investigated the impact of the Alcat diet over an 8-week period among patients with IBS-D and IBS-M. Results demonstrated superior outcomes compared to non-personalized dietary interventions. More than 85% of patients on the Alcat guided diet achieved a significant reduction of >50 points on the IBS severity scoring system (IBS-SSS) at 8 weeks compared to 54.5% in the control group. No serious adverse events were reported during the study.

    Further Information: Tal Engel, MD, Reports on Personalized Dietary Therapy for IBSs


    Omega-3s Reduce Winter Blues

    The 'winter blues' have been likened to a less severe form of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Finding healthy coping mechanisms is essential and dietary modifications can make all the difference. Can Omega-3s Reduce The Winter Blues? The types of food you eat may have a significant impact on the state of your mental health during the darker months. Read more  7 Ways To Detox & Reduce Inflammation. Chronic, prolonged inflammation is being increasingly recognised as being at the root of many diseases. Read more. We are launching a pilot specialist menopause 4-day retreat on December 8th-12th 2023 at Amchara Somerset. Speakers will include our very own Doctor, Dr Tricia Saintey, specialist menopause Naturopath Allison Sheppard and retreat founder Karen Boyle. Enquire today to ask our Bookings Manager Emily for more information

    Further Information: Tel: 01823 213111;  Shop Cleanses


    Pelvic Organ Prolapse

    Association for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support announced the launch of Sherrie Palm’s new book The Biggest Secret in Women’s Health: Stigma, Indifference Outrage, and Optimism. Palm's 4th book about pelvic organ prolapse is an effort to lift the veil, to advance women's health best practice, and to address the POP shortfall in pelvic exam screening. This book is a must-read for all women and the practitioners who address their most intimate health needs.

    Further Information: Available on  in Kindle, Soft Cover, and Hard Cover format. Association for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support. Tel: +1 262-642-4338;


    Food as Medicine

    Kirsten Hartvig ND, a highly respected nutritionist, herbalist and author is the author of Food as Medicine: A Handbook of Natural Nutrition published by Aeon Books an independent publisher. Kirsten details how foods stimulate the body’s natural self-healing ability and explains the role of specific nutrients in treating everyday ailments, aches and pains.

    Further Information: Available from Aeon Books


    Rayonex Biomedical UK

    Rayonex advise news: MINI-Rayonex LC: 25% Discount while stocks last!  Update from our new Perthshire Office - primary focus the development of a new website ready to launch in the next few weeks;  5-Day Certified Training Course: 22-26 Jan 2024, at the Radisson Red Heathrow Hotel & Conference Centre near  London Heathrow Airport. Cost of the course is £1995 incl. VAT residential or £1,395 non-residential.

    Further Information: Please contact Rayonex via  To book a course, please send an email to with your full name and billing address; we will send you a quote with your payment options.


    Pro Plus® Boost Brainpower

    As we move into winter, maintaining mental sharpness becomes a challenge for many.  Performance dietician Jenaed Brodell offers practical tips to stay energized and focused this winter. With a few dietary adjustments and the right supplements, we can maintain sharp concentration even when the seasons are against us. Pro Plus® Caffeine relieves the symptoms of tiredness and fatigue, giving you the caffeine kick you need to stay more focussed and alert.

    Further Information: Pro Plus tablets are available to purchase online at or Amazon and supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide.


    Fibromyalgia; A Journey

    Jenny S Dunton takes readers on a deeply personal odyssey through the complexities of navigating fibromyalgia — an enigmatic and often misunderstood chronic illness. The author peels back the layers of her personal  struggle, sharing her invaluable insights, challenges, and triumphs along the way. With unwavering honesty, she explores the isolating nature of living with chronic pain and sensory disorders, shedding light on the impact it has on patients and their loved ones. The book's narrative doesn't just dwell on the hardships but also celebrates the power of understanding, acceptance, and the potential for transformation.

    Further Information: For more information and to purchase please visit and


    Vitamin D Deficiency Dementia?

    New research suggests that the levels of vitamin D commonly found in the UK are accelerating cognitive decline and increasing the risk of a dementia diagnosis and that supplementing with vitamin D, especially in the winter, can reduce future dementia risk. Professor Zahinoor Ismail, of the University of Calgary and the University of Exeter, who led the research, said: “We know that vitamin D has some effects in the brain that could have implications for reducing dementia. Overall, we found evidence to suggest that earlier supplementation might be particularly beneficial, before the onset of cognitive decline.” Vitamin D expert Dr William Grant PhD advisor to the prevention charity, says “we’ve vastly under-estimated the importance of vitamin D on the brain and how much you need.” has launched a research project to test blood vitamin D levels using a home test kit, and cognitive function with a free online Cognitive Function Test.

