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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 238

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 238 - May 2017

What is the Alexander Technique

Some people move with grace and ease and seem to have good posture, freedom of movement and general well-being. Some of us, on the other hand, use ourselves very badly - collapsing, tensing, distorting ourselves in almost every moment of our lives. We could call this ‘poor use’. Such poor use is a cause of much of our physical and mental unease. The Alexander Technique helps us to understand and change such bad habits and restore our natural good use.

The Alexander Technique improves the way we use ourselves in everyday activity. The Technique helps us to prevent unnecessary reaction/habit patterns and restore our natural 'good use' of ourselves

Bloomsbury Alexander Logo + Leopard

Who Can Benefit from the Alexander Technique

  • Anyone who has to sit at a desk or in front of a computer all day;
  • Anyone who suffers with back, muscular or joint problems;
  • Musicians and dancers;
  • Singers and actors, teachers and lawyers, and people who use their voices for public speaking.

Individual Lessons

The best way to learn the Alexander Technique is by taking individual one to one lessons with a qualified teacher. By using verbal instruction and skilled hand guidance, the teacher will take you through the practical experience of learning the Technique. During the course of a first or introductory lesson, the teacher will discuss with you your reasons for wanting to learn the Technique, including any health concerns or medical conditions that may have prompted you to seek the help of the technique. At the end of the session the teacher will discuss with you the number and frequency of lessons that might be appropriate for you. Then will begin a course of lessons during which you will experience practical work with the teacher and be given guidance as to how to apply the Technique between lessons.

All of the teachers working at the Centre are members of STAT (The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique). Most of the teachers at the Centre also teach elsewhere - at home, in Medical practices or Alternative Health Centres, at Drama Schools or Music Colleges. Director of Bloomsbury Alexander is Natacha Osorio who has been teaching the Alexander Technique since 1991 and has also worked extensively in private practice, teaching people from all walks of life.

Further Information

Please contact Bloombury Alexander Centre on Tel: 020 7404 5348;


Sayer Complementary Health – Child Autism Recovery

Over the last year I have noticed a rise in the number of children that have been brought to me as having been diagnosed on the autism spectrum umbrella and where the parents believe the change in their child’s behaviour has been brought on by a reaction to a vaccine. To aid the child’s recovery I use a protocol known as CEASE, a homeopathic and nutritional programme developed by Tinus Smits MD.  I am not apportioning the blame specifically to vaccines because many people receive vaccines without any untoward effects and this is due to the susceptibility of the individual.  What I am aware of is that the amount of vaccines has doubled in the 20 + years since I qualified as a homeopath.

Sayer Complementary Health – Child Autism Recovery

I am passionate about helping people to achieve a better state of health and to maintain good health with the aid of homeopathy and nutrition and hold consultations either in person from my practice in Rayleigh, Essex or via Skype/Facetime.

If you feel that you may be experiencing food intolerances I use the Bio-Meridian Vantage system as a screening aid to identify those that may be causing you discomfort.

Should you be interested in a career change and would like the challenge of learning homeopathy, I run a range of courses from short courses in homeopathic first aid through to Practitioner Diploma level, spread over three years.

Further Information

Please contact June on Tel: 01268 928 223;  for further details about any of the above and please do mention Positive Health when making contact.


Elementary - Our Story

We are David and Dr Paul, a world renowned nutritionist and scientist, both bonkers about health, wellness and nutrition. We are creating a range of superfood mixtures that will enhance nutrition naturally through easy to use powders, and replace manufactured supplements as far as we can.

ELEMENTARY - Vital. We developed Vital 3 years ago for our own personal use and, after bragging about the tangible benefits we noticed, we were very quickly inundated with requests from friends and family for their own pouch of the ELEMENTARY superfood supplement. Their ongoing positive feedback (and they are the toughest guinea pigs we promise!) drove us to take the plunge and make it available more widely, so that anyone could enjoy the taste and gain health benefits we realised were substantial.

Carin with superfood yoghurt breakfast

Reassured by our consumer trials we went to work to bring it to life. That was an endeavour indeed, but we made it and are proud to have created the most authentic product we know in our segment. We source all ingredients personally, from the best growers around the world. There is no compromise.

We sleep well at night knowing that everyone using ELEMENTARY is benefitting from this mega-healthy product, due to the all natural, botanical, plant based, gluten free, high fibre, premium quality, nutrient rich ingredients - including potent Omega 3, anthocyanins, lignins, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibre. And a lot more that we won't bore you with here but do play a valuable role.

Throughout our journey, we have noticed many people jumping on the nutrition supplement bandwagon, and our Elementary Dieticians continually analyse products in the marketplace. It is surprising that many competitors do not have the potency of individual ingredients to have any nutritional benefit. Rest assured, Elementary is formulated to work, and we stand by it!  

Our Mission 

The mission at Elementary is simple: to help busy people improve their nutrition and health. We do this through a unique mix of science and tradition. Our dedicated group of highly qualified nutrition experts prepare tactical blends of nutrient-rich ingredients sourced from all over the globe. These mixtures of both scientific and traditional plant compounds are formulated by Elementary’s dedicated research and development team to deliver optimum health and wellness benefits.

The Future 

Our team is working on Elementary product extensions - more innovative tactical blends of superfoods. We pride ourselves on the authenticity of our product, and we love the way they bring their various benefits to so many.

Good nutrition - it’s Elementary!

Further Information

Elementary Vital is stocked by Harrods and Revital Group. For further information and to purchase Tel: 0207 0914399;


To Detox or not to Detox?

Stephen MacAllan Lic.AC  BAc MAc.  (Licentiate, Bachelors, Masters acupuncture) M.H (Master Herbalist) Cert BERM.

If you ask a medic whether it’s a good idea or whether one needs to detoxify, the answer will probably be along the lines that the body has a very good detoxifying mechanism and thus there is no need, nor any benefit to ‘detoxing’. The first part is true; the body does have a very good detoxifying mechanism, it does a very efficient job of clearing old and degenerated body bits, as well as a handful of dirt entering the body via dirty food and slightly dirty water - this has been true for thousands of years.

