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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 290

by Mike Howell(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 290 - November 2023

AdaptoFleur™ A Proprietary Blend Of Flower Essences Based On Chinese Medicine

by Clare G Harvey

 The Adaptofleur ™ Proprietary Range is designed to directly address the mind/body interchange in our energy system. Based on the ancient principles of Chinese Medicine and the Bare Foot Doctors ethos, who like the Aboriginals and Dr Bach understood, there is a correlation of how each organ is directly affected by and responds to the thoughts and emotions of a person both positive and negative. As the Aboriginal’s say: where the mind and emotions go the body soon follows!


AdaptoFleur Case Study


The Adaptofleur™ Body Organ Targeted remedies are developed from flowers sourced from the Australian wilderness, to address not only the state, balance and smooth flowing of chi in the organs, accessed via the meridian system, but also encompass the Eight Principal patterns and the Five Element theory, both of which are the foundation of Chinese medicine and Acupuncture. In particular the five element theory approach recognizes that the emotional and mental state of mind has a direct effect on the optional functioning of the organs of the body, i.e. anger and frustration effects the workings of the liver and gallbladder whereas grief has a oppressive effect on the lungs, the kidneys are associated with fear and Shock and Stress have a detrimental effect on the Immune system  

Twelve Propriety Blends

FORMULA 1. Heart/Blood/Lungs/Bronchus

FORMULA 2. Pancreas/Spleen

FORMULA 3. Immune/Endocrine System

FORMULA 4. Stress/Fatigue/Adrenals

FORMULA 5. Hormones /Uterus 

FORMULA 6. Kidney/Bladder

FORMULA 7. Liver & Gallbladder

FORMULA 8. Thyroid

FORMULA 9 Prostrate

FORMULA 10. Cervical/ Thoracic & Lumbar spine

FORMULA 11. Stomach/Colon

FORMULA 12. Shock & Trauma

The case studies shown above, and the formulas utilized below have had quite a profound effect on the positive outcomes experienced

FORMULA 3. Immune / Endocrine System

Supports recovery after significant stress, illness, and setbacks, particularly when the immune/endocrine system has been compromised. Low energy levels renew energy and enthusiasm, engine overrunning, speedy, unable to switch off, supports mental calm, inner peace, and pacing oneself. Supports core energy bringing the spark back. Stabilizes, calms, and balances the Qi of the immune/endocrine system. 

Proprietary blend: Macrocarpa, BanksiaRobur, Black-Eyed Susan, Old Man Banksia, Peach Flowered Tea Tree, Crowea, Illawarra Flame Tree, Bush Fuchsia and Bush Iris.

FORMULA 4. Stress / Fatigue / Adrenals

Up-regulates and down-regulates stress levels bring you into a state of homeostasis. Listening to your internal dialog is beneficial for managing your stress levels. Gives clarity of thought, supports left-right brain balance, reduces adrenal exhaustion, renews energy, and enthusiasm. Regulates the Qi of the pineal gland, pituitary and hypothalamus. 

A proprietary blend Black-Eyed Susan, Bush Fuchsia, Crowea, Banksia Robur, Paw paw, Old Man Banksia, Macrocarpa, Jacaranda, and Yellow Cowslip Orchid.

FORMULA 5. Hormones / Uterus

For women on all levels, emotionally, mentally, and physically. The female essence balances hormonal and reproduction. Low energy, feeling agitated, clammy, excessive sweating, weight gain, water retention, cravings, and overheated. By balancing the Qi of the ovaries, thyroid, liver, and spleen, gives relief at any stage of a woman's reproductive health.  

A proprietary blend: She Oak, Old Man Banksia, MullaMulla, Peach Flowered Tea Tree, Bush Iris, Crowea, and Wild Potato Bush.

FORMULA 12. Shock & Trauma

Clears all forms of shock and trauma. A survival essence for releasing deeply held shock and trauma in the system, both acute and chronic. For deep despair, extreme fears, night terrors, feeling out of control, desolation, and isolation. Supports courage, optimism, inner strength, tenacity, clear vision, and a fresh start

A proprietary blend Fringed Violet, Sturt Desert Pea, Sydney Rose, Waratah, Grey Spider Flower, Angelsword, Angelsword, Alpine Mint Bush, Dog Rose of the Wild Forces, Red Suva Frangipani and White Spider Orchid.

Further Information

For more information please contact Clare Harvey on Tel: +441963 250750;  Available from:



Neutrient Total C – Harnessing the Power of Natural Ingredients to Optimize the Beneficial Effects of Vitamin C

Total C is a practitioner strength, high potency formula providing dramatically intensified nutritional support for immune resilience, skin radiance, energy reserves and a positive mood and mindset. The advantage of Total C compared to a standard vitamin C product lies in its unique formula of high-quality ingredients, specifically chosen to optimise the absorption and uptake of vitamin C.

Total C_Jar

Available to purchase  in early November


Each Total C capsule contains a dynamic blend of four buffered forms of vitamin C including fat-soluble ascorbyl palmitate plus additional ascorbic acid. It also has added D-ribose, DHQuercetin and Bioperine® which synergistically support vitamin C absorption and effectiveness. The magnesium and sodium blend provides a non-acidic buffered matrix for the vitamin C, which reduces the acidity of the product and potential negative impact on the stomach during digestion. One capsule daily provides:

  • 750 mg vitamin C including:
    Magnesium ascorbate 200mg, sodium ascorbate 200mg, ascorbic acid 200mg , ascorbyl palmitate 140mg, zinc ascorbate 10mg;
    40mg D-ribose, a naturally occurring simple sugar involved with cellular ATP production;
    10mg DH-quercetin (A flavonoid extracted from larch). Studied for its potential anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antioxidant and neuroprotective properties;
    5mg Bioperine® (black pepper extract), shown to increase nutrient absorption.

Maximized Delivery

Effective nutrient uptake is the key to the success of Total C. It utilizes four non-acidic mineral ascorbates for maximised absorption, including fat-soluble ascorbyl palmitate which may reach areas of the body that water-soluble vitamin C is unable to reach. This powerful blend is further enhanced with a natural plant flavonoid DH-quercetin, in itself a potent defence nutrient that provides synergistic protection when combined with vitamin C. The addition of Bioperine® (black pepper extract), contributes to the uptake and absorption of vitamin C and completes this highly effective combination. The end result is a one-of-a-kind formula created to deliver vitamin C to cells in need of protection.

