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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 262

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 262 - May 2020

Working Together - Micronutrients and Immunity

by Simon Ranger, founder, Seagreens Trust

Our native wild seaweeds are a natural whole food, and a comprehensive source of micronutrients, including the minerals and trace elements critical to immune system function. These include antiviral agents like germanium, gold, selenium, silver, and zinc. Seagreens® is the leading producer of several species exclusively for human nutrition in the British Isles and Nordic region for two decades. A series of original and sometimes award-winning nutrition research studies underpins their non-allergenic ‘nutritious food seaweed’ including its nutritional composition. Seagreens® daily use products for practitioners and consumers have proved safe and effective for over 20 years.

Working Together Micronutrients and Immunity

Nutrition practitioner and writer Ben Brown, a lecturer at BCNH College of Nutrition and Health in London, writes in IHCAN magazine as follows (April, 2020): “Nutritional interventions have a long history of use for viral respiratory tract infections. They have a strong theoretical underpinning, biological plausibility, and some limited clinical evidence of efficacy for the common cold, influenza, and other viral infections. No-one knows if such interventions would be useful for preventing COVID-19 or minimizing its severity, but existing clinical evidence may help inform strategies that help build resilience to infection, especially in high risk or vulnerable people.”

“Given that adequate intake of micronutrients is important for resistance to infection, and that micronutrient deficiencies are a widespread public health issue, it should be no surprise that several clinical studies support the use of nutritional interventions for improving immune function, reducing risk of infection, and expediting clinical recovery.[11] Age-related decline in immune function, including declines in T-cell function and increased chronic low grade inflammation, may be due to a higher prevalence of micronutrient deficiencies in this population. That represents an important opportunity for nutritional interventions that improve immune function.[12] Nutritional interventions, including foods and supplements, may also be used in the absence of overt micronutrient deficiencies to enhance immune function and prevent infections and their complications.”[13]

The full article focuses on Vitamins A and C, N-acetylcysteine, and Zinc in a series exploring micronutrients in the context of the immune system.,_April_2020.pdf


1.         Link for references quoted by Ben Brown:

2.         Player G, Saul AW, Downing D, Schuitemaker G. Vitamin C in connection with pneumonia, lung infections, and the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19.

3.         Maggini S, Pierre A, Calder PC. Immune Function and Micronutrient Requirements Change over the Life Course. Nutrients. 2018;v10(10).

4.         Erickson KL, Medina EA, Hubbard NE. Micronutrients and innate immunity. Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2000; 182 Suppl.1:S5-10.

5.         Guillin CM, Vindry C, Ohlmann T, Chavatte L. Selenium, Selenoproteins and Viral Infection. Nutrients. 2019;4:11(9).

Further Information

Seaweed Health Foundation, The Warren, Handcross, West Sussex RH17 6DX Tel: 01444 400403;



Sacred Talismans – Bali Mandala Bracelets and Necklaces from Organic Aromatherapy

Mandalas Bring a Feeling of Relaxation. The world mandala comes from Sanskrit, which means “sacred circle/wheel”. Mandalas are circular symbols that are part of many different cultures; Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and many indigenous tribes use them often as a source of artistic outlet. Some ancient cultures believe that mandalas are linked to our life energy. Wearing them on our bodies can create a powerful feeling of balance and harmony.

“A mandala is the psychological expression of the totality of the self.”-Carl Jung

Alchemy teaches us that silver and gold are very powerful transmitters of energy. In Eastern cultures, people believe that colours connect us to certain chakras. Chakras are energy forces/valves/wheels linked to our bodies. They help with our physical, mental emotional and spiritual well-being keeping a balance in each relating to specific areas and organs. My daughter Bexie Williams, who lives in Bali, dreamt these beautiful pieces into being. She found a master craftsman, and had them made locally. Within a few weeks we had customers on 5 countries wearing them from Australia to Chile!

Bali Mandala Bracelets and Necklaces from Organic Aromatherapy

The bracelets and necklaces made for Organic Aromatherapy are made with recycled silver and gold (3 microns of gold plate over silver) by craftsmen and women in Bali Indonesia, with love and smiles. The Sacred Talismans are available only from our website.

We love to support the local people and their families. The money goes directly into their hands; each piece of jewellery is blessed in ceremonial sacred space, empowering each piece further. All pieces are unique and handmade individually so they may vary slightly. We offer necklaces in 2 lengths (36cms and 50cms) in 9 designs connecting to the 7 main chakras, an OM pyramid, and a sacred spiral. Each design is also available with matching bracelets on strong, beautifully handwoven adjustable cords ( available in specific chakra colours or on simple black). Men and women both love them and some even wear them as anklets! Spirals are incredibly powerful sacred symbols in themselves, occurring everywhere in natural world from the helix of DNA, to the galaxy itself.

The necklace is also available in a sacred Triangle with an Om depicted inside and is gold plate on a fine silver chain. This combines the energy of the sacred symbols of the triangle (pyramid) and a spiral and an Om symbol, also the Gold( divine masculine) and silver (divine feminine) energies which are so important now. The feedback we have had in just one year of trials with them is inspirational.

Mandalas are good for your well-being because they have chakra/sacred symbols in them. Possible benefits of wearing these beautiful and powerful talismans on your body:

  • They help with balance;
  • They can bring peace and tranquillity;
  • Inducing feelings of calm and peace;
  • The feel-good factor of wearing a limited edition, handcrafted piece of jewellery.

Further Information

Prices vary from £49-£79 plus P&P. Available from Please contact Sarah Williams on Tel: 0844 357 9843 / 02392 453204;



Results RNA ACZ Nano – How do I Safely and Easily Remove Heavy Metals?

Heavy Metals have long been recognized to cause serious long term harm to humans health. Effects include damage to the immune system, central nervous system and heart. Inorganic mercury can also damage the kidneys. The developing brains of foetuses and young children are especially vulnerable. Children exposed to methylmercury while they are in the womb can have impacts to their:

  • Cognitive thinking;
  • Memory;
  • Attention;
  • Language;
  • Fine motor skills;
  • Visual spatial skills.

We are exposed to mercury is mainly through pollution in the air (coal burning is responsible for a great deal of this), eating fish and the release of inorganic mercury from amalgam fillings. Removing heavy metals has always been a challenge often requiring expensive treatments like intravenous DMPS or EDTA. These also remove valuable nutrients from the body and have to be replaced or other problems can arise. Others use nutritionals like chlorella and coriander, these can redeposit the metals in other places in the body, like the brain or other essential organs. There is also very little data on actually how effective these are in helping the body to remove the metals. Fortunately, there is solution to this called - ACZ Nano, a natural zeolite in liquid form, independently proven results.

