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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 264

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 264 - August 2020

Harnessing the Benefits of New Understandings of the Health Benefits of Water?

When most people think about water to support health they think of water that is filtered, with contaminants removed. That is of course important with increasing concerns as to traces of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, pharmaceutical drugs and hormones that could be present, in addition to residues of any chemicals used in water treatment. There is also concern about microplastics in drinking water, which is sadly the consequence of the way we have used and disposed of plastics over the last few decades. It is important for healthy water to have as high a level of removal as possible of these contaminants, but new developments in water science confirm that that is only a part of the benefits that water can bring.


Over the last decade there has been extensive research into the antioxidant effects of water containing molecular hydrogen. This tiny molecule H2 is not present in tap or bottled waters but is found in nature in waters that are understood to have particular healing benefits.  Because of its small molecular size molecular hydrogen can penetrate deep into the body. There are now over 1,000 peer reviewed published papers on the benefits of molecular hydrogen on human and animal health. They are all catalogued on the web site of  This is a good resource to find out more information on the power of this the smallest of molecules.

Recent advances in the use of bio ceramics, which are combinations of natural minerals has developed minerals that will release molecular hydrogen into water so that people can enjoy the health benefits as they drink water.

There has been further very interesting research carried out by Dr Gerry Pollack at the University of Washington into the structure of water. His discovery of a fourth phase of water offers further opportunities to harness the power in good water for our wellbeing.  You can get a flavour of his work at   Of particular value is the effect of water in cell function.

We can harness these advances in science in a number of water products which takes point of use water treatment to a different level and help protect us from the adverse effects of pollution in our everyday environment.  Filtering water purely to remove contaminants is only the first stage of a process to produce water which is going to enhance our wellbeing. Good water should be the number 1 nutrient for the body, to help protect our cells, enhance our energy levels, improve our immunity and aid detoxification.

Further Information

This article was contributed by Roddy MacDonald of Water for Health Ltd, who have pioneered the introduction of innovative water filters using bio ceramics to improve human health.  Water for Health are UK distributors for Biocera, one of the leading companies in the development of products to improve the health enhancing properties of water.


Hypnosis: Power Over Pain

by  Dr John Butler Course Director, Hypnotherapy Training International

It is surprising to most of us to find out that ‘pain is in the brain’ and not elsewhere in the body.  Were it not for our brain processing sensory information and interpreting it as pain, we would feel no pain at all.

The ‘gap’ between the suffering body part and the interpretation of signals in the brain is a golden opportunity for the intervention of hypnosis.  While our pain-signaling injury or illness is awaiting treatment, or is being treated, or has been treated as much as it can be, we can use hypnosis to get our brain to interpret those signals differently.  This gives us much-needed relief, releasing energy from the exhausting experience of pain, enabling us to sleep and often, if our injury allows, to eat and regain strength.  All of these are great aids to recovery and to reduce the stress of a pain experience.

Hypnotic Pain control - close-up needle test

Learning to use your brain to reinterpret and change pain signals is therefore an extraordinarily useful skill, and hypnosis is, in my experience of seeing its marvelous effects, the most rapid and powerful way to learn it.  Like learning any skill, how fast and how well a person learns to control pain sensation will depend on their motivation, their abilities to direct their imagination and thought processes and to apply the hypnotic methods they are taught.

The wish to escape from pain is a great motivator!  So there are many times when people will achieve very impressive results with pain control, even with chronic pain.

Case histories I have had include: 

  • People with chronic pain which was limiting their activities, who have been able to become much more active, even with a reduction of pain medication;
  • People fearful of dental procedures who have been able to go to the dentist without suffering;
  • People who have recurring unpredictable pain which causes great anxiety in anticipating whether a burst of pain may come, who gain confidence from knowing they can control it;
  • People having surgical procedures, who can use hypnosis for preparation and recovery, often enabling a significant reduction in chemical anesthesia which in itself is beneficial to recovery.  In some cases, for medical reasons, it has been necessary to use hypnosis as the sole an aesthetic during surgeries;
  • People in recovery from injury or illness, who have pain temporarily as part of their healing process.

The skills needed to bring these benefits to people require a proper training in hypnotherapy.  I am frequently delighted and impressed to hear of the achievements in pain management of our students at Hypnotherapy Training International – some of the best news I can receive.

Further Information

For more information about HTI Training Courses please contact Dr John Butler Course Director, Hypnotherapy Training International HTI on Tel: +44(0)207 385 1166;


Unoccupancy of Business Premises during the Covid Crisis – Balens Business Protection

In light of the COVID-19 restrictions imposed, many Health, Wellbeing, Beauty and Fitness Professionals have had to temporarily cease trading leading to unoccupied business premises.  Most buildings and contents policies will have conditions that need to be met where unoccupied premises are concerned - do check your policy wording with your insurer if you are unsure if this applies to you.  Balens clients, who hold a busines protection policy underwritten by Covéa Insurance plc, have benefitted from an extension on the number of days of unoccupancy that the policy will allow (from 45 to 90 and now to 120 days), provided all reasonable endeavours are made to follow the Risk Management Guidelines issued by the insurer.