Key Nutrient Applications:

Vitamin C is a nutrient with antioxidant properties that have increasingly diverse uses in the maintenance of good health. A wealth of scientific evidence has repeatedly demonstrated the importance of vitamin C crediting it for:

  • Supporting normal immune function;
  • Contributing to normal energy metabolism;
  • Helping to reduce tiredness and fatigue;
  • Helping to support normal psychological function;
  • Combating oxidative damage due to oxidative stress;
  • Increasing iron absorption;
  • Helping to regenerate vitamin E.

Popular for

Daily skin and beauty rituals, people who require daily immune support, athletes and those with sporty lifestyles, city dwellers and urban commuters, anyone with stressful or demanding lifestyles and individuals needing daily wellness support.


Magnesium ascorbate, sodium ascorbate, ascorbic acid, ascorbyl palmitate, D-ribose, anti-caking agent (magnesium salts of fatty acids*), zinc ascorbate, dihydroquercetin, Bioperine® (black pepper extract). Capsule shell: HPMC (Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose). *Plant source.

Further Information

Neutrient Total C is not yet in stock but will be available to purchase by early November.

For further information please visit Vitamin C Powder - Mixed Ascorbates Blend - Neutrient TOTAL C (



DEFEND SUPER PATCH Revolutionary Advance Drug-Free Wellbeing Technology

In 2021, the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine was awarded to David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian for their discoveries of thermal and mechanical transducers in the skin. These two scientists showed that touch and pressure, vibration, heat and cold sensitive receptors exist in our skin and these receptors signal the brain with information it needs to respond, protect and seek more or withdraw from the stimulation. These newly discovered pressure sensors “speak” to the brain, responds through the peripheral as well as the central nervous system, providing biofeedback. One might say The Ultimate Biofeedback™.

Utilizing this technology the Super Patch when placed in direct contact with the skin, it appears to act as a type of biofeedback, communicating with the brain.

They showed, for example, that known and verified markers of wellbeing and longevity like mobility, flexibility and balance could improve dramatically when people used the Liberty Super Patch, where results can be quick acting, as indicated by research MRI scans.

The researchers showed the patches appeared to help people move toward homeostasis rapidly for healthy sleep, for calmness, for stress relief, for attention enhancement and more general balance       

 A Super Patch called "Defend" which is designed to support the normal structure and function of the immune system is equally interesting


Dark Field Microscopy Effect of Super Patch upon Live Blood Analysis

Top: live blood analysis of a person BEFORE the application of the Defend Super Patch.
Bottom: live blood analysis of the same person AFTER an hour of its application.
Dark Field Microscopy Credit: Kind permission of  Caroline Mansfield


The top image is reported to be the live blood analysis of a person BEFORE the application of the Defend Super Patch.  The bottom image is reported to be the live blood analysis of the same person AFTER an hour of its application.

Dark field microscopy shows that the first picture is full of clumped, jagged and stuck-together cells which indicate unhealthy blood

Then when the Defend patch was applied, another live blood analysis on the same patient was done, after one hour showing a dramatically different picture.  The blood cells are much less stuck, more round and uniform. There are a couple of white cells that look just the way they should.  

Things are definitely moving in the right direction – and the only thing that changes as the absence, and then the presence, of the Defend Super Patch. Very impressive as some oral solutions can have the same result after 3-6 months and suggests formal clinical trials might show a powerful biofeedback mechanism helping things move in the right direction. It might verify that a major part of the immune system, the blood, exhibited normal structure. What we can see is a rapid, dramatic and otherwise unaccountable change in the live blood analysis of this patient makes a case for a beneficial impact of the body’s biofeedback response via use of the patch.

Certainly a very useful addition to ones repertoire of immune supporting go to products  where our immune system is more acutely challenged today (especially during flu season) than ever before!  

Further Information

Dark Field Microscopy Credit: Kind permission of  Caroline Mansfield.
To shop, please visit



Turning Point Training – Postgraduate Courses in Craniosacral Therapy and Homotoxicology

Turning Point Training offers postgraduate courses in Craniosacral Therapy and Homotoxicology. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds both in conventional and holistic disciplines. This allows an exchange of information and experience that enriches the learning experience. Courses are mixture of leading-edge, scientifically based theory and clinical and practical tuition. Students are encouraged to explore and develop their gifts and talents in bringing their unique experience to the disciplines taught. Students are thus empowered.


Insert Image: Issue 290 Jonathan and Rosemary Lawrence + CranioSacral Course 2019

Top: Jonathan Lawrence BA DO Cert Ed and Rosemary Lawrence Dip BFD Cert Clin Hom Cert Ed

Bottom: Craniosacral Course 2019


Small groups help to facilitate this experience. Turning Point teachers are enthusiastic and experienced practising therapists who keep their knowledge up to date. The philosophy of Turning Point encompasses the idea that medicine is an art informed by science. We believe that the conventional materialist paradigm is very much out of date and that scientific knowledge has now reached a point where much of holistic medicine can incorporated into a new paradigm.

Turning Point courses introduce the concepts of research and encourage students to critically evaluate current information.

Craniosacral therapy  is based on  the relationship between the structure and function of the body and the expression of health. Specific, gentle and skilled manipulation can restore the structure-function relationship supporting the patients’ own homeostatic mechanisms. This non-invasive and safe therapy can be used on patients of all ages from the new-born to the elderly.

The Practitioner Course consists of 8 modules over 5 weekends and 20 hours Zoom support days. In addition, students must complete a portfolio of case studies and complete an exam. Practical skills are assessed during the course. This course is recognized by the CMA. The 2024 dates are: 24th, 25th February, 23rd, 24th March, 27th, 28thApril, 8th, 9th June and 6th, 7th July. This course is held in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

This course is led by Jonathan Lawrence.

Homotoxicology is based on the idea that disease results from toxic load. In modern life we are subject to toxins from a variety of sources. This has the effect of stressing the immune system leading to ill health. Accurate prescribing can help the body gently detoxify aiding the restoration of homeostasis.

