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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 254

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 254 - May 2019

ME/CFS Not Similar to Depression;  They are Opposites

You might think that because I am a psychotherapist, as well as a person with ME, I think the conditions are similar.  In fact, they are diametric opposites.  The symptoms are opposites, the causes are completely different, and above all, they require the opposite treatments.

The two books are therefore completely different…except that they both respect the work of Les Simpson, and the value of improved blood flow in both conditions.  And that because ME/CFS can be aggravated by emotional stress, the disabilities created by the illness are discouraging, and other people’s responses and demands can make life even harder, some of the strategies in my book on depression may be helpful to people who have ME/CFS.


Nancy Blake + 2 Covers ME and Depression



Psychiatric problems are disorders of emotion and thinking.  Depression is characterized by profound and inappropriate guilt, self-criticism, inability to enjoy anything, and feeling that there is no point to doing anything. 

ME/CFS is characterised by a range of symptoms indicating the involvement of many organ systems: abnormal muscle metabolism, digestive difficulties, allergic reactions,  urinary problems, cognitive problems and symptoms of endocrine dysregulation.  Sore throat, ongoing low fever and sensitive lymph glands indicate immune system activation.  It most often begins with a viral infection from which the patient does not recover.  The central feature is muscle failure after even slight exertion, and the fact that all the symptoms are made worse by exertion of any kind.  Symptoms vary from day to day, even hour to hour, and this can usually be linked to previous exertion.  Typically this reaction, called Post Exertional Malaise, or Post Exertional Neuroimmune Exhaustion, is both delayed and protracted.  This constellation of symptoms is both easily identifiable and clearly too complicated for anyone to make up!


Depressed people have a narrative of life events which can explain it:  Early experiences of rejection or abandonment, family violence, or bereavements; children will find ways to blame themselves for events beyond their control.  The earlier these occur, the more effect they will have on the physical development of the brain, while sowing the seeds of harsh self-criticism and inappropriate guilt.

If there is not an explanatory narrative for the patient’s symptoms, it is morally and professionally obligatory to seek a medical explanation.

The narrative of a person with ME/CFS is most likely to be of a lifetime of commitment to physical activity by an energetic, positive, determined individual who doesn’t give in and doesn’t give up.  This is a person who ignores illness and injury, and never goes to the doctor.  Because ME/CFS is made worse by exertion, this determined personality can push them into the most severe version of this disease. In the hospital epidemics (LA in 1932, the Royal Free in 1955) it was the nurses who got sick, not the inpatients.  Not because they were hysterical women; because they had the hardest jobs.


People who are depressed need psychotherapy to help them re-evaluate the events in their childhood from an adult perspective: a child cannot understand that his mother isn’t ignoring him because he is unlovable, but because she is depressed.  An adult can.  They need to be helped to change the unremitting self-critical internal dialogue.  And in the most practical way, their mood can be lifted simply through physical activity, especially in the company of others.

The US IOM report on ME/CFS stated unequivocally that the central feature of this disease is that “exertion of any kind – physical, cognitive or emotional – may adversely affect many organ systems…”   Exertion can do multisystem damage.  It also is clear that this is not a psychogenic complaint. 

The person who is depressed will be helped by psychotherapy and exercise.

The person who has ME/CFS does not need psychotherapy, and will be damaged by exercise.  Melvin Ramsay was clear that complete rest from the inception gave the best prognosis.  Subsequent research points to infection by a virus, probably, like the polio virus, in the Epstein Barr family, which our immune system can make some headway against provided all our energy is available to it (hence the value of complete rest), but which is re-activated by exertion.

Differential Diagnosis

The short questionnaire:  Do you feel better or worse after exercise?

The longer questionnaire:  Which of these sequences applies to you…

  1.  You don’t feel like doing anything, but when you do get active, you feel better;
  2.  You are desperate to do things, but when you try, your muscles fail immediately and you get upset about it.

Clearing up the Confusion

  • The word ‘fatigue’…get rid of it;
  • People who are depressed don’t have ‘fatigue’, they have ‘apathy’;
  • People who have ME/CFS don’t have ‘fatigue’, they have ‘muscle failure upon minimal exertion’


ME/CFS v Depression:  Opposites, opposites, opposites.

Further Information

Further information about The Beginner's Guide to ME/CFSI and A Beginner’s Guide to Lifting Depression  here. Available from the author and  Amazon.



Ancestral Release Cup – Theragem’s Light Way of Releasing Lineages of Old

2019 is a year of change, a landmark year which will uncover repressed and subdued material from previous years and signify a process of evolution and growth. People all over the world begin to see, feel and recognize that the incredible pressures upon us are not normal. High-speed lifestyles in work and personal lives, mean that we don’t thrive, have no time to process, but suffer and endure pain on all levels, resulting in many debilitating conditions.


Medica Health Tepidarium


For those unwilling to continue with the status quo, who desire a move towards a more meaningful, enlightened existence, Medica Health presents a new paradigm amongst their existing range of powerful gemcups: the Ancestral Release Cups, or the ARC of Light. It has taken our specialist team over two years to create these rigorously tried and tested gemcups. The timing of these new blends is fortuitous, as we face the enormous task of clearing the ‘junk yard’ of our individual and ancestral past. This requires not only reflection and insight, but a willingness to move forward on energetic, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, allowing loving wisdom for all that lives, to flow without restricting ties of the past. After numerous trials and in-depth research, we recommend using all three gemcups with Theragem’s basic Elation and Spleen protocols, seeing the client for a week for best effects.

Each ARC of Light gemcup dissolves deeply, but carefully, layers of lineages and generations, clearing the karmic residues, replacing these with the pure intent of restoring and reconnecting the client’s true-life purpose. Often the first ARC session will see results shedding light years of stress, burdens and pain, bringing a feeling of euphoria and allowing memories to be seen as loving lessons. During the second ARC session, disorder and chaos is cleared with universal love and protection, a sensation described by one client as “ripples of energy and warmth” radiating from her chest followed by childhood images and even snapshots from previous lives. The third ARC session demonstrated removal of disturbances on all levels, including reversal of physical limitations, as per this client’s feedback:

Whilst seated, with the Theragem unit aimed over the whole body, this client reports feeling “a cold laser beam” of energy flowing first into her right ear, then her left. This is significant as the client has worn hearing aids in both ears for 15 years! This is coupled with a deep sense of clarity, confidence and freedom. Over the next days the client reports she “senses her hearing is sharper; people are not needing to repeat themselves in the work place.”