ACZ Nano + Excretion Test Results

ACZ Nano Extra Strength has been developed especially for heavy metal detoxification. ACZ Nano is one of the best and safest chelators available. This natural zeolite (a type of volcanic ash) has a cage like structure that irreversably binds heavy metals and removes them via the urinary system. Other chelators can actually mobilize the metals and then redeposit them to other parts of the body, ACZ will not do this. It also has the highest affinity for the heaviest elements, so will preferentially bind Mercury before say Aluminium and because it has been pre-treated with Ca, K and Mg, it will replace the toxic metal with one that the body actually requires. It is independently proven to be able to increase urinary output of Mercury by over a 1000 times.

  • It is also been shown to remove volatile organic compounds like PCP’s and DDT as well as fluorine and chlorine.
  • For the safest, most effective, proven detoxification - choose Results RNA.

Further Information

Products are available from for customer, practitioner and wholesale accounts or more information please contact



Sayer Complementary Health – Homeopathy and Reiki

June Sayer of Sayer Complementary Health has over 24 years’ experience as a homeopathic practitioner and during that time has worked with clients with a wide variety of ailments. At this particular time of uncertainty there will no doubt be a lot of emotional issues coming to the fore. When people experience anxiety, sadness, insecurity, anger, resentment and loss of confidence there are a number of homeopathic remedies that could be of benefit in helping people overcome these issues. Children will, naturally, be finding it difficult to understand why they are being asked to remain indoors; the result could be irritability with their parents and their siblings particularly as their normal routine has been put out of balance and contact with their friends is restricted to the use of social media. 

June Sayer + Homeopathy + Reiki

All consultations at this time are being held via Skype, WhatsApp or Facetime;  carefully chosen homeopathic remedies suited to the individual’s health concerns are posted out direct to their home. When the situation changes, appointments can be resumed at June’s practice in Burnham on Crouch, Essex. June also provides training courses in Homeopathy and Reiki. The Homeopathy at Home course is designed to help people learn how to select homeopathic remedies to address minor ailments such as coughs, colds, headaches and sore throats and may even negate the need for a visit to the doctor. Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic, non-addictive and safe for all ages.  This course is easily accessible via Zoom – just contact June for further details.

The full Homeopathic Practitioner Diploma course is an in-depth apprenticeship style course spread over three years.  This course will introduce you to the history and philosophy of homeopathy, and give you an understanding of anatomy and physiology and pathology and disease. You will also learn how to differentiate between an acute case and a more chronic condition and how to select the most appropriate homeopathic remedy.  Home study and written assignments are essential to the course.  Upon successful completion of all the necessary criteria you will be entitled to register as a homeopathic practitioner with a registering organization and build your career as a homeopath.

June is a Reiki Master/Teacher and holds regular Reiki courses in Essex, but while social distancing is being practised, Reiki distant healing is being sent regularly to all her Reiki students.  For information there are three levels of Reiki that are taught.  Level one and two are one-day courses.  Shoden, level one opens you up to the healing power of Reiki and enables you to carry out Reiki healing on yourself and your family.  Reiki level 2 Okuden, is suitable for people who have already studied level one and are familiar with the Reiki healing energy. At the end of level two, you will be able to offer Reiki sessions to the general public although you will need to have the relevant complementary health insurance cover in place to do so.  Pre-course material is provided for both Shoden and Okuden so that you may study the materials prior to attending the practical course.  A Certificate of Attendance is provided on completion.  Should you wish to take your Reiki one stage further then the Reiki Master/Teacher Course also comes complete with a comprehensive manual as well as audio and visual materials; it is this course you would need to undertake in order for you to be able to prepare others on their journey with Reiki.   Reiki consultations are held in Burnham on Crouch, Essex.

Further Information

For further details on any of the above, please telephone 01621 730664 or email me at  or visit and please mention Positive Health when making contact.



The Wonders of Structured Water 

The roots of our business are very much in water, and we are now beginning to see some very exciting research confirming what we knew intuitively: that good water is essential for life, for energy and for our immune system. When we say good water, we are referring to water that is free of contaminants and has good structure.

Jug Front High Res

We are 99% water by molecules, so it makes sense to drink the sort of water that will promote optimal hydration; that will be absorbed at the cellular level rather than simply passing through us. The water that is reliably found in nature – in springs and streams, in waterfalls – is very different from the sort that ends up flowing from our tap. It is known as structured water, and has the molecular structure of H3O2 rather than H2O.

The preeminent scientist studying this form of water is Dr Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington in Seattle, and his research is documented in his excellent book The Fourth Phase of Water. As explained by Dr Pollack, H3O2 is denser and boasts more oxygen than regular H2O. Moreover, it holds an electrical charge. This structured water does more than hydrate: it energises and vitalises. What’s more, because the cell’s water itself is structured, structured water – also known as EZ water – better adheres to the proteins of cells, resulting in superior absorption. The fourth phase means that structured water sits somewhere between liquid water and crystal.

At Water for Health, we have long been fascinated by the concept of water structure, though in the past we tended to focus more of our attention on alkalinity and the antioxidant potential of water. However, it increasingly appears that good water structure is responsible for much of the beneficial effect that we had previously credited to an alkaline pH or the antioxidant effect.

In our various water products, bioceramics are used to change the water in positive ways. Some of these bioceramics (which are combinations of natural minerals and crystals formed into ceramic balls) improve water structure. In our view, drinking good health-promoting structured water is one of the easiest and most effective ways to nourish your cells and protect them from attack.

The Biocera Alkaline Filter Jug is a great starting point for those who want to drink structured water. The jug has been a best-seller of ours for a number of years, although many customers probably buy it simply because it increases the water’s pH or infuses it with molecular hydrogen, an emerging antioxidant. The jug also filters chlorine and reduces heavy metal content. In our view, the structuring effect might just be the most important aspect.

Further Information

Available from Water for Health; please contact on Tel: +44 (0)1764 662111; or visit Water for Health



Magnesium – What do we Know About it?