Stephen Macallan to detox or not

However we live in a very different world today from the thousands of years during which our ancestors lived - today we have millions of man-made toxins to deal with. It is estimated that the average teenager will have consumed his/her own weight in food additives. We are exposed to metals from: dental fillings, hair dyes, deodorants, vaccines, pharmaceutical medications, cosmetics/sunscreens/personal care products, take-away meals and instant food. We are exposed to organophosphates from: building materials, the food chain, household cleaning products and DIY materials. We are exposed to particulates from: cars / ships / boats / planes, industry, waste disposal and chemtrails (touching lightly on conspiracy theory here).

All the toxic substances listed above represent substances which we have not evolved to deal with and so our excellent detoxifying mechanisms are challenged to deal with things they haven’t had to deal with before and those mechanisms are challenged beyond design constraints. As we all know, stress anything beyond its parameters and it fails. In this instance, failure of the body’s detoxifying mechanisms results in a build-up of toxins in the body.

Our health depends on four aspects: that which goes into the body, that which comes out of the body, the movement of and within the body and the mind/emotions. If too many toxins are entering the body and not enough coming out, then our inner toxic burden will rise and sooner or later we will become unwell.

So, to detox or not to detox? I encourage you to use the internet and other resources to look into the toxic wasteland that we have made our world and make your own decision about detoxing or not. There are 2 steps to detoxing: the first is to reduce the toxins entering your body - read the labels on everything you eat, drink and are exposed to and make sensible choices that limit anything questionable. The second step is to consult your favourite natural health practitioner / natural health coach for advice, guidance and perhaps products, alongside detoxing protocols - saunas, colonic therapy, juice fasting, cleansing drinks/herbs/products.

Consider Dr John Christopher’s (herbalist and naturopath) words: There are no incurable diseases, there are only incurable people. Incurable people are those who will not do what is needed to heal themselves. These days, in the light of the above, healing yourself, always involves detoxing.

Further Information

Stephen MacAllan may be contacted on Tel: 01270 650336; Fax: 07985 585718;


Complementary Health Professionals (CHP) - Progressive Professional Association with Maximum Benefits

We are proud to serve our members with the very best support and benefits available and as therapists ourselves, we know what you want from a professional association. We don't just take your money and then do nothing for you for twelve months! Our premier members get the full works; 10% discount off our CPD courses, copies of our newsletter embedded into Holistic Therapists Magazine, free website and marketing review, and free entry into our annual conference in London, which is fully catered (normal entry price is £55). The next conference is scheduled for 7th October 2017.

Complementary Health Professionals (CHP)

Additionally, our premier members obtain exemption from special treatment licensing in London and access to our block insurance scheme. You can choose to participate in a range of other benefits such as a tax scheme and income protection plan, which are exclusive to CHP. The income protection plan will pay you whatever you normally earn if you are too ill to work and give you a cash sum when you retire, regardless of whether you have claimed or not - an amazing benefit for therapists who are self-employed. To top it all, we are known for quality so being a member of Complementary Health Professionals gives you credibility and integrity. Go to our website for more information about how you can join us.

We offer lots of relevant and innovative CPD courses. So far this year we have had our annual Therapy Swap Meet where therapists swap treatments and share experiences and knowledge, advanced massage techniques and reflexology for mental health. Check out the CPD page on our website for all we have on offer; if you’d like to join our Kew Gardens Aromatic Tour on 20th June be quick it’s selling out fast! Some of our CPD courses are offered online, such as the Stress Management Certificated Course that will add to your skills. We have an excellent online virtual learning area where you log on and access the resources. These courses are all supported by a personal tutor who you can contact by Skype, Facetime, email or message whenever you need support. We also offer an aromatherapy bridging course online if you need to update your skills.

We are proud to accredit some of the top schools and colleges in the country; check them out on the accredited colleges page of our website. For a full list of their courses and dates go to our events page. If you would like your school accredited, then please email us to receive the accreditation pack. We will shortly have a new certificated course in teaching complementary therapies, which again comes with loads of support from expert educationalists with many years of experience.

Further Information

Please contact CHP on Tel: 0333 577 3340;


New Vistas: Toxicity, Nutrition & Cellular Metabolism

The World Health Organisation states that ‘health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’. In accordance, we look holistically at the entire make-up of the body and how cellular health is at the essence of integrative healthcare.

New Vistas: Toxicity, Nutrition & Cellular Metabolism

The living machine which is the human body is comprised of millions of cells which thus make up tissues, organs and systems. For optimal health, these cells need a stable and nourishing environment. To maintain homeostasis, the cells require nutrients, oxygen, a balanced pH, water and the successful elimination of toxins. Infections, inherited genetic disposition and exposure to synthetic or overbearing toxicity may impact negatively on the body’s capacity to function correctly and thus impair wellness. It is such cellular abnormalities which are a major factor in analysing the root cause of ill health. Without a healthy cellular response, the foundation of physical and emotional wellness is compromised.

The cell processes nutrients and supplies energy. Our range of liquescences – homoeopathic organ and nutrient supports – feed the cells vital nourishment because the energetic imprint of the tonics are more easily accessible to a degraded or imbalanced body. Cellular nutrition is step one in aiding over-whelmed cells and tissues, fuelling a more stable, nourished environment. 

By recognising the impact modern toxicity has on cellular functions, we can also support the successful detoxification of same. Toxicity is rampant, with sources such as electromagnetic pollution, chemicals, synthetic ingredients, geopathic stress, internal toxicity – all these can interfere with how the body functions. Toxicity can give rise to mild disturbances but if left to accumulate, this build-up usually is a marker of chronic illnesses. Adequate mitochondrial responses provide a stable basis for reproduction, excretion, digestion and energy. Healthy cells also pave the way for stronger, nourished connective tissue, blood, muscles and nerves.

Xenobiotics, a range of specialised homoeopathic products, offer a practical and gentle antidote to 21st century toxicity. The remedies stimulate the body’s vital force to enhance elimination and drainage. Organ and system supports reduce the ill effects of toxicity and increase the action of xenobiotics. This system of healthcare is a reliable and trusted methodology to help progress cases and address the foundational disturbances of chronic conditions.

