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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 286

by Mike Howell(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 286 - May 2023

The Use of Mushroom Nutrition in Tradicional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

This 5 hour live streamed webinar course on Saturday, May 13th will give information to allow healthcare practitioners to prescribe mushroom nutrition supplements. The webinar is organised by the Association of Acupuncture Clinicians (AAC) and conducted by Mycology Research Laboratories (MRL).


Banner Use of Mushroom Nutrition


The webinar includes a test to determine your understanding and Q&A. Balens have agreed to provide cover under the AAC´s Affinity Scheme to those who have undergone training. Training is £60 for non-members and £30 for AAC/JAMA Members.

MRL is not charging any fee for this course. Course fees are being taken by AAC to cover booking, admin, zoom, management, CPD certificate, etc

Further Information

Further Information about the Webinar

To Register



Surround Your Cells with Structured Water to Protect Them From Toxin Damage

Although many people drink water that has been filtered, believing that it will help protect them against water borne toxins most are losing out because that water has got poor structure. It is never going to give the quality of hydration that our bodies need to thrive. Recent advances in water research has proven what many people over the years have understood instinctively. It is the structure of the water that is of primary importance for health.

Water that has got the ideal molecular configuration has received many different labels including ‘structured water’, ‘hexagonal water’, ‘revitalized water’  or ‘EZ water’. All are different names applying to the same thing. It is one of the principal reasons that water has got life supporting qualities.


Energy Plus System + Ceramic Beads

Energy Plus is a unique configuration of water filter (Top) to give high levels
of contaminant removal in addition to enhancing water structure
through the activity of bioceramic filter media. Bioceramic filter media
are ceramic beads (Bottom) composed of natural minerals and crystals
that improve water structure by emitting low levels of far infra-red energy. 


This water has got specific properties. Professor Pollack of the University of Washington is one of the foremost researchers in this field and has coined the phrase EZ water (exclusion zone) . His book ‘The Fourth Phase of Water’  gives a detailed explanation of his research findings.

He has discovered that water changes from an unstructured state (H20) into a structured state if it contacts hydrophilic surfaces (water-loving surfaces such as cell membranes).  This water is no longer H20 but H3O2. This new structure gives the water new properties which are hugely important for human and animal health.

One of the primary benefits of this quasi-crystalline water (EZ water) is its ability to displace dissolved substances during the restructuring process from H2O to H3O2. All substances such as toxins, salt and protons are displaced. This has very far reaching benefits for human health and demonstrates the need to drink water that is going to help the body build as great a layer as possible of structured water around our cells. It is probably the simplest and most important things we can do to help reduce cellular degeneration due to toxicity.

We have ever increasing levels of chemical toxicity in our environment and in the food chain and consequently everything we can do simply to protect our cells from toxin damage is going to enhance our quality of health and our life expectancy. We are now seeing ever increasing loading of electro-magnetic stress impacting our health. Professor Pollack has commented that he believes that properly structured EZ water will help to displace the adverse impact of electromagnetic wave lengths on our cells.

One of the best known ways to improve water structure is through light or far infra-red wave lengths.   This discovery is now being utilized to develop technologies that can help to simply and cost effectively structure water.

At Water for Health we have been using some of that technology for a number of years. We use different types of minerals and crystals in water filter systems that emit low levels of far infra-red energy and improve water structure.  Our mission is not just to give clients clean water (although that is important) but rather to give people water that is health enhancing. This is critical for our immunity, our energy levels - in fact for our quality of life.

Many people have bought into the idea that as far as water is concerned that as long as they consume 2 litres per day then all is well. It is not the amount of water we drink that is critical it is the amount we absorb that will benefit us.  Drinking clean water with good structure will be of value to people of all ages.

At Water for Health we offer a wide number of options to help everyone benefit from these recent scientific advances that offer us so much to improve our wellbeing. You can find out details at

Further Information

This article was authored by Roddy MacDonald founder and Director of Water for Health, a company that passionately wants everyone to benefit from good hydration and quality nutrition.



Essence of Clinical Aromatherapy International Seminar Hybrid Event – May 20th and 21st

Here is a roundup of the latest information about the Essence of Clinical Aromatherapy International Seminar taking place  as a hybrid event - May 20th and 21st.

Marie-Anne and I have been working hard to put in place a wonderful in-person and online experience and I wanted to fill you in on a few highlights! If you have already booked your place, well done for doing so early! We are now almost at full capacity! 