Magnesium is a mineral that is plentiful in our natural environment and within our bodies. Next to potassium, it is the 2nd most abundant ion found within our cells and is vital for numerous physiological functions. Scientists have identified that magnesium is involved in the activation of more than 300 enzymes and body compounds and is a key component for energy and metabolism.

Top 7 Benefits of Magnesium

  1. Skeletal health - magnesium helps to regulate calcium within the teeth and bones.
  2. Stress relief - magnesium works alongside vitamin C, B6, B5 and zinc to maintain adrenal health and produce adrenal stress hormones.
  3. Hormonal health - magnesium has a significant effect on female hormones and is linked to fluid retention, weight gain and breast pain, all common for women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Research shows that premenstrual mood swings are often helped by magnesium supplementation.
  4. Energy production and diabetes - magnesium is particularly critical to energy production and has a critical role in the metabolism of carbohydrates and the synthesis and secretion of insulin.
  1. Cardiovascular health - magnesium works alongside calcium, sodium and potassium to control the muscle tone of blood vessels and because of this has been studied extensively for its role in cardiovascular disease.
  2. Sleep quality - studies show that magnesium deficiency affects sleep, thought to be due to its effect on circadian rhythms and melatonin production, which are both involved in the sleep/wake cycle. Supplementing with magnesium has been found to improve insomnia in elderly people.

Tell-Tale Signs of Magnesium Deficiency

agitation – anxiety – insomnia – irritability - restless legs - nausea – vomiting – palpitations - low blood pressure – confusion - muscle spasm - muscle weakness – hyperventilation - poor nail growth – seizures


Top Up with a Liposomal Magnesium Supplement

Supplementation may be highly recommended for the elderly and women with PMS, heavy menstruation or menstrual cramps. This supplement can be of great benefit during times of stress or for those in poor health, or for those with fatigue, diabetes or other certain medical conditions. But choosing an effective supplement is the key. The manufacturers of Altrient products have responded to the worrying global deficiency in magnesium by producing a premium bioavailable liposomal magnesium supplement which is even suitable for those with gut impairments. The beauty of oral liposomal formulations compared to standard oral supplements is that they are able to resist degradation in the gut and efficiently reach target cells delivering maximised absorption through cutting-edge liposomal encapsulation technology. Altrient are delighted to introduce this new, revolutionary form of magnesium for the benefit of the many, not just the few.

Further Information

For more information please contact on Tel: +44 (0)20 3239 4907; or visit



Bloomsbury Alexander Centre - Centre of Excellence for Alexander Technique

There are many reasons why we are increasingly facing more acute and varied physical ailments including back and neck ache, headache, RSI, voice loss, difficulties with breathing, anxiety and many more. The Alexander Technique, more than just treating these symptoms and temporarily alleviating them, is a wonderful method to learn and develop the skills for long lasting wellbeing.

Bloomsbury Thumbnail and Leopard

  • Sitting long hours at a desk behind a computer
  • Spending prolonged periods of time on mobile devises for work and social media
  • Punishing exercise regimes
  • Physically demanding jobs that require heavy lifting, awkward postures, physical excerption and dexterity
  • Dealing with the physical demands of pregnancy and early parenthood

Let the Alexander Technique guide you into coping efficiently with the demands of modern life. With verbal instruction supported by the gentle and highly skilled physical guidance of the Alexander teacher’s hands, the experience of an Alexander Technique lesson is not just an inspiring learning process but a pleasant and comforting one that seems to have profound effects on the central nervous system.

The Bloomsbury Alexander Centre, established in 1986, is a centre of excellence offering private lessons, courses and workshops to cater for the individual interests and needs of every person. Fully qualified and highly experienced teachers are available every day of the week to welcome anyone who wants to find out more.

“It is no exaggeration when I say that the Alexander Technique has changed my life. I sought out the Alexander Technique to alleviate the pains caused by bruxism, only to be gently introduced to a whole new way of relating to my body as an entity.

Re-learning movement made me appreciate my body and enjoy improving the related function of the muscular system: the maintenance of posture and body position. If this sounds dry and dreary, let me assure you that the practice and teaching is anything but, it is an enjoyable journey of discovery”

Andrea Meyer Ludowisy, Research Librarian

Further Information

For more information, to book or to arrange an informal visit to talk to one of our teachers  please contact Bloomsbury Alexander on Tel: 020 7404 5348;



Movement Integration - The Systemic Approach to Human Movement

by Martin Lundgren, Linus Johansson

Published by Lotus Publishing. 2020. Paperback. £24.99. $31.28. ISBN: 978 1 905367 95 5

Book Description

Throughout history, there has always been constant development and efforts made to better understand human form and function. The aim of this endeavour has been to find a better and more suitable way to understand and describe human movement. This book is another contribution to this great work and another step in its development.

Cover Movement Integration

The authors, Martin Lundgren and Linus Johansson, together with eight of their colleagues, have created this Movement Integration book. In it they describe the human form and function from a systemic point of view, primarily by using relationships between structures within the body itself.

Two completely new concepts are presented. The first is Ensomatosy, which is a new holistic approach to the human form and parallel perspective to anatomy. The second is the Color Illustration Model of Relative Movement, which is a visual aid to see and understand the complex relationships between movements that happen when a person moves.

The sole purpose of this book is to describe the vast human complexity by means of these two well-organized concepts that can be used to more easily approach and work with the human form and function in movement.

Linus Johansson is a physiotherapist, movement practitioner, and movement integrator. He works with patients in his clinic, presents workshops, and educates other therapists and trainers. Johansson is the author of several books and together with Cecilia Gustafsson has developed the movement concept SOMA MOVE®.

About Martin Lundgren

Martin Lundgren is a Board Certified Structural Integrator (ATSI/KMI) and Movement Practitioner. With roots in Structural Integration and Anatomy in Motion he has been developing new treatment systems and treatment methods in recent years. Through his way of working with treatments and movement, he develops people’s kinesthetic ability, performance, and well-being.

Further Information

Available from Lotus Publishing, and



Turning Point Training Offers Postgraduate Courses in Craniosacral Therapy and Homotoxicology

Turning Point students come from a variety of backgrounds both in conventional and holistic disciplines. This allows an exchange of information and experience that enriches the learning experience. Courses are mixture of leading-edge, scientifically based theory and clinical and practical tuition. Students are encouraged to explore and develop their gifts and talents in bringing their unique experience to the disciplines taught. Students are thus empowered.