The remedies used are single potency homeopathic remedies or combinations of remedies to achieve a specific physiological response.

The Online Diploma in Homotoxicology is via the Society of Homotoxicology, UK. Contact us for access to this course.

Electro Acupuncture According to Voll (EAV) is a postgraduate course. This method involves electro-acupuncture assessment of organ meridans to find imbalances in the body. The 12 traditional Chinese meridians are tested plus the addition 9 Voll Meridians discovered by Dr Reinhard Voll. Training is via small tutorial groups led by Rosemary Lawrence. For 2023/24 dates email

Further Information

For information about training in these disciplines visit



Sayer Complementary Health

At my practice, Sayer Complementary Health, based in Burnham on Crouch, Essex, I see the majority of my homeopathic and nutritional clients on-line with either Zoom, Skype, Messenger or Facetime, allowing the client to reap the benefit of the consultation without the need for them to travel.  An initial consultation can take anything from 1-2 hours depending upon the client and their presenting concerns.


Homeopathy Image + June Sayer


Homeopathic remedies are chosen to suit the person’s situation and this is where the full consultation comes into its own. A homeopath will not prescribe an ‘anxiety’ remedy without knowing the full symptom picture given by the client.  Homeopathy can help a wide range of ailments and is definitely not a ‘one size fits all’ system. 

Aside from my homeopathic practice, I also provide training courses in Homeopathy and Reiki.  The Homeopathy at Home course is designed to help you learn how to select homeopathic remedies that will address minor ailments such as coughs, colds, headaches and sore throats and may even negate the need for a visit to the doctor.  Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic, non-addictive and safe for all ages.  This course is easily accessible via Zoom.

The Homeopathic Practitioner Diploma course is an in-depth apprenticeship style course spread over three years.  You will learn about the history of homeopathy and the philosophy of working with acute cases through to understanding the depth of a more chronic case and how to prepare a case protocol.  Anatomy and physiology as well as pathology and disease are also covered.  Home study and written assignments are essential to the course.  Upon successful completion of all the necessary criteria you will be entitled to register as a homeopathic practitioner with a registering organization and build your career as a homeopath.

As a Reiki Master/Teacher I hold regular Reiki courses in Essex and while social distancing is being practiced, Reiki distant healing is being sent regularly to all her Reiki students.  For information there are three levels of Reiki that are taught.  Level one and two are one-day courses.  Shoden, level one opens you up to the healing power of Reiki and enables you to carry out Reiki healing on yourself and your family. Reiki level 2 Okuden, is suitable for people who have already studied level one and are familiar with the Reiki healing energy. At the end of level two, you will be able to offer Reiki sessions to the general public although you will need to have the relevant complementary health insurance cover in place to do so.  Pre-course material is provided for both Shoden and Okuden so that you may study the materials prior to attending the practical course.  A Certificate of Attendance is provided on completion. 

Should you wish to take your Reiki one stage further then the Reiki Master/Teacher Course also comes complete with a comprehensive manual as well as audio and visual materials and it is this course you would need to undertake in order for you to be able to prepare others on their journey with Reiki.   Reiki consultations are held in Burnham on Crouch, Essex.

Further Information

For further details on any of the above, please telephone 01621 730664 or email me at  or visit and please mention Positive Health when making contact.



Importance of Rest to Give Yourself a Fighting Chance of Recovery

A Beginner’s Guide to ME/CFS, written ten years ago, is a battle cry, for the importance of rest, to give yourself a fighting chance for recovery. 


Cover Image 290 Beginners-Guide-to-ME


Now millions are experiencing the life-destroying potential of Long Covid, which seems to be ME/CFS with Covid-induced added complications.  The messages in my little book are vital for them as well. In our exercise-addicted culture, all the pressure is to ignore symptoms, to ‘fight illness’ by continuing to exercise. 

Recovering from an illness, which requires rest, is wiped out by pressure to return to physical fitness.  Get back to the gym as quick as you can!

Good fitness is not good health – but when exercise kills, no one blames it.

Multi-symptom conditions are assumed to be the neurotic complaints of self-indulgent hypochondriacs. 

Psychiatrists profit from consultancies with medical insurers paid to keep chronic multi-system illnesses labelled psychosomatic.

This applies to government funding as well.

Funding was promptly found to set up Long Covid rehabilitation services, based in gyms, offering psychological support and exercise programs. 

The priority originally given for biomedical research into Long Covid has been downgraded.

Long Covid sufferers are still waiting, along with ME/CFS patients, for effective medical treatments.

When Melvin Ramsay was treating ME/CFS patients with a prescription for six months rest, many experienced full recovery. 

Once CBT and GET were established as ‘safe, effective, evidence-based’ treatments, ME/CFS became an illness in which most patients deteriorated, and virtually none recovered. 

The ‘evidence’ has now been debunked; the ME/CFS guidelines revised to exclude GET, and CBT is to be used only as emotional support, not a cure for the illness.

Still the psychiatrists are fighting their corner.  By replacing old-fashioned, discredited terms like ‘hysterical’, ‘psychosomatic’ with new labels: ‘Functional Neurological Disorder’ and ‘Medically Unexplained Symptoms’, multi-system chronic illnesses are still kept under the psychiatric umbrella.

Long Covid is now going the same way, and patients are likewise at risk from harmful treatments.

The advice given in ‘A Beginners Guide to ME/CFS’, prioritising boring old ‘rest’ is even more important today than it was when it was written.

It isn’t you who is ‘fighting’ your illness.  It is your immune system.  Give it all the energy it needs to do the work it must for you to recover. 

This little book can provide the compassionate support needed by you, by your family, by your carers, to value your rest as the foundation of your ultimate recovery.

Further Information

Further information about The Beginner's Guide to ME/CFS is available here. Available from  Amazon



No-Obligation 60-Day trial of the FlexxiCore Challenger to Experience the Remarkable Diversity of Benefits from Whole Body Vibration Training

The FlexxiCore Challenger is a health and fitness device designed to trigger our natural self-healing and self-balancing capacity with subtle vibrations. These vibrations occur in a vertical plane and are combined with seesaw-like oscillations that mimic our gait as we walk or run.