Balens 264 Insurance + Physiotherapy

We thought it would be helpful to share some of this Risk Management guidance to help ensure your premises remain safe during closure, please also check any specific requirements for your own insurance where applicable. 

Points to consider:

  • Waste – Remove all external waste, pallets and empty skips before closure of the premises;
  • Waste bins – Empty all waste bins and move to a secure area, ideally at least 10 metres from the building. If it is not possible to keep at least 10 metres then these bins should have lockable lids;
  • Fire Systems – Ensure all fire and/or sprinkler systems remain fully operational;
  • Fire Doors – Check to ensure that internal fire doors are closed;
  • Building Utilities – Ensure all non-essential electrical devices and building utilities are turned off;
  • Inspections – Arrange for a weekly inspection of the building (internally and externally), risk assess for any lone working issues. Comply with existing government guidance regarding vulnerable people and lone worker risk assessments. Consider the provisioning for alternative skilled personnel;
  • Physical Security – Check that physical security measures are in place and effective. For example, fences are fit for purpose and in good repair, windows are locked, shutters are in place, gates are locked;
  • Intruder Alarm – Set Intruder alarms and ensure that the remote signalling is in place. Make sure there are a sufficient number of key holders available to respond to an activation within 20 minutes;
  • Maintenance – As long as it is practical, continue essential maintenance and complete any remedial measures. Continue to respond to all Building Management Systems (BMS) alerts.

Upon return to work it will be equally important to ensure the safety of the building – Zurich Insurance plc have produced a checklist and guidance for reopening premises – please see:

Further Information

For further information on Covid related and other Risk Management matters, including FAQs and information on returning to work, please visit  


Ayurvedic Professionals Association (APA) Launch AMRIT Research Project

Ayurvedic Professionals Association (APA) are pleased to announce the launch of the AMRIT research project (20/7/20 closes 20/10/20) with a free webinar hosted by the lead for Ayurveda College of Medicine UK, Dr Vijay Murthy MS PhD.

APA Logo + AMRIT Horizontal

AMRIT is the first research project specifically designed to map who is using Ayurveda and will provide much needed data on the use of Ayurveda within the UK. AMRIT is open to anyone who has been trained and using Ayurveda within the UK and the APA welcomes and encourages everyone applicable to participate in this important project to gather as much data as possible.

In the complementary healthcare arena, conducting good research is more challenging than mainstream conventional medicine. “Where is the research”, is an excellent question often faced by complementary therapy practitioners. While Randomized Control Trials (RCT) are still seen as the gold standard there are other valid forms of research, sometimes even more useful and applicable to real world healthcare. A mapping exercise, such as AMRIT, well thought out, executed and validated, provides the kind of data used by Governments and gives precise, clear information on what is being used and by whom. This helps health service providers better understand the needs of the population, alongside greater future use of complementary health modalities, simply because they become better understood.

During this uncertain time when the world has been forced to close borders and many have been asked to isolate, we are all learning to live in a new paradigm where people find themselves feeling increasingly anxious. Add to this an overburdened mental health service and the end result, increased anxiety with no easy solutions on where or even how to seek help. Those working outside mainstream healthcare know we can help an increasingly anxiety challenged population with simple yet effective solutions such as breathing, meditation and stress reducing techniques from the many linages we have trained and represent. If we can also demonstrate using the language of hard-data the use of complementary therapies, this could cultivate a more open playing-field for future practice and most importantly help the user of complementary therapies understand where, in the case of AMRIT and the APA, Ayurveda can be useful.

It is not easy, AMRIT has been hard work to develop and get to the launch-pad. APA members have shown forward thinking by initiating AMRIT, funding the design initiative, alongside hard work and incredible patience. AMRIT is far from over. Emails have been collected, future data will need to be analysed, publications approached, the list endless. The task of taking on such a project has at times been overwhelming with the inevitable feeling of why bother. However, the APA still urge other traditions to consider research initiatives like AMRIT, so in the future everyone can answer, Here is the research that provides data on the use of complementary health in the UK.

Further Information

If you are interested in Ayurveda the next step is to visit the APA site to find a fully trained Ayurvedic professional in your area.


Masterworks International – Full Curriculum Bodywork Sessions Online, Unique Videos

For the last 34 years Masterworks International has been one of the foremost training bodies for Polarity Therapy in Europe and has offered trainings and short courses around the world. A truly holistic health care that embraces every aspect of what it is to be human, Polarity is at heart an energy-based system whose strength is working with the body and the life energy to bring about healing and restore wellbeing. A truly eclectic modality, it is a blend of western understanding of the body and physiology combined with eastern theories on energy, most specifically the body energy centres known as chakras. It encapsulates esoteric understandings about the world and our place in it which stretch back to the philosophers and healers of ancient Greece.