Homoeotherapy also appreciates the role diagnostic tools contribute in identifying areas of weakness, blockages or imbalances. Kinesiology, for instance, uses manual muscle testing to evaluate the body’s energy flow and establish what the body’s regeneration priorities are. This offers CAM Practitioners a consistent picture of where the client is at, physically, mentally and emotionally – thus improving client outcomes and adhering to the goals of ultimate health, both preventative and therapeutic.

Homoeotherapy proudly utilises homoeopathy, kinesiology, bio resonance, nutrition, flower essences, chakra tonics and natural supplements to communicate with the body on a cellular level. Interpreting what the body needs and responding appropriately are key steps in successful client cases.Our long-standing system of healing and regeneration promotes integrative healthcare. CPD opportunities are available for CAM providers wishing to learn more about toxicology, kinesiology and test kit testing.

Further Information

Please contact New Vistas Healthcare


A Year in the Life of The Dove Clinic

Since its inception in November 2000 the Dove Clinic has prided itself on its cutting-edge approach to health and its willingness to embrace new forms of treatment.  In doing so it is also mindful of the needs of an increasingly expert patient group which also needs to know that what is on offer has a scientific base to support that particular treatment option.  In the last year, the innovation has focused around the introduction of Faecal Microbiome Transplants (FMT) and as an adjunct, the introduction of Map My Gut (MMG) testing. FMT is carried out at the Twyford centre whilst the MMG is conducted at an external lab.

A Year in the Life of The Dove Clinic

Incubator Display at The Dove Clinic

The Clinic has also had to meet the challenge of spiralling costs for its Vitamin C infusion treatment.  Finally, an alternative lower cost manufacturer has been identified and this will lead to lower treatment costs for patients.  To achieve this though has involved a considerable amount of research and documentation to meet the regulatory requirements.  The lower cost option should go live within the next month.

One of the challenges for a clinic which focuses on innovation in its treatment options is how to tell people that you are actually doing this new treatment.  Regulation, in many cases, prohibits any form of direct marketing (paper or electronic) and it is a testament to the validity of The Dove Clinic’s methods, that despite this, many new patients come to the Dove for the health options it offers.  Many new patients visit the Clinic because of word of mouth referrals from other patients.  We wait to see what, if any, changes to marketing restrictions will happen as a result of Brexit and the “Great Repeal Act”.

Innovation has also taken place in the range of supplements and medicines which Dr Kenyon and the Clinic offers to its patients.  For regulatory reasons, it is not possible to talk about the medicines but in the last year, we have seen the introduction of the Claricell® supplement range, which contains Wellmune® a leading 1-3, 1-6 beta glucan which is backed by a lot of scientific research.

Whilst marketing and communication is a challenging area, the Clinic recognises that it is important to stay in touch with its patients (and staff for that matter too).  In 2017, the Clinic plans to revive a regular e-news publication to increase awareness for patients as well as improving its social media outputs.  The Clinic will continue to run an annual patient survey for those who have visited the Clinic in the preceding twelve months and publish results. 

Further Information

For more information please get in touch on Tel: 01962 718000;


Improving Skills with Tomatis Listening Therapy

Whether it be finding the correct words and applying them in a fluent stream of conversation, replicating pitch, extending range and having the voice respond to the brain's commands as in singing, or having the eyes measure proportion, ascertain perspective, judge tonal scale and have the hand find the right pressure, touch and finesse, Tomatis Listening Therapy brings about these results as a by-product to tuning and improving the muscle response of the middle ears. This can be explained when the connection between the ears and 5th, 7th, 8th and 10th (vagus nerve) cranial nerves is understood. Accurate, quick pick up and transmission of sound waves by the ears is vital in providing the correct stimulus to the cranial nerves so they can perform their sensory, motor or mixed functions at their most perceptive and efficient levels. 

Listening Centre

Take for instance the idea of beauty in all its manifestations: firstly it must be known to exist, secondly it needs to be recognized and perceived, thirdly it needs the tools to express it. One of my clients recently articulated these three levels of understanding which she acquired through undergoing the therapy as bliss. This was beautifully expressed and seems like a rare experience, but is in fact an everyday occurrence amongst clients whose ears have been tuned to provide them with sufficient aural stimulus. It is our birthright to have this phenomenon, but the susceptibility of our ears to react to physical and emotional trauma can result in them over time losing their vibrancy and related accuracy, which slowly but surely separates us from our true potential, strengths and magic.

Professor Alfred Tomatis was ahead of his time and is still cutting edge is his understanding of the ear’s cognitive and motoric relationship to the body. He developed a successful way of revitalizing lax and under stimulated muscles of the middle ears so they can become fine precision instruments, allowing the ears to accurately ‘aim’ towards their exterior world and become greater antennae to receive and therefore broadcast information.

Further Information

A course in the original Tomatis Listening Therapy in analogue sound (as the brain operates in), can be taken at the Listening (Voice, Music & Language) Centre London with consultant Ella Williams. Please contact Ella on Tel: 0207 359 5268;


Clinical Trial Shows Saffron Helps Improve Sleep Patterns

It’s World Sleep Day on 17 March, and a lot of us are wondering how we could have a better, healthier, deeper sleep on a regular basis. Turns out that the spice we have all tried many times, the Saffron, is one of the best natural remedies for sleep.

saffron crocus

So what makes Saffron so powerful for sleeping problems?

Saffron is in the premier league of superfoods. The spice is hand-picked off thousands of flowers from the crocus that only blooms for short periods in the winter. However, for saffron to make the greatest impact on the nervous system it must have the highest strength of three unique carotenoids (pigments) - 3.5% of Crocin, Picrocrocin and Saffranal. This is the blend which has been clinically tested on significant numbers of people in controlled trials. At 3.5% strength, the daily saffron extract demonstrated significant reductions in symptoms of stress, improved mood balance and quality of sleep.