Flexxicore Challenger Easy to Move and Store


Despite the publication of over 200 clinical studies on the benefits of Whole Body Vibration training (“WBV”), there has been some scepticism about its fitness benefits relative to more traditional forms of exercise. One trial published in 2007 with 220 older men and women was specifically designed to compare the effects of WBV with regular exercise over a 12-month period. This showed that WBV training is as efficient as a conventional fitness program in increasing strength and muscle mass of the upper leg. More remarkably, while the Fitness group performed cardiovascular, resistance, balance, and flexibility exercises for about 1.5 hours in total, the WBV group in this one-year study exercised for a maximum of 40 minutes – see The Journals of Gerontology

Following the 2015 launch of the FlexxiCore Challenger, a cross-section of 41 middle-aged to elderly users undertook a 60-day trial of the FlexxiCore Challenger, keeping a log of their progress. Of the 41 participants, 23 were practitioners in the medical, healthcare and fitness sectors. A Summary of the Trial Results is available here.

The trial logs included a question about their desired outcomes, and Before & After measurements were recorded. Unsurprisingly each individual saw a different combination of effects: the adjusted average for the number of areas of improvement was 4.71 out of the 7 possible measured outcomes. The quality of improvement was commented on by an active British Horse Society Instructor: Have previously struggled to maintain 116 lbs. Now 110 or less. If I have previously got down to 112, weight went from face and I looked gaunt; [now, with Challenger] face is good, fat thighs gone! Have lost cellulite - very exciting - been trying to get rid of them all my adult life!" 

Beyond these measurable outcomes, the participants’ logs revealed a remarkable diversity of improvements. Beyond a range of mental and emotional benefits observed, 15 specific themes emerged, as summarized below.

  1. Energy levels and Stamina [Noted by 16 people]
  2. Fitness / performance levels [16]
  3. Posture [13]
  4. Aches, stiffness, tightness, flexibility [13]
  5. Toning [11]
  6. Pain & Headaches [10]
  7. Sleep patterns [10]
  8. Stress & tension release [12]
  9. Balance / Proprioception [8]
  10. Motivation to Exercise Regularly [7]
  11. Circulation / Blood Pressure / Breathing [6]
  12. Core strengthening [6]
  13. Recovery [5]
  14. Back care [4]
  15. Bowel Movements [2]

We are now interested to gather the observations of another group of volunteers. To this end we are offering the opportunity to up to 50 adults to undertake a 60-day trial of the FlexxiCore Challenger. We are offering a 50% discount to those willing to keep a log of their regular use (“at least 3 times a week”) over 60 days. Alternatively a 10% discount PLUS a 15% cashback payable after 60 days is offered to those providing a written summary describing their experience. In both cases our standard 60-day Money Back Guarantee applies.

Further Information

For more details contact Energy for Health /  Tel: 01934 257066  International: +44 1934 257066.



The Sanctuary is the website of the Order of Dionysis & Paul, a contemplative order within the Holy Celtic Church. It is also the website of the Fellowship, a study society whose members explore various spiritual traditions, and embrace a curriculum of Prayer & Meditation; Healing; Comparative Religion; Liturgical Studies, Spiritual Hierarchies, Kabbalah, and much more.




The Order and Fellowship members are not so much dedicated to established religion, although that must play a part; rather, it is to living the spiritual life that its members are drawn – which means the spiritualizing of human nature through Prayer, Meditation, Ritual, Study and love for all life through charitable or good works, by which we transform the lower instinctive nature into the higher spiritualise nature. To the readers who are drawn to such work then please do get in touch and let the will of God prevail (see the link to the contact page below).

The Sanctuary is also a platform for the podcasts of Allan Armstrong, the prior-general of the Order, who was diagnosed in early 2021 with Pulmonary Fibrosis, probably caused by the Covid epidemic that was emerging at the time. He is now on oxygen 24/7 and unable to get out to meet people, thus, in podcasting and video conferencing (zoom) he has established an effective means of communicating with members of the Order, the Fellowship and other kindred-spirits.

The subject-matter of his podcasts is concerned with the ancient tradition that constitutes the basis of order life & work. For example, Allan’s introduction to Kabbalah in six episodes is based upon his book, The Secret Garden of the Soul, published in Bristol, 2008. It traces the origins of Kabbalah as an esoteric system unto the present time. Another example is an episode discussing the esoteric significance of the Sphere, focussing upon the subject and nature of Light, life and consciousness. See: Kabbalah 6 - The Thirty-Two paths of Wisdom;  Also, The Sphere

Further Information

To contact us see our contact page, or to learn more about the Order and Fellowship please click on

The Allan Armstrong Podcast’ is available on the following platforms:

Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle PodcastsAmazonYoutubePodbean. The-sanctuary



The Pocket Atlas of Trigger Points

by Simeon Neil-Asher B. Phil. BSc.(Ost.),

Published by Lotus Publishing. 2023. Paperback. £12.99/ $20.09.  ISBN 978 1 913088 12 5.


A User-Friendly Guide to Muscle Anatomy, Pain Patterns, and the Myofascial Network for Students, Practitioners, and Patients


Issue 290 Cover Pocket Atlas of Trigger Points


A simple, go-to guide to treating chronic pain with trigger point therapy for physical therapists, bodyworkers, and patients.
From the bestselling author of The Concise Book of Trigger Points.

This pocket-sized guide covers practical information about the trigger points – the painful knots that can form in tissues like muscles and fascia – that are central to addressing acute and chronic pain with massage, bodywork, and physical therapy. Full-colour illustrations and charts help practitioners, students, and patients identify trigger points and address referred pain patterns with ease.

The first chapter introduces relevant information on fascia and myofascial meridians and provides an overview of trigger point symptoms, classification, and formation. Subsequent chapters are organized by muscle group and feature concise – yet comprehensive – sections on each of the main skeletal muscles and their trigger points. Common conditions, such as headaches and back pain, are explored for all of the muscle groups, including the muscles of the:

  • Face, head, and neck
  • Trunk and spine
  • Shoulder and arm
  • Forearm and hand
  • Hip and thigh
  • Leg and foot

Written in clear, accessible language, this essential guide offers a wealth of knowledge to the lay reader, the student, or the practitioner.