Masterworks Videos

Polarity therapy has been called a whole-body system of reflexology. It goes beyond the standard idea of foot and hand reflexes into the realm of a whole body of correspondences set up through sacred geometry, astrological influences and the doctrine of signatures, all sustained by energetic vibration. The many reflex maps in Polarity Therapy offer a true "Sacred Cartography" of the human body that, with the application of conscious touch, can unlock deep holding in the mind and body enabling the restoration of health.

Polarity’s emphasis on a plant-based diet is a hot topic at present and one that is just as important in rebuilding and maintaining good health as it is to the health and wellbeing of the planet.

Masterworks offers a variety of training tracks to suit individual lifestyles. Most popular is their one to one individual training. Other shorter courses in Holonomic Reflexology, Esoteric Polarity and workshops on Structure and Function are also on offer.

In 2020 we are living live in uncertain times, personal contact and travel is restricted, both of which limits accessibility to our trainings in Polarity Therapy. Our open learning training has been popular for years and takes place, in part, as home study but, with changing times, it seems that more and more learning will be taking place online.

To respond to the challenge we are offering our full curriculum of bodyworks sessions online as instructional videos for the benefit of existing Polarity Therapy practitioners and students so that they may enhance their practice and expand their knowledge of this unique natural health care system.

The videos offer unique access to an extensive list of bodywork protocols that cover the subtle energy work of the chakras and energy anatomy of the body, to the myriad of reflex patterns that the body processes, through ways of balancing and working with the nervous system and how to affect the structure to bring about ease of movement and pain reduction.


Migra-Cap Migraine Relief

What is Unique about Migra-Cap ®

The Migra Cap®, developed for migraine sufferers by a migraine sufferer, is unique amongst migraine treatments as it combines cold therapy and complete darkness to provide relief from the pain associated with a migraine and most types of headaches. This 2-in-1 migraine solution is unique for any Migraine treatment product with the added benefit of being a one-off purchase. What’s more, this drug-free product is also ideal for pain relief during pregnancy.


What is a Migraine?

A migraine is a throbbing, intense headache in one half of the head. It can affect people of all ages. The cause of migraine is not known. During an attack, the blood vessels in the brain dilate and then draw together with stimulation of nerve endings near the affected blood vessels. These changes to the blood vessels are probably what cause the pain, but migraine headaches is a condition that is poorly understood.

What are the Typical Features of Migraine?

People often use the word migraine to refer to headaches of many different types. So-called classical migraine attacks have several features:

  • Headaches that occur in bouts of between roughly 4 to 72 hours;
  • Headaches usually affect one side of the head at a time, although both sides may be affected in separate attacks;
  • Headaches are usually throbbing and worsened by normal physical activity nausea and/or vomiting;
  • Preceding symptoms, called the 'aura' that most often are visual, such as zigzag lines or flashing lights across or at the edges of the fields of vision
  • Other symptoms can include sensitivity to light and sound, or non-visual aura such as a sensation of tingling in the body.

Drug Free Relief

Migra-Cap helps to relieve pain and suffering by limiting exposure to the key elements that can prolong or enhance a migraine attack, remedies that utilise drugs such as Aspirin, Paracetemol and Butalbital can have side effects, consumption issues or even produce allergic reactions. More powerful painkillers eg Paramax, Migramax, Domperamol can require strict dosage guidelines and are often expensive to purchase.

Sports Applications

Migra-Cap can help to relieve pain and swelling caused by nearly all types of sports injuries. The Migra-Cap® can aid with the treatment and relief of pain, blows to the head and concussions. The cooling effect can aid in the reduction of swelling and can help limit post concussion swelling or brain injury.

Further Information

Please contact Migra-Cap on Tel: +44(0)1685 387788; 


How to Treat Your Own Achilles Tendon

by Paula Clayton

Published by Lotus Publishing. 2019. Paperback. £10.99. $13.76. ISBN: 978 1 905367 97 9.

Book Description

Leading physical therapist Paula Clayton brings her thirty years of experience, treating everyone from the keen runner to elite athletes, to this highly practical, quick-fix book.

Cover How to Treat You Own Achilles Tendon

You have probably bought this book after repeated bouts of Achilles pain, which you just can’t seem to get on top of. Look no further! Paula has taken what is currently known (thanks to all the amazing tendinopathy researchers) in the physical therapy profession and compressed it so that you can finally understand:

  • What is causing the pain;
  • The extent of the Achilles tendinopathy;
  • How to prepare for rehabilitation;
  • How to self-treat your Achilles tendon;
  • How to rehabilitate your Achilles tendon;
  • How to build a series of individualized progressive loading exercises.

About the Author

Paula Clayton has worked as a senior performance therapist for the English Institute of Sport and British Athletics between 2003 and 2014. She has travelled extensively to Olympic Games (Athens, Beijing and London), Commonwealth Games, World and European Championships with GB track and field as part of the medical team.