A fourth closing off session is recommended, with any of the Collective Evolution Range gemcups, a choice made from the client’s feedback. Openness and sensitivity will increase, burdens will evaporate, and Theragem’s key triggers of Elation and Spleen will have built up a number of positive responses, reportedly shown in heart rate variability, sleeping rhythms, energized immune system, and activated and enhanced circulation, lowering insulin levels and balancing cholesterol levels along with many more benefits.

 Theragem use has the added benefit of creating a sacred space for the therapist, enabling them to use their energetic talents to guide and nurture this immense process of change. As a result, more clients can be helped to navigate the realm of their deepest, subconscious levels without exhausting the therapist. This is crucial as the number of people achieving realization will increase. At last, both client and therapist can now fully optimize and speed up the clearing – cleansing process, so both can enjoy life with energy and vigour.

Further Information

Interested in the ARC of Light gemcups or other products of Medica Health International? We welcome your call or email: Tel: +44 (0) 1254 245 013;       



50% of Statin Prescriptions Not Effective;  Bergamot Cholesterol Approach

Cholesterol-lowering "statin" drugs taken by millions may not work well enough in about half of those prescribed them, research suggests. Investigators looked at 165,000 patients on statins and found that for one in two, the drugs had too little effect on bad cholesterol - one of the big risk factors for heart disease and are not sure why statins appear to help some more than others. Cardiovascular disease kills about 150,000 people in the UK each year. ‘Bad’ low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol is a major contributor - it can lead to furring and blockage of blood vessels. Statins can cause side effects; there is a debate about how many patients should be prescribed them. The study, published in the journal Heart, included 165,411 patients put on statins to cut their risk of developing heart disease by lowering  cholesterol to a healthy level. Half the patients - 84,609 in total - did not see their cholesterol go down by the required 40% or more reduction specified by guidelines - even after daily treatment for two years. Researcher Dr Stephen Weng, from Nottingham University, said: "Our research has shown that in almost half of patients prescribed statins, they are very effective and offer significant protection against cardiovascular disease. However, for the other half - whether it's due to your genetic make-up, having side effects, sticking to the treatment or other medications - we don't see that intended benefit."





This report brings suggests the need for a more integrated approach to the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease including diet and exercise. One clinically tested, food based approach for cholesterol, is to supplement diet with bergamot fruit extracts. This bitter fruit grows on a tree only in Calabria, Southern Italy close to Sicily. The fruit pulp has a unique combination of flavonoid chemicals including naringin, bruteridin, and melitidin; these natural compounds block the same enzyme that statin medications such as Lipitor block, without concerns over Lipitor side effects. Bergamot has also been shown to lower blood sugar, lower inflammation, improve blood vessel activity, and activate the AMPK system similar to the diabetic drug metformin. There are now more than 200 scientific studies exploring the health role of bergamot, available as a food supplement in tablet form that concentrates the active polyphenols found in the whole fruit. In a recent trial in 77 patients with high cholesterol, subjects were treated with a statin medication alone or with bergamot. The combination therapy produced the lowest LDL cholesterol and the highest HDL cholesterol. In addition, measures of damage to blood vessels by oxidation were the lowest when bergamot was added. In other studies, there were beneficial effects of bergamot on blood sugar levels and body weight. What about metabolic syndrome - a combination of increased abdominal fat and waistline, hypertension, abnormal cholesterol lipid values with low HDL and high triglycerides and elevated blood sugar? About 20-25% of the world's adult population is thought to have this condition; perhaps one third of UK adults. Bergamot has proved useful in assisting its reversal, which raises the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), also known as NASH, is a cardio-metabolic problem seen more often. NASH results from an inactive lifestyle and a diet high in processed foods with oils and fats which overload liver cells with fat droplets. It is also associated with insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and adult Type 2 diabetes. In a study in humans with metabolic syndrome and NAFLD, significant responses to bergamot were recorded.

Further Information

Free pharmacist advice, food supplements and natural medicines available from The Naked Pharmacy. Please contact on Tel: 01483 685630;



Magnesium – What do we Know About it?

Magnesium is a mineral that is plentiful in our natural environment and within our bodies. Next to potassium, it is the 2nd most abundant ion found within our cells and is vital for numerous physiological functions. Scientists have identified that magnesium is involved in the activation of more than 300 enzymes and body compounds and is a key component for energy and metabolism.

Top 7 Benefits of Magnesium

  1. Skeletal health - magnesium helps to regulate calcium within the teeth and bones.
  2. Stress relief - magnesium works alongside vitamin C, B6, B5 and zinc to maintain adrenal health and produce adrenal stress hormones.
  3. Hormonal health - magnesium has a significant effect on female hormones and is linked to fluid retention, weight gain and breast pain, all common for women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Research shows that premenstrual mood swings are often helped by magnesium supplementation.
  4. Energy production and diabetes - magnesium is particularly critical to energy production and has a critical role in the metabolism of carbohydrates and the synthesis and secretion of insulin.
  5. Cardiovascular health - magnesium works alongside calcium, sodium and potassium to control the muscle tone of blood vessels and because of this has been studied extensively for its role in cardiovascular disease.
  6. Sleep quality - studies show that magnesium deficiency affects sleep, thought to be due to its effect on circadian rhythms and melatonin production, which are both involved in the sleep/wake cycle. Supplementing with magnesium has been found to improve insomnia in elderly people.


