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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 237

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 237 - April 2017

Eternity Crystal Light - Fusion Crystal Light Therapy

With over ten years of global health and wellness experience and feedback on Theragem™ Light technology equipment 2017 sees a new concept in light therapy. The Theragem™ Eternity Crystal light therapy system has been redesigned to fuse a blend of wave, frequency, colour, light and crystalline energy for skin and physical wellbeing.

Eternity Crystal Light - Fusion Crystal Light Therapy

Here is the ultimate non-invasive tool to offer your clients a range of high end products and services to make them look younger, more attractive and feel energised. Bathing clients in soothing light from precious gems whilst they have a massage, aromatherapy, reflexology or whilst they recover from dermabrasion or chemical peel treatments to regain their senses. Theragem offers an effective enhancement to any treatment within the spa and wellness environment in a light positive way. The best environment where people come together to relax their bodies and minds using it prior, during or post treatment, or in isolation as a treatment in itself, which is how it is currently operated in the integrative health and wellbeing field. 

Photo Rejuvenation, Light Therapy, Colour Therapy or Crystal Light Therapy is the use of light to create anti-aging effects on the skin. Science indicates that light works on human tissue at the cellular level, transferring energy to the mitochondria, which function as microscopic power plants, helping the cells of the body repair itself.

Light also can speed up or slow down certain chemical processes in cells and can be used for tissue repair, increased blood circulation and reduction in pain throughout the whole body. With the energizing powers of light fused with precious gems, and gentle low frequencies, triggers off a whole chain of cascading responses. An ultimate natural high, aiding de-stressing, starting detoxification processes supported by sauna, water baths and massaging.

This is quickly becoming recognized as one of the safest, fastest, and most affordable ways to achieve younger, more radiant looking skin along with enhanced wellbeing. It’s non-invasive, safe for all skin types, builds collagen and elastin, and uses no injections, chemicals or surgery. The Eternity Crystal Light Therapy System harnesses the earth’s elements to create a younger more vibrant you!

Benefits of Eternity Crystal Light Therapy on skin

  • Help Diminish Fine Lines and Wrinkles;
  • Firm and Tone Skin;
  • Restore Skin’s Youthful Radiance and Appearance;
  • Support Production Of Collagen.

Eternity Crystal light therapy on the body is the ultimate anti-ageing therapy increasing energy & vitality with over 45 different blends of gems, crystals and minerals promoting enhanced sense of well-being.

  • Reduces Inflammation;
  • Deepens Relaxation; Calms Anxiety and Nervousness;
  • Boosts Circulation; Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage;
  • Energizes Detox;
  • Balances Hormones.

Eternity Crystal Light -Total Body Experience; click the gemcups in the light head with each program perfectly timed for 20 to 30 minutes to be targeted to specific regions of the body. As with all Theragem equipment, Eternity Crystal Light systems are portable, simple to use and available to the global market.

Further Information

Please contact Medica Health International Ltd on Tel: 01254 245013;


Imagier Publishing

Imagier Publishing (UK) was established in 2008 for the purpose of publishing past and new works that express the depth and richness of esoteric streams of Christian spirituality. These ‘radical streams’, of which there are many, are important for they reconnect us with the ancient roots of Christian thought, which for almost two thousand years have been the source and inspiration for much of Western spirituality.

The inspiration of Allan Armstrong, Imagier publishes books that relate to the essence of that esoteric tradition - the interior life of the soul - with its spiritual values, traditional disciplines and religious experience. Allan seeks to work with authors who have dedicated their lives to the subjects they write about; making their work available to readers is central to his mission.

Cover Spiritualise Your Life

Imagier publishes books that contribute to our society’s currency of ideas concerning Christian spirituality, a counterbalance, if you will, to the dominant secularism of the modern world. Such books are intended to inform and inspire readers interested in the life of the soul, introducing them to the richness of their Christian spiritual heritage. Thus far, the books produced by Imagier have included biographical studies, guides to esoteric traditions, prayer & meditation, reprints of historic interest, allegorical tales and spiritual poetry. To date, twenty-three titles have been published, with more in the pipeline.

One example is Understanding Time by Jolyon Trimingham (2016), approaches ‘time’ as a phenomenon which is not the property of any particular discipline, and uses this eclecticism to move towards an understanding of time that unites and transcends narrower perspectives. Philosophy, cosmology, physics, psychology, film, art, sex, mysticism and music are all here and given equal value. In this manner, it stands apart from most other books about Time. His objective, which to a large extent he achieves, is to describe a paradigm of time which is a synthesis of modern science, ancient wisdom and common sense.

Another example is Gnosticism and Gnosis (2012) by RA Gilbert, which provides a clear, concise and objective overview of the phenomenon of Gnosticism, tracing its origins in Egypt and the Middle East; setting out the variety of its forms and beliefs from surviving gnostic scriptures, surveying the complex history of the early gnostic schools during the Roman era and beyond, down to the pervasive presence of gnostic ideas at the present day.

The forthcoming title: Spiritualise Your Life - What Every Christian Should Know (1st May 2017) by Allan Armstrong is an important introduction to the essential disciplines of the spiritual life of traditional Christianity.

Imagier Publishing is a welcome resource for all who seek meaning and purpose in their life.

Further Information

Please contact Imagier Publishing via   Distributors are Combined book Services on Tel: 01892 837171;


BCNH - Academic and Clinical Standards Excellence, Top Quality Nutritional Graduates

BCNH was formed at the dawn of the new century, in 2000, by its founder and Principal, Breda Gajsek, who is passionate about high quality education and a firm believer in the power of Nutritional Therapy. It all started with a medical check-up with Breda’s GP who said ‘If you are that passionate about nutrition, why don’t you open a college?....’ and that was the beginning of the journey…. 