Further Information

Available from Lotus Publishing, and


Pernaton™ – The Power of Mussels For Muscles And Joints

Pernaton™, widely known for a range of green lipped mussel extract gel products, is pleased to announce the brand new, one-a-day capsule, now available in the UK. Pernaton™ Capsules are formulated to help improve joint mobility as they are a source of high grade Glycosaminoglycans and contain omega-3 fatty acids, 11 different minerals and 18 vital amino acids essential for joint health.

Pernaton Capsules Gel and Forte

  • Green-lipped Mussel Extract now available in one-a-day capsule
  • Proven to improve joint mobility with high grade Glycosaminoglycans
  • Helps with symptoms association with Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and Low-Impact Sports

Pernaton Capsules contact Green-Lipped muscle extract which in test has been proven to target joint mobility issues. The one-a-day capsules – taken as one would a cod liver oil tablet – targets the joints and provides a source of omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and amino acids.

In vigorous tests, Pernaton has been proven to relieve the effects of arthritis, lupus and even reduce the pain caused by such chronic illnesses as Fibromyalgia. We currently have an array of real people living with these conditions, trailing these products on our behalf, to provide an insight into their effectiveness.

For those who are suffering from joint issues or muscle strain, taking the capsules once a day will help to get though low impact sports such as swimming, water aerobics, yoga and so forth. The capsules are completely natural; they are not however suitable for those with a seafood or mollusc allergy.

Pernaton™ Gel has been proven to offer relief from the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and similar conditions. The development of the capsules offers an internal defence by providing the body with everything it needs to support strong joints and functional muscles.

Those who are intending to participate in low-impact sports, such as swimming, water aerobics, walking, yoga and even dancing will benefit from a daily capsule. It will improve strength and mobility and relieve muscles to prepare for daily life.

Pernaton Gel Forte is a product that has been designed to help alleviate muscle aches and pains.  The product contains the added ingredients of Cayenne Pepper extract and valuable, physiologically active essentials oils. The gel creates a lasting and pleasantly warm feeling which stimulates muscles and increases circulation in the skin. Ideal for mums who enjoy their sports or have joints which are already badly worn due to excessive stress. This would be a perfect product to apply to sore and achy muscles.

The active green-lipped mussel extract is essential for the formula of the capsule but does mean that they are not suitable for anyone with a sea fish or mollusc allergy. Pernaton™

Further Information

Capsules are available online via Amazon or the dedicated website


Breathe Happy Face Masks – World’s FIRST ≥95% Filtration Efficient Reusable Face Mask

Say hello to Breathe Happy – the World’s FIRST ≥95% filtration efficient reusable face mask (respirator) available now with a choice of two performance filter systems. Breathe happy mask uses the very latest innovation in mask technology and offers the highest filtration available. It is reusable and has a replaceable filter system that does not come into contact with your face. Breathe happy face mask features a silicone mask and a separate filter assembly. The mask fits snugly to your face and won’t cause glasses to fog up which is a major problem with paper masks. Breathe happy filters offer fantastic value for money as just ONE filter is equivalent to SEVEN disposable paper masks!

Breathe Happy Mask

Breathe Happy Face Masks also protect you from others as well as keeping others safe too. Disposable and fabric reusable masks will not offer this level of protection. Now, with face masks compulsory on all public transport and shops, there’s a better, safer, more cost-effective, greener alternative to the ever-present disposable paper or reusable cloth face masks that many people are now wearing as Personal Protection Equipment, in an attempt to keep Covid-19 at bay.


  • Provides ≥98% of PFE (Particulate Filtration Efficiency) - this rating is the test for filtering smaller particles such air born viruses, so of paramount importance;
  • Delivers one of the highest consumer protection levels in relation to BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) at ≥98;
  • Filtration level from breathe happy face masks meet the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommendations for effective frontline protection;
  • Breathe happy face masks also filter circa ≥98% of the air wearers inhale and exhale, whilst paper masks leave circa 20% of all air inhaled, and circa 30% of air exhaled, unfiltered;
  • Breathe happy BH98 filters costs less than £1 and will last for 7 days;
  • Environmentally friendly - This means 59 times less waste and environmental impact than the use of paper masks, generating less waste and less carbon footprint.

These high standards are recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for effective frontline protection and provide the wearer with optimum levels of personal protection whilst also helping to protect those in the vicinity of the wearer.

Further Information

Breathe Happy Face Masks are available from   
Assembly Instructions:


Self-Sufficient Herbalism –  A Guide to Growing, Gathering and Processing Herbs for Medicinal Use

by Lucy Jones

Published by Aeon Books. 2020. Paperback. £19.99. ISBN-10: 191280705X.