Tell-Tale Signs of Magnesium Deficiency
agitation anxiety insomnia irritability restless legs
nausea vomiting palpitations low blood pressure confusion
muscle spasm muscle weakness hyperventilation poor nail growth seizures




Top Up with a Liposomal Magnesium Supplement

Supplementation may be highly recommended for the elderly and women with PMS, heavy menstruation or menstrual cramps. This supplement can be of great benefit during times of stress or for those in poor health, or for those with fatigue, diabetes or other certain medical conditions. But choosing an effective supplement is the key. The manufacturers of Altrient products have responded to the worrying global deficiency in magnesium by producing a premium bioavailable liposomal magnesium supplement which is even suitable for those with gut impairments. The beauty of oral liposomal formulations compared to standard oral supplements is that they are able to resist degradation in the gut and efficiently reach target cells delivering maximised absorption through cutting-edge liposomal encapsulation technology. Altrient are delighted to introduce this new, revolutionary form of magnesium for the benefit of the many, not just the few.

Further Information

For more information please contact on Tel: +44 (0)20 3239 4907; or visit



Whole Health Immune Complex – Functional Nutrition for Improved Immunity

Whole Health Immune Complex offers active pharmaceutical-grade ingredients integrated with homoeotherapy values. The essence of holistic healthcare considers the overall picture and journey of every individual. Functional nutrition, for its role, helps target a systematic response. In the same vein, the synergy of the ingredients considers the foundational relationship the cells have with their external antagonists. Emotional injuries or diminished self-esteem can be stored in afflicted bones, muscles, nerves and in the brain or blood. This Whole Health tonic benefits from a holistic appreciation of the mind/body/spirit health trinity. It helps direct much-needed nourishment and stimulation on a basic nutritional level, which helps stabilise and prepare the body.


New Vistas


This formulation is a liquid colloidal mineral supplement, enhancing its bio-availability to cells, tissues and organs. It does not burden a toxic or weak system, rather its collective energy defends against the negative strains of modern lifestyles. Current diets are lacking in vital nutrition. Much-needed resources can power the body and be a driving force for healthy mitochondria and the rejuvenation of fragile or exhausted cells. Whole Health can be used as a stepping stone for energy, growth and improved resources. Its overall goal is to enhance the vitality of the body's innate immune system and support an environment experiencing debilitating health conditions. External elements, such as pathogens, toxicity and deficiency, deconstruct a vigorous immune system. Overtime, these factors weaken the entire functioning of a healthy body. This supplement encourages an improved support structure for chronic unrest. It also helps the compromised utilisation of antioxidants. It also offers an integral role helping address candida, flu and burn-out.

It contains: Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Methionine, Arginine, Threonine, Vitamin D3 and Beta-Glucan.

Fuelling Improved Responses

Research suggests that long before clinical symptoms start to emerge, micronutrient deficiency can develop and spread, hampering a body’s energetic spectrum. This product is ideal for at-risk groups such as children or students experiencing chronic stress, those with digestive problems or poor diet and clients experiencing sub-clinical stages of illness. This nutritional tool is best used in conjunction with Practitioner testing and works alongside homeopathy, naturopathy, kinesiology and bio feedback skills. It has been shown to stimulate cellular activity and increase energy and stamina. It also tested for clients whose disease has progressed. For such cases, this supplement can provide power and sharpened immune vitality. For symptomatic problems, when used alongside a Personalised Health Plan, it can also aid inflammation, erectile dysfunction and aches or injuries.

This supplement is suitable for children (5 mls once daily) and adults (5 mls, twice daily), or as directed by the Practitioner. It can be taken straight from the spoon, or mixed with juice or water. Shake well before use. Store in a dry, ambient place away from direct sunlight. As with all healthcare supplements, it is best used in conjunction with a CAM Provider. If you have had an organ transplant or are taking immunosuppressants or other prescribed medication, consult your doctor or health advisor before taking this supplement.

Further Information

For further information: email, Tel: +353 61 334455 or visit our online shop -



Alexander Technique and Parkinson’s Disease

Imagine you’re picking your children up from school. You’re surrounded by children, teachers and other parents in the school playground. Suddenly you find yourself unable to move, frozen to the spot. You feel embarrassed, anxious and distressed. You would like to disappear, and the last thing you want is to have to explain to strangers that your movement is affected by Parkinson’s Disease.


Walking: Tips & Tricks for living with Parkinson's - by Alison Wood


A diagnosis of Parkinson’s can be devastating. The progressive neurological disorder can affect every aspect of a person’s life, from popping around to the corner shop to pick up a pint of milk, to carrying on with their career, to their relationships with friends and family. Characterized mainly by tremor, slowness of movement and muscle stiffness, there are a host of other symptoms and difficulties that affect sufferers, all of which can make them feel their bodies and their lives are slipping away from their control.
The Alexander Technique is recommended by the NHS and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as a management tool for people living with Parkinson’s where their movement is affected. By providing strategies to deal with symptoms like freezing, shaking and stooping, the technique helps them get on with daily activities, minimizing pain and boosting confidence.

Over the past two and a half years, I have been working with a small group of Alexander Technique teachers in London to bring this self-help method to people living with Parkinson’s. The feedback we have had has been extremely encouraging, and our afternoon Alexander Technique / Parkinson's group workshops heavily over-subscribed.

The best way to learn Alexander Technique is with individual lessons. This year for the third time, with the help of Parkinson’s UK and the Walter Carrington Educational Trust, we are offering a course of private Alexander lessons to a number of people with a Parkinson’s diagnosis, as part of our ongoing group initiative.

I’ve been amazed by the transformations that can occur with the Alexander Technique, even in the space of an afternoon workshop. Eyes brighten, faces become animated and torsos elongate as people rediscover some of the balance and poise that have been compromised by Parkinson’s. One pupil I worked with privately found he began to be included again in dinner table discussions. Friends had begun to speak about him rather than to him whilst he was present, whereas when he raised his eyes and looked out, raising his head at the same time, his friends realized he was tuned in, and they gave him the time he needed to contribute to the conversation.

For those affected by Parkinson’s, as for everyone who has come across this invaluable approach, Alexander Technique can be a way of getting the most out of life. It won’t prevent what one of my pupils with Parkinson’s calls an ‘attack of the slows’, but it can provide useful tools for gaining more control of thinking, movement, and understandable reactions like panic when dealing with a sudden onset of symptoms at the school gate!