Jonathan and Rosemary Lawrence + CranioSacral Course

Top: Jonathan Lawrence BA DO Cert Ed and Rosemary Lawrence Dip BFD Cert Clin Hom Cert Ed
Bottom: Craniosacral Course 2019

Turning Point teachers are enthusiastic and experienced practicing therapists who keep their knowledge up to date. Small groups help to facilitate this experience.

The philosophy of Turning Point encompasses the idea that medicine is an art informed by science. We believe that the conventional materialist paradigm is very much out of date and that scientific knowledge has now reached a point where much of holistic medicine can incorporated into a new paradigm. Turning Point courses introduce the concepts of research and encourage students to critically evaluate current information.

  • Craniosacral therapy is based on the relation of the relationship between the structure and function of the body and health. Specific, gentle and skilled manipulation can restore the structure-function relationship supporting the patients’ own homeostatic mechanisms. This non-invasive and safe therapy can be used on patients of all ages from the new-born to the elderly.
    The Level 1 Practitioner Course consists of 7 modules over 8 days including practical tuition. In addition students have to complete a portfolio of cases and complete an exam. Practical skills are assessed during the course. This course is recognised by the CMA.
    Level 2, Advanced CST consists of five modules; Mother/Baby and Reproductive, Visceral, Immune System and Lymphatics; Physical and Emotional Trauma, and Dental, Facial and Cranial Base. Assessment is via Case studies.
    These courses are led By Jonathan Lawrence
  • Homotoxicology is based on the idea that disease results from toxic load. In modern life we are subject to toxins from a variety of sources. This has the effect of stressing the immune system leading to ill health. Accurate prescribing can help the body to gently detoxify aiding the restoration of homeostasis.
    The remedies used are be single potency homeopathic remedies or combinations of remedies to achieve a specific physiological response.
    There is access to online training via the Society of Homotoxicology
    We provide further courses in Electro Acupuncture According to Voll (EAV) for suitably qualified students. This involves electro-acupuncture assessment of meridans and clinical application of findings.
    Training is via small tutorial groups led by Rosemary Lawrence.

Further Information

For information about training in these disciplines visit



Ecclesiastica Celtica

by Sabine Baring-Gould

Published by Imagier Publishing, Crucible Books. 2014. Paperback. £15.  ISBN: 978-0-9573715-1-4

Sabine Baring-Gould presents the reader with an alternative and more compelling history of the Celtic Church in Britain to that commonly offered by the proponents of the belief that Christianity began in these islands either with Patrick in the mid-fifth century or was revived by Augustine at the end of the sixth century.

Ecclesiastica Celtica

Ecclesiastica Celtica describes a nascent Christianity very different in character to the Christianity we know today. He introduces the reader to a religious spirit dedicated to the contemplative life, evolving within a civilised Romano-British society, a society that was to be devastated from the beginning of the fifth century onward by the political turmoil and internecine conflicts of a collapsing Roman Empire. He relates how that ancient British Church and its people adapted and survived, against extraordinary and overwhelming odds. Ecclesiastica Celtica is a marvellous and heroic epic spanning many generations. An epic that every man, woman and child of these islands should know and cherish.

About the Author

Sabine Baring-Gould (1834 – 1924) was one of the most popular writers of his time. Over 1200 publications are listed in his bibliography – more than 300 of them being books. He wrote prolifically on religious matters, his travels, historical figures and folk-lore. He was also a well-known novelist. As an early archaeologist he was respected for his work on Dartmoor, in Cornwall, in Wales and in France. His personal life is a story in itself, with his unconventional childhood, his marriage to a mill-girl half his age, and his dedication to antiquarian pursuits alongside his life as a squire and parson of a Devonshire village.

Further Information

Available from Imagier Publishing and Crucible Books



The MediterrAsian Way

by Ric Watson and Trudie Thelander

Published by Bedford House Press. 2019. Hardcover. £17.91/$28.90. ISBN 0473453819

The Sirtfood Diet, reportedly followed by Grammy-winning singer Adele, has become extraordinarily popular. But the diet has been criticised by nutrition experts for being highly restrictive. In fact, only 1000 calories a day are allowed at the beginning of the diet, which dietitian McKenzie Caldwell recently told Good Housekeeping magazine “is only appropriate for a child between the ages of 2 and 4”.

Cover The Mediterrasian Way

However, the Sirtfood Diet is based on the less restrictive “MediterrAsian” diet, which is a better and much easier-to-follow way to live a healthy life and lose weight. The MediterrAsian diet is a hybrid of Mediterranean and Asian diets and is the basis for the book The MediterrAsian Way by Ric Watson and Trudie Thelander. Traditional Mediterranean and Asian diets are rich in natural plant compounds called polyphenols. Consuming these polyphenol-rich foods –  including extra virgin olive oil, turmeric, capers, green tea and red wine – activates a special family of genes in the body called sirtuins which play a fundamental role in slowing cellular ageing and repairing DNA. Activating sirtuins also helps the body better regulate blood sugar levels, makes cells more resilient to stress, and improves the body’s ability to burn fat for energy.

The scientists found that the sirtuin-activating benefits of a MediterrAsian diet were similar to severe calorie restriction such as fasting, which also activates sirtuins, but without having to restrict calories. Their groundbreaking research was published in the scientific journal Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity in 2013.

They wrote, “We suggest that a so-called “MediterrAsian” diet combining sirtuin-activating foods (= sirtfoods) of the Asian as well as Mediterranean diet may be a promising dietary strategy in preventing chronic diseases, thereby ensuring health and healthy ageing.”

“But high sirtfood consumption isn’t the only reason people from Mediterranean and Asian cultures traditionally enjoy such exceptional health and long lifespans, points out Thelander. “Unlike modern Western diets that are full of highly processed foods, a MediterrAsian diet is based on a foundation of minimally processed foods like vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, nuts, olive oil, and fish. These foods are overflowing with health-promoting compounds including omega-3 fatty acids, phytochemicals, antioxidants, and also dietary fibre – which is great for gut health and is also one of nature’s best appetite suppressants”.