Self Sufficient Herbalism is the first ever practical guide to the growing, gathering, and preserving of medicinal herbs for a working dispensary. Written by a practicing herbalist with a busy high street clinic, it covers everything you need to know to become truly self-sufficient in creating and dispensing your own herbal medicine. 

Cover Self-Sufficient Herbalism

Relying on only a small allotment and access to the fields and woodlands of rural England, Lucy Jones gives us a masterclass in the wild-crafting, growing, harvesting, drying, storage, and processing of medicinal herbs. Her passion for the plants and traditional ways of preserving them for medicine shines through as she explores the deeper implications of self-sufficiency and the transformative impact it has had on her practice. 

The book includes a glossary of detailed notes on the cultivation, harvesting, and processing of 108 individual herbs arranged by the seasons. It is the culmination of years of experimentation, refinement and careful calibration. “Over the years I’ve learnt such a lot,” Lucy says. “Sometimes the learning was joyous and smooth, other times it was the result of mistakes which seemed like annoying obstacles at the time. I want to share this hard-won knowledge with you.”

It is a must read for practising herbalists, herbal students, home herbalists, herb gardeners and herb lovers everywhere. “My aim is to offer an insight into a way of practising which is much more than just sourcing herbs,” she says. “I want to show you that self-sufficient herbalism can be transformative. To grow and gather my own herbal dispensary is one of the most wonderful aspects of my work.”

About the Author

Lucy Jones is a qualified medical herbalist and owner of Myrobalan Clinic - a busy high street practise in Somerset, UK.  She grows or gathers the majority of the herbs that she works with and is a passionate proponent of self-sufficient herbalism. Prior to qualifying in western herbalism, she studied Tibetan Medicine with the great master Khenpo Troru Tsenam. This experience deeply influences her approach to therapeutic practice as well as the way that she grows and processes her herbs. She originally trained in Agriculture and Forestry and has two degrees from the University of Oxford.

Further Information

Available from Aeon Books


Herbal Formularies for Health Professionals, Volume 4 - Neurology, Psychiatry, and Pain Management, including Cognitive and Neurologic Conditions and Emotional Conditions

by Dr Jill Stansbury ND

Published by Chelsea Green Publishing. 2020. Hardcover. £35.19 / $49.95. ISBN-10: 1603588566

The fourth in Dr Stansbury’s acclaimed five-volume masterwork for herbalists and medical professionals – the best resource available for the modern clinical practice of Western herbal medicine.

Cover Volume 4

Herbal Formularies for Health Professionals is a comprehensive, five-volume reference for herbalists, physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals. Dr Jill Stansbury draws on decades of clinical experience and her extensive research to provide an unparalleled range of herbal formulas organized by body system.

Volume 4 focuses on herbal formulas for cognitive, neurologic, and emotional conditions, including:

  • Psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, dissociative disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as well as formulas to treat drug addiction;
  • Acute and chronic pain such as headaches, sinus pain, muscle pain, neuralgia, gastrointestinal pain, and pain from injuries;
  • Peripheral nerve issues such as neuropathy and nerve trauma;
  • Central nervous system disorders such as seizures, Parkinson’s, and dementia.

Each chapter includes a section describing individual herbs with tips on their properties, modes of action, and the specific symptoms each plant best addresses.

Together, Dr Stansbury’s expert formularies comprise a practical manual for budding and seasoned herbalists alike on the sophisticated art of fine-tuning herbal treatments for the constitution and overall health of an individual patient. The text aims to teach by example, helping clinicians develop their own intuition and ability to create effective herbal formulas.

Further Information

Available from Chelsea Green Publishing, and


Chinese Medicine Psychology – A Clinical Guide to Mental and Emotional Wellness

by Professor Qu Lifang and Dr Mary Garvey

Published by Singing Dragon. 2020. Paperback. £26.99. ISBN-10: 1787752763.

A clinical guide to Chinese medicine psychology for practitioners, students and healthcare professionals/ Both an introduction to Chinese medicine psychology and a clinical guide for Chinese medicine, this book facilitates and promotes the management of mind and emotion-related illnesses. Based on recent and ancient Chinese sources, it explores and explains previously unavailable material on the generational and ancestral aspects of human mentality, as well as its context within the natural world and the evolution of human life. The first part of the book includes a detailed introduction to the theory of Chinese medicine psychology as well as the modern developments that surround it, whilst the second part is a guide to clinical practice.

Cover Garvey - Chinese Medicine Psychology

Chinese Medicine Psychology allows access to invaluable resources and is an indispensable guide for Chinese medicine practitioners, students and healthcare professionals. The book is

written in an accessible style that gives clear and relevant explanations of classic Chinese medicine treatment strategies and formulas. Authors are experienced Chinese medicine clinicians holding academic positions in the Shanghai University of Chinese medicine and the University of Technology Sydney.

This is the first book to explain previously unavailable material on the generational and ancestral aspects of human mentality from Chinese medical classics and foundational early texts that have guided Chinese medicine practice throughout history.