Saffron Extract Clinical Research

Recent clinical research in Australia has shown that a minimum of 28mg Spanish saffron extract at 3.5% strength can help improve mood balance, reduce anxiousness and sleeping patterns. The randomized, placebo-controlled study involved 128 adults aged between 18 and 77, measuring mood, anxiety and sleep scores using international grading systems.

Saffrosun by The Naked Pharmacy is a safe and effective natural supplement which contains the world’s strongest, premium grade Saffron extract sourced from La Mancha, Spain, combined with Vitamins B6, B12 and D3. Saffrosun contains the same high strength saffron extract at 3.5% (with Crocin, Saffranal and Picrocrocin) along with vitamins B6, B12 and D3 to support general wellbeing.

Where to Purchase  and Further Information

Available at selected Health food Stores and Independent Pharmacies. Also online at  


Fascial Release for Structural Balance

by James Earls & Thomas Myers

Published by Lotus Publishing / North Atlantic Books. 2nd Edition 2017. Paperback.£24.99 / $34.95. ISBN: 978- 1905367764 / 978-1556439377.

This thoroughly revised edition of the authoritative reference Fascial Release for Structural Balance expands its extensive library of techniques and includes all of the most current research on the role and treatment of fascia and myofascia in the body. James Earls and Thomas Myers offer the reader more sophisticated testing to explore the relationship between anatomical structure and function, making this updated edition an essential guide for every practitioner.

Fascial Release for Structural Balance

Fascia, the biological fabric surrounding muscles, bones, and organs, plays a crucial role in both mobility and stability. By learning to intelligently work with the variety of fascial tissues, a bodyworker or therapist can help with many chronic conditions, providing immediate and lasting pain relief, as well as reducing the strains that contribute to movement limitations. The authors argue that approaching fascial restriction requires “a different eye, a different touch, and tissue-specific techniques.”

This book offers a detailed introduction to structural anatomy and fascial release therapy, including ‘body reading’ - global postural analysis - coupled with complete technique descriptions. The book features 150 colour photographs that clearly demonstrate each technique. Earls and Myers, both respected bodywork professionals, provide any bodywork practitioner using manual therapy - including physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, myofascial trigger point therapists, and massage therapists - the information they need to deliver effective treatments and create systemic change in clients’ posture and function.

About the Authors

James Earls is the director of Ultimate Massage and Kinesis UK. He practises Structural Integration and massage therapy in London. Author of Born to Walk (North Atlantic Books, 2014), James has developed a unique blending of functional, comparative and myofascial anatomy. 

Thomas Myers has practised integrative structural therapy for more than 40 years in a variety of clinical and cultural settings. The author of the acclaimed Anatomy Trains (Elsevier, 2014), Tom directs Kinesis, which offers continuing education and certification trainings worldwide.

Further Information

Available on Amazon


A Beginner’s Guide to ME/CFS and A Beginner’s Guide to Lifting Depression

My Beginner’s Guide to ME/CFS is completely based on the recommendations of the original infectious diseases consultant, Melvin Ramsay. Ramsay states categorically that complete rest from the inception of the disease gives the best prognosis.

My book is full of encouragement to do just that.  I offer praise to the helpers, who give the best medicine possible, physical help. I wrote with a reader in mind, who is a positive, energetic, intelligent human being, now limited both physically and cognitively by this disease. 

A Beginner’s Guide to ME/CFS and A Beginner’s Guide to Lifting Depression

The book is short, light, produced to be both physically manageable and easy to read.

It warns of the dangers of exercise, the malpractice of the psychiatric lobby, and the dangers posed by our cultural insistence that we must ‘fight’ disease by just keeping going.

Paradoxically, the best way to ‘fight’ ME/CFS is just the opposite.  It’s your immune system that has to do the fighting:  give it the best chance by doing nothing that deflects the energy it needs to do its job. 

My Beginner’s Guide to Lifting Depression is about how to change the patterns of thinking and feeling that make you so miserable.  If you are depressed, it is likely that despite wearing yourself out trying to live up to others’ expectations and meet their demands, you still feel you are not good enough. 

Others may see you as a saint or a hero: it makes no difference.  In your own eyes, you are a failure, a bad person.  My book will teach you ways to reorganise your perceptions, thoughts and feelings - to stop giving yourself a hard time. 

  • That nagging inner voice that is constantly criticizing:  would you say those things to someone else?
  • Is there really a good reason not to be as courteous and kind to yourself as you are to everyone else?

(Maybe there is, but I doubt it.  Psychopaths don’t feel guilty!!)

Afraid to tell that demanding relative to stop ringing you every day?  Tell her how nice it will be to have a proper conversation every single Tuesday! 

If these practical strategies appeal to you, you will find more in the book.

Both books also contain explanations from Les Simpson about how blood flow problems contribute both to ME/CFS and depression, although in distinctly different ways.  There are simple supplements which can help with this.

Further Information

Further information about The Beginner's Guide to ME/CFSI and A Beginner’s Guide to Lifting Depression here. Available from the author and Amazon


Sod Sitting, Get Moving! Getting Active in Your 60s, 70s and Beyond

by Diana Moran and Sir Muir Gray

Published by Bloomsbury. 2017. Hardback. £12.99 /£10.99 eBook. ISBN 978-1-4729-4376-7.

Sod Sitting, Get Moving! is the must-have guide to keeping fit and healthy in later life. Easy exercise ideas created by The Green Goddess herself - health and fitness expert Diana Moran - with text from pioneering doctor Sir Muir Gray, author of the bestselling Sod Seventy!, makes this is the perfect read for anybody turning sixty, seventy or eighty!

Cover Sod Sitting

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges calls exercise ‘the miracle cure’. As statistics show, exercises, stretches and strengthening movements for older adults can help with fitness, strength and suppleness for the years ahead: 

Which is why Sod Sitting, Get Moving! has specifically designed exercises to help us walk more, get moving, get exercising, get fitter and feel better!  It is a call to arms - a bonfire of the slippers! 