About the Author

Simeon Niel-Asher B. Phil. BSc.(Ost.), qualified as an osteopath in 1992, and uses trigger point therapy in his everyday work. He is the inventor of the Niel-Asher Technique™ for treating frozen shoulder syndrome, as well as being the creator and co-founder of the triggerpoints3D app. He is involved in treating, research, writing, and teaching throughout Europe, the Middle East, and the USA.

Further Information

Available from Lotus Publishing



The Scientific and Medical Network: Pre-Conference Film and Discussion Panel: Beyond the Brain 2023

We are delighted to announce that tickets are now available for our Beyond The Brain 2023 pre-conference film and panel discussion event, featuring the award-winning film Life with Ghosts by Stephen Berkley. This film records the first-ever publicly funded attempt to facilitate contact with deceased individuals through induced after-death communication to determine if such contact can be used to reduce severe grief symptoms. In an area where traditional talking therapy has been largely ineffective, Life With Ghosts heralds a welcome alternative for the chronically bereaved.




On Thursday, 2nd November (5 - 8:30 PM, GMT) we will be having a virtual screening of the film followed by a panel discussion with director Stephen Berkley, film participants Prof Janice Miner Holden and Noelle St Germain-Sehr - as well as Prof Marjorie Woollacott and David Lorimer (chair) of the Galileo Commission.

Come and share in this intriguing enquiry into the nature of after-death communications as part of your Beyond the Brain 2023 conference experience!

For more details and to book click the ‘Find Out More’ button and see the trailer below for a taste of the film.

Please note: The link to view the film will be sent out on Wednesday, 1st November24 hours before the event start time. You may view the film for 48 hours until 5 PM Friday, 3rd November. We recommend that you start watching the film on Thursday at 5 PM (GMT), ready for the panel discussion at 7 PM (GMT).

Trailer to the pre-conference film:

Further Information:

For further Information and support please email

Thursday, 2 November 7pm (GMT):
Life with Ghosts Online Film Screening and Panel Discussion:



Obituary Dr Daniel Benor MD 

by John Freedom

Dan made his transition on Tuesday, July 19, 2022 at the age of 81.   He died peacefully in his sleep at home, surrounded by his wife Linda, step-son, his cat and dogs.   He was in a lot of physical pain, and so we are grateful that he is now resting in peace.

Daniel J Benor MD was a holistic psychiatrist and psychotherapist. In his later years he specialized in the treatment of anxiety, chronic pain and psychosomatic conditions.  He received his BA in psychology at UCLA, and his medical degree at UCLA Medical School, followed by a fellowship at the UCLA neuropsychiatric institute.  After becoming disenchanted with mainstream medicine and drug treatments for mental disorders, Dan studied alternative therapies including meditation, guided imagery, gestalt therapy, transactional analysis, hypnosis, EMDR and energy psychology.  He was a true innovator, and developed a novel therapy he called WHEE:  the Wholistic Hybrid of EMDR and EFT. He taught these methods at conferences and workshops internationally for over 40 years, including at CAIET The Canadian Association for Integrative and Energy Therapies and ACEP American College Emergency Physicians . 


David Benor


Dan was blessed with an insatiable curiosity, and he loved learning.  He wrote,

"As a child, I thought that grownups knew everything and that one day I would be a grownup and I would know everything! There is a little part of me that hasn’t given up on this search for knowledge and understanding of life, the universe and everything...."

Dan’s lifework was "Wholistic Healing" (which he always spelled with a “W.”)   He emphasized the need to address and heal the Whole Person, including body, mind, emotions, relationships and Spirit.  In his classes and trainings he synthesized Western medicine and traditional psychotherapy with intuition, prayer, and spiritual approaches, as well as EM and EP.  Dan was a meticulous scholar, editor and researcher. He was the author of Healing Research, Volumes I-III, and many articles on health and spiritual healing. He was the founder and editor of the International Journal of Healing and Caring, the Wholistic Healing Research website, and maintained a database of "remarkable recoveries," case histories of people who recovered from chronic illness using spiritual and wholistic methods. He was a founding diplomat of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, founder of the Council for Healing, and for many years served on the advisory boards of Alternative Therapies, Subtle Energies (ISSSEEM), Frontier Sciences and the Advisory Board of the Research Council for Complementary Medicine (UK).

His books include Wholistic Healing for the Highly Sensitive Person; Consciousness, Bioenergy and Healing; and Seven Minutes to Natural Pain Release.  (This last book is, in my opinion, the finest book ever written on the psychodynamics of chronic pain and how to treat it naturally). Dan is survived by his wife Linda, and several children and grandchildren.  He was the recipient of ACEP’s Contribution To The Field Award in 2021.  An online Celebration of Dan's Life will be held sometime in the fall. Dan was a shining light, and mere words cannot begin to capture his kindness, gentleness, generosity and his huge open-heartedness.  It would be an understatement to say that “Dan touched many people.”  He will be warmly remembered and deeply missed by those of us fortunate enough to have been blessed by his love and his presence.

Further Information

Please see



Breathe Love Heal

by Cécile Ellert PhD

Published by Cécile Ellert PhD. 2023. Hardback. £21.01/ $22.00 ISBN-13: ‎979-8399692807

Quantum healing with essential oils. A spiritual and effortless way to practice preventative medicine. Dr Cécile Ellert, renowned expert and researcher, proudly announces the release of her groundbreaking book, "Breathe Love Heal." This transformative work unveils the revolutionary Aroma-Soul-Therapy, an innovative method that is set to redefine the approach to well-being in the face of current health challenges This is a preventative medicine approach available to anyone.


Cover Breathe Love Heal


Quantum healing using essential oils, the heart of "Breathe Love Heal," introduces a new dimension to holistic healing. By harnessing the vibrational frequencies of essential oils, this approach unlocks the body's innate ability to heal, bringing balance to the mind, body, and spirit.

Through personal anecdotes and expert guidance, Dr Ellert leads readers into the captivating world of quantum healing, employing the powerful technique of olfactotherapy. By simply breathing in the carefully selected essential oils, readers can experience a natural, safe, and easily accessible way to enhance their daily well-being without the traditional safety concerns associated with other methods.