ECA and ICAN Images

If you haven't yet booked your place, please don't delay! We hope to welcome you in Edinburgh at the Royal Botanic Garden for two days of lectures, networking and connecting with suppliers of aromatherapy-related products!

Not able to come to Edinburgh? Don't worry! Our dedicated online space with live-streaming of lectures, on-demand replay, a virtual trade show and direct live involvement with the event via your dedicated ECA2023 App ensures you are able to fully participate even from your own home!


Further Information and to Register

This fourth edition of ECA is set to be our best ever and we are excited to be sharing it with the professional aromatherapy community! Scotland here we come!



Seagreens® – The Ruby One & The Mineral Salt

Since 2008, Seagreens® has pursued a programme of nutrition research not only to provide the full range of micronutrients, but to address population health concerns like obesity, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and dementia.

Our applied research, using our whole food seaweeds, has differed from conventional studies using only ‘extracts’ isolated from seaweeds, and very often from seaweeds which consumers are unlikely to be able to eat.

Over the years we have set up harvesting operations in remote coastal locations in Norway, Scotland, Ireland and Iceland, where to date we have selected, researched and produced 5 native wild species –   Alaria, Ascophyllum, Fucus, Palmaria, and Pelvetia.

To access the full range of species it matters less which individual Seagreens® products you choose. It’s more a question of how you want to use them. All deliver Seagreens® valuable micronutrients and health benefits including iodine. Mix and match and use them to get your gram of nutritious food seaweed in your daily diet including through our popular salt replacement products.


Seagreens TMS and TRO


Replacing half your daily salt with seaweed was an innovation when we introduced The Mineral Salt in 2011. Healthier than any kind of salt, half Seagreens®, half natural sea salt. You get salty, mineral and umami flavours, with comprehensive nutritional balance.

The Ruby One takes it further, mixing two distinctively aromatic native wild seaweeds, with just 25% natural Dorset sea salt. The combination produces a unique, salty umami

flavour and a comprehensive balance of rare dietary micronutrients, notable for vitamins B9 (for folic acid), B12 and K, and Omega 3 fatty acid, EPA and DHA, and DPA. Use it on the most sophisticated foods, but breakfast will never be the same again!

The Ruby One’s full nutritional profile is now available as well as the product through Seagreens.Shop. New visitors will get a free jar of Seagreens and free UK delivery with their order.

Further Information

For more information or a free booklet please contact the Seagreens Information Service on Tel: 01444 400403 or email



How to Work out Your Future Dementia Risk – And Make Changes to Reduce that Risk

Contrary to popular belief less than one in 100 cases of Alzheimer’s is caused by genes, and risk factors can be identified from age 35. This is good news as it means everyone has the opportunity to reduce their risk with some simple lifestyle changes.

A new programme, called COGNITION shows people exactly how to dementia-proof their diet and lifestyle by understanding their personal level of risk and then providing them with a plan to reduce that risk. COGNITION is the result of ten years of research by the charity which has tested 380,000 people via their free online Cognitive Function Test. According to research by NHS and University College London researchers, 88% find the test useful and most go on to make positive diet and lifestyle changes as a result. The first step is to take the cognition test and then you complete a questionnaire that works out your future dementia risk. It also tells you exactly what’s driving your risk up.


Heads with Wording’s new ‘brain upgrade’ programme COGNITION helps you lessen your risk one step at a time with personalised, interactive instructions and email coaching, plus reminders via text or WhatsApp. Users also have access to supportive groups on Facebook and Zoom, and are given activities to improve their cognitive function, with everything designed to support you in making brain friendly changes to your diet and lifestyle.

The charity is supported by leading Alzheimer’s prevention experts in eight well established areas of risk. These areas of risk are: lack of B vitamins, lack of seafood and omega-3 fish oils, too much sugar and carbs, too little exercise, social and cognitive stimulation, not

eating enough antioxidants from fruit and veg, not having a healthy gut, not sleeping well and stress. Targeting all eight earlier in life may reduce future dementia risk by as much as two thirds.

But how do you know what your risk is and what and how to change to reduce your risk? That’s what the COGNITION programme is all about. Helping people identify and make small changes to protect the brain. is aiming to enrol a million people as ‘citizen scientists’, sharing research results with all involved to learn what really works.

“Alzheimer’s is not an inevitable consequence of ageing.” says the charity’s founder, Patrick Holford. “We want to empower people to take charge of their own health, tracking changes and biohacking. In the coming months we’ll be offering our citizen scientists a pin prick blood test to measure things like omega-3, vitamin D, glucose and B vitamin status. Our goal is to continue to research and establish what really keeps people healthy and protects us from preventable and crippling diseases such as Alzheimer’s.”

