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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 278

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 278 - May 2022

The Chi Machine Story – An Update on 30 Years of Unheralded Success

To the uninitiated the term “chi machine” may sound like an oxymoron – how can the movement of such subtle energy be authentically associated with anything mechanical, no matter how sophisticated the device?

The original Japanese invention that came to be known in the West as “The Chi Machine”[1] – patented and registered as a remedial medical device in Japan in 1990 – is known to the Japanese as “Goldfish Exercise Machine.” The goldfish exercise concept was first taught as a basic principle of the Nishi-shiki health system developed by Katsuzo Nishi and was used in traditions such as Aikido long before 1990 – in this short 8 sec. video the Aikido Master says: “move your heels from left to right” and demonstrates how.


arms side with waves Mk2

Simply put, this is what a chi machine does: it swings your heels from left to right continuously while you’re simply lying down. If you look at the video again, you’ll see that, while not quite as elegant as the movement of a goldfish, the natural response of the body is a sideways oscillation right up to the head.

Japanese traditions share with the Chinese the notion that the core of our energy systems is located in the hara (J.) or dantian (C.) – just below the navel.  One of the key principles of Qi Gong (from which Tai Chi was developed) is activating the lower dantian. Many Qi Gong exercises are designed to achieve this subtle state with amazingly powerful results.

Many people who use a chi machine for the first time report a tingling sensation at the end of their session. Intriguingly this often includes tingling in the arms and hands, even if the hands have been left in place by the side of the body. One explanation that accords with Qi Gong theory is that stagnant chi is now being moved through the meridians as a result of the stimulation of the dantian.

Another benefit of activating the dantian according to Qi Gong theory (and experience!) is that breathing deepens and the spine naturally lengthens, which in turn has many benefits including improved circulation between the left and right channels which pass through the main organs of the body.

In terms of back care too, there are obvious (and tangible) effects; simply put the body is able to release the tension held in the muscles and fascia due to poor posture and mental stress. Used as a tool, extra benefits are available; the manufacturers of the FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser – an updated version of the original Chi Machine – have produced a video demonstrating floor-based exercises that can be used both mid-session and afterwards.


  1. The Chi Machine® has been registered as a Trade Mark by Chan-Hsiung Pan and others

Special Offer and Further Information

Energy for Health are offering a 10% discount on their FlexxiCore products - use code PH-5-22 by 31st May 2022.
For further information please contact Energy for Health on Tel: 08456 120129 / 01934 257066;



SilicaWaters®  – Wider Choice for Silica-Rich Detox Water will soon be offering a wider choice of health- giving silica-rich bottled drinking waters. The newcomers will be just as rich in silica content. And they will be in line with our pledge as a certified Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise in keeping our Silicawaters affordable for families who have come to rely on it for better health and wellbeing.

Some will also be available in glass bottles as well as BPA-free safe PET recyclable plastic bottles.

SilicaWaters Logo with r + Acilis 8


Meanwhile continue to offer our original ACILIS by Spritzer silica-rich water from Malaysia even though the rocketing cost of ocean freight continues to rise.

We will continue our search for other economically priced silica-rich waters to offer customers further choice and will be introducing even more varieties soon. We will also continue our Social Enterprise promise offering free samples and discounts for those impacted by neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, epilepsy, autism and ADHD.

Higher Level of Silica found in ACILIS by Spritzer

The silica content of Acilis by Spritzer has been certified as even higher than listed on the bottle. A recent lab test showed a level of 60mg/L compared to 55.2mg/L on the label. It also showed Acilis as the purist of waters, being free of all known contaminants.
The test was carried out by USA based NSF International Laboratories, which is officially recognized by America’s Food & Drugs Administration for its authenticity.
 The level of silica content can naturally fluctuate at extraction from the water source by several degrees. Scientific research has shown that there must be at least 30mg/L of silica in mineral water for it to be effective in removing aluminium - which suggests that mineral water with a silica content in the low 30s may not be reliable as a detox.

Zero microplastics have been found in ACILIS by Spritzer silicawater after testing by an independent laboratory.

A copy of the test result can be obtained on request from Spritzer-the Silicon(Silica) Rich Natural Mineral Water , comes to you from an aquifer or water source surrounded by a 330 acre landbank of pristine original natural tropical rainforest far away from all pollution, hence protecting the integrity, quality, safety and purity of its natural mineral water . From the water source to the bottle, Spritzer is untouched by human hands.