BCNH - Academic and Clinical Standards Excellence, Top Quality Nutritional Graduates

BCNH Partnership with University of Greenwich

At BCNH we pride ourselves on a long (11 years) and fruitful relationship with the University of Greenwich (UG) who credit rate all our courses. This relationship allows our students to either graduate with a BSc (Hons) in Nutritional Therapy, or in the case of our Diploma students, gives them reassurance that their education is delivered at degree-level.

In-Depth Understanding How Nutrition Influences Health

At BCNH, our aim is to provide the best possible academic and clinical standards for our students. We believe in a thorough education and an in-depth understanding of mechanisms (why and how nutrition influences our health) so that, on graduation, our students can practice with confidence.

Nutrition an Evidence-Based Complementary Discipline 

We believe that Nutritional Therapy is not an ‘alternative medicine’ but a complementary discipline to the medical profession. Hence our teaching is based on the latest research and students are required to apply the latest research findings when seeing clients in a clinical setting. Our students say that Year 4 clinical practice is the most difficult yet most rewarding part of the course.

Personalized Nutrition and Learning Experience

At BCNH we emphasize food as ‘medicine’ and the use of supplements with caution, thus encouraging long-term diet and lifestyle changes to promote and maintain optimum health for every individual. Studying at BCNH is demanding, but enjoyable. Every student is treated as an individual and students appreciate both the academic support they receive and the quality of the educational materials.

Equal Learning and Flexibility for Attendance and Distance Students

BCNH focuses on offering high quality courses in Nutritional Therapy. As many of our students are mature students who come from all parts of the world, we offer our courses with flexibility in mind. Students can attend our courses live online, on an attendance basis at UCL in London, or a combination of both. The technology we use for delivering lectures online allows students to watch and participate in lectures live, or watch them in their own time. The lecture and audio recordings are of high quality and receive excellent student feedback.

Further Information

To find out more about our courses or to arrange an interview, visit our website at


NeuroCranial Restructuring with NCR Developer Dr Dean Howell

Have you, a friend, or a member of your family taken classes designed to increase his/her intuitive abilities? Many people want to feel more emotionally grounded, more intuitive, or to feel more assured when trying to guess about decisions affecting his/her life.

There are many specialized nerve cells in the brain, and they run on a combination of blood and cerebrospinal fluid. The parts of your brain that have more circulation have more brain activity than the areas with poor flow. Medications like antidepressants and tranquilizers increase activity in the neurons, changing brain functions temporarily. Once the medication wears off, brain functions return to its common function (for that brain). If we do this mechanically, then the improvements have the potential to be permanent. This is one of the big appeals of NCR - permanent improvements in nervous system functions. 

NeuroCranial Restructuring with NCR Developer Dr Dean Howell

There is a modern, mechanical way to improve brain performance. NeuroCranial Restructuring is one of the newest methods to gradually optimize the alignment of the skull bones. As the bones align in increasingly ideal patterns, so also does the flows of blood and cerebrospinal fluid optimize. When the brain has a skull that fits it perfectly, then and only then can the performance of the brain be optimal. Regardless of someone's talents, as NCR treatments accumulate, brain performances must improve. In the clinic, we routinely see people with psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression, or obsessive-compulsive disorder improved greatly. We routinely find people to be more creative, to be better at scholastics, more emotionally grounded, and to see, hear, breathe, and chew better, too!

NCR is the only physical medicine treatment that can routinely optimizes physical structure. Most physical medicine techniques try to correct everything during each day of treatment. These common treatments are only temporary. What NCR developer, Dr Dean Howell, discovered was that soon after receiving treatment, the body returned (reverted) to the stable baseline of physical structure that the body had prior to receiving therapy. This is the familiar situation that many of us have had with chiropractic treatments or massage: you feel great after treatment, and within a few days things are back to ‘normal’.

With NCR treatment, the incremental changes that are made each day to the body's musculoskeletal system gradually accumulate and also the blood and cerebrospinal fluid flow patterns begin to optimize. Large scale improvements in brain function are routinely seen after as little as five or six 4-day treatment programs. It is so routine that we see these improvements, that the better question is:

How can you expect to be more psychic or intuitive if you have not had NCR treatments yet?

Further Information

For more information, go to


Corporate Ties That Bind: An Examination of Corporate Manipulation and Vested Interest in Public Health

by Martin J. Walker (Editor)

Published by Skyhorse Publishing. 2017. Hardcover. £28.53/ $28.57. ISBN-10: 1510711880.

In the 21st century, corporations have worked their way into government and, as they become increasingly more powerful, arguments about their involvement with public health have become increasingly black and white. With corporations at the centre of public health and environmental issues, everything chemical or technological is good, everything natural is bad; scientists who are funded by corporations are right and those who are independent are invariably wrong. There is diminishing common ground between the two opposed sides in these arguments. Corporate Ties that Bind is a collection of essays written by influential academic scholars, activists, and epidemiologists from around the world that scrutinize the corporate reasoning, false science and trickery involving those, like in-house epidemiologists, who mediate the scientific message of organizations who attack and censure independent voices. This book addresses how the growth of corporatism is destroying liberal democracy and personal choice. Whether addressing asbestos, radiation, PCBs, or vaccine regulation, the essays here address the dangers of trusting corporations, and uncover the lengths to which corporations put profits before health.

Corporate Ties That Bind:

Reviewers’ Comments

“Congratulations to the courageous souls who wrote this book. Those who speak out about the harmful effects of toxic chemicals and radiation often do so at their peril. Corporate Ties That Bind is an important and much needed book that warns of the undue influence corporations have in perverting science, delaying public health policy, and swaying media information. A society that doesn’t protect its children doesn’t have a future. If you care about your health and the health of your children, this book is a must read.”
Dr Magda Havas BSc PhD, Associate Professor, Trent School of the Environment, Trent University, Peterborough, Canada

“This monumental volume represents decades of dedicated research and expertise into major issues of industrial influence against national and international public health. This expose will lead to more fairness in public and occupational health and to a new generation of objective public health-oriented advocates."
James Huff PhD formerly head of IARC Monographs Program (France) and Associate Director for Chemical Carcinogenesis, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (US).