To test your cognitive function and find out how to dementia-proof your diet and lifestyle go to:


The statements and studies referred to are shown in their document Alzheimer’s is Preventable: A Manifesto for Change

The recent study showing that sugar levels predict Alzheimer’s from age 35 was published in March 2022, from research at Boston University Medical School -


The Food for the Brain Foundation is a UK based charitable foundation that developed a fully validated Cognitive Function Test in 2012 and has so far tested 380,000 people. The test is available at

The science behind Alzheimer’s Prevention comes from eight members of the charity’s Scientific Advisory Board -



ISNS – International Science Nutrition Society

The International Science Nutrition Society is a distinctive and innovative collaborative partner who seeks top scientists, medical doctor’s, researchers, and experts in complementary and integrative medicine to bring the most up to date concepts and research in the areas of health, wellness, science and nutrition. It is a unique society to acquire and share knowledge in the field of science and nutrition, and provide emotional, mental, and spiritual expertise.

ISNS is a company that was founded to provide indispensable value to humanity by creating a wealth of knowledge in nutraceuticals, phytology, ecology, the environment, and nutrition. ISNS collaborates with innovators in science, technology, and medicine, gathering the most brilliant and beautiful minds with their cutting-edge concepts and new paradigms of thought in the areas of health and wellness.

At the International Science Nutrition Society, we believe in providing the most recent and up to date knowledge in the fields of science, nutrition, health and wellness. We want to empower everyone who wants to learn about authentic, honest solutions and a deeper knowledge of natural wellness. ISNS uses the power of knowledge to help you create a sustainable, happier, and healthier lifestyle. The vision of The International Science Nutrition Society is to create a community that comes together to leave behind a clean, happy, and healthy world for future generations- healing the planet one life at a time.




The Registry

DRC Ventures has partnered with RegenMed to harness real-world data through a patient registry. A patient registry is a powerful tool that can help to collect and analyze data from patients, providing valuable insights into certain diseases, developing new treatments, and monitoring patient outcomes over time. Regen Med's Circles platform will provide patients with clear digital materials that are specific to their condition and prescribed treatment. By using the Circles platform, DRC Ventures will collect real-world data on nutraceutical products and track their progress over a period of time, enhancing patient value by incorporating the results of the long-term outcome measures. One of the major benefits of a patient registry is to gain a better understanding of the patient population. By understanding the patient population who may benefit from their products, DRC Ventures can tailor their marketing efforts to reach those patients more effectively. The registry will also track patient outcomes over time, allowing DRC Ventures to monitor the impact of its products on various health conditions. Through the data collected in the registry, DRC Ventures will be able to identify common health concerns or conditions which may benefit from the products. The findings can be used to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of their products to regulators, healthcare providers, and patients. By having access to real-world data from patients, DRC Ventures can make more informed decisions about their products and continue to improve the quality of care for their patients.

The partnership between DRC Ventures and RegenMed to harness real-world data through a patient registry is a step towards improving the understanding of certain diseases, developing new treatments, and monitoring patient outcomes over time. The use of the Circles platform will allow DRC Ventures to collect real-world data on nutraceutical products and track their progress over a period. By having access to this data, DRC Ventures can make more informed decisions about their products and continue to improve the quality of care for their patients.

Further Information

To register or to learn more please  visit       Linked In   Facebook    Instagram   contact via



Yoga Anatomy Made Simple: Your Illustrated Guide to Form, Function, and Posture Groups

by  Stu Girling (Author), Bug Fawcett (Illustrator)

Published by Lotus Publishing. 2023. Paperback. £17.47/ $29.95  ISBN-10: ‎1913088359

A fun introductory guide to yoga anatomy for new and experienced yoga teachers, practitioners, and enthusiasts.


Cover Yoga Anatomy Made Simple


Knowledge of anatomy is a crucial part of every effective yoga practice, but the subject can be dry and difficult. Yoga Anatomy Made Simple provides a fun solution – it’s a go-to guide to functional yoga anatomy, written for yoga practitioners looking to jump in and start applying key concepts to their work. Here, long time yoga teacher Stu Girling pairs his expertise with real-life examples and colourful, jaunty illustrations to create a book that serves as an easy-to-understand introduction and refresher course for yogis, teachers, and trainers.