Tests on major brands of bottled water have found that nearly all of them contained tiny particles of plastic. BBC report:

Further Information

For the science which shows how silica-rich water safely removes toxic aluminium from the body, while naturally boosting body collagen for softer skin, supple joints, stronger hair and nails: CLICK HERE ( and HERE



Energizing the Throat Chakra to Prevent Viral Infections

by John Cross FCSP Dr Ac

When Covid 19 first reared its ugly head 2 years ago, there were a few silly suggestions in the popular press by ‘experts’ about using reflexology and acupressure to treat coronavirus. This is hogwash. It is as daft as seeing an osteopath if you have chicken pox. The virus will only be eradicated (as with most viruses) with improving and maintaining the body’s immune system and strengthening the ‘entry point’ of the virus. It is not enough just to ‘press or massage’ LI 4, LR 3 and SP 6 etc. as has been suggested.

Most respiratory viruses (such as corona and influenza) enter the body by the Throat chakra centred at Con 22. It is therefore imperative that the Throat chakra is energy balanced in order to both stay healthy and to improve the situation if you happen to be infected. Correct diet, daily meditation or yoga and Vitamin C in mega doses are also important. In traditional Ayurvedic medicine, the Throat chakra is linked to elimination and expression on an emotional level and with the lungs, large bowel and skin on an organic level.


Cover Healing with the Chakra Energy System + Throat Chakra


Throat Chakra Energizing

  1. KEY POINT - Stimulate acupoint LR 5 for up to 20 seconds
  2. KEY POINT – Stimulate CON 6 for up to 20 seconds. As this point is also the anterior Sacral chakra, it helps to energize it at this time as there is a direct link between the Sacral and Throat chakras
  3. Place the hands on both the anterior and posterior Throat chakras at CON 22 and GOV 14. This is best done lying down. Hand should be kept in situ for at least 2 minutes or until such time as you feel that your two hands are almost touching each other and the whole region feels relaxed. Visualisation will also help at this stage. Remember FOCUS and INTENTION! Fingertips may be used instead of the whole hands.
  4. You may also energy balance the Shoulder chakras at LI 15 either with each other or with the anterior Throat chakra.

The Sacral, Solar Plexus and Spleen chakras should also be energized to improve the immune system. Information on this and other acupressure procedures are found in my bestselling book Healing with the Chakra Energy System  (North Atlantic Books -2006). Ideally, this routine should be carried out once a day. You will find at the end of a week that your energy levels should be increased and have more of a ‘wellness’ feel. Good luck.

Further Information

For more information and to order Healing with the Chakra Energy System, please contact John via 



Neutrient Butterfat Keto – Distributed by Abundance and Health Ltd

Fuel Your Intermittent Fast, Ketogenic or Low Carb High Fat Diet With The World’s First C8 MCT Oil Powder Keto Creamer Featuring Heat Stable Gut Friendly Microbiome Spores Neutrient Butterfat Keto


Neutrient Butterfat Keto 278


Neutrient Butterfat Keto is the easy way to bullet your morning coffee, making 16 hours or more of intermittent fasting a breeze. For anyone following a Keto, LCHF (Low carb, high fat diets) or IF (intermittent fasting) strategy this product is the tool you have all been waiting for. It has been formulated with a precise balance of nutrients to help keep you feeling full, focused and energized until mid-morning or lunch. This versatile and unique formulation is the first to combine C8 MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil powder with grass-fed butter, organic ghee and heat resistant gut friendly microbiome spores and can also be used to make healthy keto snacks.

By dissolving just two scoops of this MCT and butter powder into your coffee, tea or smoothie, you can bulletproof your beverage to help curb cravings, distract you from hunger pangs and help you avoid unhealthy sugary or starchy snacks. When used as a part of a Ketogenic, Low Carb High Fat diet or during Intermittent Fasting the MTCs get converted into ketones and these can be used as a source of fuel when glucose is unavailable.

How does Butterfat Keto Work?

Unlike other fats, MCT gets burned for fuel rather than stored as fat. Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) bypass digestion and are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, they head straight to the liver and get quickly converted into ketones, a powerful fuel for body and brain cells. Unlike other triglycerides, MCT gains rapid access into the mitochondria without the assistance of carnitine.

Is MCT the Same as Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil and MCT are quite different. Coconut oil is the cold pressed oil extracted from fresh coconuts and contains long chain triglycerides (LCT), which your body stores as fat, alongside medium chain triglycerides (MCT) and small amounts of omega 6 and omega 9. MCT oil is made by extracting the medium chain triglycerides from coconut oil. These fats are unique because they get burned for fuel, rather than stored as fat, making them ideal for supporting different types of low carb weight loss strategies. There are four types of MCT - C6, C8, C10 and C12 – all naturally present in coconut oil. It’s C8 which is the most effective fuel for fat burning.