Drawing from her extensive doctoral research, Dr Ellert presents a compelling case for the transformative potential of quantum healing with essential oils. This book represents the culmination of her groundbreaking work, demonstrating that the frequencies of essential oils provide an ideal foundation for an easy-to-use healing method. With the release of "Breathe Love Heal," Dr. Ellert aims to make her research accessible to the public, offering alternative and safe solutions to those seeking autonomy in their health journey. She firmly believes that this non-invasive and non-toxic method has the potential to be life-saving for individuals and the planet alike, if widely embraced.

In "Breathe Love Heal," Dr. Ellert introduces the foundational principles of Aroma-Soul-Therapy, a method she expertly teaches in her renowned distance learning program, Subtil. Written in accessible language, she unveils 15 essential oils that have the power to positively impact stress levels, inflammation, toxicity, and bliss. By employing a quantum connection and a deck of cards, individuals can effortlessly identify the essential oils best suited to address their unique energetic needs, bypassing the limitations of conscious thought. The method's secret weapons lie in spontaneity and disconnection from the mind, allowing for a profound spiritual experience.

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Cécile Ellert

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  • Brief Takes Issue 290


    Hyperbaric Oxygen + Ozone

    TWO for ONE Training Event - Salt Lake City Certification, November 10 – 11. The reasons why we are doing a TWO for ONE training event, hyperbaric oxygen and ozone therapy: Patients get better results; You become known as the clinic to get results; You make more money; The patients enjoy a better, healthier life. This is a Certification event so you can offer hyperbaric chamber therapy and oxidative therapy in your clinic. This is a comprehensive training, touching on all key aspects of the science, hands-on practice, business, and compliance, so you can implement right away.

    Further Information: See Details and Register Now


    Lavender Oil 'Natural Remedy' Eases Menopausal Anxiety

    A recent survey by Anxiety UK reveals that 98% of women report feelings of anxiety during the menopause and perimenopause, and that 61% of these women have been recommended anti-depressants to treat their anxiety.  Past Chair of the British Menopause Society Kathy Abernethy explains: “When you start the menopause, oestrogen levels begin to decline and fluctuate. Your body also produces less progesterone. Both hormones influence the production of a neurotransmitter called serotonin, which is a mood-regulating transmitter…  coping with physical symptoms, such as sleeplessness and hot flushes, can leave women feeling worn out, frustrated and of course anxious.”  Kalms Lavender One-A-Day Capsules is a traditional herbal medicinal product used for the temporary relief of the symptoms of mild anxiety such as stress and nervousness, exclusively based on long standing use as a traditional herbal remedy.

    Further Information: Kalms Lavender One-A-Day capsules are available in Boots, Asda and online at and at Amazon


    Relief from Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea

    Breast cancer continues to be a leading cause of cancer-related deaths among women nationwide. Many of these patients will undergo chemotherapy – one of the awful side effects of chemotherapy is nausea and vomiting which can additionally lead to problems such as: Serious metabolic derangements;  Nutritional depletion and anorexia;  Deterioration of the patient’s physical and mental status;  Esophageal tears.

    A solution to prevent the nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy is Reliefband and its line of wearables which help eliminate the nausea and vomiting by stimulating the P6 acupressure point on the inside of the wrist. Beneficial chemical signals are sent by the median nerve in the arm to the central nervous system and then to vagus nerve (cranial nerve 10) to quiet the gastrointestinal system. This results in a reduction of the feeling of nausea and the urge to vomit.

    Further Information: For more information and to purchase please visit


    Tackle Menopausal Joint Pain with these Expert Tips

    Joint pain affects as many as 40% of all menopausal womenand joint stiffness is the most common contributor to impairment of quality of life and work in women of a menopausal age. Menopausal joint pain is commonly mistaken as an inevitable part of the ‘ageing’ process and whilst women may seek help for other symptoms, they struggle on with aching and painful joints.  Consultant rheumatologist,  Dr Rod Hughes explains: “Oestrogen helps protect the bones and keep joint inflammation levels low. You may first start to notice joint pain during perimenopause as oestrogen levels begin to decline and the joints and soft tissues start to stiffen and become painful.” Fortunately, simple lifestyle changes such as exercise, diet and taking supplements may help. Experts believe that a key ingredient derived from rose-hips could help to reduce pain and tenderness in joints, without the risk of side effects. GOPO® Joint Health is an anti-inflammatory treatment made from 100% specially cultivated rosehip, proven in numerous extensive scientific studies to reduce joint pain and swelling, improving joint mobility and activity levels.  GOPO® Joint Health  is the first UK supplement containing high levels of GOPO® – the active compound isolated from the Rosa-canina plant. 

    Further Information: GOPO® Joint Health is available from Boots,  Tesco and independent chemists nationwide. Visit for further information. 


    World Menopause Month, October 2023

    Research by scientists from the University of California San Diego suggests that loneliness during menopause may even come with some health risks. Social isolation and loneliness is linked to an increased risk in cardiovascular problems in post-menopausal women. Prior to menopause, oestrogen helps keep our blood vessels flexible, which is thought to help prevent heart attacks and strokes. As this hormone naturally declines, the risk of heart disease increases. Issviva is a a community hub that aims to support women going through the menopause. Issviva will help to build a better menopause experience for women everywhere. The hub aims to break barriers for women going through the menopause and empower them to thrive and not just survive during this transitional period in their lives. The platform will enable women to seek education, share advice and network with like-minded people.

    Further Information

    For more information please visit the Issviva website:


    MindNinja – Helping You Flourish

    Feeling disengaged, frustrated and disconnected from work and team members is harmful to mental wellbeing and happiness and can lead to ‘quiet quitting’, warns Dr Mahrukh Khwaja, Positive Psychologist and accredited Mindfulness Teacher. Dr Khwaja uses research-based neuroscience and proven Positive Psychology techniques to empower individuals and teams to feel and do better, both in their personal lives and their careers. She says the first step in addressing quiet quitting is recognizing its signs.  Building a culture of gratitude and kindness can help to foster positive relationships at work. She suggests sharing gratitude points, celebrating successes, and practicing kindness through small acts.