Yoga Anatomy Made Simple provides simple explanations of key yoga-anatomy concepts, like patterns, variety, breath, and strength. The illustrations are diverse, inclusive, joyful, and fun – and mirror the author’s own accessible, unpretentious approach to practical yoga anatomy.

Concepts are demonstrated on different body parts, as well as the following posture groups:

  • Forward bends
  • Hip rotations
  • Backbends
  • Twists
  • Postures involving the shoulders
  • Inversions
  • Arm balances

Girling ties everything together in a holistic framework with a playful touch on every page – one that embraces each student’s lifestyle, environment, and life history. Yoga teachers will learn to elevate their ability to analyze yoga postures from a physical perspective, sequence more effectively, avoid unnecessary injury, and appreciate the importance of individuality within postural yoga.

About the Author

Stu Girling BSc, is Founder of  Love Yoga Anatomy  and has been teaching yoga anatomy workshops internationally since 2013. He is also a bodyworker specializing in the treatment of yogis with injuries or tension patterns. Bug Fawcett studied visual arts at the University of Stellenbosch. As a fledgling yoga teacher, she finds the content not just easy to understand, but also relevant to enhancing her own practice and allowing her to better serve her students.

Further Information

Available from Lotus Publishing



Encouraging Intelligent Movement in a Sedentary Society – Tools Facilitating Neuro-Myofascial Release at Home & in Clinic

Thanks to the marvels of tensegrity, in quite different ways both the FlexxiCore Challenger and the FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser trigger neuro-myofascial release, by eliciting a series of natural bodily responses through the transmission of waves throughout the fascia. Simultaneously the nervous system responds to the oscillations and ripples of movement with deeper breathing and a boost to circulation – giving a tangible sense of heightened well-being. While these FlexxiCore devices can never replicate the individual care and precise targeting of manual treatments, they effectively mimic the natural patterns of exercise itself, complementing the hands-on approach of a practitioner in a way that clients positively enjoy. As no compression or manipulation is involved, adhesions and distortions in the neuro-myofascial web are gradually released with minimal intervention.


Flexxicore Challenger and Passive Exerciser

The FlexxiCore Challenger uses Whole Body Vibration (WBV) technology – a proven method of accelerating the effects of exercise with over 200 published studies covering its many beneficial effects. For example, at least 10 studies* have reported WBV-induced increases in strength, power and performance in young healthy adults.  The original WBV Power Plates® found in many gyms are sophisticated devices, but generally too bulky and expensive for home use or for most practitioners to invest in. The FlexxiCore Challenger is reasonably priced, built to last, and easily moved with its inbuilt roller. It combines vibration and oscillation with different programmes that create an exercise-like experience, helping to generate elasticity in the fascia. Trials undertaken with the Challenger (42 participants – age range: 39 – 85) saw substantial improvements in just 60 days in 16 different categories of benefit, including Core Muscle Strength; Energy Levels and Stamina; Fitness/Performance Levels in Other Activities; Posture; Muscle & Joint Aches, Tension and Stiffness; Toning; Pain & Headaches; Sleep Patterns; Improved balance; Better Motivated to Exercise Generally; Stress Release.

While the Challenger’s unobstructed platform allows for use with a variety of movements, stretches and poses, the FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser generates truly effortless motion within the torso, combining the energising and stress-releasing effects of Japanese “Goldfish Exercise” with the back-care benefits of the Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) devices first designed by a Canadian Orthopaedic Surgeon. The FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser’s design evolved from the Japanese “chi machine” format that aimed to simulate energy and circulation effects by swinging the feet, thus generating a pulsing motion in the area of the dantian energy centre below the navel. With its greater width of travel the FlexxiCore mobilises the whole of the back. This is combined with precisely adjustable speeds over a broad speed range, starting with a gentle 80 RPM, allowing people of all ages and fitness levels to experience the release of tension in back, neck and shoulders that many of us need to counter the challenges of poor posture.


*Delecluse et al. 2003; Roelants et al. 2004; Ronnestad 2004; Savelberg et al. 2007; Bosco et al. 1998; Lamont et al. 2008, 2009, 2010; Di Giminiani et al. 2009; Torvinen et al. 2002.

Special Offer and Further Information

Energy for Health are offering PH readers a 20% discount on their FlexxiCore products - use code PH-5-23 by 31st May 2023.