About the Author

Diana Moran is well known as The Green Goddess on BBC Breakfast Time.  She launched the ‘80s fitness trend in the UK and was a mainstay TV figure  for over 5 years. She is an author of 12 books on health & fitness. Now 78 Diana practises what she preaches.  She is the health and fitness Editor for The Lady magazine, has her own Radio Programme, ‘We’ve Got Mail’ on DAB Radio ‘The Wireless’ and also appears regularly on TV and in the media as an expert on healthy living and exercise. She lives in Shepperton and is available for interview.

Sir Muir Gray is the bestselling author of Sod Seventy! and co-author of Sod Sixty! and Sod it! Eat Well!. Muir was the first Chief Knowledge Officer for the NHS and set up NHS choices. He was the founding Director of the NHS National Screening Programmes, establishing programmes for cancer and aortic aneurysm screening specifically for older people. He is a Consultant in Public Health at Oxford University Hospitals and a professor at the University. He lives in Oxford and is available for interview.

Further Information

Available from Bloomsbury and Amazon


Alivia Swiss Health: Mo Haque and Dr Vidar Arnulf Discuss Healthcare for Cancer Patients

Health Consultancy Alivia Swiss Health ran a London media event on 29 March the same day the British government triggered Article 50 to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union. With 80% of cases involving cancer, Alivia themed the event Cancer: The Big Discussion to discuss real life experiences of being treated for cancer, what options there are for patients and the million dollar question of what healthcare will look like post Brexit and whether we need to explore alternative systems.

Dr Vidar
Dr Vidar

The event was a discussion between Alivia’s Founder and Chairman Dr Vidar Arnulf, who was featured on BBC’s Inside Track recently - Alivia’s ambassador Mo Haque who, following his diagnosis with terminal stage 4 colon cancer, crowd funded and raised over £100,000 for lifesaving immunotherapy treatment. Every two minutes, someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer, and every four minutes someone in the UK dies of cancer; meanwhile cancer survival rates in the UK are the lowest in Western Europe.

  • Dr Vidar Arnulf said “There are significant differences between the level of healthcare available around the UK through the NHS, on the one hand, and the highest level of diagnostics and treatment available through private care, on the other.  We need to find a way to reduce these differences to enable solid care for everyone.”
  • Mo Haque said “Even before Brexit, I discovered the Budget Impact Test. NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) who make the decisions on cancer drugs ascertain that once a drug is approved, the NHS constitution says it has to be made available within 90 days. This new Budget Impact Test adds another layer to the process.”
  • Dr Vidar “Our Medical Intelligence Unit sets Alivia apart. It consists of doctors, scientists, radiologists, PHD’s and other researchers based around the world who analyse the medical files of each individual patient to verify the initial diagnosis, before researching the global market to identify the exact specialist who is best placed to handle each individual case and the most advanced research and treatment options available. Cancer treatment is not a ‘one size fits all’; there are more than 200 different types of cancer and each tumour has a unique genetic makeup.”

Further Information

For more information please visit


Granola that Goes the Extra Mile

Lucy Rocks Granolas are for those who want a breakfast cereal that goes the extra mile. That doesn’t sacrifice quality for the sake of being grain and gluten free, doesn’t use exotic ingredients at the cost of sustainability, ensures ‘organic’ is more than just a box ticking exercise and certainly doesn’t compromise on taste.

Lucy Rocks Granola

To create this award winning granola its makers, Alara Wholefoods, haven’t relied on the latest whizz bang food technologists, but have instead turned back the clock to learn lessons from our ancestors, most notably ‘Lucy’.

Lucy was a strong and powerful woman who lived at a time when all food was organic and people relied largely on a plant based diet to fuel their active lifestyles. The food she ate was based on what she managed to gather in the wild and was of course unprocessed, with genetically modified foods still thousands of years in the future.

This is why, whilst the challenges we face today may be different to Lucy’s, the granolas contain only natural and organic plant based ingredients and superfoods, such as buckwheat, pumpkin and chia seeds, cashew and brazil nuts, coconut chips and nectar and mulberries, to help you power through the day; whether you’ve a busy day in the office ahead, a big gym session planned, or need a kick start to a day with the kids.

The combination of high quality organic, GM free, plant based superfoods results in a gluten and grain free, high fibre, vegan granola bursting with flavour and with an irresistible crunch. Available in two varieties, Golden Granola with apricots and golden berries and Glowing Granola with beetroot powder and baobab, the cereals tick all the boxes when it comes to nutrition, but Alara haven’t stopped there. They’ve sourced their ingredients from farming communities around the world that work with indigenous people in developing countries. By working with local charities to expand the development of good organic farming practices, Lucy Rocks aims to help create a sustainable future for all.

The brand is produced by the company Alara, who were the first ‘Zero Waste’ company in the UK, with its Kings Cross based factory being run purely off solar panels, and has recently claimed the title of 'Most Sustainable Food Manufacturer on Earth'. 

Further Information

The Lucy Rocks range is now available directly from , Amazon, Abel & Cole and all good health stores.


The Way of the Skeptic

by Christopher Freeland PhD

Published by SmashWords. 2017. $9.99 USD ebook. ISBN: 9781370437580.

From the Vedanta to Chinese medical theory, from radiesthesia to geometric patterns, from bio-magnetism to solutions for nuclear irradiation, a panoply of tools for approaching and dealing with some of the most challenging issues in life and existence. The message in a nutshell is one of harmony with a difference, however. This book offers realistic, practical and heretical insights, drawn from the wisdom of often neglected traditions.

Cover The Way of the Skeptic

The author walks you through an original take on the nature of what it is that really lives and never dies. So intimate is this knowledge we all possess that we are inclined to be blindsided as to its complete interconnection and interdependence. A gentle but earnest shift in perception makes way for the calm intuition that the ‘world’ is not quite what it seems when viewed from the angle of consciousness which being a whole is both individual and collective, and definitely not what we have been led to believe. This is fully supported by our immediate and shared experience, furnished by the individual’s twin intelligence of the heart and the cerebral mind.

For those unfamiliar with the concepts discussed in the book, it can serve as an introduction and incitement to discover more about these rarely discussed topics. For those already aware of them, it will introduce a unique blending of ideas, reinforcing the notion of unicity and inter-connectedness of one and all, encouraging further examination of the potential implications of such a vision, especially in view of the pressing need for practical solutions today, viz. the fallout of nuclear radiation, electromagnetic frequency and the suspicion that all is not well in ‘God’s garden’.