MCT Powder vs MCT Oil

There are many benefits to using an MCT powder over an MCT oil. Some people experience digestive discomfort when using an MCT oil, especially at high doses. This is much less likely to happen with MCT powder which delivers the MCT into the digestive system in a much gentler way. If you try adding MCT oil to a hot or cold drink, you’ll discover that it floats, forming an oil slick which leaves your lips feeling greasy. MCT powder however completely dissolves and creates a delicious creamy luxurious mouthfeel with no greasy after-effects.

Heat Stable Microbiome Spores

Butterfat Keto contains prebiotic fibre and heat stable Bacillus coagulans and Bacillus subtilis microbiome spores which survive digestion and are stable in hot drinks. Studies indicate that supporting your balance of healthy gut bacteria helps keep you regular and may also support weight loss.

Further Information

Neutrient Butterfat Keto RRP £39.98 / €47.98 (300g) is Available from   Abundance and Health



Audiobook: Tales Of Brother Marcus - The Pilgrimage

by Allan Armstrong Narrated by Ian Sheffield

Published by Imagier Books. 2022. AudioBook. ASIN: B09MDPLXKQ


Tales of Brother Marcus The Pilgrimmage

An allegorical tale of a spiritual journey set in the mysterious world of fifth-century Britain.


The Encounter

"As dawn broke, a sea mist rolled over the shoreline engulfing the land in a strange impenetrable silence. The black-robed monk stood on the gritty sand blind to all but the shifting clouds of mist that seemed to be saturated with a soft white light. He stood perfectly still, calm and attentive, mindful of the mist’s disorientating power, and noted its cold damp touch on his face and hands and he was glad to be wearing a warm cloak. Although able to see and make sense of very little, his sense of smell evoked images of an ancient coastline forever turned towards the setting Sun, where the four elements met, combining and recombining in a perpetual dance of life and death, of beginnings and endings..." - EXTRACT FROM PAGE 7.

Further Information

Available from   Amazon Kindle   iTunes  and Audible   



Sayer Complementary Health - How Homeopathy Can Help You

Each year during Homeopathy Awareness Week 10-16 April, we celebrate the birth of Samuel Hahnemann and how, through this form of natural healing, so many people will have benefitted.  I was introduced to homeopathy just under 40 years ago when my children were small and I needed help with their general health, teething, coughs, colds etc.  I was astounded how quickly these minor problems were resolved with the appropriate homeopathic remedies. This led me to study and ultimately become a homeopathic practitioner.


Sayer Photo 278


You might be wondering what homeopathy can do for you.  There are many ways in which homeopathy can help ranging from acute ailments through to assisting during pregnancy, childbirth and even helping people recover from surgery. 

My online course Homeopathy at Home is designed to teach you how to use homeopathic remedies for a range of ailments such as coughs, colds, headaches and sore throats etc.  Starting with a brief introduction of homeopathy’s history and how the remedies are made, it covers a number of homeopathic remedies along with pointers to the remedies and how to differentiate between remedies that, at first glance, appear to be very similar.

Instructions on how to give/take the remedies are included along with how often they should be repeated.  Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic, non-addictive and safe for all ages, unlike some over-the-counter medications where you may be advised not to operate machinery or drive due to the possibility of becoming drowsy. Homeopathic remedies can be purchased from local health stores.

If, after completing the Homeopathy at Home course you feel that you would like to develop your knowledge further, the Homeopathic Practitioner Diploma course offers you an in-depth apprenticeship style study course spread over three years.  This course further explores the philosophy of homeopathy, differentiating between acute and chronic cases and preparing case studies.  You will be required to put aside time for self-study and written assignments.  Once all the necessary criteria have been

completed you will be entitled to register as a homeopathic practitioner and take steps to build your career as a homeopath.

I am also pleased to note that I am now a recognized practitioner of NutriClean, Gut Transformation and Peri-Menopause nutritional health Programmes.  With the aid of nutritional supplementation and homeopathy I enjoy working with people and seeing their health improve and the longer-term benefits of staying healthy.

My practice is in Burnham-on-Crouch in Essex but for clients where distance or time constraints could be an issue, I am happy to hold consultations via Zoom, Skype, Facetime, etc.

Further Information

For further details on any of the above, please telephone 01621 730664 or email me at  or visit and please mention Positive Health when making contact.