    Further Information:  To find out more about Dr Mahrukh Khwaja’s programmes, kits and self-help tools, visit Mind Nina:


    How to Reverse Osteoporosis

    Osteoporosis affects hundreds of thousands of people in the UK. Consultant Rheumatologist Dr Taher Mahmud shares expert advice about how to prevent, and even reverse, osteoporosis. The impact of osteoporosis can be devastating, but this health condition is treatable and preventable”, explains Dr Mahmud, who helps his patients reverse their osteoporosis from his practice at the London Osteoporosis Clinic which offers a comprehensive Bone Revive Programme, which helps patients manage and reverse their osteoporosis  with the aim of generating 10% more bone, freeing the patient from their care within a year, meaning they can be symptom free, drug free and free from their care. Included in the package are crucial diagnostic tools like a DEXA (bone dentistry) Scan, precision blood tests, and essential medications, offering a holistic approach to osteoporosis management and reversal.

    Further Information: For more information, visit:


    President of The Physiological Society Congratulates 2023 Nobel Prize winners

    The Physiological Society congratulates Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman for the 2023 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. It was announced on Monday 2 October that Karikó and Weissman have been jointly awarded the Nobel Prize for their discoveries concerning nucleoside base modifications that enabled the development of effective mRNA vaccines against COVID-19.  President of The Physiological Society, Professor David Attwell, said: “On behalf of The Physiological Society I am delighted to congratulate Karikó and Weissman for being jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Their pioneering research into nucleoside base modifications forged the path for the life-saving mRNA vaccines that were rolled out worldwide to curb the COVID-19 pandemic.”

    Further Information: For More Information, please see the Nobel Prize Press Release


    Celebrate the Festive Season at Hawkwood

    Celebrate your Christmas or New Year at Hawkwood! The most wonderful time of the year is almost here, and we invite you to make it even more special with our Festive Menu and exclusive holiday packages! Celebrate with family and friends over the festive season. Whether you're planning a cosy lunch with friends or a grand evening celebration with colleagues, we have something delightful for everyone. With 20 bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen, Hawkwood is available for hire for your Christmas or New Year celebration.

    Further Information: Please contact Hawkwood on Tel: 01453 759 034;


    Amchara Health – To Support Immune Health

    If you’re stressed, your immune system is less able to fight off toxins and other foreign substances, which can lead to you being more susceptible to infections. Herbal adaptogens are known to counteract the effects of stress and can help support and boost your immune response. Adaptogens are botanical compounds that may combat fatigue, fight the body’s response to stress, improve energy and promote mental balance. Read More:  The contributing factors to osteoporosis, symptoms, plus tips on how to build your bone strength. Read more. Having the knowledge to support healthy choices is vital. Learn more about the benefits of our health education activities on retreats - delivered in a supportive, nurturing environment. Read more

    Further Information: Tel: 01823 213111;  Shop Cleanses


    Run-Walk Method for World Mental Health  Day

    World Mental Health Day - celebrated on the 10th October this year - exists to raise awareness of mental health and drive positive change. The run-walk method - commonly known as 'Jeffing' in honour of Olympian Jeff Galloway who used the technique to great effect in the 1970s - could be the secret to shaking up your running workout. It can help ease the physical and mental demands of running and help increase your stamina: personal trainer Keoghan Bellow from Fitness Superstore explains how. "By splitting up your run with bouts of walking in between, you can lessen your risk of injury by reducing the impact on your joints. This is particularly beneficial for beginners who aren’t used to the impact of regular runs but is also great for avid runners, especially when returning to training after an injury as it allows you to build your strength back up.”

    Further Information: Please visit


    The Top Five Vitamins You Need to Buy this Winter

    Winter in the UK can be a challenging time for maintaining optimal health. Our bodies face unique challenges as the temperature drops and the days grow shorter. The good news is that you can bolster your immune system, stay energised, and keep those winter blues at bay with the right vitamins. Let's explore the top five vitamins’ Brits should consider adding to their winter regimen with Sealions Nutrition and Vitamin Expert Matt Durkin. 1. Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin; 2. Vitamin C: The Immunity Booster; 3. Vitamin A: Eye and Skin Health; 4. Vitamin B12: Beat the Winter Fatigue; 5. Zinc: A Winter Warrior for Immunity.

    Further Information: Please contact Sealions on Tel: 07951 605454;


    Penny Brohn UK Christmas  Carol Concert

    Join us for an evening of carols, mulled wine, mince pies, and festive cheer as we kick-start the festive season and celebrate Christmas together once again at Clifton College Chapel! Friday 8th December | 6:00 - 9:00pm | Clifton College Chapel, BS8 3JH. The concert will feature special performances from talented local choirs and musicians, including the Bristol Male Voice Choir, Owls of Pill and Bristol Cathedral Choir School!  your generous support means so much to Penny Brohn UK. Every penny raised from this concert will help us to champion personalised cancer care and support even more people to live well with cancer.

    Further Information: For more Information and to Purchase Tickets please visit


    Natural Alternative for Post-Dental Surgery Care Lithuania

    Many patients are looking for a natural approach to improving oral health. Vilnius-based Fitodenta, a pioneer in the field of oral health, has  unveiled a botanically-infused product designed to promote rapid oral healing following interventional dental surgery. Presented at the recent Life Sciences Baltics conference, this patented product, developed by Lithuanian biotechnology scientists, is proven to reduce pain and swelling up to 40% faster than traditional methods such as NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and high-dose antibiotics. The product kit  which includes a spray and ointment  is enriched with natural plant extracts, including CBD, CBG, clove, chamomile, peppermint, and liquorice extracts, traditionally used as topical analgesics and anti-inflammatory agents.

    Further Information: For more information please visit


    Scientific & Medical Network – Beyond the Brain 2023

    Your chance to explore the frontiers of consciousness research.  The SMN’s Beyond the Brain Conference is approaching, and will take place over the weekend of Friday 3rd November and Sunday 5th November. This year's event covers children's past-life memories, spiritual awakening through music, the spiritual lives of scientists, Alef Trust students’ short talks, terminal lucidity and post-mortem survival, yoga nidra as a bridge between energy and consciousness, neuroscience and spirituality, energy medicine, the consciousness-brain relationship and more! Join international speakers, Bill Bengston, Dean Radin, Dorothea Fuckert, Evan Premo, Grainne McAnallen, Iain McGilchrist, Jim Tucker, Marjorie Woollacott, Masayuki Ohkado, Michael Nahm, Mona Sobhani, Paul Mills, Pascal Michael and Rupert Sheldrake for a series of cutting edge talks exploring innovative research probing the nature of consciousness.