The Top Sirtuin-Activating Foods:

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Turmeric
  • Red wine
  • Green tea (particularly matcha)
  • Soy foods (such as tofu, miso and edamame)
  • Red onions
  • Capers
  • Walnuts
  • Seaweed
  • Parsley
  • Dark chocolate

Further Information

Available from



Acupressure and Acupuncture during Birth – An Integrative Guide for Acupuncturists and Birth Professionals

by Claudia Citkovitz

Published by Singing Dragon, Imprint of Jessica Kingsley Publishers. 2019. Paperback. £30.00. ISBN: 978-1-84819-358-1

For acupuncturists and birth professionals, this engaging book explains how yin/yang and other principles of Chinese medicine can improve birth experiences and outcomes. It includes information on what happens before, during and after birth from both a biomedical and Chinese medical perspective, and a toolkit of treatment strategies for birth work.

Citkovitz - Acupressure and Acupuncture During Birth

For acupuncturists and birth professionals, this book explains how yin/yang and other principles of Chinese medicine can improve birth experiences as well as outcomes. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can shift and support the physical and emotional journey of birth and provide nonpharmacological treatment approaches for commonly occurring disorders of labour such as malposition, asynclitism, slow cervical dilatation and inadequate contractions, as well as postpartum and post C-section care.

Accessible and engaging, the book includes an overview of Chinese medicine for women's health; information on what happens before, during and after birth from both a biomedical and Chinese medical perspective; and a toolkit of treatment strategies for birth work. The techniques described include acupressure, Tui Na (Chinese medical bodywork), needling, auricular acupressure and electrostimulation.

“An essential guide for all who support childbirth. Claudia's incredible wisdom and knowledge of yin and yang balance, acupressure, emotions and spirit provides an expansive view of how to provide comfort and increase pleasure for your clients. This book is perfect for those looking to enhance their skills for addressing challenges in labour, as well as to support ease and balance for every Mother-Baby dyad before, during and after birth.”

- Debra Pascali-Bonaro BEd LCCE, PDT/BDT(DONA), Chair Int’l MotherBaby Childbirth Organization,
Co-chair International Childbirth Initiative

“As a midwife and acupuncturist that introduced Acupuncture to a busy UK obstetric unit in the 1980s, this fantastic book makes me want to go back and attend births all over again! I wish I had known some of the techniques that Dr Citkovitz shares here. Covering all angles, and nicely illustrated by case histories, it will be invaluable to all who attend births, introducing new information about what this system of medicine has to offer. I fully endorse this inspiring publication.”

- Sarah Budd MBAcC, Midwife and Acupuncturist

Further Information

Available from and and Singing Dragon



North East Student Chosen as Face of The Wonderful Wig Company 2020

17-year-old Marnie Wall of Whitley Bay was selected from over 100 applicants to be the official face of The Wonderful Wig Company. North East start-up, The Wonderful Wig Company, committed to changing how women feel when they experience hair-loss, selected Marnie Wall, aged 17 from Whitley Bay, to be the face of their brand for 2020.

17-Year Old Marnie Wall

Marnie Wall, 17, chosen as the face of The Wonderful Wig Company 2020

After a nationwide call out to find inspirational women experiencing hair loss, which saw hundreds share their “with and without” (wig) photographs on Instagram using the hashtag #hairbossnothairloss, the team at The Wonderful Wig Company selected Marnie for her “undeniable positivity and inspiring confidence”.

Marnie, a creative media production student at Newcastle College, experienced alopecia areata related hair loss in June 2019, just before her 17th birthday. She explained: “when I first started losing my hair, it had a very big impact on my life. I wouldn't even leave the house without a hat or a wig on, I felt embarrassed at the fact I had no hair and I hated myself for a long time. But, as time went on, I learned that just because I have no hair, that does not make me a different person and it doesn't make me any less beautiful as someone with hair; beauty isn't about if you have hair or what you look like, it’s about what’s on the inside, and you as a person.”

Marnie will be the public face of the business throughout the year, appearing in media campaigns, advertising, supporting the team in their outreach work with young women with hair-loss, and winning a prize package worth over £8,000. On discovering she had won the competition, Marnie said: “I was so excited, I even cried for a good hour with happiness.”

On her aims for her year as the face of the company, she added: “as I work with the Wonderful Wig Company throughout the year, I would love to spread as much awareness as I can about all the different types of hair loss. I would also love to help people like me, who are going through hair loss or have been through it, to embrace and see hair loss as an amazing thing which doesn't change you or make you any different to anyone else.”

Nicola Wood, founder and Creative Director of The Wonderful Wig Company said, “I founded The Wonderful Wig Company because eight million women in the UK have hair-loss and my aim is to help people feel fantastic again, hair or no hair! I’ve been overwhelmed with emotion at the amazing, brave and beautiful women who have bared all to share their stories of hair-loss with us during the Face Of competition. It was such an agonising decision, but we’re delighted to be working with Marnie Wall this year – she simply shines and truly owns her image, she is a real hair boss!”

Founded by hairdresser Nicola Wood in 2017, The Wonderful Wig Company offers both wigs and hairstyling combined to help people regain their confidence and self-esteem during hair-loss. In 2019, after just two years of trading, the work done by Nicola and her team in supporting those affected by hair-loss saw them recognised by the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, the North East Business Woman of the Year Awards and the Sunderland Echo Portfolio Awards. The team also received the coveted Gold Status from The Little Princess Trust - joining only 8 other UK salons to have achieved this accolade.

Starting with a salon in Sunderland in 2017, the business opened its second salon in Jesmond in December 2019.

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TiMbandAir – 3D Printed Helmet to Correct Flat Head Syndrome in Babies

Technology in Motion, the leading UK clinical specialists in flat head syndrome, have launched TiMbandAir; a truly innovative 3D-printed helmet to correct baby’s head shape.


Soon after being born, some babies can develop a flattening of the head known as flat head syndrome. If left untreated, this flattening can be permanent throughout the baby’s life into adulthood. With over 15 years of experience in treating the condition, Technology in Motion has utilised revolutionary 3D printing technology to reinvent the way plagiocephaly helmets are designed. The TiMbandAir addresses the limitations of the more traditional helmet style, offering thoughtful improvements due to its unique three shell construction. The perforated structure offers a breathable design to promote ventilation and reduce sweating – a common side effect for babies undergoing treatment.

The TiMbandAir won the highly prestigious Red Dot ‘Best of the Best’ design award in 2018, which recognized the strength, quality and potential global impact of its design. With over six years in development, which included three years of EU partial funding, and over two years of patient trials and improvements, the TiMbandAir is now exclusively available in Technology in Motion clinics nationwide. 