Organic Tools for a Complete Organic Health Toolkit

Meridian Support

The body mind and spiritual connection must be balanced to facilitate optimum health on each level.


energy fields


Chakras, Vital Organs and Meridians

In my work over the last 3 decades, I have studied with many shaman/curanderos and curanderas (medicine women) who have informed me that in all cultures that if a symptom appears then we must go to the level above where it manifests to heal the issue.

For example, a sore knee (physical), must be approached acknowledging the reason in the emotional body that may be influencing this symptom prior to addressing the joint itself with topical physio/external medical procedures and/or nutrition. This can also involve looking at which side of the body is being affected; right ( male /work/yang/masculine) or left (female/emotions/yin/feminine).

This is also corroborated by the psycho-neuro-immunology concept which isn’t new, in fact people like Caroline Myss, Louise Hay, Dr Bruce Lipton and Greg Braden have already done extensive work in these areas.

As professional holistic therapist, teacher, life coach and quantum light worker for the past 30 years, I have become aware that we need to also balance the body through a few different electro-magnetic systems ie the chakras, meridians and energy of major organs of the physical body.

To this end I have been preparing different blends of essential oils, herbs, and crystal vibrational essences to positively impact the toric fields of the body in order to restore homeostasis so that the body can heal itself naturally.

We are born with perfect bodies and amazing DNA which can also create DNA! When homeostasis( balance) exists within your biome, good health is the result. Even old injuries and ailments can heal, given the optimum environment including and enabling a natural flow of energy throughout all chakra, nadis and meridian which are effectively the channels if frequency throughout our entire bodies.

 The Soul Harmony Balancing Creams are essentially a pure white vegan base containing the highest therapeutic grade of natural essential oils and ingredients including monoatomic gold, crystal and herbals extracts. They are all made by me by hand within sacred space with beautiful music playing and angelic guidance.

This spiritually channelled range now includes 3 NEW Meridian Support creams; Triple warmer, Lung and Stomach

These 3 creams now complete the “Toolkit” to maintain and assist the healing and balancing of your higher vibrational luminous light-body.

All creams may be applied together synergising Divine alchemy.

Further Information

Please discover much more information on these and other topics of natural healing on my website:



Muscle Energy Techniques – A Practical Guide for Physical Therapists. Second Edition

by John Gibbons

Published by Lotus Publishing. 2022. Paperback. £17.59 / $31.95.  ISBN: 1913088324.

Muscle Energy Techniques (METs) is a must for any student or practitioner of physical therapy, osteopathy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, or massage therapy. This practical guide, packed full of colour photographs, fully illustrates the theory and practice of a range muscle energy techniques.

The book is broken in five parts. In Part I, the author examines the theory and principles behind muscle energy techniques, with chapters introducing the technique itself, muscle imbalances, myofascial slings and core muscle relationships, which leads neatly into the practice behind the technique.


Cover Muscle Energy Techniques


Parts II to IV break down the technique into body areas, i.e., upper body, lower body, trunk and pelvis, with clear descriptive explanations of the tech­niques accompanied by colour photographs with directional arrows showing the practitioner how to maximise the benefits of the treatment. Clear draw­ings allow the reader to understand the basic anatomy of each muscle.

A concluding Part V shows two applications of METs: self-lengthening tech­niques for the shoulder complex and muscle weakness testing and the gluteals.

The complete guide for any student or practitioner of physical therapy and related modalities, this is a book that you will refer to again and again.

About the Author

John Gibbons is a registered osteopath, author and lecturer for the Bodymaster Method®. He specialises in the assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries and supports over 75 sports teams in his busy clinic at the prestigious University of Oxford, as well as teaching his acclaimed Bodymaster Method® to physical therapists throughout the UK and internationally. Gibbons is also the author of A Practical Guide to Kinesiology Taping for Injury Prevention and Common Medical Conditions, The Vital Glutes, The Vital Shoulder Complex, The Vital Nerves, and Functional Anatomy of the Pelvis and the Sacroiliac Joint.

 Further Information

Available from and and Lotus Publishing



Reset Eating: Reset your Health and Resilience by Turning What and How You Eat into Powerful Medicine

by Rob Verkerk PhD, Meleni Aldridge, and Melissa Smith

Published by‎ Matador.  2022. Paperback. £24.90/   ISBN-10 : ‎ 1803130199.




Reset Eating enables you to turn your food into powerful medicine to reset your health and resilience. In it you’ll find information and practical tools, including how food provides specific information for the body. You’ll also find a bunch of recipes for serious health creation. They bring the ANH Intl’s ground-breaking Food4Health approach to life, catering for omnivores, flexitarians, vegans, vegetarians, as well as children.