“The use of corporate power to manufacture scientific doubt about the harmful effects of their products in the minds of the public and regulators has been documented for tobacco. Corporate Ties That Bind casts its net wider to include a host of other examples that reveal the depths that corporations can go to defend their products, creating distorted science, health and environmental harm, and huge taxpayer costs that fly in the face of the polluter pays principle.”
David Gee, retired senior science adviser, EEA, & visiting fellow, Institute of Environment, Health and Societies, Brunel University, London

Further Information

Available from Amazon:


Prebiotic Properties of Mushroom Nutrition on Gut Bacteria

Gut bacteria appears to alter the intestinal as well as behavioural patterns in patients with leaky gut, celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome. Therefore, addressing gut bacterial is of key importance for those suffering from the aforementioned gastrointestinal conditions.  A group of Portuguese universities have focused on the potential for mushroom nutrition to act as a prebiotic and indirectly reduce the ability of gut bacteria to adhere to the wall of the gastrointestinal tract.

The mushroom studied was Coriolus versicolor and the publication is entitled Bioactive Properties of Mushroom Coriolus versicolor-(Aritson Cruz, Ligia Pimentel, Prof. Tito Fernandes and Prof. Manuela Pintado, published in Clinical Journal of Mycology Vol 5, January 2017).

Coriolus versicolor Prebiotic Activity Impact

Coriolus versicolor Prebiotic Activity Impact

In this in vitro study, researchers from the Catholic Portuguese University in Oporto and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Lisbon (Portugal) compared the prebiotic effect of Coriolus versicolor in four probiotic strains: (Lactobacillus acidophilus L10, Lactobacillus casei L26, Bifidobacterium longum BG and Bifidobacterium animalis B80). The researchers demonstrated a potential strain-dependent prebiotic effect with higher activity on the Bifidobacterium animalis B80 when compared to Lactobacillus casei L26 and Bifidobacterium longum BG6. There was no impact on Lactobacilus acidophilus L10.

Prebiotic agents can have an indirect inhibitory effect on pathogenic bacteria through its selective fermentation by the probiotic bacteria in the colon. In addition, prebiotics may inhibit the adhesive capacity of pathogenic bacteria. Following-up on this hypothesis, the researchers tested the impact of Coriolus versicolor biomass upon Salmonella enterica (ATCC 13076) Staphylococus aureus (ATCC 6538) and Escherichia coli (ATCC CRM 8739) adhesion to mucin was evaluated in vitro using mucin (Type II Sigma-Aldrich) as a model of the intestinal mucus.

The results showed a potential inhibitory effect of the Coriolus substrate, especially in the case of Salmonella enterica. While encouraging, additional studies are needed in mixed cultures and faecal samples to assess the bioactivity in an environment involving complex intestinal microbiota.

About the Authors

Please contact Prof Manuela Pintado or Prof. Tito Fernandes  

Link to original article:

References and Further Reading

Mushroom Nutrition, Dect-1, Autophagy:Implications for Celiac Disease-Chris J Newton Ph.D.

Coriolus versicolor Supplementation in Leaky Gut Syndrome by Dr. Rajendra Sharma.

For more information about Coriolus-MRL we direct you to the following link.

Further Information

The Coriolus versicolor used in this study was supplied by Mycology Research Laboratories Ltd. For more information, please contact William Ahern at Mycology Research Laboratories Ltd- Tel: 44-01582-485-209;


Moving Stretch: Work Your Fascia to Free Your Body

by Suzanne Wylde

Published by Lotus Publishing. 2017. Paperback. £14.99/ $24.95. ISBN: 978 1 905367 74 0.

Moving Stretch® is an effective, powerful, and enjoyable program of resistance stretching that strengthens and frees the body, reconditions the body’s fascia, rejuvenates the tissue, relieves pain, and increases both strength and flexibility. This accessible book gives easy illustrated step-by-step instructions for people who want to feel more upright, taller, more youthful and energized. By using the body’s own natural resistance, Moving Stretch can work the age and tension out of the body, rejuvenating it, boosting performance in amateur and professional athletes and restoring strength and flexibility in young and old, flexible and inflexible alike.

Moving Stretch: Work Your Fascia to Free Your Body

With many different stretches for the whole body, this book also gives you routines for specific goals such as boosting your posture, freeing office workers’ bodies, improving back health, and more. It only takes just 10-20 minutes of stretching to feel better for the rest of your day. Try Moving Stretch and you will never want to stretch ‘normally’ again!

About the Author

Suzanne Wylde is the founder of Moving Stretch®, which grew out of her years of experience as a stretching trainer and more than ten years’ experience as a therapist. She explains how moving with tension engages the fascia and re-conditions it, freeing our bodies from tension and limitation. She has worked with clients from many backgrounds and with very different bodies, and found one thing to be universally true; a strong and flexible body with good posture, capable of powerful, subtle and coordinated movement not only helps you fulfil your physical potential, it is the basis for reaching your potential in all other ways as well. Through stretching she helps people to get rid of old patterns of tension and pain which can hold us back and make us look and feel older than we are, once again uncovering the youthful, relaxed and powerful bodies that we deserve.

Further Information

Available on Amazon


Cleanse for Health Retreats with Araura Berkeley

Spring 2017 is an ideal time for a six day Life-Changing, Deep Cleansing program in Somerset, with Araura Berkeley. Araura and her team of highly qualified therapists work with only 1 to 2 people at a time in order to give each person the very best care and individual attention. The program, briefly, consists of colon hydrotherapy; bodywork every day; rural walks; nutritional advice as well as fresh organic vegetable juices; cleansing drinks; appropriate high quality supplements and EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids).