    Further Information: To take part in this research please visit


    Unable to Cope with Stress

    New research reveals that nearly half of adults living in the UK often feel stressed and unable to cope. The in-depth study, conducted by Kalms Herbal Remedies to coincide with National Kalmfulness Week (20–26 November) also shows that more than half of UK adults (54%) often have difficulty sleeping and feel close to burning out (52%).  Psychologist and psychotherapist Dr Charlotte Armitage shares her top 5 tips to help make yourself and your mental well-being a priority. Get outside; Establish healthier habits; Find time to be alone; Talk to someone; Try a herbal remedy. Kalms is dedicated to providing traditional herbal remedies used to relieve stress, anxiety, exhaustion and sleeplessness.

    Further Information: Kalms is available to buy instore and online at supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide and online retailers such as Amazon. For further information visit and Amazon


    Yoga for Better Balance

    Veteran yogi Howard VanEs and Chiropractor Dr Rick Harvey’s new book, Yoga for Better Balance, features a self-test that pinpoints areas where balance may be compromised and then provides clear instructions (and lots of photos) to make their yoga postures and exercises accessible to people of all skill levels. The book provides step-by-step instructions, plenty of accompanying photos and options for beginners as well as experienced yoga practitioners to make the postures and exercises accessible to people of all skill levels. Yoga for Better Balance also offers simple lifestyle suggestions that can make a significant difference for improving balance and reducing the risk of falls. From looking at wear points on shoes, to sleep habits, to living environments, a variety of practical tips will help keep readers safe while improving overall health.

    Further Information: Available from Let’s Do and


    Cancer and Tumour Care in UK

    This is the third survey conducted by the NHS that collates feedback from children and young people about their experiences of cancer and tumour care. The results of the survey will be used to help commissioners, health care providers, charities and national policymakers identify priority areas for improvement in children’s cancer care services. Parents/carers and children gave positive ratings of their overall cancer care.  Three out of four children (75%) said that they were looked after very well by healthcare staff, and 89% of parents or carers rated the over experience of their child’s care as 8 or more out of 10. 91% of parents or carers said that they and their child were always treated with respect and dignity, and 83% always had confidence and trust in staff caring for their child. Picker is an international charity working across health and social care.

    Further Information: To view the results of the survey please visit The Under 16 Cancer Patient Experience Survey


    Camino de Santiago – Cancer

    Penny Brohn UK invite you to embark on the classic Camino de Santiago Challenge – an extraordinary journey of self-discovery. This memorable three-day trek will see you walk the ancient trail which has enticed people to this picturesque part of north-west Spain for decades. Date: 4th - 8th October 2024; Trekking distance: Approx. 42 miles.

    Further Information: To sign up to the trek please visit


    Prenatal Ultrasound Damage

    Are ultrasound imaging scans safe for unborn children? Researcher, author and birth advocate Jeanice Barcelo shares research in her latest book, The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound which includes nearly 300 pages of sourced material and more than 1,800 citations to back up findings that ultrasound may be causing harm to developing babies. Among the risks Barcelo cites that can be attributed to ultrasound exposure in utero are: radiation-induced genetic mutations that can negatively affect future generations; damaging reproductive effects that can lead to fertility issues and sterility later in life; radiation-induced brain damage and/or neurodevelopmental delays that can contribute to autism; and many childhood diseases. Barcelo’s goal is to encourage parents and those who want to become parents to fully understand the facts — and the potential risks — of  ultrasound technology, foetal heartrate monitors and other devices that make use of non-ionizing radiation.

    Further Information: For more information please visit and 


    Gut Health and Fasting

    In her book, Gut Health and Fasting for Beginners, Tina Shelton proffers an impressively researched and easy-to-follow overview of all there is to know about our digestive process and the different options for both intermittent and long fasting.  Also offering helpful and scientifically based advice on how IBS, Leaky Gut, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), and other gut issues can be improved through a fasting regime, there’s nothing this community health activist doesn’t know about her subject (having successfully remedied her own, and her brother’s health issues through the process).

    Further Information: Available to purchase at and


    Festive Season at Hawkwood!

    Whether you're planning a cosy lunch with friends, a grand evening celebration with colleagues or you would like to book the entire house for an unforgettable winter holiday, we have something delightful for everyone. With 20 bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen, Hawkwood is available to hire for your Christmas or New Year celebration.

    Further Information: For more information and to book, please contact Hawkwood on Tel: 01453 759 034;


    AI Cancer Prediction 93%

    Research into the accuracy rate of an AI cancer prediction platform has revealed that a correct cancer type risk was detected in 93% of cases in what could be a major step towards increasing early diagnoses. The study of 100,000 patients, which is set to be released in full in the coming months, aimed to evaluate the accuracy of C the Signs in predicting cancer origin for patients in a real-world setting. The findings were presented at an oral presentation made at the American Society of Clinical Oncology Quality Care Symposium in Boston on Saturday 28 October.

    Further Information: For more information, visit


    Mobile Phone Lower Sperm

    A new study from the University of Geneva suggests frequent mobile phone use could be linked to lower sperm count and concentration. Researchers analysing data from nearly 3,000 Swiss men found that sperm concentration was 21% lower in those who used their phones more than 20 times a day compared to those who used it less frequently. 