“The authors provide a clear and full depiction of psychological terms and concepts of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). They also meld classical and contemporary data to present a clear manual for TCM psychology. The introduction of multiple TCM therapies for mental and emotional diseases will be of great benefit for all TCM practitioners and patients in today's society.” - Zhang-Jin Zhang BMed MMed PhD Professor, Associate Director (Clinic), School of Chinese Medicine LKS Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong.

About  the Authors

Professor Qu Lifang is the Chief Editor of Anecdotes of TCM and the author of Mental and Psychological Diseases: Selected Cases of Ancient Masters and has published more than sixty journal papers in China and internationally. She was Director of the Golden Cabinet Teaching and Research Section at the Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine. She is based in Shanghai, China.

Dr Mary Garvey is a Senior Lecturer and researcher in the University of Technology Sydney's Chinese medicine degree programs, and a registered practitioner of Chinese acupuncture and herbal medicine. She has published 50 journal and conference papers, books and book chapters in Australia and internationally. She is based in Sydney, Australia.

Further Information

Available from Singing Dragon, and


Green Clean Your Home –  160 Simple, Nature-Friendly Recipes which Really Work

by Manfred Neuhold

Published by Merlin Unwin Books. 2020. Hardback. £16.99. ISBN: 978-1-913159-17-7.

You want your home, your clothes and your car to be really clean.

You don’t want to put harmful chemicals down the drains, nor to breathe them indoors.

And maybe you would like to save money at the same time, and to enjoy the creative satisfaction of making your own simple cleaning agents.

COVER Green Clean Your Home

Not only does Austrian author Manfred Neuhold tell you what works, he explains in plain English WHY it works. Which means you can clean better…

Here are 160 easy, illustrated recipes to inspire you to make all your own basic cleaning products such as:

  • Washing up liquids
  • Rinse aids
  • Fabric conditioners
  • Toilet cleaners
  • Dishwasher powders

And the Specialist Stuff:

  • Anti-flea carpet cleaner
  • Wine stain remover
  • Car air fresheners
  • Anti-mist window and mirror cleaners
  • Sweat-mark removers
  • Car seat cleaners
  • Rust removers
  • Lingerie handwash liquid

Further Information

Available from Merlin Unwin, and


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    Beyond the Brain 2020: Further Reaches of Consciousness Research – 6-8 November via Zoom is the world's premier online conference series exploring new research on whether and how consciousness and mind extend beyond the physical brain and body. This year's event covers in-depth workshops on consciousness, after death communication, neurocognitive models of mindfulness, spiritual philosophy, paranormal experiences and more.


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    Further information: Published in Virology Journal. Contact


    Natural Health Podcast with CNM

    The College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) is launching its own podcast, Natural Health with CNM on 29 July 2020. The focus of the podcast is natural health and each week, they will be sharing inspiring health transformation stories from CNM graduates and interviewing leading experts in the field.


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    Give Yourself Flex Appeal with Phytodroitin

    Most people understand the importance of maintaining bone and joint health. Chondroitin is often the supplement of choice for maintaining healthy cartilage, however for vegans, as it is derived from animal products, this isn't an option. Phytodroitin™ is 100% plant-based alternative to Chondroitin, helping to maximize the effectiveness of Glucosamine on the health, mobility and flexibility of joints.


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    Eat a Rainbow

    Trying to consume a nutritionally complete diet can be challenging. Simon Bandy, General Manager at Health Plus gives a general guide to vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B – Red, Vitamin C – yellow, Vitamin A – orange, Vitamin K and iron – green and potassium – white. If you do not eat a balanced diet, or think you may be lacking essential nutrients, speak to your GP or try a daily supplement to boost levels.


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    Amchara Health

    Amchara Health offers tips to boost your immune system: Evolving research is showing some profound benefits of fasting to your physical health and wellbeing. Amchara Gozo is reopening, a health retreat with Amchara is a brilliant way to boost your immune system and Amchara are exploring the possibility of reopening Amchara Gozo in Malta from 1 August 2020. Does your colon need cleansing, looking after your gut health with colonics may provide major relief to a number of gastrointestinal complaints.


    Further information Tel: 01823 213 111;


    The Ayurveda Coach

    Expert Ayurveda Practitioner, Claire Paphitis, also known as The Ayurveda Coach, revolutionises the teachings of ancient Ayurvedic philosophies in her upcoming book Balance Your Agni – An Essential Guide to Ayurveda. Published by Ebury, the book launches in August 2020. The book focuses on the Agni, or Digestive Fire, giving a fresh and simple spin to an often complex and confusing philosophy.


    Further information:  Penguin  Waterstones


    Saalt Menstrual Cups

    Saalt Menstrual cups are a natural alternative to chlorine filled tampons. They are easy to clean, just empty, rinse and re-insert. Zen Flight – using a Saalt Cup on a long flight saves you from changing your tampon in an airplane bathroom. No leaks – the bulb shape retains form and strong seal, so no leakage. Saalt Cups can stay in place for up to 12 hours and safe to use in the pool, so ideal for your holidays.