Further Information

Loretta Manson is a STAT-certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, one of several practitioners at the Bloomsbury Alexander Centre in central London who have experience of working with people affected by Parkinson’s. Click here for more information about the Parkinson’s initiative mentioned in this feature, or send a request to  to be on the mailing list for future activities.



Questions to ask about your Professional Liability Insurance Cover

by Claire Squire, Balens Specialist Insurance Brokers

It’s easy to get swept up with the things we enjoy and to avoid those we don’t, but time spent in advance on your insurance choices could save you many hours of headaches at a later date should the worst occur.  

The following is a brief guide of things to consider regarding your Professional Liability Insurance as a Health and Well-being Professional.  This insurance is there to protect you against clients or others who may make a complaint or claim against you.  Good quality cover will include Professional Liability and Public Liability as standard, but what else should you look out for? 


Balens Logo + Broker


Things to consider for Professional Liability Insurance:

  • Does the policy cover any advice you may give your clients or only cover your teaching/activities?
  • What is the level of indemnity cover? and is this limit for any one claim, or a limit for all claims that may be made against you during the year?
  • Does the policy cover you for breach of such things as: confidentiality; financial loss; criminal and tax defence; loss of reputation; Good Samaritan acts etc.?
  • Is Products Cover included, should you choose to sell items to your clients?   Under UK law the last person in the supply chain is initially liable for any defects in the product.
  • Will the policy cover you for temporary trips abroad, i.e. if you are teaching at a yoga/Pilates retreat or similar?  NOTE – if you are organising the retreat yourself, you may need to consider separate insurance cover for this.
  • Will the policy extend to cover you for all therapies or practices that you are qualified in?
  • Will you be charged for any changes to the policy that you make mid-term?  i.e. if you were to move or wish to add an additional activity that you are now qualified in.
  • What other benefits are included within the policy i.e. legal, taxation or other helplines?
  • What will happen after you stop practicing – will the policy still be in place or will you need to purchase additional run-off cover to protect yourself from any late discovered claims?

You can see there are many considerations.  It is important to check the policy wording and see what you will actually be covered for, as some policies, whilst the premium may be lower, may not offer adequate protection in the event of a claim.  Your insurance is there to protect you, it’s a safety net, however its benefits will only really get tested at the time you need it.  Time spent in advance ensuring you have considered different eventualities and that your policy will cover you for these, will hopefully ensure full peace of mind should the worst occur. 

Further Information

Further information on the different forms of Insurance including a glossary of terms is available on Balens website



Healing Burns with Seaweed

by SB Ranger Founder, Seaweed Health Foundation*

Last weekend, I was loading an old mattress in a huge plastic wrapping onto a raging bonfire. Bits of the plastic caught alight, dropped and stuck to my bare hands. The ends of three fingers were badly burned, the skin scorched and flaking.


Healing Burns with Seaweed

Photos Top left to right 1 and 2, Bottom Left to right 3 and 4

Photo 1: Kitchen surface with white tub, bowl and fingers in blue covers

Photos 2 and 3: Kept my blue fingers on overnight; In the morning, the first finger was painless with dry, dead skin, the middle finger worst with a large blister, and a smaller blister on the 3rd finger;

Photo 4: Within four days of my accident my fingers are entirely back to normal


In the kitchen I washed my hands in cold water. I mixed a little dried, ground seaweed[1] in a small bowl with just enough cold water to make a poultice - not too runny, nor so dry that it would not keep my fingers moist and absorbent. Next, I cut the ‘fingers’ off some surgical gloves (household gloves, breathable plasters or bound dressings are fine), half-filled each with the seaweed poultice, and thrust in my painful, throbbing fingers, making sure the poultice covered the whole of the burns. [photo 1] On contact with the seaweed, the pain and throbbing lessened and I relaxed. After a cup of tea, thanks to my dear wife, wearing leather gloves over my new blue ‘fingers’,[Photo 2]  I continued gardening. Early evening, I re-moistened the poultice and kept my blue fingers on overnight. In the morning, the first finger was painless but with dry, dead skin, the middle finger worst with a large blister, and a smaller blister on the 3rd finger.[Photo 3] Neither pain nor inflammation! I washed and covered each finger with a normal plaster using a thin layer of particularly pure seaweed lip balm[2] to keep the skin moist. The following morning I changed the plasters, careful to protect the blisters. Within four days of my bonfire accident (downright carelessness), my fingers are entirely back to normal![Photo 4]


1. I used some Seagreens® wild wrack seaweed, which I always keep handy for such eventualities. Either their Culinary Ingredient, or Food Granules products will do (the Food Granules are finer and would be better for children). I must caution not to use any old seaweed - it must, like Seagreens®, be non-allergenic, free from harmful contaminants, and above all ‘nutritious food seaweed’ produced under certified conditions for human consumption. It is not sensible to wrap wounds in seaweed straight from the sea or from the corner shop. Seagreens® from health stores and clinics or by mail order from Oceans of Goodness.

2. Natural Seaweed Lip Balm Orange and Peppermint, 3 Euros from Connemara Seaweed Company.

Further Information

*Seaweed Health Foundation, The Warren, Handcross, West Sussex RH17 6DX

Tel: 01444 400403;



Gum Disease – The Diabetes of the Mouth?

To make such a bold statement one can only be referring to the similarities of the two diseases; they are both multifactorial and both affect many systems of the body. Well, the effects of diabetes are well known on many levels, when left uncontrolled. Gum disease is nowadays known to impact the cardiovascular system as a whole and it is well known that a person with active chronic gum disease is more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease for instance. Both diabetes and gum disease are multifactorial, i.e. triggered by a combination of factors; epigenetics, environment and lifestyle.


Gum Disease – The Diabetes of the Mouth?

Medical ozone used at Munro-Hall Clinic is from the purest form of Oxygen and Ozone


So as dentists, we have a duty of care to educate our patients in their gum disease, how it develops, in the first place, what signs to look out for and how each person will require their own tailor-made programme to keep this disease under control.