Steve Mottram MBAPO, Managing Director of Technology in Motion, says “We are extremely proud of the TiMbandAir helmet. We have had an amazing response so far, with almost 50% of parents opting for the TiMbandAir since its launch. We understand the distress, uncertainty and confusion parents undergo and we are excited to offer parents an improved form of flat head syndrome treatment for the future.”

Kim, a parent whose daughter is undergoing TiMbandAir treatment, says “The helmet’s increased air flow has ensured our daughter has remained comfortable with very little sweating (even when she is at her most active).  The TiMband Air helmet is extremely lightweight and we could see changes within a week of her starting to wear it. We are delighted with the improvement the TiMband Air helmet has achieved so far and we can't thank Steve and the team enough for the massive difference this will make to our daughter’s future well-being.”

Technology in Motion are recognized as UK leaders in flat head syndrome correction since 2003. They developed the acclaimed TiMbandTM  treatment in 2010, which has been used to successfully treat thousands of babies over the last decade. They have worked with Invent Medical for over ten years and are delighted to be their UK representative partner.

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    Alcattest NutriVital / SpringVital

    Alcattest’s NutriVital or SpringVital tests include 301 test items valid until 29 May 2020 items of different categories including gluten, gluten-free alternatives, milk, sugar alternatives, additives, glyphosate and many more. Strengthen your immune system to optimise your defence against viruses and bacteria. Avoid the burden of hidden inflammatory immune reactions (sensitivities).


    Further information Tel: 0331 7400 880;  To get the Offer Click


    First Patients Enrolled COVID-19

    University of Oxford Clinical Trial Researchers have launched a new clinical trial to test the effects of potential drug treatments for patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 and recruited patients. There are currently no specific treatments for COVID-19. It is possible that some existing drugs usually used for other conditions may have some benefits – but they may not. The Randomized Evaluation of COVid-19thERapY (RECOVERY) trial will inform doctors and the Health Service about which treatments should be used.


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    Beyond the Brain 2020

    Beyond the Brain 2020, takes place on 6-8 November 2020 at the University of Westminster, London. The conference will be run online if they are unable to conduct it as a face-to-face event. In the meantime you can tune into the 2019 Beyond the Brain video recordings. Speakers include: Prof Harald Atmanspacher, Tim Freke, Prof Janice Miner Holden, Amanda St Germain-Sehr, Dr Noelle St Germain-Sehr, Prof Ed Kelly, Prof J Kim Penberthy, Dr Oliver Robinson, Dr Tamara Russell and Analaura Trivellato.


    Further information:  


    COVID-19 Game Raising Awareness

    Focus Games has developed a simple online COVID-19 game which offers the facts and challenges the myths (from UK Government and the NHS). It is free to play and works on any device through a web browser. It only takes a couple of minutes and there is no registration required.


    Further information Tel: 01415 545 476;  


    The Wee Yoga Room

    The Wee Yoga Room is introducing HD class streaming. This is a live stream from the regular teachers. It is secure, reliable and completely live. You can now book a new 4 week online term. Like every other business, the Wee Yoga Room is going through a significant financial challenge. They hope to survive and are looking forward to getting back into the Studio when the pandemic is over.


    Further information:


    Anne McIntyre on COVID-19

    Anne McIntyre recommends that, in these difficult times, people take preventative supplements to help stave off COVID-19. Vitamin C (1g three times daily), vitamin D, magnesium, selenium and zinc are recommended as well as raw garlic, culinary herbs and spices in cooking, particularly ginger, oregano, thyme, rosemary, cinnamon, turmeric and cloves. She has made an immune boosting tincture which can be taken as a preventative 2-3 times a day. At the onset of any symptoms take the immune boost every couple of hours along with our Sudarshan capsules, 2 tablets, 3 times a day.


    Further information Tel: 01451 810 096;


    Ayurveda for Modern Life

    Ayurveda for Modern Life by Eminé Ruhston is an accessible, effective and simple guide to decoding the complex and 5,000 year old ancient wisdom of Ayurveda for today’s world. Health writer and former sceptic Eminé, was converted to the Ayurvedic practice during her pregnancy, when she discovered how eating and living according to the principles rebalanced her body for the better. The book begins with determining your Ayurvedic dosha type – Vata, Pitta or Kapha – a basic body type that determines our personality and physical wellbeing.


    Further information:


    Naturopaths Track COVID

    The General Council and Register of Naturopaths (GCRN) is urging its members to sign up to an international registry which has been set up to track the role of Practitioners during the Coronavirus pandemic. The registry will collect data on patients who are benefitting from preventative and supportive naturopathic care during the outbreak. The COVID-19 support registry will capture and acknowledge the role Naturopathic Practitioners around the world are playing in supporting patients through the global pandemic.


    Further information:


    Amchara Health – Enhance Digestion

    Discover natural solutions to support your digestion and overall gut health. Autophagy is a vital form of self-cleansing that may be inhibited by certain lifestyle choices, find out more about autophagy. Give your system a chance to rebalance itself by better managing your sugar intake. Amchara also organised Health Retreats and you can speak to an Amchara 360 Personalised Health Practitioner to understand how Amchara can help and support you during this time.


    Further information Tel: 01823 213 111;


    Vitaliti – Health and Wellbeing

    Vitaliti is a one-shot liquid supplement packed with 28 vitamins and minerals. One dose of Vitaliti includes 500mg of vitamin C, vitamin D, all eight B vitamins, selenium, zinc and other key nutrients plus a super green blend with ginseng and an amino boost blend. Vitaliti is specially formulated to have a broader range of nutrients and in larger quantities than practically any multi-vitamin available. Vitaliti is designed specifically for people who are feeling run down or who aren’t getting key nutrients from their daily diet.


    Further information:


    Gut Health Hacks

    ShapeLine from Pro-Ven Probiotics is the first probiotic with proven weight loss and wellness benefits. This probiotic provided weight loss of between 3 and 7lbs, reduction in waist circumference of 1-2cm and a reduction in BMI by 1-4%. The results are even more impressive as participants were not placed on a calorie-controlled diet and made no changes to lifestyle or exercise regimes, indicating that all of the weight reduction benefits were as a result of the probiotic.