    Further Information: Please Read more in the Independent and the Telegraph


    Presence in Practice

    Increase your self-awareness, awaken to a life of Presence. Exploring the dynamism of Presence in the world of health and healing. Starts January 2024. Join us for this 9-month experiential course, facilitated by Jude Wills and Carrie Stearns. The course is for Students of Homeopathy and professional homeopaths and all those engaged in the world of health and healing who wish to explore the inner journey. Participants will gather once a month on Zoom for Group Sessions and then again for Individual Meetings with a course guide. Topics include Health, Healing, Belief, Humility, Integrity, Compassion, Forgiveness as well as other related topics within the context of understanding the gift of Presence in the therapeutic relationship. Dates: 3rd January @ 7pm; 7th February @ 7pm ; 6th March @ 7pm; 3rd April  @ 7pm; 1st May @ 7pm; 5th June @ 7pm ; 22nd June Half day retreat - 1 5pm; 3rd July @ 7pm; 4th August @ 7pm; 4th September @ 7pm. Registration: £95.00; Course: £750.00.

    Further Information: Click here to Book   Please contact us via Tel: +44 (0)1453 709 709;    School of Homeopathy  



    Buteyko Clinic - Reduce Stress

    Stress is a fact of modern life. We enjoy unprecedented levels of convenience and technological advancement, but our daily lives are full on, high pressure and, thanks to social media, lived more publicly than ever before. When things are stressful, we’re often told to ‘take a deep breath’. Ironically, contrary to everything you might think, this can be exactly the wrong thing to do. The normal reaction when instructed to take a deep breath is to inhale a big gulp of air straight into the upper chest. This leads to over-breathing and perpetuates hyperventilation.  It’s important to understand what hyperventilation is, because it’s not quite what most of us think. Chronic hyperventilation happens subtly, with not a single paper bag in sight, and much of it is habitual – we’re breathing too much air on a constant and long--term basis.

    Further Information: Watch this video to try this simple exercise to reduce your stress.


    Neurotherapists Combat SAD

    Many people are caught off guard by seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD symptoms include reduced energy levels, feelings of worthlessness, difficulty concentrating, and cravings for sugary and high-carbohydrate foods, among others. With this in mind, the brain health experts at Brainworks Neurotherapy have shared their tips on how to combat the winter blues and what can be done beyond the well-known light therapy. These include Strategic Sunlight Exposure, Grounding, Bedtime Routine, Nurturing Connections.

    Further Information: Please visit Brainworks Neurotherapy


    Skin Food Cytoplan & Weleda

    Inspired by the iconic Skin Food Original cream; leading food-based supplement brand Cytoplan has teamed up with holistic health & beauty brand; Weleda UK to launch The Complete Skin Food Regime, which includes two Skin Food nourishing Day and Night creams from Weleda and a unique new nutritional formula; Cytoplan’s Skin Food Complex, designed to feed your skin inside and out. Skin Food Complex is an all-encompassing nutritional formula to nourish, feed and enrich your skin from within from food-based and market-leading supplement brand Cytoplan. Formulated by expert Nutritional Therapists with purposeful skin-targeted ingredients - including collagen, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, grape seed and bilberry extracts, silica, zinc collectively offer a high level of structural, reparative, nourishing support designed to revitalise your skin from within.

    Further Information: please contact


    School of Bodywork - SOB

    The calendar has been full on. SOB had our very first Pregnancy Massage Diploma training with the new course content.  The students had a great weekend, seeing tutor Lisa Tate  demo on a pregnant mother on Day 1, and then working on pregnant mothers themselves on the final afternoon, which is just such an important part of the training to give the students the confidence to go out there and get their hands on those pregnant bodies! Next course dates – Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th May 2024.

    Further Information: To book please visit; All courses at  


    Wearable Air Purifier

    The Air Shield Mini is a portable device that creates a three-foot bubble of clean air around the user, protecting them from pollutant gases - including Nitrogen Dioxide and Carbon Dioxide - as well as the harmful particulates found in vehicle emissions. The Air Shield Mini uses negative ion technology to generate a force-field of negatively charged molecules that attract damaging allergens and pollutants, and remove them from the air to enable commuters and city dwellers to breathe more easily.

    Further Information: For more information please contact Chris Beckett on Tel:  +44 (0)7967 392 908;


    Organic Ashwagandha

    Adaptogenic Apothecary launch ˜Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder Aptly named ‘Calm’. This powerful adaptogen has been used for thousands for years in Ayurvedic medicine and in modern times has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety, stabilize moods, and support overall well-being. The organic ashwagandha root powder from Adaptogenic Apothecary is organically sourced from India and can provide the following when added into a well-being routine.

    Further Information: ‘Calm’ is available at and comes as a 2-3 month supply (220 grams). Introductory offer of £19.80 is available now on the website.


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