The movement taken by ‘energy’ follows a path, a vector, from the time of its creation until its transformation into yet some other form. We pay no attention whatsoever to the way taken and there is not even a name to describe its formation, effects and relationships - yet. Study of these bio-patterns, as the author calls them, reveals some extraordinary results. Observation, historical and current, shows that the form adopted by this path deserves attention and that is one of the extraordinary phenomena the author reveals in The Way of the Skeptic.

Frequent references are made to texts spanning the history of humanity offering sensitive, humane messages which despite their antiquity, not only reveal their authentic authority, but show their worth in the light of individual experience.

About the Author

Christopher Freeland was born in Britain, bred and schooled there, but educated elsewhere. His efforts are now oriented towards practical concerns of what life is all about applying a wholistic approach, because all other methods of analysis now seem irrelevant and even damaging.

Further Information

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About Cherry Coad Aldridge


  • Brief Takes Issue 238


    Celebrating 88 Years of Holism

    Daniel Benor MD will be lecturing at Unity Village, Kansas City, Missouri on 12-15 June 2017. His lecture will be about Wholistic Healing addressing every level of a person’s being: body, emotions, mind, relationships and spirit and will present a 2-day experiential workshop on: Wholistic Healing: Pain is a Choice; Suffering is Optional. There will also be lectures by Caroline Myss, Robert Leichtman MD, Sergey Aorin MD, David Brownstein MD, Lucia Thornton RN, Slaheldin Halasa MD C. Norman Shealy MD PhD and Brian Daily MD.


    Further information:


    Natural Medicine Congress ICNM

    The 4th major annual Natural Medicine Congress ICNM 2017 to be attended  by more than 600 natural healthcare practitioners from over 55 countries worldwide will take place this summer in London on 30 June-2 July 2017. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with the finest Naturopathic practitioners coming from more than 55 countries and update their knowledge and skills learning from 30 internationally recognized Keynotes & Speakers.


    Further information Tel: +39 91 400 93 84;  


    SOPMed Medical Conference

    There is no better way to learn and stimulate thinking than being in an environment that combines serenity and beauty. Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs, Co and SOPMed - Society of Progressive Medical Education combine to bring the most stimulating speakers, practicum opportunities and workshops that can change the way that you do business. With 40 unique vendors, 18 unique trainers and speakers, hands on workshops, a practicum room and 7 pre-conference training classes for physicians, vets and dentists.


    Further information:


    We Must Think Differently About Death

    Preparing for death remains one of healthcare’s most ignored facets. St Christopher’s Hospice, the start of the modern hospice movement in Sydenham in 1967, has announced that  Dr BJ Miller a leading light in palliative care in North America, at his first ever public speaking event in Europe will lay out a blueprint for radical change, demanding all involved in end of life care start thinking differently in order to meet the challenges society face in ensuring people can not only die well, but live well until the end. Radical Change: a Blueprint for the Next 50 Years of Dying will be held 12 May 2017 at the Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 0AE.


    Further information:


    Race The Sun  Lake District

    Enter your team of four for Race the Sun Lake District 2017. Cycle 50 miles, climb Helvellyn and canoe Lake Thirlmere all before sunset. The event takes place on 2 September 2017 raising funds for Action Medical Research for Children. Race the Sun is a very exciting team challenge.


    Further information:


    Vegan: The Cookbook

    Vegan: The Cookbook by Jean-Christian Jury, a vegan and raw-food chef from Toulouse, France is now based in Los Angeles. His recipes are inspired by his extensive personal travels around the globe and includes the more familiar cuisines of France, Greece, Italy, Vietnam, China and India and home cooking from the Seychelles, Gabon, Benin, Djibouti, Timor, Moldova, New Caledonia and Papau New Guinea to name a few.


    Further information Tel: 07831 193 250;    


    Antimicrobial Copper Operating Theatres

    The University of Miami chose copper manufactured by US company Polar Air to take advantage of its well-known antimicrobial properties, helping to suppress the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria that cause odours, damage systems and reduce efficiency. This is particularly beneficial for controlled air spaces such as operating theatres. In a world first, the University of Miami Lennar Foundation Medical Center has installed antimicrobial copper ductwork throughout its eight operating theatres.


    Further information Tel: 01442 275 705;


    Aromatherapy in Women’s Health

    Oxford Brookes University Maternal and Women’s Public Health Research Group will be presenting Evidence-based Clinical Aromatherapy in Women’s Health: clinical program department, integration and postpartum depression study date. Pam Conrad will be presenting  her US and Chile aromatherapy hospital nursing and midwifery programs, data on 1600 interventions and published aromatherapy research in Postnatal Depression and Anxiety. This is a full circle tour; her expat inspiration began with a UK study completed in Oxford on 22nd June at John Henry Brookes Building, Gipsy Lane Campa, Room JHBB 303.


    Further information:


    Top Tips Stay Hay Fever Free

    Sarah Farrant, Optometrist is offering five top tips to survive hay fever season naturally with The Spring Survival Guide. Try adding a couple of drops of peppermint oil to a bowl of hot water and inhaling the vapour. It will help clear blocked  as well as being calming. Hycosan Dual eye drops will provide protection and relief for allergy affected eyes. Manuka honey stimulates the immune system and prevents throat irritation and coughs. Optase™ TTO contains tea tree oil, Hyaluronic acid, camomile and aloe vera to hydrate and soothe your eyelids and brighten dark circles. Camomile tea will help prevent sneezing.


    Further Information:


    AIHM 2017 Annual Conference

    The 2017 AIHM Annual Integrative Health and Medicine  Conference is taking place in San Diego on 22-25 October 2017. Over 1,100 Clinicians will gather to learn from visionaries in the field, earn meaningful CME/CEU credits and build personal networks. Deepen your knowledge with pre-conference workshops, plenaries and breakout sessions, connect with a community of integrative health and medicine practitioners, dance at the new AIHM Gala and prepare for the ABOIM exam with the Integrative Medicine Board Review Course.