    Further information: Feelunique


    Association for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support (APOPS)

    APPS has released a new series of videos on YouTube to save pelvic organ prolapse (POP) insights on a regular basis to continue to shine a light on what is new in pelvic organ prolapse arena. Titles include: Are You Vaginal and Sexual Health Empowered, Childbirth and Menopause are the Leading Causes of POP – Where's the Screening, Walk, Don't Run: POP Appropriate Fitness, What is the Best Treatment for POP? and more…


    Further information: YouTube  APOPS


    Scientific and Medical Network

    Scientific and Medical Network have upcoming webinars for 2020. The webinars are ongoing and cover a variety of topics. Beyond the Brain is a 3 day event 6-8 November 2020, with a variety of speakers.


    Further information:


    Biolab Medical Unit

    The Biolab laboratories fully re-opened in July. Biolab has continued to offer a test referral service along with some of their own tests throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. For the first time since 2017, it has become necessary to increase the price of some of Biolab's own tests, however Biolab can be contacted if patients in financial hardship would struggle with these increases. Test kits can be ordered via the website and phlebotomy appointments can be made by email or telephone.


    Further information Tel: 020-7636 5959/5905; ,  


    Weeks of Wisdom: Lymphedema

    The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation offers a simple solution to lymphedema, the abnormal accumulation of lymphatic fluid in your limbs. In the Weeks of Wisdom series, the late Dr Nicholas Gonzales explains what can be done to stabilize and sometimes reverse this painful condition.


    Further information:   lymphedema


    Stretching Your Legs May Help Prevent Diseases

    New research published by The Journal of Physiology shows that 12 weeks of easy-to-administer passive stretching helps improve blood flow by making it easier for your arteries to dilate and decreasing stiffness. Passive stretching differs from active stretching in that passive stretching involves an external force (another person or gravity) stretching you, whereas active stretching is performed on your own.


    Further information:   The Journal of Physiology


    Must-Read Guides to Top Up Your Nutrition Knowledge

    Abundance & Health High Performance Nutrients has released a new collection of ultimate guides for their collection of nutrition supplements. These include: The Ultimate Guide to Vitamin C, The Ultimate Guide to Acetyl L-Carnitine, The Ultimate Guide to Glutathione, and The Ultimate Guide to Liposomes.


    Further information Tel: 020-3239 4907;


    Pure Water with Zerowater

    Zerowater reduces 99.6% of all total dissolved solids in your drinking water. It delivers the purest tasting water in minutes. Zerowater removes much more from tap water than other leading filter brands in the UK. It removes 97% of leady, 96% of mercury, 95% of chlorine and even 97% of asbestos, which is often displaced from old and aging water pipes.


    Further information:


    Seasonal Herbal Medicine at Trill Farm

    Anne McIntyre is delighted to say that the Seasonal Herbal Medicine course at Trill Farm has been re-scheduled to run on-site and in person in August and September this year. This workshop consists of 4 workshops; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, to provide you with knowledge and skills to use the extraordinary resources of the medicinal plants growing around you throughout the year.


    Further information: Anne McIntyre    Trill Farm     Learn Living Ayurveda


    Health Creation Mentor Training

    Is it time for you to join the Mentor Training at Health Creation? You can gain a Diploma in Health Creation Mentorship and join their 2020 training with inspirational teacher, Dr Rosy Daniel and Sue Caden with 3 pre-course mentor sessions from Sue followed by 4 training weekends in Bath in October, November, January and March.


    Further information:    Health Creation   Health Creation Mentor Training


    Bad Breath Could be a Sign of Diabetes

    Your breath could be an indicator of your glucose levels and health of your gums and teeth could be sign of type 2 diabetes. Bad breath, or ketoacidosis, in which you have an acetone-like smell on the breath is an indication that your glucose levels could be dangerously high. Try CuraLin, a specially tailored natural formula that promotes healthy and balanced blood sugar levels and insulin production in those suffering with  type 2 diabetes.


    Further information:


    Vitamin K Could Help Fight COVID-19

    Researchers at the Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital in the Dutch city of Nijmegen, studying patients who had been admitted to intensive care or died from COVID-19 had vitamin K deficiency. The Source of Life Garden Vitamin K2 from Natures Plus is the perfect supplement if you are looking for a nutritional boost. Sourced from organic whole foods, it includes phytonutrient-rich whole fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, algae and other green foods. It is organic, gluten-free, vegan, soy-free, yeast-free and free from artificial colours and preservatives.


    Further information: Natures Plus


    Ayurveda for Modern Life

    Ayurveda for Modern Life by Eminé Rushton is due to be released in September. With a foreword from Sebastian Pole, co-founder of Pukka Herbs, the book is an authentic and accessible guide to using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda into modern life. The book offers a guide to your dosha type, how to eat for your dosha, expert advice from Nutritional Therapists and a simple 3-day nutrition plan with 20 seasonable recipes.