For further information please contact Energy for Health on Tel: 01934 257066;   



Sleep Easy with the Supplement that Helps Give You the Perfect Night’s Kip

Looking for the best way to get a peaceful night’s sleep? If you’ve tried all the age-old tricks – lavender oil, meditating, herbal teas, or a nice long bath – to no avail, then the team behind the NEW Levagen+ BED Supplements may have the answer to your prayers.

Over 70% of participants* in recent user trials said that taking it saw them fall asleep quicker, and over half of respondents said they had a better night’s sleep compared to not taking it – what’s not to love? The pressures and distractions of the modern-day world mean that most people no longer get the estimated seven to nine hours that our ancestors took for granted.  Nowadays, stress, hormones, mental fatigue, balancing family life and new hybrid working patterns have meant that many of us are experiencing shut-eye deprivation – that’s where Levagen+ BED can help.


Levagen+ Bed Product Shot


  • Levagen+ BEDcontains an ingredient referred to as PEA, which stands for Palmitoylethanolamide, that behaves in a similar way to CBD. (Fun fact: PEA is enjoying a huge surge in interest at the moment with Google searches for PEA increasing by 42% over the last 28 days alone – it’s going to be big.);
  • PEA is regarded as the real-life version of a ‘chill pill’. This saturated fatty acid derivative lowers inflammation, triggers the body’s defence systems to deal with any pain, and inhibits mast and glial cell activity - known as the ‘glue’ of the central nervous system;
  • Besides the clinically backed up PEA, the BED supplements contain B6 and magnesium which are proven to reduce tiredness and fatigue as well as improve the function of the nervous system; 
  • L-Tryptophan has also been added, an amino acid that the body naturally converts into serotonin. It helps to control your mood and sleep and leaves you feeling cool, calm, collected and (hopefully) asleep.

Who Can Take It?

Suitable for vegans, just take two tablets (ideally with food) once a day before bed and you should be able to see a noticeable difference in your sleep. In the user trials* conducted, 71% of participants saw an improvement in how long it took to fall asleep with 52% claiming that they also got more sleep compared to not taking it. 60% also reported higher concentration levels.With no contraindications, only those who are pregnant are advised not to take it.


*User trials conducted with 38 people and a mix of male/female candidates, aged 27-71

Further Information 

To find out more about the NEW Levagen+ BED supplements (RRP £24.99), visit   

Available to buy from selected branches of Planet Organic, Superdrug, Lloyds Pharmacy and Amazon.



NEEM by Sunita Passi

Go green with neem, thanks to a tree with head-to-toe health and beauty benefits.

Neem by Sunita Passi is a plant based beauty range using wild crafted blends and handground neem. The company unveils a new website: . The site's new look and feel modernises the company's digital presence and is designed to reflect its fresh, exciting approach to the wonder plant.


Neem Plant-based Beauty Range


“At the heart of all my Neem products are what I call the tree’s ‘superleaf’, says awardwinning practitioner and entrepreneur Sunita Passi.

"Those amazing leaves are used across the range – each and every one vegan, wild-crafted, safe, natural, and ethically-sourced. That includes combs too, made of wood from the tree. Every part, from roots to fruits, has its uses.”

The neem tree has been used in India over centuries in ways that support wellbeing. The longevity of its relation to communities is a model for sustainability. That’s as true now as it was when Sunita Passi’s grandfather used neem grown on his land in the work he did as a medical practitioner. And with the continued growth of Sunita’s business, she’s more convinced than ever of the value her products have in connecting people with something beyond personal care.

In 2016 the Neem by Sunita Passi range was an International Beauty award-winner, hosted by The Natural Health Magazine. Now the brand sees more consumers interested in the personal benefits of a range fusing powerful formulations with sustainable ethics and contemporary product packaging, part of an ethos that’s about conscious beauty, giving back, and making better decisions by participating in conversations with the right people.

Further Information

The Neem by Sunita Passi skin, hair and health range is available at



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    Ep 4: 'Wheat and the Brain' featuring Dr Tom O'Bryan

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    The Buddhist CEO by Thane Lawrie just might be the first book to juxtapose the challenges of being a modern-day CEO with the constant quest to lead a deeply committed Buddhist life. The Buddhist CEO also explores the ways in which the pressures of the job can result in health problems, sparking much-needed dialogue about the humanness of leaders, who are often viewed as unbreakable. Lawrie has been a practicing Buddhist for 23 years, making him well placed to write a book called The Buddhist CEO.


    Further Information: visit Thane;  Interview with Thane Lawrie here.