Cleanse for Health Retreats with Araura Berkeley

This regimen not only deeply cleanses our physical body but also enhances the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our Whole Being, which can promote major Life Changes and Wellbeing. The program consists of the following:

  • Removal of old impacted faecal matter/mucoidal plaque from the intestinal digestive tract;
  • Removal of parasites and unwanted fungal overgrowths e.g. candida;
  • Repopulation of the intestinal tract with full spectrum probiotics, essential for the immune system and proper digestion/absorption of nutrients;
  • Organic vegetable juices boosting nutritional intake, as well as cleansing herbs, EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) and supplements;
  • Special cleansing drinks which stick to and rehydrate the ancient toxic matter, making it swell and come away from the intestinal walls;
  • Re-hydration and flushing of the cells with purified water;
  • Three sessions of colon hydrotherapy (colonics), one every other day;
  • 'Bodywork' daily:- combination whole body massage/ deep tissue massage/ reflexology/ acupuncture and Sound energy healing;
  • Skin brushing that stimulates the circulatory and the lymphatic systems, revitalizing the skin which is our largest organ of elimination;
  • Nutritional advice and ‘tools’ for self- empowerment;
  • Liver/Gall bladder flush. (Not always suitable for every cleanser.);
  • Release of mental and emotional stress/blocks;
  • Kidney Cleanse Kits available on request (A 21 day easy process to do at home after the cleanse).

Further Information

Please Contact Araura Berkeley on Tel: 01749 939 694; Mob: 07717 855 581;


Hemp Oil Cannabidiol / CBD Linked to Improved Mental Acuity

Hemp oil, a dietary supplement supported by a growing volume of medical evidence, is being embraced by a growing number of elderly consumers due to the supplement’s links with better mental acuity. Legally available, hemp oil (cannabidiol / CBD) has all the psychoactive properties removed and is taken as a supplement for a wide range of complaints, from anxiety to skin conditions to heart health. Hemp oil is high in omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9.  It is thought that hemp oil could delay the onset of age-related conditions that result in mental deterioration.

Hemp Oil Cannabidiol / CBD Linked to Improved Mental Acuity

Currently affecting more than 35 million people worldwide, Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common forms of neurodegenerative disorders and results in a progressive loss of cognitive processes. Patients with Alzheimer’s experience build ups of amyloid-[beta] as well as inflammation and signs of oxidative stress.

Recent studies [1, 2] have indicated that taking cannabidiol (CBD) extracts can reduce amyloid-[beta] production as well as having antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which could potentially slow down the effects of the disease for many people.

Professor Mike Barnes, a leading neurologist, said: “We’re only just starting to understand the array of benefits connected with cannabidiol consumption.  For a long time, wrongly in my view, hemp oil has carried a stigma.  It’s pleasing to learn that some evidence is emerging that there are benefits for the elderly, extending the reach of the supplement into new communities who may benefit from its addition to their diets.”

Tony Calamita, co-founder of Love Hemp, said: “We’ve seen a real surge in sales of our hemp oils in the last 12 months.  A lot of the sales that we’ve made are to customers in their late twenties and thirties but we’ve been really struck lately by the volume of sales that we’ve made to senior citizens.  It’s interesting that cannabis has generally been associated with vagueness, whereas hemp oil has been shown in peer reviewed studies to sharpen mental acuity.”

Worldwide, the UK ranks second in the number of web searches for CBD products online.  It is estimated that the global CBD industry is already worth around $200million and the UK market is expanding rapidly.  Increased demand for Hemp has led to an additional 42,000 acres of crop-farming across the EU for its non-psychoactive compounds such as CBD, whilst the legal cannabis industry is experiencing worldwide exponential growth.


1. The therapeutic potential of the phytocannabinoid cannabidiol for Alzheimer's disease.

Tim Karl, Brett Garner, David Cheng - Behavioural Pharmacology. 28 July 2016.

2. Frontiers.  In vivo Evidence for Therapeutic Properties of Cannabidiol (CBD) for Alzheimer’s Disease  Ethnopharmacology, Georgia Watt and Tim Karl - Behavioural Neuroscience, Western Sydney University, Australia. 3 Feb 2017.

Further Information

For further information please visit


Herbal Antivirals - Strengthen Your Immunity Naturally 

by Sorrell Davis

Published by Book Publishing Company. 2017. Paperback. £12.50 / $14.93. ISBN-10: 1570673446.

The common cold, Ebola, herpes, HIV, influenza, shingles, Zika, and even several foodborne illnesses are among the countless diseases caused by viruses. Many viral infections don’t have preventive vaccines or effective remedies, and battling them is an ongoing global challenge.

Herbal Antivirals - Strengthen Your Immunity Naturally

In terms that laypeople can easily understand, author and veteran health researcher Sorrel Davis summarizes the nature of viruses and makes it apparent why these often pathogenic organisms are so tenacious and difficult to defend against. In addition, she explores how herbal medicines - nature’s health insurance - can minimize the effects of viruses on human health, safely and with fewer side effects than conventional treatments, by boosting immunity, stopping a virus from progressing, or shortening the duration or severity of symptoms. 

Davis puts the spotlight on an amazing collection of plant allies—astragalus, barberry, Chinese skullcap, echinacea, elderberry, ginseng, green tea, lemon balm, licorice, and peppermint - and explains the capacities of each of these herbal protectors to thwart viral infections naturally. Detailed guidelines regarding their usage, safety precautions, and side effects are provided, along with a glossary of terms. 

Tips on lifestyle strategies that can maximize protection and minimize infection are also included. Herbal Antivirals is an essential guidebook that can help safeguard your health.

About the Author

Sorrel Davis, long-time advocate of the healing properties of herbal remedies, is a proponent of the adage “let food be thy medicine.” She is also is a fan of kite flying, horror films, spicy cuisine, Little League baseball, and dancing as if no one is watching.

Further Information

Available from Amazon


Ergo-Q 260 Notebook Stand from BakkerElkhuizen

The Ergo-Q 260 Notebook stand from BakkerElkhuizen iss a must-have accessory for office workers to increase productivity while reducing pain and discomfort. Laptops have become a necessity for office workers, the ability to keep all your files in one portable device is too convenient to pass up. With many office workers now juggling between home, the office and meetings, the portability of a laptop is indispensable. However it has to be mentioned that prolonged use of a laptop also has its ergonomic limitations.