Diet and Nutrition

Modern food and the diversity of choices we have nowadays often leave us not only confused, but have also led to food intolerances and allergies which in turn create malabsorption. Eating a varied diet originating from organically grown food is of essence not to mention maintaining a healthy gut. We are yet again reminded of the strong link between a healthy gut and a healthy mouth! Good nutrition will not feed the classic anaerobic bacteria in gum diseased gums very well.

Oral Hygiene

This is where we as dental care practitioners can make a difference, but also most importantly the patient herself in what she can do for herself at home on a day to day basis. A good electric tooth brush would be a place to start followed by interdental cleaning with interdental brushes, flosses and Waterpiks depending on what each gum situation is like. This is when one size does not fit all! The problem we’re facing here is that it is all dependant on how deep the “gum pocket” is. If the gum that is meant to be attached to the host tooth has been “detached” forming a pocket, then disease has set in. Pockets should not measure more than 3 mm in depth as the “nasty” endotoxin producing bacteria then become established. This kind of bacteria can only flourish without oxygen being present and these are the most destructive kind that trigger a cascade of  reactions. These pockets will invariably bleed upon touch from the brush and floss or the Waterpik.

What we Do and Recommend

Only a professional debridement carried out by a hygienist or a dentist can clean out the anaerobic bacteria deeply seated in the pockets and should be done regularly. Ozone therapy is hugely effective in treating gum disease as it lends itself to the release of Oxygen where oxygen is not welcome by the residing anaerobic bacteria. Ozone is also an oxidant and the bacteria lack the necessary antioxidant to fight back the Ozone. Furthermore, Calcium deposited locally in the gums by your dentist will have a hugely beneficial impact on the PH in the gum again making it unfavourable for the same bacteria to survive.

Home regime such as Oil pulling and applying Oregano oil occasionally are natural remedies that are highly recommended.

Further Information

Munro-Hall Clinic, Rushey Ford Business Park, West End Road, Kempston, Bedford, MK43 8RU. Please contact the dental clinic on Tel: 01234 840099;



The Secret Language of Anatomy

by Cecilia Brassett, Emily Evans, Isla Fay. Forward by Alice Roberts.

Published by Lotus Publishing. 2018. Hardcover. £12.48 / $13.56. ISBN: 978 1 905367 79 5.      

The Secret Language of Anatomy is an initiation into the mysterious subject of anatomical terminology. Beautifully crafted illustrations uncover the close relationship between the parts of the human body and the evocative names given to them by anatomists. Decoding the body’s secret language brings to life the history of anatomical terms, through an exploration of their connection with culture and social meanings of shape and function.


Cover The Secret Language of Anatomy


Complete with a guide to anatomical prefixes and suffixes, this book will appeal not only to medical students and practitioners, but also to readers interested in the history of anatomy, in the structure of the human body, and in medical etymology, as well as the history of language.

Cecilia Brassett is a Fellow of Magdalene College, Cambridge, and Councillor of The Anatomical Society. Emily Evans is a senior demonstrator of anatomy at the University of Cambridge. Emily is also a medical illustrator, author and publisher. Isla Fay is the author of books and articles on the subjects of osteoarchaeology and of pre-modern environmental health and hygiene.

Foreword by Alice Roberts. Alice Roberts is an anatomist, anthropologist, author and broadcaster. She has written and presented numerous BBC programmes on anatomy, archaeology, human evolution and science.

Further Information

Available from Lotus and



Theravital –  Mattress with Significant Effectiveness

The problem of electrically conductive mattress materials was first brought to light in Geovital’s research back in 1982. The effect of low and high frequency radiation was increased in most cases in mattresses made with metal spring systems, Latex, horse hair, memory foam, and silver threads as well as other materials.

Geovital Theravital Mattress


The Academy was looking for suitable materials to recommend to patients so it carried out extensive testing in which more than 600 different mattress types were tested. To everyone’s amazement, there was no material in use that met the high standards of the Academy in terms of being anti-static, anti-allergenic, toxin-free, having low electrical conductivity and high air permeability.

Spurred on by these findings, new techniques were developed to obtain the desired and appropriate core material. This was later enhanced by the participation of orthopaedic surgeons in development of the stretch-effect feature – a simple mechanical action with the aim of providing relief to those patients who struggle with joint and back pain. A simple mechanical action would convert the pressure on the nerve tissue into a relief bringing traction. For the removable, washable cover, we use Tencel.

Research done in 1988, 1990 and 1991 showed a surprisingly high satisfaction rate in improvement of joint and in back pain symptoms. (Knoblauch, H 1988, statistics from dissertation at University of Konstanz).

Further Information

Please contact Geovital on Tel: 0800 130 3309; ;



Gut Well Soon: A Practical Guide to a Healthier Body and a Happier Mind

by Catherine Rogers LLB ABNLP AAMET FRGS

Published by Panoma Press. 2019. £14.99/$19.95. Paperback. ISBN 1784521566.

When her 14-year-old daughter began demanding simple and factual information on why she should follow her mother’s advice to eat her greens, drink lots of water, avoid sugar etc., Catherine Rogers started a blog explaining the science behind all her maternal instructions.  In time, she realised that what she had was a sensible all-round guide to a healthier lifestyle and this became the basis for her new book GUT WELL SOON.  Thank you daughter!


Cover Gut Well Soon


With a wealth of information at our fingertips – and an ever-increasing number of self-proclaimed ‘experts’ all claiming to offer the latest health advice – it’s often difficult to work out what a healthy lifestyle actually looks like. Wherever you turn there seems to be a new diet plan or supplement promising to make you ‘happier and healthier’ but without any real explanation to how it works.  At the opposite end of the spectrum, you have the dense, jargon-filled (and often difficult to find!) academic papers that throw you in at the deep end with statistics, methods and results, leaving you with an aching brain and no greater understanding of whatever it was you wanted to read about in the first place.  

This is where GUT WELL SOON comes in.  It is a practical and informative guide to achieving good gut health as a basis for mental and physical wellness.  Catherine Rogers has explored the science underpinning the health claims we’ve all heard, but never really understood.  She also brings to bear her 20 years of experience as an integrative therapist with clients in the volunteer and private sector, and her work with Oxford University PhD researchers looking at gut bacteria in relation to the immune system, schizophrenia and other areas, all of which has led her to believe passionately in the importance of good gut health for both mental and physical well-being.