    Why Sports Conference

    Sleeping well helps people achieve exercise and diet goals. People who get regular, uninterrupted sleep do a better job sticking to their exercise and diet plans while trying to lose weight. Read More. Join us for the 2023 Improving Health and Increasing Activity Conference. Be part of the conference that accelerates change across our towns and communities. The Royal Society of Medicine, London 1st June 2023.


    Further Information:  Book Your Place


    Help Human Givens Journal

    After 26 years as editor of Human Givens Journal, Denise Winn is stepping down end of 2023. We are considering setting up a group with the interest and ability to take on/learn individual aspects of producing the journal: finding books to review, commissioning/writing reviews; finding  research to summarise, sourcing/writing articles on agreed topics; editing articles; identifying  interview subjects and carrying out, transcribing and editing interviews.


    Further Information: If you are interested in becoming part of a team to help ensure the valuable work of the HG Journal continues, please email details of your relevant experience (including HG knowledge) to by 31st May.


    Marvellous May Event 2023

    Come and join us at the School of Homeopathy for a weekend of inspirational homeopathy with: Miranda Castro (in person) & Divya Chhabra (via zoom). 13th - 14th May 2023: £180.00.


    Further Information: Contact Tel:  01453 765 956;  Online Booking


    Amchara Health

    Vitamin D is known for its role in controlling inflammation, as well as supporting your bone health, immune system, blood sugar control and blood pressure. Its role in hormone balance is less recognised, although since all hormones work synergistically, it is not surprising that vitamin D is intimately connected with hormone balance. How Vitamin D is Linked to your Hormone Balance  Can your Microbiome Health Influence Your Sleep?   The Role of Inflammation in Type 2 Diabetes


    Further Information: Tel: 01823 213111;  Shop Cleanses


    Sue Ricks Reflexology

    Are you looking to refresh your reflexology skills? Have you been away from the clinic for a while and want to get back into the world of reflexology or brush up on your current skills? Join Sue in the specially created online course – demonstration videos and supporting documents with optional li8ve sessions with Sue if required.


    Further Information: To register and Special introductory Offer


    Lyme Disease Treatment

    Lyme disease affects hundreds of thousands of people in the United States at any given time. Some people suffer with it for years, others are able to take care of it within weeks, and still others have it without even knowing (until things start to go sideways).  Lyme disease is an infection caused by Borrelia bacteria and is often associated with mould toxicity and co-infections. It can be transmitted from insects that bite (like ticks, mosquitos, fleas, spiders, some black flies), from sexual partners, in utero, etc.  There are both conventional and integrative methods to help with symptoms and quality of life!


    Further Information:  Please visit and  download a Free Ozone Guide


    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome /ME

    Dr Jean Monro – Environmental Naturopath – will present a 45 minute webinar entitled Mushroom Nutrition as a Source of Neuroprotection, Immune Enhancement and Nutrition Support in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome on 3rd May. Dr Monro's research study observed that CFS patients have low levels of natural killer (NK) cells, and changes in NK cell levels are an accurate indicator of the progression or evolution of the condition. Dr Monro will outline how mushroom nutrition may represent a multifaceted disease modifying solution to virally induced chronic fatigue syndrome conditions.


    Further Information: This 45 -minute webinar for healthcare practitioners will be Live-Streamed May 3rd 12h30 (London Time) and Broadcasted May 3rd 19h00 (London Time).

    For more information and to register for the webinar.


    FREE Homeopathic Books

    A FREE collection of books about Schussler’s Tissue Remedies and Biochemic Salts.

    Read classics from Boericke & Dewey, and Anshutz which describe the biochemic theory in detail and also give materia medica of tissue salts and therapeutic indications for treatment of various disease conditions...


    Further Information:


    Safety Psychology Healthcare

    The conference days are changed to 16 (Sat)-17 (Sun) March 2024). The conference purpose is to improve and promote psychological and behavioral powers of health worker toward good safety culture in practice of patient safety, medication safety, medical device safety and infectious disease control, and disaster health delivery. Healthcare safety culture consists of two practical zones: (1) Safety engineering (human factors engineering) and (2) Safety psychology and Safety behaviour. The Conference targets on 2nd zone, to upgrade human safety ability.


    Further Information: Call for abstract from 10 October 2023 to 10 December 2023. Flyer  


    IV Ozone Training

    Austin IV Ozone Training in Austin - May 12 & 13, 2023. With FOUR expert hosts to teach you: How to do IV ozone therapy; How to prep and discharge patients; How to be legally compliant; How to fit IV ozone into your other protocols; How to dose and titrate for best results; How to do it safely and when to use it; How the science of ozone therapy applies to your practice with it. Our expert instructors include: Micah Lowe - The Ozonaut;  Dr. Jason West;  Dr Adam Boender; Justin Lesh.