    Further information:


    Get Your Moles Checked

    The MOLEClinic have now made it easier than ever to check, by developing the Iphone app TELEDerm® which is a dermoscopic diagnostic service provided by the MOLE Clinic. This involves a Nurse identifying any mole that is slightly abnormal (potentially cancerous) and then imaging it with a dermoscope (a specialist camera which captures  highly magnified images beneath the mole surface to identify cancerous changes invisible to the naked eye). The image is then remotely diagnosed by a dermatologist and a result provided within three days.


    Further information:


    Solgar Sports Lecture Tour 2017

    Discover the simple principles that will enable you to make evidence-based sports nutrition recommendations. Find out which Solgar® products can help your customers and clients to achieve their sport and exercise goals and how your business can make the most of the burgeoning sports nutrition market. Lecture tour dates begin in April in Glasgow and Edinburgh and continue through May in Oxford, Chelmsford, Bournemouth, Belfast, Dublin, Galway, Cork, Newport, Manchester, York London and Nottingham.


    Further information: ;   


    2nd Int'l Ayurveda Congress

    Against a backdrop of an NHS in crisis, the largest-ever gathering in the UK of experts in Ayurveda - a comprehensive prevention-orientated healthcare system traditional to India - finished with a resolution to help address major health problems and reduce medical costs in every country through the promotion and application of Ayurveda worldwide. The event took place on 1-2 April, Press Conference 3 April with 300 delegates from 55 countries and numerous presentations on the application of Ayurveda to relieve major disorders with remarkable results.


    Further information: 01394 547158  or 01394 420455  


    Pilates for Lower Back Pain

    Helen Llewellyn, Senior lecturer in Sports and Exercise Therapy in the School of Clinical and Applied Science at Leeds Beckett, conducted a six-week study in which participants took part in an hour of supervised Pilates exercise twice a week. The results have provided sufficient trends to justify the use of a Pilates exercise programme for reduction of perceived functional disability and pain and could offer a cost-effective way of treating lower back pain.


    Further information: Please contact Communications Team at Leeds Beckett on Tel: 0113 812 3385;


    Relaxback UK

    Lynne Robinson, creator of Body Control Pilates recovered from bad back with Pilates. She then started Body Control Pilates and now the Times has referred to her as the Queen of Pilates. The Back4Good Pilates programme is run by Body Control and has helped many sufferers. Hear about Lynne’s experiences on the Relaxback UK show. For future Relaxback UK radio shows Mike at Relaxback is looking for stories of people who have had any sort of pain and in spite of it have gone on to do great things and he will invite them onto the phone.


    Further information:


    Solutions for Dementia / Alzheimer’s

    Natural Solutions for Dementia and Alzheimer’s The Ultimate Guide to Prevent Short Term Memory Loss - Your 7 Step Brain Protection Plan by Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD’s argues that as it can take up to 10 years for dementia symptoms to show, taking action sooner rather than later is crucial in helping to prevent memory loss and reduce the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s. Whilst the pharmaceutical industry searches for a cure, Dr Glenville offers readers a practical easy-to-follow 7-step Brain Protection Plan consisting of simple lifestyle and nutritional changes anyone can make.


    Further information: Available from all good stockists and from Amazon.


    Myofascial Release Courses

    Myofascial Release is the missing link in bodywork according to Emma Gilmore, who is passionate about sharing her in depth knowledge on this amazing subject. She writes a monthly blog and holds wonderful and varied courses. The next foundation level takes place in Peterborough in May and then you can merge in with the Exeter course. New 2017 dates have been set so if you are looking to do some advanced training days you will need to look at the website for dates and venues.


    Further information Tel: 07711 656011; ;


    Vaccine Illusion

    Vaccine Illusion: How Vaccination Compromises Our Natural Immunity and What We can Do To Regain Our Health by Tetyana Obukhanych PhD explains virtually everything laypersons and professionals need to know about vaccination and natural immunity. This information has hugely practical implications in a day and age where everyone is faced with the prospect of either coerced or mandatory vaccination for themselves and their children. Tetyana is an Immunologist who has generously agreed to make her life’s work available in this invaluable book.


    Further Information: Free download to subscribers of GreenMedinfo ; available to purchase on Amazon


    Solution for Scars

    Science of Skin, a new solution-focussed skincare brand, are proud to introduce their breakthrough, first to market product: Solution for Scars. Solution for Scars is an effective skin treatment cream created by leading UK Cosmetic Surgeon, Douglas McGeorge and Scientific Skin Biologist/Surgeon Dr Ardeshir Bayat. The cream was specially developed for people with scars and is made up of a unique blend of active, restorative ingredients, including epigallocatechin gallate (ECGC), magnolia bark, microalgae and vitamin E.


    Further information: Available from Science of Skin   


    The Qigong Bible

    The Qigong Bible by Katherine Allen published by Octopus Publishing Group is the definitive guide to energy cultivation exercise. The ancient art of Qigong, the ‘seed of martial arts’, not only allows you to maintain your health, but also heals the bodies and calms the minds of those who practice it.


    Further information Tel: 0203 122 7110;  Octopus Publishing Group


    The Gonzalez Protocol

    Nutrition and The Autonomic Nervous System - The Scientific Foundations of The Gonzalez Protocol is Dr Nick Gonzalez’s new book, published posthumously and describes how individual variation in nervous system function means that different individuals require different types of diets ranging from largely raw food and vegetarian to diets high in fatty red meat and every variation in between, in order to achieve good health.


    Further information: and  and


    Nature Doc Shop

    Lucinda Miller, the NatureDoc has started a new family health web shop with a difference. This is a go-to online shop for parents who are looking for fantastic healthy products for themselves and their families, from babies through to teenagers. Practitioner support is also available, so customers can get tailored advice on which products are best for their family. All products have been sourced with families in mind, from ethical companies mostly based in the UK.