Ergo-Q 260 Notebook Stand from BakkerElkhuizen

Working all day with a regular laptop can result in an uncomfortable working position, along with pain and discomfort at the end of a day. It is recommended that office workers spend no longer than 2 hours a day on a laptop, when used without additional accessories. Adding computer accessories can increase productivity and allow you to work for longer on a laptop, as they can reduce the negative effects on the body.

When using a laptop on a flat surface, an office workers posture becomes the main health problem. With the screen and keyboard being a single unit, a laptops design encourages a hunched over working position throughout the day. The hunched position leads to fatigue and discomfort in both the neck and shoulders. Using a laptop also discourages head movement, meaning a healthy working position can be achieved by using a raised screen. As well as a range of health problems, laptop users also type slower and less accurate due to the size of the laptop.

Using computer accessories such as a laptop or notebook stand, along with an external keyboard and mouse, can increase an office worker’s productivity by 17%. Using these accessories together significantly improves posture as well as reduces neck strain by 32% and improves worker’s comfort by 21%. By eliminating the physical problems caused by a laptop alone, workers can utilise their laptop throughout the day, rather than only 2 hours.

The Ergo-Q 260 from BakkerElkhuizen is a portable notebook stand that is super light and thin at only 7mm thickness, so it easily fits into any notebook bag. The stand also offers 5 different heights for ultimate comfort, ranging from 9cm to 21cm. As well as holding your notebook, the stand contains an integrated document holder to increase data input and productivity. The Ergo-Q 260 also has a stylish, classy appearance, made from Hylite aluminium so it’s not only functional, but looks great too.

Eliminate all the problems caused by everyday laptop use, by simply investing in the Ergo-Q 260. It’s the route to increased productivity and reduced health problems, all in a thin, lightweight portable design, perfect for on the go.

Further Information

The Ergo-Q 260 from Bakker Elkhuizen has an RRP of £119.99; for further information visit BakkerElkhuizen. The Ergo-Q 260 is also available for £122.39  from Posturite.


Natural Cycles First Contraception App Approved

Women now have a new, regulatory approved, contraception to choose from - an app. Natural Cycles, the fertility tracking app that uses a smart algorithm to help women pinpoint their fertility, has become the world’s first app to be approved specifically for contraception. Tüv Süd, one of the leading notified bodies worldwide, approved Natural Cycles as a class IIb medical device intended to be used for contraception. This means women now have a new, clinically tested, regulatory approved contraception to use besides condoms, The Pill and IUDs.

Natural Cycles First Contraception App Approved

Natural Cycles was created by husband and wife team Dr Raoul Scherwitzl and Dr Elina Berglund. Dr Elina Berglund is one of the scientists who discovered the Higgs Boson which led to the Nobel Prize in 2013. Natural Cycles is a hormone- and chemical-free birth control alternative and, in 2016, a clinical study showed that the app was as effective as The Pill.* This is good news for the UK’s estimated 3.5m women who use hormonal contraception following the 2016 University of Copenhagen clinical study, the largest of its kind with 1 million women, which confirmed a link between hormonal contraceptives and depression.**

Natural Cycles works by recording your daily temperature. A smart algorithm then determines whether you are fertile on that day so you accurately know if and when to have protected intercourse - and this helps to prevent (or plan) a pregnancy.

Dr Elina Berglund, CTO and co-founder of Natural Cycles said: “Women around the world are interested in exploring effective non-hormonal, non-invasive forms of contraception - and now they have a new, clinically verified and regulatory approved option to choose from. Our high quality clinical studies, together with the required regulatory approvals, means we can provide women everywhere with a new option for contraception. Natural Cycles allow women to better understand their bodies so they can make choices that are right for them.”

The Natural Cycles app joins a range of medical products that have been clinically tested and regulatory approved to achieve a IIb classification, such as intensive care monitoring and alarm devices, anaesthesia machines, blood pumps for heart-lung machines and blood bags, to name a few. Natural Cycles is used by over 150,000 women in 161 countries and is the first fertility tracking app for women to be regulated as a medical device.

Find out more about Natural Cycles and download the app here:


*Results of the clinical study demonstrating the effectiveness of Natural Cycles as a natural birth control has recently been published in the peer-reviewed European Journal of Contraception & Reproductive Health Care

**The Guardian: The pill is linked to depression – and doctors can no longer ignore it 

Clinical Study:

Further Information

The Natural Cycles app may be downloaded from


Active Working Summit 2017:  Reducing Sedentary Behaviour at Work Improves Wellness & Productivity - Thursday March 30th 2017

The average UK office worker sits 10 hours each day, with almost 70% of sitting taking place at work and 73 per cent only leaving their desk for toilet or tea breaks, according to research commissioned by Active Working and published in British Journal for Sports Medicine in June 2015. Growing scientific evidence continues to draw our attention to multiple health risks (including cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, certain cancers and mental health) associated with excessive and prolonged sitting.

Active Working Summit Banner

Now in its 3rd year the Active Working Summit™ has established itself as the pre-eminent international thought leadership event of its kind. Taking place on Thursday March 30th 2017, this year’s Active Working Summit is hosted by international law firm K&L Gates at their iconic offices overlooking St Paul’s Cathedral at One New Change in central London. With delegates and speakers from 20 countries, the Active Working Summit™ 2017 is attended by public health experts, opinion leaders, researchers and decision makers responsible for wellness, productivity and engagement of office workers. The programme for Active Working Summit™ 2017: How Reducing Sedentary Behaviour at Work Improves Wellness & Productivity is divided into four sessions:

Session 1        The Sitting Disease: is it now official?

Session 2        Workplace wellness & productivity - the benefits of sitting less;

Session 3        Core solutions and best practices;

Session 4        How to incorporate physical activity into the workplace of the future.