Catherine has also experienced her own wellness journey.  Having suffered from debilitating migraines and the ensuing low moods and low energy, she took a practical approach to changing her diet and saw a drastic reduction in their frequency and a general significant uplift in her health.

Over the course of fourteen chapters, GUT WELL SOON explores key areas of ‘healthy living’ to arm readers with the tools they need to make proactive, informed and effective lifestyle changes. From nutrition and the importance of gut health in mind-body wellbeing, to exercise, stress and how to look after an aging brain, this book takes the reader on a journey through the fact and fiction (and several grey areas!) and explores the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ of current health advice.

Catherine Rogers has also developed the online course RESET YOUR GUT for individuals and healthcare professionals with the help of nutritionist, dieticians, doctors, recipe writers and scientists.  The 4-week and beyond course includes recipe plans for any food preferences (from FODMAP, vegan, and gluten free to meat eating and pescatarian), shopping lists and top tips on how to improve your lifestyle, all enabling readers to get their gut back on track. 

Further Information

Available from RygHealth and   



Mushroom Magic Proves More than Myth

In ancient China emperors were the only people allowed to eat reishi mushrooms. Such was their rarity and purported ability to be able to extend life they were known as ‘the mushroom of immortality’.

New research, published in March 2019[1] shows that there may be more to Reishi’s claim to be ‘the mushroom of immortality’ than myth, with scientists being able to extend the life of worms by feeding them extracts of the mushroom.

Researchers gave nematodes, a type of worm, extracts of reishi mushrooms and found that their lifespans were significantly increased. They discovered that the extracts appeared able to affect 34 different kinds of genes involved in the ageing process, such that it helped slow down the normal ageing process. Whilst nematodes are a long way from humans, this latest study joins a growing body of evidence[2] highlighting the powerful health benefits of reishi including helping protect the brain (by preventing brain cells called neurons from dying) and having various different anti-oxidant activities (anti-oxidants help fight oxygen free radicals – the main culprits thought to be behind ageing skin).


Reishi Tea Pack


Reishi in a Mug

Herbal Tea specialists Natur Boutique have now made it easier, and tastier, than ever to include reishi in your diet with their new Reishi Tea. The drink uses reishi which has been grown organically, without the use of pesticides of synthetic fertilizers, to give the tea an unparalleled level of purity. Expert blenders have combined the mushroom extracts with liquorice, star anise, peppermint and a little stevia to create a drink which not only benefits your body, but your taste buds too

Further Information

To enjoy this drink fit for an emperor visit Grape Tree stores nationwide or visit  

Please Note: Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult your doctor before use if suffering from a medical condition or taking medication. If in doubt over the tea’s suitability for you always ask your doctor.


1.         Exp Gerontol.;117:99-105. Mar 2019.

2.         Aging Dis; 8(6): 691–707. Emerging Roles of Ganoderma Lucidum in Anti-Aging Jue Wang,1,2 Bin Cao,1 Haiping Zhao,2,* and Juan Feng1,*. Dec 2017.


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    The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation

    The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation has a new foundation website full of free Dr Nicholas Gonzalez content, designed for use on any device and answering all your questions about The Nicholas Gonzales Foundation and The Gonzalez Protocol.


    Further information:


    Answer for Diabetes Blindness

    Mother Nature could have the answer to treating several causes of blindness, according to a ground-breaking study involving scientists from the University of Surrey and the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Eye Institute at Indiana University School of Medicine in the USA. The scientists have found and tested compounds – homoisoflavonoids from the Hyacinthaceae plant family that could possibly be used to treat the causes of degenerative eye diseases such as proliferative diabetic retinopathy.


    Further information Tel: 01483 689 166;  


    Energy Medicine

    Energy Medicine by Jill Blakeway takes the reader on a journey from Stanford and Princeton professors researching the physics of energy medicine to a Qi Gong master from China who manifests healing herbs directly from her palm; and from the Harvard Team studying the placebo effect, to a group of sceptical scientist who use hands-on healing to cure mammary cancer in mice. She tells the story of how she discovered energy medicine and overcame her initial disbelief to become one of its leading practitioners.


    Further information: Scribe UK Tel: 020-3405 4218;  


    Music as Therapy

    Music as Therapy International is a South London based charity with over twenty years’ experience of working with care staff in the UK and internationally, has partnered with MacIntyre to introduce therapeutic music into care of children and young people with Autism and learning difficulty. Music as Therapy International believe passionately in the power of music to make the most of people’s potential, overcoming obstacles such as disability, trauma and mental illness.


    Further information Tel: 020-7735 3231; 01908 230 100; ,


    3D Heart Printed with Patient’s Cells

    Tel Aviv University Researchers have ‘printed’ the world’s first 3D vascularized engineered heart using patient’s own cells and biological materials. Their findings were published on 15 April in a study in Advanced Science. Until now, scientists in regenerative material, a field positioned at the crossroads of biology and technology, have been successful in printing only simple tissues, without blood vessels.


    Further information Tel: 212.742.9070 ext 117; Advanced Science


    Organizations Join Forces to Create Global Alliance Against Antibiotic Resistance

    The US-based Antibacterial Resistance Leadership Group (ARLG), part of the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) and the University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht, the managing entity of the COMBACTE (Combating Bacterial Resistance in Europe) consortium will work together to solidify a comprehensive global community to combat the threat of antibiotic resistance around the world.


    Further Information Eric Trinthamer, UMC Utrecht Tel: +31-6-21-55-66-58;


    Under 40s Type 2 Diabetes Excess Risk Heart Disease

    People under the age of 40 diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are more likely to have or die from cardiovascular disease than non-diabetic people of a similar age according to new research. The health-related problems associated with this condition include erectile dysfunction, foot-related problems, loss of vision, miscarriages and cardiovascular disease. Dr Marilyn Glenville has formulated NHP Cardiosupport, a combination of 19 specially selected nutrients and botanicals, including essential B vitamins and folic acid, to help support healthy heart function and circulation.