    Further information:


    Better Night’s Sleep WFH

    1.         Get into a routine. Go to bed and wake up at the same time;

    2.         Avoid blue light from laptops, phones, iPads & TVs;

    3.         Create an atmosphere that promotes sleep. Darken the bedroom, make sure your bed is comfortable;

    4.         Do not exercise too late. Try to exercise early in the day;

    5.         Try CBD oil – stabilizing effect on mood – works on endocannabinoid system (ECS). New CannabiGold
                Terpenes+ 250mg CBD oil, applied under your tongue direct circulation into blood stream;

    6.         Choose the right time to eat, Don't go to bed with a full stomach.


    Further information:


    Ashwagandha Health Benefits

    Ashwagandha helps manage stress-related conditions, also helps with chronic fatigue, insomnia and adrenal fatigue, lowers stress, calm anxiety, manage weight gain and reduce comfort eating, improve sleep, support healthy blood sugar, stops premature ageing skin, supports strength and muscle mass, improves libido and sexual performance, supports memory and brain function, bolsters immunity and improves energy, stamina and endurance. Pukka Organic Ashwagandha capsule are available to purchase from, Ocado, Amazon, Planet Organic, Boots, Superdrug and independent health food stores.


    Further Information:


    Homeopathy Courses

    Dr Manish Bhatia is offering courses online at 50% discount during this unprecedented lockdown. For all the people who join the course can also benefit from a free webinar. This is the time to refresh your basics, learn some material medica and get answers to some fundamental questions.


    Further information:


    Eat Yourself Calm

    GP and wife of Dr Michael Mosely, Dr Clare Bailey provides her expert advice on the link between the mind and body and how to eat mindfully to reduce stress with the 12 week programme the fast 800. Her advice is to eat a Mediterranean diet, eat fertiliser foots, fermented foods and prebiotics and cut down on sweet and processed foods and takeaways.


    Further information:


    Hay Fever – Not to be Sniffed At

    Around 13 million people in the UK suffer with hay fever. Treating hay fever for vegans can be tricky as not all over-the-counter drugs are suitable. There are foods which can be eaten to help protect sufferers from plant pollens. Onion is a natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory. Other foods include apples, broccoli, garlic and tomatoes. Herbs and spices can be helpful too. Turmeric is a popular choice due to its anti-inflammatory qualities. Veganicity Turmeric Extra capsules also included ginger root, to help sinus congestion.


    Further information:   and independent health shops nationwide.


    4-Breaths Meditation

    Gerry Pyves, Founder of  No Hands Massage, has spent over 4 decades immersing himself in science, theory and practice of health and healing. He has created 4-Breaths Meditation to help support us all through the Coronavirus pandemic. You will get the theory behind why it is a powerful tool, the practical elements of how to make the most of it and a 20 minute guided meditation. All for free and available to use time and time again.


    Further information:


    Silatha Meditation

    Silatha meditation app by Ariadna Bakhmatova, enables you to create and nurture inner peace with the custom-made offer of guided meditation combined with a tangible object. The newly launched app incorporates exclusive features and unique functions to support life-long change. It is intension focused, which helps uses have a specific goal for their practice – a really helpful tool during the lockdown.


    Further information Tel: 07873 499 812;


    Knowing How to Love and Be Loved

    Loveability: Knowing How to Love and Be Loved  by Robert Holden is an eBook which shows you how to love yourself and one another in this unsettling time. The book teaches you to choose love over fear, be socially responsible, be healthy, send a blessing out to all the Doctors and Nurses on the front-line and be kind and love one another. There are countless daily practices that can help you to stay centred in love.


    Further information:


    Ayurvedic Wellness for Migraine

    Dr Sreelal Sankar, Chief Ayurvedic Physician and Dr Poornima Sreelala, Manager, Dietary & Food Production at Kalari Rasayana, a CGH Earth Ayurveda Hospital have compiled an overview to help migraine sufferers tackle this debilitating condition. They recommend you eat lighter foods, avoid eating heavy foods such as aged cheeses, butter, yoghurt, red meat, leftovers and processed, frozen, canned and packaged foods. Meditate to balance the doshas, avoid foods that create digestive disturbances when eaten together. Never suppress natural urges such as urinating, moving the bowels or sneezing. Take daily exercise for half an hour a day.


    Further information:


    Chinese Medicine Psychology

    Chinese Medicine Psychology: A Clinical Guide to Mental and Emotional Wellness  by Professor Qu Lifang and Dr Mary Garvey is a key title from Singing Dragon, by two renowned academics on a vital topic in these troubling times. Both an introduction to Chinese medicine psychology and a clinical guide for Chinese medicine. This book facilitates and promotes the management of mind and emotion-related illnesses.


    Further information Tel: 020-7833 2307;  


    Ultimate Work from Home Desk Kit

    Beauty and wellbeing essentials to keep you well moisturised and ‘chilled’ whilst working at your desk include: Spritz, keep calm and hydrated with a soothing mist of Alteya Organics’ new Rosa Centifolia Flower water; Hand Cream, slather on D’ALCHEMY’s Spectacular Hand Therapy after washing your hands; Lip Balm from Alteya Organics come in 6 botanical formulas; CBD Supplement are delicious No Pressure Gummies made from CBD from broad spectrum hemp oil to restore balance and restoration.


    Further Information:


    Healing Crystals –  at Home

    Semiprecious stones and crystals have been used in healing for thousands of years. has analysed almost 100 varieties of stones and crystals  to put together a helpful guide to choosing the right crystals for your home. Including: Loft – Apache Tears, Bedroom – Howlite, Bathroom – Aquamarine, Lounge – Amber, Kitchen – Jade,  Dining Room – Ukakite and Office – Fluorite.


    Further information:


    Soothing Scents for Mindfulness

    Holistic London candles are made with only two high quality ingredients. Their renewable eco-friendly soy wax is of the highest quality, whilst their essential oils are sourced for the very best scents that provide stunning aromas and last much longer than industry standard candles. Their candles are plant-based, vegan and cruelty free. Fragrances include: Grapefruit + Rosemary, Bergamot + Wildflowers, Lavender + Patchouli, Peppermint + Sandalwood and Cedarwood + Spices.


    Further information:


    Don’t Neglect Eye Health

    Nadeem Rob, for the Eye Establishment in Kensington and Chelsea outlines top tips for keeping healthy eyes in a home environment. Ensure your computer screen is 4-5 inches below your eye level, ensure there is as much natural light in your workspace, set your desk close to a window, take regular breaks, remember to blink and use Dark Mode if working late into the evening.