  • Keynote speaker Alan Hedge, Professor of Ergonomics, Cornell University, USA;
  • We will be showcasing major US government backed research findings including “Stand-Up to Work - research project conclusions on long term impacts of sit-stand desks”, Joanna Frank, Executive Director at Center for Active Design. New York, USA;
  • National strategies on 'combatting' sedentary behaviour in the workplace , Matleena Livson, Physically active lifestyle Senior Advisor at Finnish Olympic Committee;
  • Latest research evidence, behaviour change programmes, best practice and case studies focusing on reducing sedentary behaviour and increasing activity amongst office workers;
  • Also featuring Public Health England, the new Active Building standard Fitwel (Center for Active Design) and other case studies from pioneering companies.

The Active Working Summit™ 2017 will present ground breaking new research which will attract international media interest. Take this opportunity to learn more about how Active Working may deliver measurable improvements in employee health, productivity & engagement. Download the Event Programme here.

Further Information

Please contact Gavin Bradley on Tel: 020 8977 5541; Mob: 0798 651 9671;


How to Overcome Pain -  Natural approaches to dealing with everything from arthritis, anxiety and back pain to headaches, PMS and IBS

by Leon Chaitow

Published by Watkins Publishing. 2017. Paperback. £8.58. $8.63. ISBN-10: 1786780178

Gain knowledge and lose pain! An invaluable guide to natural approaches to pain management from a leading expert in holistic health and well-being. When a fire alarm rings, finding the source of the fire is far more urgent than switching off the alarm. In How to Overcome Pain, internationally recognized registered osteopath and naturopath Leon Chaitow shows us how to tackle the root causes of chronic pain without covering it up with temporary solutions. Chaitow firmly believes that the more we know about our bodies and why they might not be working, the better equipped we are to manage them properly and effectively. 

Cover How to Overcome Pain

Living with pain can provoke frustration, anxiety, depression, and even a reliance on pharmaceutical painkillers. In this important and highly accessible book, Chaitow outlines a wide range of tried and tested natural approaches to pain relief. He provides ground-breaking research, including the role played by fascia in the experience of pain, as well as a whole host of breakthrough mind-body techniques. 

The author explains the nature of pain and why the more you understand it, the greater an ability you tend to have to overcome it. He outlines key pain relief approaches including meditation, hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, light and colour therapy, breathing techniques, massage, stretching, hydrotherapy, and herbalism. 

There is also extensive information on the importance of nutrition and supplements, with clearly defined nutrition plans laid out for varying types of pain management. As a special feature the book includes an extensive pain directory that provides treatment advice for the most common problems including headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and backache. 

This is a highly practical book, featuring step-by-step self-help exercises and diagrams, empowering readers to take control of their bodies through knowledge. This is an essential book for everyone wanting to take control of pain, get their health and vitality back, and enhance their sense of comfort, ease and freedom in everyday life.

About the Author

Leon Chaitow is a registered osteopath and naturopath, editor of the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, and Honorary Fellow and former senior lecturer at the University of Westminster, London. Author of more than 60 books, including Holistic Pain Relief, he lectures internationally on both bodywork and general health topics from an integrated perspective.

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  • Brief Takes Issue 237


    Research ME/CFS CAM Users

    Invitation to participate in a qualitative research study on CAM use by people with ME/CFS

    Do you have ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome)? Have you used a complementary/alternative medicine/therapy (CAM) to help you cope with it? Would you be willing to share your experiences in a research study? If you have answered yes to these three questions then you are invited to participate in an on-line survey exploring your experience of using CAM for ME/CFS.


    Further information:   


    Burzynski Keeps Medical License

    Dr Stanislaw Burzynski has won the legal right to continue with his Antineoplaston cancer treatments. The Texas Medical Board placed Dr Burzynski on probation for five years and fined him $60,000. He keeps his Medical Licence. His supporters thank everyone who signed the petition and worked to defend Dr Burzynski.


    Anna Jeoffroy Carry on Caring

    The next Carry on Caring Course will run in St Neots on Monday 27th March 2017. The course includes Self-Support Tools, 5 keys to Health and Vitality, Guided Meditation, Introduction to Bach Remedies and Reflexology Self-help Techniques. This CPD recognized course offers delegates recognition, relaxation, hope and support.


    Further Information: Please contact Anna on Tel: 07808 403059;


    Ayurveda Congress London 1-2 April

    Over 90 experts in Western and Ayurvedic medicine will present scientific studies on how the Ayurveda healthcare approach can help address major modern health problems. Medical Consultants and Doctors will consider how Ayurveda can be successfully integrated into modern healthcare systems.  The Second International Ayurveda Congress takes place in London in April, bringing together the largest international gathering of experts in Ayurvedic medicine. The Congress will be attended by the minister for traditional health systems from the Indian Government. At Hotel Novotel London West, 1 Shortlands, Hammersmith International Centre, London, W6 8DR  1 and 2 April 9:00 to 19:00.


    Further  information Tel: 07720 325760; 07854 688113;


    Seaweed Health Foundation

    The Seaweed Health Foundation had a wonderful time in 2016. See a lovely video of the Clovelly Seaweed Festival at They will be at the 2017 festival on 4 June. The contribution of Friends continues to be of vital importance to the development of a healthy, environmentally sustainable and worthwhile seaweed industry which, managed with integrity, can benefit humanity the world over.


    Further information:


    Art of Seiki - Workshop

    Daniela Coronelli is one of the few teachers who worked with Akinobu Kishi for many years, to offer Seiki Workshops in the UK, which she has been doing for many years now. The groups are small, but extremely well-received. For Shiatsu and other bodywork practitioners, this weekend counts as CPD. Contact as soon as possible as there is limited space available.


    Further information Tel: 01803 862 653; 07941 841 555;


    VTCT Certificates DfE Approval

    VTCT is pleased to announce its brand new suite of Technical Qualifications at Level 2 have been approved by the Department for Education (DfE) for inclusion in the Technical Certificate category of the 2019, 16-19 Performance Tables. Key facts about these qualifications: they are offered across all of VTCT’s sectors and tailored to specific job roles, the certificates are grades which will give them a unit level giving employers an insight into the strengths of each learner.