    Further Information: More information and To Register


    Better EMF Protection

    Now available in XL size! Are you concerned about EMF and wireless radiation?

    WaveWall Universal is the perfect universal anti-radiation phone case, giving excellent all round protection for your body and phone. Shield yourself from mobile phone radiation with the WaveWall Universal – without hindering the normal use of your phone!


    Further Information: To protect yourself from mobile phone radiation purchase WaveWall Universal.


    The Gonzalez Protocol

    Weeks Of Wisdom: Addressing Parkinson's. One of the reasons why we created this Weeks of Wisdom series is because some people told us that they only associated Dr Nicholas Gonzalez's nutritional enzyme treatment with cancer. In fact, The Gonzalez Protocol® is a system for balancing the autonomic nervous system so it can address any disease or deficiency.  Dr Gonzalez's dietary and supplement advice for Parkinson's


    Further Information: Free Advice for Parkinson’s To learn more about the many aspects of the Gonzalez non-profit, 501 (c) 3 Foundation's efforts please visit


    School of Bodywork

    The 5 Day Tri-Dosha Ayurvedic Massage Therapy course with Ayurveda and Wellness expert Sunita Passi is on 9-13 May 2023. Open to non-therapists as well as therapists (non-therapists will only receive a Certificate of Attendance rather than a Practitioner’s Certificate), this course is suitable for anyone who has an interest in health and wellness, and Eastern philosophies. It will suit Yoga/Pilates teachers very well, as well as Beauty Therapists, Reflexologists, Bowen Practitioners. The five days will cover 7 different therapies and lots of Ayurvedic medicine theory, breathwork, using oils and herbal compresses with a strong focus on general health and wellbeing, one of Sunita’s passions.


    Further Information; Please contact us via;  To Book


    The Wee Yoga Room

    New Spring Wee Yoga Room Term, 6 weeks, 17th Apr - 27th May; you can book here. Following the success of our Spring yoga retreat on the 26th of March, we have now scheduled in a another day retreat.  The Wee Yoga Room day summer day retreat will be on the 20th of August.. This day will be the ultimate in relaxation and self-nurture. You can find out more and book here. We will continue to run Sound Baths with Jenifer Elisabetta, but during the summer months, they will be very 2 months. The next one will be the 27th of May. You can book here


    Further Information:


    Neutrient Curcumin+

    The newest launch from award-winning practitioner brand Neutrient is Curcumin+. This innovative new formula combines highly absorbable Theracurmin®, a patented and clinically researched form of curcumin, the active phytonutrient found in turmeric, with Casperome® a patented Boswellia extract containing a full spectrum of Boswellia acids coated in phospholipids for superior absorption. Curcumin+ provides key phytonutrient support: for movement, flexibility and mobility;  during times of joint pain or inflammation;  during recuperation and recovery from illness or injury; after a period of food or alcohol over-indulgence; alongside a cleansing or elimination diet.


    Further Information: Please contact on Tel: 020 3239 4907;  To purchase


    HayMax for Hay Fever

    HayMax has a huge reputation as the leading ethical organic allergen barrier balm. It provides a range of organic allergen barrier balms for hay fever, dust and pet allergy sufferers. HayMax – certified organic – was founded in 2005 by Max Wiseberg and Christine Kelly. Max is a long-term hay fever sufferer who had tried most treatments and remedies with limited or no success – until he discovered a unique prevention for himself in his own kitchen. HayMax traps over a third of pollen before it enters the body, in addition to dust mite allergens and pet dander and HayMax traps significantly more pollen than an uncoated nostril, and traps all types of grass and tree pollen. 80% said it works in an independent survey.[References available via HayMax]


    Further Information: HayMax distributes through wholesalers to the health store and pharmacy trade, including Hunts Foods, Jumla, CLF, Avvrax, Hampdens, Sundrelle, Cress Natural Products and Sigma. For more information please contact via,


    Better Joint Health

    Research shows that for people with musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis, engaging in appropriate physical activity reduces pain, improves quality of life, and strengthens the muscles and joints. Katie Knapton, Chartered Physiotherapist with over 30 years of musculoskeletal experience and founder of PhysioFast Online, comments:Mobility is really important in helping the body to function properly.” Katie has teamed up with GOPO® Joint Health to develop a 12-Week Flex and Mobility Plan to support positive changes in joint health which encompasses simple, easy-to-implement stretches and exercises, alongside the use of clinically-backed supplement, GOPO® Joint Health. GOPO® Joint Health  is the first UK supplement containing high levels of GOPO® – the active compound isolated from the Rosa-canina plant. 