    Further information:   


    The Ayurvedic Self-Care Handbook

    The Ayurvedic Self-Care  Handbook is by Sarah Kucera, a licensed Chiropractor, certified Ayurveda Practitioner and registered Yoga Teacher and Therapist. The book will help you to boost your energy with yogic breathing, overcome transitions with grounding meditations, undo physical and emotional stress with personalised yoga positions, prevent and treat disease with nourishing tonics and teas, pause and reflect with daily and weekly journal writing prompts and more.


    Further information:


    Homeopathic Book Library

    Dr Manish Bhatia tells us that has been forked to create an independent online homeopathy books library. The need for a separate website for the ebooks was felt as the library at Hpathy was a large and technically independent project in nature. The books needed a different and more effective design template, better speed and a much better internal search engine for running complex search queries.


    Further information:


    Men’s Health Awareness Week

    The third most common reason why men do not seek mental help is because they think they can handle the problem on their own. Get a helping hand with Hemp. The Natures Plus HempCeutix Complete Capsules are made from European eco farmed cannabis sativa, enhanced with natural botanicals and are both gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians. It is recommended that they are taken once a day as an everyday supplement.


    Further information:


    An Introduction to Coaching & NLP

    International Teaching Seminars is running an exclusive one-day event on 15 June. An Introduction to Coaching & NLP aims to let you know what your full potential is. The course is for leaders, managers, coaches, parents, teachers and consultants. Other full certified programmes include: Mastering the Coach Approach, which starts on 26 September and NLP Practitioner Programme with Neuroscience which starts on 20 September.


    Further information Tel: 01268 777 125;


    School of Bodywork

    The School of Bodywork is holding a weekend workshop. Trauma Skills for Bodyworkers takes place on 7-8 September in Exeter. The weekend will, be open to all Bodywork Practitioners and will bring together three teachers with a unique blend of competencies to help you work more efficiently with clients who have trauma histories.


    Further information Tel: 07711 656011;


    Vacay Health Guide During Holidays

    Natures Plus KetoLiving Sugar Control Capsules help keep blood sugar levels stable if you have been overindulging . Take advice from London’s leading Nutritionist, Lily Sioutter, , she suggest chia seeds help increase fibre intake and can easily be packed in hand luggage. Ensure you drink plenty of fluids and avoid prolonged sunbathing advises Dr Sarah Brewer, working in association with CuraLin the type-2 diabetes supplement,


    Underwater Forests New Drugs Treasure Trove                   

    Published in Frontiers in Microbiology, a new study reveals for the first time that a common species of seaweed, Laminaria ochroleuca is a rich source of bacteria with antimicrobial and anticancer activities and potential new drug candidates. Predominantly found in sediments on the sea floor, Actinobacteria can also live inside other organisms that live and feed there including brown algae (seaweed).


    Further information:   


    Men’s Health Week

    10-16 June marks Men’s Health Week, so what better time to take care of the men in your life. Male suicides have consistently accounted for three quarters of all suicides in the UK since the mid-1990s. Studies have shown that masculinity is negatively correlated with a willingness to take medication to improve mental health. Sarah Brewer, working in association with CuraLyn, the type 2 diabetes supplements gives tips to improve your mental health are to move more, read the signs and to consider a supplement.


    Further information:


    Mind Body Soul Experience

    The Mind, Body, Soul Experience on 18-20 October takes place at Alexandra Palace, London. Highlights for this year include the new Food for the Soul Kitchen, the Experience Zone, Lecture area and a range of workshops including: What the Dead are Dying to Teach Us: 7 Lessons from the Afterlife with Claire Broad, Rewind your Body Clock with Jayne Goddard, How to Ferment and Create Great Bacteria for the Gut with Edward Daniel and Passion Potion with The Seed Sistas.


    Further information Tel: 01787 220 656;


    Health Creation Open Day

    Health Creation Open Day is on Sunday 2 June in Bath. Book your place for a morning Picture of Health Workshop and afternoon Health Creation Overview with £10 for lunch. Mentor training takes place October 2019 to March 2020 , Golden Path Spiritual Development Programme.


    Further information Tel: 01225 745 737;


    FreeMind Meditations App

    If you struggle to meditate, or if you’re just impatient and want to fast-track the benefits (positivity, focus, clam, better sleep etc.), the app is designed to do just that by reducing the mental effort it takes to meditate. It does this by using a combination of meditation techniques, advanced psychology and MetMusic (story-telling music that contains certain frequencies to activate the relaxing ‘flow’ state to deliver messages more efficiently).


    Further information:


    Slow Food Nations 2019 Coming Up

    Slow Food USA announced the headliners for the 3rd annual Slow Food Nations in Denver, Colorado, from 19-21 July. Slow Food’s biggest US event will transform downtown Denver’s Larimer Square into a three-day free international food festival with cooking demonstrations, food tastings, family activities, block parties and speaker discussions centred around food that is good, clean and fair for all.


    Further information:


    Fat Cells Treat Menopause, Painful Intercourse

    For the first time ever, British women are being offered a revolutionary new treatment to correct a broad range of vaginal, gynaecological and post-menopausal related problems. The Regenerative Woman Clinic opens its doors this April. The clinic has assembled a team of specialist gynaecological Harley Street Consultants, each one an expert in their own field of gynaecology.


    Further information: 07940 009 138;


    UK Reducing Cardiovascular Deaths

    The UK has had the biggest reduction in heart disease deaths, according to analysis of comparative international data by Bournemouth University. The research has found the prevention of cardiovascular disease could be down to multiple factors, including pan UK public health innovations, the National Service Framework to reduce heart attacks and a framework to deal with longer term conditions.


    Further information:


    Life Force

    Best-selling author and mind and body expert, Susan Scott has written her third book to help you take charge of your health and create a more energised you. Life Force: The Revolutionary 7-Step Plan for Optimum Energy is uniquely positioned to lead you through the practical and effective steps identified by Psychologist and Nutritionist, Susan Scott.


    Further information:


    EAACI Annual Congress

    The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Annual Congress (EAACI) 2019 Mapping the World of Allergy takes place on 1-5 June 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal. Over 8,000 Clinicians and Researchers in the field of allergy and clinical immunology from all over the World will attend, with special guests, Francisco Mojica, Spanish Microbiologist known for his research on the CRISPR genre editing technique and Abul K Abbas, renowned Pathologist at the University of California.