    Further Information: Further Information and to book tickets  -


    Free Webinar School of Health – East Meets West

    East Meets West · FREE Taster Webinar  with  Dr Gaurang Gaikwad & Luke Norland.

    Date: Friday 27th October, Time: 3.30pm (UK Time), Duration: 90 mins Booking: FREE

    Zoom link: Click here to join  Dr Gaurang Gaikwad is an accomplished homoeopathic practitioner and an acclaimed international teacher.  Luke Norland is a sought-after Homeopath and ongoing collaborator with RadarOpus and Synthesis repertory, combining this with his Core Team role and teaching at the School of Homeopathy. In this School of Homeopathy Webinar, we bring together the East and the West for a stimulating event where both teachers will play to their strengths – using their superb repertory skills and homeopathic knowledge to explore a wide range of subjects.

    Further Information: Click here to Book   Please contact us via Tel: +44 (0)1453 709 709;    School of Homeopathy  If you enjoy the FREE webinar you may then like to book for their two day event in Dec:


    Pulseroll, Launch NEW Ignite Mini Percussion Massage Gun

    Pulseroll the award-winning scientifically proven wellness brand, launch the NEW Ignite Mini Percussion Massage Gun with heated head technology. As a UK leader in scientifically proven fitness technology, recovery and well-being massage device products  Pulseroll has just launched their brand new Ignite Mini Percussion Massage Gun  with a rechargeable heated head that greatly enhances the benefits of the massage therapy experience. It accelerates the growth and repair of tissues by increasing blood flow to targeted areas. Percussion therapy has been scientifically proven to relieve muscle pain, stiffness and soreness and increase the range of motion. 

    Further Information: More information and to purchase


    Enaiya Luxury Wellness Retreat

    The Retreat by Enaiya is hosted at award winning luxury boutique hotel, MasQI The Energy House, in the stunning location of the Sierra de Mariola Natural Park, Banyeres, Spain, 25th-28th April 2024. The Retreat by Enaiya is a luxury wellness retreat to help peri menopausal and menopausal women understand and regain  control of their hormones. The Retreat aims to empower women to understand the profound physical, emotional and mental changes which occur from perimenopause to menopause. The Retreat brings together a collective of experts giving workshops and masterclasses in the field of women’s health, and also includes different types of yoga classes, sound healing meditation practice with crystals, ancient treatments such as traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, kinesiology, plus the organic macrobiotic menu is prepared by a team of chefs with Michelin Star experience.

    Further Information: For more information, please contact  and visit


    BetterYou Boost B12 Oral Spray

    BetterYou Boost Vitamin B12 Oral Spray is designed to transform how people receive this vital nutrient that supports energy, cognitive function and immune health. Recognising that vitamin B12 deficiency is a global concern and traditional pills or IV supplementations are not suitable for everyone, BetterYou offers a fast-acting, effective and affordable solution that is available to purchase in retail stores nationwide. Unlike traditional pills, this delicious apricot-tasting oral spray provides a highly absorbable form of vitamin B12, delivered directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system, making it ideal for those with compromised digestive systems to ensure they absorb this vital nutrient.

    Further Information: The BetterYou Vitamin B12 Oral Spray is available from Boots, Holland & Barratt,  independent health stores and pharmacies nationwide, Amazon or the BetterYou website


    World Cancer Research Fund International

    World Cancer Research Fund International is now accepting grant applications for  research on the role of diet, weight, nutrition and physical activity in cancer prevention and cancer survival, as part of its Regular Grant Programme 2023-24 cycle. Applications are accepted from principal investigators based at institutions in any country outside the Americas (North America, Central America and the Caribbean, and South America). Applications from the Americas can be submitted to the American Institute for Cancer Research. Applications from an eligible principal investigator with co-applicants/collaborators from anywhere in the world are welcome. Please pass this information on to colleagues who may be interested in applying. The deadline for applications is 6 November 2023.

    Further Information: Email questions to, refer to our FAQs and guidelines document (PDF) in the first instance. Visit our website for more information.


    Cygnus Review

    You can enjoy the latest issue of Cygnus Review online here. You'll find inspiring articles and recommended books, plus all the information you need to connect with like-hearted individuals at one of the Cygnus Cafe meetings. Not a member? You can join the book club here. You can enjoy a digital read of our archive and browse through past issues which you can find here.

    Further Information: Please get in touch on Tel: 02078 594 375;


    Hifas da Terra Launch Two Organic Mushroom Supplements

    Mushroom bioscience experts Hifas da Terra announce the launch of two brand products in their NEW HIFASFunctionals - a new brain and gut focussed collection that offers unique organic mushroom extract combinations with results based on clinical studies.  HIFAS-Equilibrium natural supplement contains natural adaptogens such as Reishi for stress, Lion’s Mane for the gut-brain axis and Cordyceps for energy. HIFAS-Microbiota is a new  organic supplement for the balance of the microbiota.

    Further Information: For more information please contact or


    What Happens to our Digital Footprint when we Die?

    Wednesday 1 November 2023, 10-11am; Thursday 11 January 2024, 2-3pm; Open to: Sector and members of public. On 1 November 2023 and 11 January 2024, Keech Hospice Care will hold a free one-hour online workshop open to the public and end of life care professionals, which addresses what happens to someone’s digital footprint when they die. The session helps individuals, professionals and family members gain a better understanding of what a digital legacy is, how it can comfort family members and how it can be safely accessed.

    Further Information: Last year Keech Hospice Care supported over 2,500 adults, children and their families. Please contact


    The Wee Yoga Room Winter Term

    New Wee Yoga Room Winter Term, 9 weeks, 23rd October – 23rd December.  I am excited to be back and to announce the new 9 week term. You can sign up for the new term here. Classes will fill quickly, so book now! there is still the opportunity to book for our winter retreat in Stronachlachar on the 4th and 5th of November.. There is one space remaining in a single room ( paying a supplement), or space for a couple in a twin or double room. Book here

    Further Information:



    Aromatherapy creams & candles. Heal naturally No side effects. Holistic treatments, powerful courses

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