    Further Information: GOPO® Joint Health is available from Boots,  Tesco and independent chemists nationwide. Visit for further information.  


    TTAC – Detox from Cancer Jab

    We live among a sea of toxins in the air, water, food supply, and even our homes. Hazardous chemicals are in household cleaning supplies and thousands of personal care products. Then we’ve got conventional vaccinations that often contain mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde, and other toxic substances. Prescription and over-the-counter drugs are in and of themselves toxic and often contain artificial chemical additives. Poisonous heavy metals from numerous environmental sources are yet another concern, as well as invisible electromagnetic fields. Ty and Charlene Bollinger at TTAC – The Truth About Cancer® are on a mission to help people be as healthy as possible; detoxification is an important piece of the health puzzle. They have written an e-book – ‘Detoxing Secrets for Vibrant Health’ -- which you can download as a FREE gift, right now.


    Further Information: Download free e-book Detoxing Secrets for Vibrant Health.


    Mindfulness for Cancer

    Forthcoming course dates: Thursday 4th May to Thursday 29th June 2023 – 10am to 12.30 (online). WHYbemindful is a course designed to support people living with and beyond cancer, their family members and carers. Specialist mindfulness facilitator Chris Barker leads the group through mindfulness exercises to help you learn helpful techniques to manage the difficult emotions that can arise when your life has been impacted by cancer. No previous experience of mindfulness is necessary; the course is open to anyone aged over 18 who has been affected directly or indirectly by cancer, or any life-threatening condition, including  those who care for a loved one or family member.


    Further Information: Please contact us on Tel: 01373 455255; Watch a 3-minute WHYbemindful animation


    David Lauterstein Silence

    The more we listen, the more we touch, the more we look - what we hear under the various sounds is zero noise; under our touch, there is quiet presence; underlying what we see, empty space; under our flesh, our 'silent' living bones. How many hours I've spent reading in magical silence! Perhaps silence, the great zero, is the greatest teacher. Please join me in the explorations of zero and quiet this sacred spring. Take advantage of our Zero Balancing ZB Certification Intensive Program. It begins May 4th with ZB I Apply today!! Deep Massage: The Lauterstein Method


    Further Information: Apply for Zero Balancing Certification Program. Order The Memory Palace of Bones direct from the publisher.


    Integrative Oncology

    Evidence-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle BANT AGM & Conference – 20th May. This event is an opportunity to learn from leading experts on emergent scientific and clinical evidence in the specialist areas of integrative oncology, cancer prevention, lifestyle medicine, psychosocial support, personalized nutrition and inter-disciplinary clinical practice. The focus of the conference is scientific evidence and real-world examples that inform comprehensive, multidisciplinary cancer patient care, with emphasis on personalized nutrition and lifestyle medicine.


    Further Information: For Event Details and to Purchase Tickets


    I Am Not My Diagnosis

    After a life-threatening diagnosis of multiple sclerosis at age 23, Carley Mellors-Blair used functional medicine and epigenetic approaches to reverse her diagnosis; she is now symptom and pain-free. With an academic background in Social Sciences, and awards from Loughborough University for her research, Carley has grown a successful holistic health clinic that practices functional ways to wellness, autoimmune diseases and health conditions, helping over 30,000 people on their journey to ultimate wellbeing. More recently, Carley has used her journey as inspiration for her debut book to motivate, help, and challenge people’s outlook on life. 


    Further Information: More Information at Altered Health Available to purchase on   and


    Xlear Nasal Spray Hay Fever

    Xlear Nasal Spray can help clear your sinuses with no side-effects  and can be used regularly without the risk of rebound congestion and aids in restoring the natural mucus production of the nose. According to Independent Pharmacist Rita: “Xlear nasal spray contains two ingredients, saline and Xylitol. The saline works by softening and loosening hardened nasal mucus. Xylitol helps to moisturise the nostrils and tackle bacterial colonies that may be causing inflammation in the nasal passages. Both these ingredients help to soften and loosen the nasal mucus, which can  be blown out more easily along with any bacteria and viruses.”


    Further information: Available from  independent health stores and from Amazon



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