    Further information: Good Reads


    Mushrooms Superfood for Vitamin D Deficiency in Lockdown

    Nutritionist and Author, Madeleine Shaw, explains how eating just 8 vitamin D enriched mushrooms could help you hit your RDA following new NHS advice. With people spending more time indoors during the pandemic has increased the risk of vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D plays a vital role in keeping our bones healthy as it works to regulate our intake of calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. If you can't find vitamin D enriched mushrooms, place regular mushrooms on a window sill on a sunny day for an hour or two, they become a source of vitamin D.


    Further information: NHS UK


    The Importance of Nasal Breathing for COVID-19

    Limiting the lifestyle factors that reduce nasal nitric oxide levels in the airways, such as mouth breathing and smoking, may also help to reduce SARS-CoV-2 viral load and symptoms of COVID-19 pneumonia by promoting more efficient antiviral defence mechanisms in the respiratory tract. An article on the importance of nasal breathing was published in Science Direct.


    To read the full article: Science Direct Article


    Nasal Breathing and Functional Breathing

    The Buteyko Clinic is running a 2 hour live online clinic to learn the Buteyko breathing method in a small online group via Zoom. Your clinic is recorded and emailed to you so that you can replay it as often as required. Each clinic is tailored to the following specific health conditions. Asthma, rhinitis/hay fever, COPD, cystic fibrosis and bronchiectasis. Anxiety, depression, stress and panic attacks and Sleep issues: snoring, sleep apnoea, fatigue and insomnia. There is also a free Nasal Breathing Course online for children by Patrick McKeown.


    Further information:


    Prof Sikora Calls for 5-Point Action Plan to Kickstart Cancer Services

    One of the UK's leading cancer experts has called for a radical 5-point action plan to prevent a cancer catastrophe. Professor Sikora's plan includes: keeping cancer centres and treatment areas COVID-free; monitoring cancer biopsy numbers closely for predicting a treatment surge; using all available capacity including the independent sector; co-ordinating prioritisation of patients in both diagnostic and treatment pathways and instigating weekend and double shift working through the peak.


    Further information:  


    Take a Bite Out of Men's Health

    Simon Bandy, Managing Director of Health Plus, discusses what can be beneficial for men in their diet. Lycopene, which it is suggested helps support the prostate, protein, iron, vitamin D and Zinc. Health Plus Vitamin C + Zinc pairs vitamin C which provides the best absorption of zinc, with zinc which helps support the immune system.


    Further information:


    Wild Swimming & Yoga Weekend Retreat in Wales

    A wild swimming and Yoga weekend retreat on the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales takes place on 24-27 July and 18-21 September 2020. Over the course of the weekend you will experience expert guidance to some of North Wales most beautiful wild swimming locations, warming up with a herbal tea and wholesome cake, a variety of Yoga sessions, healthy, detoxing and delicious meal and relaxing in the beautiful gardens.


    Further information: thezestlife


    Soothe Your Sleep

    If you struggle to sleep at night and the humid weather during the summer months can make it difficult to sleep, try CannabiGold Terpenes+, a premium CBD Oil which contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids plus cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes (such as CBDV, CBDA, CBC, CBG and BCP including the guaranteed minimum of 500mg of natural CBD.


    Further information: Cannabigold


    Natural Remedies to Alleviate Hay Fever Symptoms

    Pukka Herbs have shared some natural allergy remedies so you can begin to find your path to relief: Ginger will stimulate the system, warm up digestion and improve nutrient assimilation; Turmeric, which is good for hayfever and cold symptoms; Aloe Vera, a natural and cooling anti-inflammatory, Rose/rosewater, a drying, cooling anti-inflammatory with an affinity for the skin and eyes and Garlic, a well-known natural anti-inflammatory and immune booster.


    Further information Tel: 0117 964 0944;     Pukka Herbs



    Speaking with bestselling author James Nestor about his new book Breath, Patrick McKeown of the Buteyko Clinic International in an interview can be seen on YouTube.

    If a blocked nose affects your sleep, you can book a live online 2 hour clinic with Patrick McKeown. Another online 2 hour clinic on mindful breathing to ease muscle pain can also be booked online.


    Further information:  YouTube Interview  Book 2-Hour Clinic


    Antioxidant Powered SPF for the Face

    Wearing facial sun protection is the most important tool in your beauty arsenal. Green People's dedicated Facial Sun Cream SPF30 (scent free), delivers more than just broad-spectrum UVA and UVB defence. It also harnesses the benefits of powerful antioxidants, offering unique skin protection benefits which help balance the effects of sun-induced ageing. It is a daily multi-vitamin for the skin.


    Further information:   Green People Facial Sun Cream

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