    Further information:!


    Pukka Herbs Clinical Trial Antibiotics Alternative

    The news comes shortly after the NHS announced its five year antimicrobial resistance action plan. Organic wellbeing company, Pukka Herbs has announced it is working with the University of Southampton on a clinical trial to test a natural alternative to antibiotics for people with seasonal colds and flu. The first study specifically looking at this particular herbal Andrographis intervention in the western world.


    Further information Tel: 07702 106 220;


    Eczema and Dermatitis Cream

    Keeping the skin moist is most important, no matter what your diet, sleep and stresses look like. Grahams Natural C+ Eczema and Dermatitis Cream  will help to stop you scratching, when your skin is dry. Knowing what can trigger the eczema helps, animals, dust, grass etc will all contribute. A healthy diet is also useful, as processed/junk food can cause inflammation in the body.


    Further information


    Brain Boosting Food

    Fitness fans are being urged to swap out sugary treats for 10 brain foods in order to stay alert and proactive during the day. They are: sardines, sunflower seeds, eggs, biltong, beans, chia seeds, tea, dark chocolate, rosemary and seaweed. Health and fitness experts have compiled a guide for fitness fans to help brain health for a fulfilling workout.


    Further Information


    Incontinence/Pelvic Health Study

    Robert Dennis, PhD is the original NASA PEMF designer, has developed a flip-phone size, safe, PEMF device that is now 6th generation (now called ICES). It has proven very effective to facilitate tightening sphincters, lowering inflammation and improving overall pelvic health.  This small device is slipped into a tailored stretch belt that can be worn under clothing so that no-one notices it. Two 2-inch, low-energy coils are placed strategically on the belt and deliver pulsed, safe EMF embryonic’ signals to the whole pelvic area.


    Further information Tel: +1 517-731-6999;


    Kneipp Body and Bath Products

    Kneipp holistic bath, skin and body care brand offers an extensive range of products which will not only invigorate and brighten your skin, but will also lift your mood.  These include bath salts, bath tablets, body washes, massage oil, skin firming products, face masks, foot care and gift sets, all of which guarantee luxurious relaxation at an affordable price.


    Further information: The full Kneipp range is available at Amazon, Holland & Barrett and independent pharmacies nationwide.


    Wholistic Healing for the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

    Wholistic Healing for the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) by Daniel Benor A Mini-Encyclopedia of Ways to Develop and Deepen Wonder-full Relationships. 15-20% of people are Highly Sensitive People (HSP). Surprisingly, HSPs may be 50% of those in psychotherapy. We can all learn from their experiences, described and explained in this book.


    Further information:


    CBD Oil to Treat Acne

    There is some evidence to suggest that CBD oil may be helpful for acne. What this means for skin health may vary slightly in each case, as this can be based on what kind of acne a person has and what may be causing it. Nutritionist Alix Woods, working in association with CannabiGold explains that CannabiGold contains not only skin supporting vitamins A, D and E, but also contains protein, which is necessary for structure, function and regulation of tissues, especially of the skin. It’s a complete protein containing all 20 amino acids. You may also consider the protein collagen.


    Further information:


    Mobile Radiation from WaveWall

    Phone radiation near the testicles can cause male infertility. Studies have shown there is a link between mobile phone radiation and infertility. This is because mobile phone radiation passes through the body, just like other electromagnetic frequencies such as x-rays. Like x-rays, this can damage cells and DNA and when phone radiation is near the testicles, the sperm gets zapped. WaveWall’s range of anti-radiation phone cases block up to 87% of mobile phone radiation.


    Further information:


    Outsmarting Inflammation with Quick Lifestyle Fixes

    Inflammation is a life-saving response to injury or illness and protects us from the dangers of infection. While serious inflammatory diseases should be treated by medical professionals, there are a number of simple lifestyle changes that could be useful to us. Regular exercise is key, 20 minutes of moderate exercise had anti-inflammatory benefits. Diet, a health balanced way of eating with rich antioxidants and omega-3s are vital. For more tips on reducing inflammation and taking control of your health, Health Wisdom Magazine is available online.


    Further information:  


    Boost Oxygen to Banish Stress

    Offering 95-98% pure, natural oxygen in a handy portable can, Boost Oxygen has a range of benefits that can help make your day-to-day life that bit easier. Any commute can be stressful, especially when trains and tubes don’t always run on time and the air quality, particularly on tubes, can be poor. According to the study by the Office of National Statistics on commuting and wellbeing, each minute added to a commute affects anxiety, happiness and general wellbeing. Boost Oxygen range has 5 aromas, all containing essential oil aromas.


    Further information:


    Fresh Blueberry Morning Shake

    Designed to help make mornings more pleasant and sustains the mind, body and planet. The 16g vegan protein provides long-lasting energy, without any crashes. It contains rosehip, blueberry, hibiscus and amla fruit, which have anti-inflammatory properties, tulsi and ashwagandha which are powerful adaptogens. The product has industry-pioneering 100% plastic free packaging with vegetable ink printing is safe enough to be added to food compost.


    Further information:


    Informative Digital Game Launched to Celebrate Sleep Awareness Week

    Getting a good night’s sleep is vital for our mental and physical health and is particularly important for children, who grow and develop while they sleep. To help highlight the importance of sleep during Sleep Awareness Week and World Sleep Day, Focus Games has launched a new, free digital game to help you build your knowledge of sleep. It features information on what happens during sleep, how long we should sleep for and fun facts about sleep.


    Further information:  for a mini taster of the sleep game, available at


    Matcha Tea’s Cancer-Fighting Properties Medically Demonstrated for First Time

    Ground-breaking new medical research has for the first time demonstrated that Matcha Green Tea (MGT) has the potential to stop the spread of breast cancer stem cells. The research, carried out by scientists at the Biomedical Research Centre at Salford University, strongly proposes that the MGT natural compound can help overcome cancer cell resistance to chemotherapy.


    Further information:

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