Readers can choose to deep dive into the science behind metabolic, multi-system flexibility and resilience. You’ll also find out how food can provide information or disinformation for the body, how to crunch the numbers to help you get ‘keto-adapted’. Or you might just want to skip to the 12-step programme, nutrient and food sections for a more practical, just-do-it approach.

On your journey through this information-packed book, you’ll get to grips with microbes, why your gut is immune-central and why you need to avoid the two common allergens that can otherwise derail your best health efforts. Children’s health and re-thinking what kids are eating is crucial for parents who are looking for one book that can help you feed the whole family. Time challenged readers can jump straight to the recipes and just let the food be their medicine! Reset Eating invites the reader on a health creation odyssey with food – our first medicine – as the foundation of life.

Further Information

Available from and



Antiviral Aromatherapy: Essential Oils for Health & Wellbeing

by Maggie Tisserand

Published by ‎Weaver Publishing Ltd  2022. Paperback. £9.75/$12.85.  ISBN-10 ‏: ‎1916303927. EAN 9781916303928.





Maggie Tisserand - international author of aromatherapy health books - has written and published Antiviral Aromatherapy, an easy to understand self-help book for this time of viral pandemic.

Full of practical advice and information, the contents are split into four distinct parts: anecdotal stories of viral illness being successfully treated with essential oils; ways to treat the symptoms of long Covid; the importance of the immune system and why it needs to be understood; international university research with essential oils and common viruses, proving which essential oils are antiviral - followed by computational analysis of potential future use of antiviral essential oils to help combat the coronavirus.

Also included is an overview of the successful Nurses Stress Project set up by Maggie many years ago that could easily be replicated in the 21st century. And finally, the research into viral membrane disruption.

All scientific papers are fully cited. Maggie's book has something for everyone - from the newcomer to essential oils and aromatherapy to the fully qualified therapist or doctor.

Further Information

Available from and and Browns Books 



Thriving in the 21st Century


Published by HSC Press. 2022. Paperback and Kindle. £7.28/ $24.95/ $9.50. ISBN-10: ‎ 1737110229.  ASIN : ‎B09NS1SCQX

The 21st century has brought with it unprecedented challenges. Health and environmental effects of toxins introduced in the last half century have led to reductions in life expectancy, reproductive health, and quality of life and increases in anti-nutrients, loss of quality soil, impaired immune defence and repair, and digestive disorders.
Despite these challenges, there are still remarkable opportunities for those who choose more wisely. This book is a guide to reconnecting and rediscovering your healing capacities by embracing a nature, nurture, and wholeness approach to life.


Cover Thriving in the 21st Century

Thought-leading scientist and integrative health-care pioneer, Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD, shares wisdom gained over half a century in medicine, science, and spiritual practices that have taught him how to live long and well, especially in times of unprecedented stress and toxins.
His approach is personal, evidence-based and con-sists of practical ways of saving your life and the life of those about whom you care. Starting with today’s scientific evidence and incorporating wisdom traditions, Dr. Jaffe invites the reader on a journey of self-assessment, self-discovery, and self-awareness.

You are unique. Your chemistry, your relationships, and your history all interconnect to make you who you are. Dr. Jaffe explains what to measure, what the measurements mean functionally, and what to do to overcome the challenges of the 21st century and add decades of quality life.

Further Information

Available from and


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  • Brief Takes Issue 278


    Misha Norland Remembrance

    An in person and online event will take place on 13 May 2022, 2:30-6pm, to celebrate the life of Misha Norland. It will be a space where the Homeopathic community and friends can come together to remember Misha. Students, Homeopaths and friends can share memories, poems, pictures and anecdotes.


    Further information: School of Homeopathy  Misha Norland Remembrance


    Altrient Best VMS Product

    Altrient are delighted to announce that they have won Gold for Best VMS Product (Vitamin, Mineral and Supplement) for their Altrient C product, in the prestigious IHCAN product awards. Since its inception in 2002, Integrative Healthcare & Applied Nutrition magazine, has kept professional Practitioners and The Health and Care Professionals Council HCPs informed of cutting-edge technologies and the best of the health industry, with the annual awards cherry-picking the best of the best.


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    Botanica 2022

    Botanica will open its doors on 20 May. With almost 40 inspiring and informative lectures and workshops from international speakers, a dynamic trade show, fun activities and high-tech live networking functionalities for this 10-year anniversary edition of this world-renowned event. The Botanica2022 bursary scheme is offering 35 bursary places to those who are in financial difficulty and who would not otherwise be able to attend the conference.