    Further information Tel: 020-3637 7182;


    Carun SOS Balm

    Carun Active Hemp SOS balm harnesses the healing super-powers of Cannabis Sativa to rapidly relieve and revive stressed out skin. The balm can be used to treat spot outbreaks, dry/chapped lips, cold sores, psoriasis, eczema, acne, sores, dry and irritated skin, ulcers, grazes, burns and insect bites. Carun SOS balm uses the whole Cannabis Sativa plant extract and the CO2 cold extraction preserves the full spectrum of Cannabinoids and Terpenes. It is enriched with Olive Oil and Shea Butter and also contains Lavender and Rosemary oils.


    Further information Tel: 020-8544 6900;


    Seven Ways to Relieve Back Pain

    Your everyday habits could be straining your back. Seven top tips are: make sure you are well hydrated, get stretching, sit up straight, stock up on vitamin D; Everyday-D Spray by Vega Vitamins will help, each mint flavoured spray is equal to an hour of sun exposure, up your magnesium; KalmAssure Magnesium Powder by Natures Plus will do this the final piece of advice is to slow down, take regular breaks if you are in pain.


    Further information: ; ;


    Organic Coconut Milk Powder

    Coconut milk is a staple for many people up and down the country who try to avoid dairy and soy. Tinned coconut milk often contains artificial thickening agents, preservative and stabilisers. Organic coconut milk powder is a purer product which does not need as many preservatives. The Coconut Company are proud to announce the launch of the purest coconut milk powder on the market, not only free of any dairy ingredients, but organic and GMO free.


    Further information:


    Resilience Masterclass

    The Learning Architect will be hosting an open Resilience Masterclass delivered by Author and Presenter Liggy Webb on 10 May 2017 in Browns in Covent Garden, London. This interactive, engaging and energising event is based on Liggy Webb’s bestselling book Resilience and covers 10 key guiding principles to help you.


    Further information Tel: 01242 700 027;  


    Penny Brohn Live Well Cancer

    Penny Brohn UK has a number of upcoming events to raise money for cancer: 7 May 2017 Bristol 10k, the team will be sponsored by Anderson Financial Management, 20 May 2017 Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea hosted by Bob Crampton, 21 May 2017 Comedy Night and26 October-5 November Dalai Lama Trek - exploring North India through the foothills of the Himalayas and ending up at the Taj Mahal.


    Further information Tel: 0303 3000 118


    Stroke Touchpoint Cards

    Focus Games Ltd has launched Stroke Touchpoint Cards; a unique resource designed to support and improve conversations between stroke patients and healthcare professionals. Patients can often feel embarrassed discussing health or emotional issues following a stroke. Stroke Touchpoint Cards feature simple designs to aid cognition and are divided into four categories, each containing cards representing common issues faced after a stroke. Health, feelings, daily living and effects of stroke.


    Further information:


    Dru Health Barley Grass

    Dru Health Barley Grass has been named winner of the Best Sport Nutrition Award by Health Food Business magazine. This award is the result of votes cast by independent health food retailers as part of magazine’s annual search for the best natural products on the market. Dru Barley Grass is a totally natural food, sourced from the Canterbury Plains of New Zealand is certified organic by the Soil Association. It is a dairy- and gluten-free, non-GMO and contains a rich selection of nutrients. Dru Health donates 20p for each pack of Dru Barley Grass sold towards medical camps in rural areas of Gujarat, India.


    Further information Tel: 01248 351 562; ;


    Health Creation Mentor Training

    The 2017 Health Creation Mentor Training for the Diploma in Health Creation Mentorship with Dr Rosy Daniel and Sue Caden. During the mentor training you will receive: professional training to work as a holistic health coach, four weekends of training in Bath and home study programme, 3 pre-course personal mentorship sessions with course tutor Sue Caden, a cancer lifeline kit containing three coaching workshops, six months peer mentorship through the Health Creation Programme of Dr Rosy Daniel with a fellow trainee and much more.


    Further information Tel: 01225 745 737; ;


    Sitpack Foldable Resting Device

    Winner of the Chicago Good Design Award 2016, Hamburg IF Design Award 2015 and Successful Design Award 2015 (China), Sitpack is a high-adjustable foldable seat which, when folded looks like a small inconspicuous cylinder the size of a beer can. When you unfold the cylinder it reveals a 13 inch wide seat; pull out the 34.25 inch telescopic leg which can be adjusted to your height.


    Further information:


    Yogarosa Retreat Ibiza

    2017 Yogarosa gut healing retreats in Ibiza take place on 11-17 June and 23-30 September. In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion. Deepening physiological awakening and self-healing on all levels. Therapeutic Yoga and Ayurveda gut healing with guided Hawaiian colon cleanse and this year German Nutritionist, Cornelia Povel has helped design an in-depth therapeutic healing retreat.


    Further information Tel: 0034 608 813 668;


    Thyroid Sufferers Diagnosis

    Thyroid UK Joins  with Medichecks to Help Thyroid Sufferers with Diagnosis. Diagnosis of hypothyroidism relies on testing 2 thyroid markers TSH and FT4, ignoring another form of thyroid hormone, FT3. Alternative forms of thyroid replacement are unavailable in the UK. NDT (natural desiccated thyroid), made from the thyroid gland of pigs, contains both T4 T3 and can help sufferers who do not do well on T4 conventional thyroid  replacement.

    Further information:

  • Super Patch Wellbeing

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  • Beginner's Guide to ME

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  • mycology research MRL

    MRL markets mushroom products food grade US & Netherlands GMP standards. Health Professional Videos

  • Flower essences online

    Fine quality flower essences international ranges to help promote vitality and emotional well-being.

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  • June Sayer Homeopathy

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    The FLEXXICORE exercise revolution: transform your fitness regime with 2 exhilarating exercisers

  • Water for Health

    Specialist online health store focused on hydration, body pH balance and quality nutrition.

  • radical spirituality

    UK publisher of rejected knowledge in areas of esoteric thought and radical streams of spirituality.

  • Liposomal Nutrients

    Optimum system for nutrient delivery to cells - fully bioavailable vitamins absorbed and metabolised

  • Supercoherence-System

    Supercoherence master code can restore each human to their pristine pure state at the speed of light


    Aromatherapy creams & candles. Heal naturally No side effects. Holistic treatments, powerful courses

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