    Further information:


    CBD Ideal Home Companion

    CannabiGold Terpenes+ is now available in oil and capsule form which contains a unique combination of beneficial ingredients including CBD and terpenes that can be found naturally in hemp, delivering the most effective way to support the optimum function of the human body. Terpenes have been found to work in synergy with phytocannabinoids. Studies on their health benefits and therapeutic properties are constantly being revealed.


    Further information:


    Ava Bracelet Research Partners

    Ava AG, the Swiss medical device company, is calling for research collaboration or funding to study the potential utility of the Ava Bracelet in studies on the diagnosis and monitoring of COVID-19 infections. The Ava Bracelet is a wrist-worn device that tracks breathing rate, pulse rate, skin temperature, heart rate variability and perfusion. The most common symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, dry cough and shortness of breath. During a fever, body temperature and pulse rate increase. Shortness of breath can be measured by an increased breathing rate.


    Further information:    For information about research partnerships:  to discuss supporting this research with funding:


    Ayurvedic Way Ease Anxiety

    Here are some thoughts from two of the brilliant Ayurvedic Doctors at Sanjeevanam, a wellness destination in beautiful Kerala, India. Take warm milk and a little butter before going to bed to reduce stress and help you sleep. Rub the head with a mixture of Coconut oil and Gingelly oil for 20-25 minutes smoothly and slowly and slowly drink water to help stay calm and relaxed.


    Further information and Yoga and eating tips:


    Robert Anderson MD – 1932-2020

    Robert ‘Bob’ Anderson MD, founding President of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM) and a charter member of the American Holistic Medical Association (AHMA), passed away peacefully 6 April 2020. With over 40 years of service, Bob’s central message of Unconditional Love shaped the foundation of who we are as healers, as organizations and as a movement. We owe him an enormous debt of gratitude in the many ways he loved and nurtured our holistic community. He was always a voice of wisdom, reason, integrity, support and emotional intelligence.


    Further Information:


    Constellation News Delcia McNeil

    Family Constellations & The Chakras is a one day workshop on 18 July in Storth, near Milnthorpe, Cumbria LA7 7JH with Delcia McNeil. Whatever our spiritual or non-spiritual beliefs may be, there can be no denial that deep bonds of love continue between family members.


    Further information Tel: 07515 807 366;


    Little Veggie Eats

    Little Veggie Eats by Rachel Boyett is the first full-colour, vegetarian and vegan weaning guide for a new generation of parents. Help your baby to love vegetables and save the planet. Life-time vegetarian and mother of 3 Rachel Boyett makes vegetarian and vegan weaning fun and easy with nutrient-packed recipes that the whole family can enjoy. Recipes such as Rainbow Pancakes, Breakfast Sushi, Baby Buddha Bowls, Magic Curry and Apricot and Coconut Bliss Balls. Rachel posts her family veggie and vegan recipes on her Instagram @littleveggieeats.


    Further information Tel: 020-7840 8374;


    2020 Energy Awareness Trainings

    Energy Awareness Trainings show you how to transform misfortunes in any area of your life so that you can become someone who can confidently recognise what you need to do, or not do; see if something is good for you or not; transform experienced problems into new abilities and opportunities and progress your awareness development far beyond dowsing, muscle testing or dependence on any external instrument or device.


    Further information Tel: 07595 443 139 (UK); +1 415 992 7529 (USA);



    Spring to Your Skin

    General Manager of Health Plus Simon Band, discusses how we can best support it during the seasonal change: H2O, being hydrated helps problems including acne and can give the body an extra glow, the average adult should drink 2 litres a day. Take vitamin D or take natural vitamin D from sunshine, but remember to apply protection so that you do not burn. Antioxidants are important, vitamin C is a great antioxidant found in oranges, broccoli, strawberries and sweet potatoes or in a supplement such as Health Plus Ester-C1000. Finally, exfoliate to give your skin a polished, fresh glow.


    Further information:


    So Shall It Be

    So Shall It Be: A Simple Mantra for Peace of Mind by Anthony Williams is a deeply personal mission on the part of the Author to provide readers with an incredibly simple mantra they can apply to any distressing or difficult area of life. Anthony has spent his life struggling with mental health issues alongside a successful business career and through one random dream, developed a mantra which has literally changed his life.


    Further information Tel: 07825 650 058;


    Free Children Breathing Program

    The Buteyko Clinic International has a free complete breathing course for children, developed by Patrick and Lauren McKeown. Discover easy techniques to help de congest your child’s nose and restore functional breathing patterns during rest and physical exercise. MYOTAPE surrounds the mouth, bringing the lips together with light, elastic tension to help maintain lip closure and maintain nasal breathing When your child opens his or her mouth, the feeling of tension from the tape will prompt the mouth to close.


    Further information:


    Hygienic Durable Protein Shaker

    NitraPro Hygienic Durable Protein Shaker is a unique bottle for the fitness market. It is an airtight protein shaker that does not retain foul odours and has an innovative and unique diamond design. It is multi-purpose and was made with hygiene in mind.  Reiss and Alizee from NitraPro are looking for affiliates to support them in setting up an online store for this product. They are already affiliated with Kickbooster.


    Further information:


    AIHM Conference

    The 7th Annual AIHM People, Planet, Purpose Conference is being held 17-20 September in San Diego. The conference covers everything from integrative pain management to the latest in evidence-based approaches to mental health. Speakers include Mimi Guarneri, David Brady, Dale Bredesen, Daniel Friedland, Rauni Prittinen and Tieraona Low Dog.


    Further information:


    Ecology Big Pharma Antidote

    Ecological Medicine: The Antidote to Big Pharma  by Dr Sarah Myhill with Craig Robinson  has recently been published. After 20 years in the NHS, Dr Sarah Myhill wanted more time with patients so that she could get to the root cause of their symptoms, so she became an independent Doctor. This is Dr Myhill’s comprehensive guide to healthcare for Health Practitioners and motivated patients alike. Armed with this knowledge, wellness and an optional health-span should be within our grasp and the grasp of all those we care for.


    Further information:

  • Liposomal Nutrients

    Optimum system for nutrient delivery to cells - fully bioavailable vitamins absorbed and metabolised

  • College of Ayurveda UK

    Diploma in Āyurvedic Medicine, 4-year self-paced distant learning program in Āyurvedic medicine.


    Aromatherapy creams & candles. Heal naturally No side effects. Holistic treatments, powerful courses


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    Super Patches – a most revolutionary advance in wellbeing strategies in the history of medicine

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