    Further information:


    Healing with Flowers

    Healing with Flowers by Anne McIntyre is now available to buy from her website. The healing power of flowers permeates every aspect of our lives. Flowers help us mark every event and ceremony from birth to death and bring us joy and solace throughout the years. They have inspired poets, authors and artists and come to symbolise the whole range of human experience.


    Further information:


    The online Homeopathy Library at is proud to present a very large and rich collection of historical Homeopathic journals. These journals of the bygone era, published between 1930 and 1955 are a treasure trove of amazing articles from some of the best Homeopaths ever!


    Further information:


    Human Givens College May

    Upcoming training in Leeds and London with the Human Givens College count towards their Diploma Course. The Therapeutic Power of Language is a 2-day course with Gareth Hughes on 9 and 10 May in Leeds. How to Control Chronic Anxiety takes place on 24 May in Leeds. How to Lift Depression 25 May in Leeds. Brief Therapy for Stopping Addictions 25 May in London. Overcoming Self-Harm, 26 May in London and online training continues on Trauma, How to Help Children Thrive, Couples Therapy, OCD and more.


    Further information Tel: 01323 811 690,   Human Givens College


    Birth the New Earth

    The Birth the New Earth series of dialogues explores the relationship between personal awakening and planetary awakening. Based on Catherine Lucas’ 20 years work, the 3-week course The Accelerated Awakening Roadmap, A 3-Part Process to Thrive in the Face of Our Personal and Planetary Challenges, will help you master the 3-part process for moving successfully through the Accelerated Awakening so that you know which of the key tools and skills to use.


    Further information:   Register Co-Creating Our Future World


    Pro Plus Ultra

    Pro Plus Ultra is the UK’s first energy supplement to contain a unique blend of performance ingredients, including a patented slow-release caffeine that is clinically proven to provide a sustained energy release throughout the day, helping to aid focus and productivity. Pro Plus Ultra’s unique blend of ingredients include slow-release caffeine, Ashwagandha, Vitamins B6 & B12, Ginseng and Guarana.


    Further information:


    Amchara Health

    Did you know that around 90% of serotonin receptors are located in your gut and your gut microbiome produces more serotonin than your brain? Amchara Health offers the top 11 powdered superfoods. You can also enjoy a Spring detox with the Amchara Juicery, with fresh, organic juices to suit your health goals.


    Further information:


    Gonzalez Protocol Seminar

    The Nicholas Foundation was founded in December 2015 by his wife, Mary Beth, who appealed to Doctors for help and found Board Members, who were like-minded Doctors. Dr Alex Orton tells the story on video. How they all met, how they explored, researched and ‘cracked the code’, how they faced and overcame obstacles and learn about the science behind The Gonzales Protocol.


    Further information:  


    Physio’s Joint Care Tips

    Outdoor exercise is a great way to keep active; endorphins help you to relieve stress, increase self-esteem and boost energy. Award winning Physiotherapist, Sammy Margo, recommends you stretch and strengthen, mix up your movements, maintain a healthy weight and wear appropriate footwear. An anti-inflammatory in your diet will help arthritic conditions, such as GOPO Joint Health Plus Ginger, which is the first UK supplement which combines the active rose-hip compound.


    Further information:  or


    Refresh & Rejuvenate in Nature

    Immerse yourself in Byron’s hinterland beauty, vitalize on organic fare and through fasting, calm with Yoga, Meditation, nature walks, Massage, Osteopathy and being outside, surrounded by trees. Cleanse with hydrotherapy and enjoy the stars. 5-day retreat, 19-24 May 2022 and 3-day retreat, 27-29 May 2022.


    Further information:  


    VeganLife June ‘22

    Taking place on 11-12 June, at Alexandra Palace, London, Vegan Life Live will see an eclectic assortment of stands, sharing vegan wares and food, cooking demonstrations, workshops and passionate presenters talking about all aspects of a vegan lifestyle. The two-day event is perfect for new and long-term vegans alike as well as vegan-curious.


    Further information Tel: 01787 224 040,


    Water Jug Filters Chemicals

    Almost half of all tap water samples taken from across England, contained harmful Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)  chemicals, exceeding European safety levels. With Zero Water’s breakthrough technology, households can enjoy safe water in minutes, thanks to its specialist patented five-stage filter that reduces 99.6% of all total dissolved solids in drinking water.