    Further information Tel: 023 8068 4500


    Physio & OT Apprenticeship

    A hospital trust from Lincolnshire has been given ministerial approval to lead on the development of the first ever apprenticeship degree for the role of Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist (OT). The degree apprenticeship hopes to boost numbers of allied health professionals in a bid to tackle both local and national staffing shortages. It will provide an alternative route for those wishing to become a registered healthcare professional but who want to combine their studies with on the job training.


    Further information Tel: 01522 573 986;


    2017 Energy Psychology Conference

    The 2017 International Energy Psychology Conference will be held from 18-22 May 2017 on the RiverWalk in San Antonio, TX. Daniel Benor MD is presenting Transformative Wholistic Reintegration (TWR) AKA Wholistic Hybrid of EMDR and EFT (WHEE) for problems on ageing. Daniel has told us that the 2016 Conference was the best he had ever attended, but he says the 2017 Conference looks like it will be even better.


    Further information Tel: 619-861-2237


    Cooking with Love

    Cooking with Love by Keith Squires was launched on Valentine’s Day with over 100 vegetarian and vegan recipes inspired by Ayurveda. The stunning new recipe book  has been heavily influenced by Keith Squires’ background in Herbalism and Ayurvedic medicine. Keith has catered for 1000s of people at the Dru Yoga Center in Snowdonia.


    Further information:


    Lindens Serrapeptase Supplement

    Lindens Health and Nutrition new high-strength Serrapeptase tablets, set to be the strongest available on the market, are enteric coated, protecting them from stomach acid in order to allow safe integration into the gut and improving the effect they have on the body. The supplement with anti-inflammatory properties is available in packs of 30 and is a one-a-day tablet.


    Further information Tel: 01924 230 875;


    Phynova Efficacy Proof of Reducose®

    Phynova, the British life science company that develops and markets proprietary drugs and functional food ingredients derived from active plant compounds, announced that its natural plant-based food ingredient Reducose® - mulberry leaf extract (ME) - has demonstrated its effectiveness at maintaining healthy blood glucose levels in a clinical trial run in conjunction with  the University of Southampton and Oxford Brookes University. The trail was randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled, dose ranging study in healthy individuals investigating the effectiveness of three doses of Reducose® on lowering blood glucose and blood Insulin responses following ingestion of carbohydrates.


    Further information Tel: 01993 880 700;  access to peer review journal


    London to Paris Bike Ride

    Cycle from London to Paris and raise funds for the charity of your choice from 31 Aug - 3 Sept. The challenge is to cycle 240 miles in just three days. The ride will take you through rolling English countryside and the breath-taking panorama of Northern France to a spectacular finish at the Eiffel Tower.


    Further information Tel: 01590 646 410;


    Resilience Masterclass

    The Learning Architect will be hosting an open Resilience Masterclass delivered by author and presenter Liggy Webb on 10 May 2017 in The Paddington Hilton, London. The half day event is an interactive, engaging and energizing event based on Liggy Webb’s bestselling book Resilience and covers 10 key guiding principles to help you develop your personal mechanisms for managing challenges and change.


    Further information Tel: 01242 700 027


    Vitamin D Oral Spray

    More than 3 million people across the UK could fend off acute respiratory infections such as colds if everyone took Vitamin D supplements. BetterYou™’s range of DLux Oral Vitamin D sprays come in different strengths for people of all ages. The key benefits of an oral spray include convenience and guaranteed absorption which traditional tablets, capsules and drops simply can’t. An oral dose of the spray doesn’t need water and doesn’t need to be taken with food.


    Further information:  and available from Holland & Barrett and all good health food stores and stockists.


    Penny Brohn Living Well with Cancer

    Penny Brohn UK are holding memorable events to celebrate 2017 which is shaping up to be an exciting year. Whether you fancy an afternoon tea, comedy night or a trek in India there will be an event perfect for you. Some examples are: Bristol 10k on 7 May, Mad Hatter’s Tea on 21 May, London to Paris bike ride 19-23 July, Ride London 30 July and Dalai Lama Trek 19 Oct-5 Nov in North India.


    Further information Tel: 0303 3000 118;


    Heart Nutrition Tips

    AXA PPP Healthcare has produced a list of seven top foods to help prevent heart disease. Studies have shown the consumption of fruit and vegetables is associated with a reduced risk of coronary disorders. The list includes whole grains, nuts, omega-3 oils, green tea, chocolate, pumpkin seeds and avocados.


    Further information:


    Wiley’s Finest™ for Mother and Baby

    Wiley’s Finest™ Wild Alaskan Fish Oil  has launched pre-natal DHA Fish oils which are good for both mother and baby. DHA omega-3 is an essential nutrient for mum-to-be and baby during pregnancy. DHA is proven to provide life-long health for mother and baby. It also supports healthy moods in women pre- and post-pregnancy and may reduce the risk of developing post-natal depression. Neither mother nor baby can naturally produce DHA and so this vital nutrient must be consumed  through supplements or whole fish.


    Further information Tel: 020-7940 7172;


    The Good Skin Solution

    The Good Skin Solution: Natural Healing for Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea and Acne by Shann Nix Jones  explains that eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne are not skin conditions but autoimmune disorders that sit inside the gut. Shann healed her son’s eczema by healing his gut. The natural healing regimen utilizes kefir, the natural probiotic. Chuckling Goat offer natural healing solutions for conditions including IBS, eczema, asthma, rosacea, psoriasis, colitis, allergies and celiac disease. Products are handmade from pure ingredients 100% free from dyes, colorants, phthalates, parabens or petrochemicals, shipped directly from farm gate to user.