    Further information:


    APOPS  Empower Women

    The leading question women diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse ask is ‘why wasn’t I informed or screened for POP sooner?’ Pelvic organ prolapse symptoms include, tissues bulging from the vagina, urinary incontinence, chronic constipation, vaginal or rectal pressure, painful intercourse, urine retention, back or pelvic pain, faecal incontinence, tampons pushing out and lack of sexual sensation.


    Further information: Tel: +1 262-642-4338;  Association for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support APOPS


    Winner Best College

    CNM College of Naturopathic Medicine and two-time consecutive winner of Best College in the IHCAN Education Awards are celebrating their win by giving new students £250 off the first year’s fees.


    Further information Tel: 01342 410 505;


    Love Hemp FSA Foods

    Trusted premium CBD brand Love Hemp is pleased to announce that it has been included on the latest update from the Food Standard Agency’s (FSA) Public List of CBD products, enabling Love Hemp to progress through to the validation stage in due course. Love Hemp has worked hard to ensure that its products are of the highest quality standards and meet all requirements as stipulated by any regulatory body.


    Further information:


    Power Down to Power Up

    Power Down to Power Up by Chartered Sports Psychologist and Author Dr Josephine Perry and Author and Yoga Expert, Lexie Williamson was released exclusively to Audible at the end of March. The extensively researched audio toolkit is designed for high achievers who want accessible techniques to settle their minds and help them sharpen focus, cut stress, boost performance or sleep better.


    Further information:


    Yoga for Cancer

    Yoga for Cancer by Vicky Fox published June ‘22 is a unique and accessible handbook for cancer patients who might prefer to do Yoga at home or to use in conjunction with Vicky’s free Yoga for Cancer classes, which are available at TriYoga and online. The book is easy to navigate with an A-Z of side-effects, making this a go-to guide, with photographs of Vicky herself doing the poses, enabling the reader to easily copy and learn.


    Further information:  Waterstones  WH Smith


    Exercise Cancer Diagnosis

    Get Your Oomph Back: A Guide to Exercise after a Cancer Diagnosis by Carolyn Garritt is a guide to exercising after a cancer diagnosis. Exercises after a cancer diagnosis can help people feel better in many ways; stronger, calmer, less fatigued and more in control. Beyond this, there is compelling evidence linking physical activity with improved outcomes.


    Further information:


    Positive Guide to Facing Life

    It Is What It Is: A Positive Guide to Facing Up to Life-Changing Experiences, Including Loss, by Julie Morehen portrays how life challenges shape the person you become. A person that can dig deep, find immense inner strength and positivity. Past experiences and how you dealt with them can be drawn upon to deal with the hardest, most devastating event of all – loss.


    Further information:


    Immuno 3B™ Complex

    Immuno 3B™ Botanical Super Complex is an expertly-formulated, 100% natural food supplement is packed full of polyphenols, vitamins and minerals, designed to support the immune system and features powerful Immuno 3B™ super-complex. Free from synthetic ingredients, Curranz® Immune contains nature-identical sources of vitamins C, D, A, beta glucans and selenium.


    Further information:


    Conference Improving Health

    The Improving Health and Increasing Activity Conference is run by The Royal Society of Medicine, London on 14 June 2022. Tom Mack, passionate about the combined benefits of physical activity and immersion in nature, chatted to Rosie, a participant in a CAN project run in partnership with Forestry England at Haldon Forest about her recent diagnosis of early Parkinson’s Disease. The Conference will focus on how to adopt a preventative health approach across your community by promotion and prescription of physical activity.


    Further information: Improving Health and Increasing Activity Conference 2022


    Postnatal PTSD Guide

    Postnatal PTSD – A Guide for Health Professionals by CEO of the Birth Trauma Association, Kim Thomas and award-winning midwife, Shona McCann explores the underdiagnosed and misunderstood postnatal PTSD. This book is an accessible guide for Health and Mental Health professionals; it supports professionals to better understand, recognise, treat and help prevent birth trauma.


    Further information:  Jessica Kingsley Publishers


    Love Hemp CBD Top Brand

    Love Hemp has been named Leading CBD brand of the Year in the Commercial Cannabis Awards by Global Healthy & Pharma. It is the second year in a row that the trusted premium CBD brand has scooped the award. The GHP awards recognize excellence for services within the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries.


    Further information:


    Functional Mushrooms

    Mindful Extracts has a range of supplements which includes two of the most popular medicinal mushrooms, Reishi and Lion’s Mane. Reishi is one of the most celebrated functional mushrooms in Chinese medical literature. Lion’s Mane is a natural nootropic, with anti-microbial and anti-hypertensive properties and also reduces depression and supports brain function.