    Further information  Tel: 01239 654 072


    Raynaud’s Awareness

    Padma Healthcare produces Padma Circosan® which is a unique herbal remedy based on the knowledge of Tibetan medicine, manufactured in Switzerland to high standards and traditionally used to treat Raynaud’s and minor venous circulation problems. Its effectiveness is due to its complex, mainly plant-based ingredients which combine active substances including flavonoids, tannins and essential oils.


    Further information Tel: 01865 578578; 


    Coconut Oil

    Coconut Oil by Laura Agar Wilson has taken the world by storm with its impressive health benefits and versatility, with a wide range of uses which include everything from smoothies to face masks and cleaning products to health remedies. This unique book explores the uses of coconut oil that reach far beyond cookery by offering a fully comprehensive guide to coconut and its benefits and uses.


    Further information:


    Hawkwood Seed Festival

    Hawkwood Stroud UK Seed Festival takes place on 7-9 July 2017. Early bird tickets are on sale at £69 until June 2017. Meet and hear from the leading experts in the environmental world with talks, music, films and workshops. Seed Festival is looking for volunteers to steward various posts over this amazing event as well as help set up and decorate, other jobs include hosting, ushering, box office, care parking, site management and many more jobs.


    Further information Tel: 01453 759 034


    Dr Mercola SOPMed Conference

    BioHacking the Mitochondria - Change the fuel and change the outcome. Dr Joe Mercola invites you to half day training on 15 June 2017, at the SOPMed Conference at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs. Small life style changes can surprisingly transform how your patients sleep, accelerate their recovery time from a disorder and increase their daily  energy. Dr Dan Pompa has trained hundreds of physicians to learn the secret of detox, diet, hormone dysregulation and how to bring in additional easy income to their clinic.


    Further information Tel: 517-242-5813;


    Boost Your Performance

    Boost Oxygen offers a blast of 95% pure oxygen when you need it most. Due to pollution, the air we breathe can contain as little as 14% oxygen, which can have a massive effect on the body. Boost Oxygen is an all-natural product available in 5 aromas to help the process of oxygen absorption. All aromas are made from 10% essential oils and include scents and flavours such as peppermint, menthol-eucalyptus and pink grapefruit.


    Further information Tel: 0333 577 0041;


    Sun Chlorella Stress Reduction

    Recent research has found that chlorella, a green algae which is thought to be one of the most effective ‘crops’ at turning sunlight into energy and nutrients, could reduce stress levels. Sun Chlorella is available both in granule and tablet form. Some of the most efficient products come from Sun Chlorella, whose new DYNO®-Mill technology breaks down the cell walls of the algae (without the use of heat or chemicals which can reduce the quality of the chlorella) to ensure when you use either their granules or tablets you are getting the most nutrients  possible.


    Further information:  or in health stores nationwide.


    Fermentation for First Timers

    Predicted to be one of the leading food trends for 2017 in a survey of over 1700 Dieticians, fermented foods may appear to be a new concept. In fact, they have been around for centuries  and thanks to a new product from The Coconut Company, you can introduce their benefits to your diet without even noticing. The Coconut Company’s Organic Coconut Vinegar still includes the Mother of Vinegar, but being made from coconut sap means the vinegar has a milder flavour than other live vinegars. The result is vinegar with a similar taste to regular vinegar, which can be used in exactly the same way to introduce the benefits of live fermented products into everyday foods.


    Further information:


    Spanish Retreats 2017

    Limited spaces are available for the Spanish Detox Retreat 2017. Juice fasting, Yoga, Pilates and Japanese Do-in happens every day. 17-24 May - Ali Gilling Yoga retreat is catered and there are no dietary restrictions offers Yoga twice a day and one free day to explore or relax. 24-31 May -  Detox Juice Retreat 1 offers classes, talks and juicing. 31 May-7 June - Detox Juice Retreat 2 offers classes, talks and juicing as well as a few days raw food retreat afterwards. 7-11 June -  Raw Food Mini Retreat, a stand-alone mini retreat or an add-on for juicers attending Detox Retreat 2. A juice/smoothie breakfast, light salad style lunch and two course raw evening dinner provided by Raw Food Goddess Anna Middleton.


    Further information Tel: 01749 671 555;


    Choose the Right Supplements

    There are thousands of nutritional supplements on the market. Simon Bandy, General Manager of nutritional supplement brand, Health Plus talks about what to look for in a supplement. Understanding packaging is the first step. Many vitamins are listed as ‘stabilised’ version, which will be recognizable from words beginning with ‘di’ or ending in ‘ate’ or ‘ide’. Most minerals are not readily absorbed by the body, so are often bound to amino acids to make them more absorbent.


    Further information and for Health Plus products Tel: 01323 872277;


    Lindens Hair, Skin and Nails

    Specially formulated to improve skin health and complexion while strengthening hair and nails, Lindens Hair, Skin and Nails is a complete multi-nutrient formula. With Vitamins C and E, Calcium, Zinc and Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), this one-a-day tablet provides potent nutrients working in harmony to boost the three key areas of hair, skin and nails.


    Further information Tel: 01924 230 875;


    Minerals Secret Weapon for Health

    Minerals - The Forgotten Nutrient: Your Secret Weapon for Getting and Staying Healthy by Joy Stephenson-Laws, founder of Proactive Health Labs (pH) is written as a way to inform readers about a secret weapon to health that has been long overlooked.  She discusses why relying on the latest health trends is a risky game, why having a balanced diet isn’t always the answer to ensuring you are getting the proper minerals your body needs, the truth about multivitamins and mineral supplements and a great deal more.


    Further information Tel: +1 267-980-2765;


    Run For Your Life

    Run For Your Life: How One Woman Ran Circles Around Breast Cancer by Jenny Baker is an inspirational story about how she used running to fight breast cancer. Feeling betrayed by her body and frightened about the future, her instinct was to keep running as long as she could. In the turmoil of coming to terms with her diagnosis, a golden moment was discovering that her Oncologist was a marathon runner too. With his encouragement she set herself a challenge of running to all her chemotherapy sessions, seven miles along the river to Charing Cross Hospital.


    Further information:


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