    Further information:  Mindful Extracts Reishi and Lion’s Mane


    Beat Burnout Reclaim Energy

    April was Stress Awareness Month and Life Design and Career Coach, Selina Barker shares tips to help reclaim your energy and thrive, no matter how busy life gets. Start the day by doing something that energizes you, take a 10-minute break every 90 minutes. Use exercise to recharge. Try an adaptogen to help you regulate stress and make you more alert. Kalms Rhodiola is made from Rhodiola rosea, a powerful herb that can help your body and brain process stress more effectively.


    Further information:


    Hay Fever Advice

    Independent Pharmacist, Rita Ghelani has explained why synthetic decongestants can be counter-productive when it comes to hay fever symptoms. Xlear Nasal Spray is a good alternative that can be used regularly without the risk of rebound congestion and aids in restoring the natural mucus production of the nose.


    Further information:


    Combat Long COVID Fatigue

    HuxQ10 has been specially formulated to include only plant-based ingredients. The main source is yeast fermentation. This process results in CoQ10, which is identical to the naturally occurring version. The Q10 has been formulated by dissolving Q10 in natural vegetable oil. HuxQ10 uses a new SuperADME™ technology for optimum absorption.


    Further information: Huxley Europe  Modern Herbals  Thyme Store 


    Buteyko Ireland Training

    Buteyko are announcing that live trainings are being scheduled again, starting with a Buteyko Certificate Training in Ireland at the Buteyko Clinic International in June 2022. All COVID restrictions have been removed for entry to Ireland so they look forward to welcoming international visitors to their brand-new Training Centre in the west of Ireland. Taking place on 23-26 June 2022.


    Further information:  Buteyko Certificate Training


    The Fast 800

    The Fast 800 Energy supplement provides you with key nutrients to augment your diet, enhancing energy production and healthy nervous function. It contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism, reduces tiredness and fatigue, offers support during times of fatigue, contains no un-natural stimulants, is suitable for vegans and is made in the UK.


    Further information:


    Bluebell River

    Ian Cameron Smith has released his new single, Bluebell River. To behold a river of bluebells during the dawning of an English spring is a thing of profound beauty. When he first set eyes on this floral phenomenon, he was captivated at this delicate expression of nature. His new piece is a delicate guitar duet that pays homage to this magical wash of bluey purple, juxtaposed by the vibrant, fresh green budding beech trees after a long winter of silent hibernation.


    Further information:  Bluebell River


    Sweet Slumber

    Research from Puressentiel shows that 83% of us have suffered sleep issues at some point in their lives. GP, Dr Nisa Aslam offers tips to help. Don’t force it, if you haven’t fallen asleep, get up, get some water and distract yourself by doing something relaxing, such as reading. Try Puressentiel Rest & Relax Air Spray, a combination of 12 pure essential oils including True Lavender, Rosewood and Roman Chamomile.


    Further information:    Rest & Relax Air Spray


    OHMG Water

    OHMG Water is a UK based company that has launched the first functional magnesium water. The range of sparkling water with ionic magnesium comes in four flavours, Peach & Rosemary, Raspberry & Lemon Balm, Blackcurrant and Echinacea and Original Sparkling. Each can is created using 100% natural fruit extracts and contains zero calories with no sugars or sweeteners.


    Further information:


    How to Cope with Uncertainty

    GP and Media Medic, Dr Sarah Jarvis offers advice for uncertainty and anxiety. Take a break from the news, avoid dwelling on things you cannot control and focus on what you can, search for positive news, try a traditional herbal remedy such as Kalms Lavender which has a longstanding association with relieving symptoms of mild anxiety, such as stress and nervousness. Seek help, share your concerns with a friend of via a helpline.


    Further information:



    Inner Path to Wealth

    Abundance – The Inner Path to Wealth is a new book by Deepak Chopra. Deepak illuminates the road to success and wholeness, helping you tap into a deeper sense of awareness to become agents of change in your own lives. Mixing ancient teachings and spiritual practices with the wisdom he has garnered over four decades as the leading figure in mind-body medicine.


    Further information: Excerpt from AIHM    Penguin Random House


    Energy Cleansing Crystals

    Energy Cleansing Crystals by Judy Hall is suitable for beginners and experienced crystal workers alike. This help to address how crystals can be used to detoxify the planet, harmonise the psyche and purify your personal space. The book focuses on practical ways in which personal space can be cleared and energised and the earth healed.


    Further information: Penguin Random House   Watkins Publishing



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