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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 215

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 215 - July 2014

Welcome to Bloomsbury Therapy London

The place to come to find a therapist in London

A warm welcome to our Therapy Centre located in the heart of London.  The Centre is a few minutes walk from Holborn tube station yet the therapy rooms, which lie at the back of the building, far from the road, are quiet and peaceful -  a perfect place for reflection, introspection and self-discovery.

Alexander Therapy Centre

We have a team of expert and experienced psychotherapists, counsellors, teachers, coaches and other specialist therapy professionals, offering short and long-term help, counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy and psychotherapy in London for a range of issues including:

Stress - Depression  - Anxiety - Trauma - Relationship Issues - Bereavement - Addiction - OCD - Abuse - Phobias - Trauma - Sexual Issues - Eating Disorders - Work-Life Balance -Confidence Building - Self-Development - Pain Management - Balance & Co-ordination

If you are looking for a therapist in central London, you will find all the therapies available here listed on  These links will give you further information on these therapies and details of the therapists that work from the Centre.  You will be able to contact, ask questions and make your appointment directly with the individual therapist.

Psychotherapy Counselling CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Schema Therapy Core Process Psychotherapy Couple Therapy Counselling Psychotherapy Clinical Psychology Group Psychoanalysis Group Therapy Gestalt Therapy EMDR Alexander Technique

Bloomsbury Alexander Centre - Centre of expertise for the Alexander Technique in London

We are also home to the Bloomsbury Alexander Centre  - a centre of expertise for Alexander  work, offering one-to-one lessons, classes and courses in the Alexander Technique in central London.  Further details at

CMS - Client Management System for Therapists / Healthcare Workers - developed by Therapists for Therapists

Client Management System is a client database and appointments system.

CMS is tailored to the requirements of the complementary healthcare practitioner. It is not an ‘off-the-shelf’ database package.

CMS logo

The Client Management System has many functions including:

  • Storing and managing clients’ contact details, case histories and treatment details;
  • Scheduling appointments;
  • Printing treatment consent forms;
  • Preparing aftercare advice;
  • Invoicing;
  • Producing gift vouchers;
  • Tracking payments;
  • Storing contact details of business associates;
  • Generating business reports;
  • Sending group emails;
  • Printing address labels.

How does it Work?

A sole-trader therapist simply installs the software on a PC. The multi-user functionality built in to our Client Management System in no way complicates the system for the single user. The single user can perform all the key tasks and the multi-user elements are largely invisible.

In a clinic, CMS is installed on the network. Each therapist is set up quickly as a user. Clients are assigned to a therapist and the clients’ sensitive data is inaccessible to any other user. Each therapist can benefit from all the features. A Reception user can be set up to take bookings and, in addition to this, the clinic Manager has access to some business reports.

The Client Management System is easy to install and use. It comes with a comprehensive help document, including a Quick-Start page, and full technical support. And if you are a user of the previous version (V2), your key data held in the Client Management System V2 can be migrated to Client Management System V3 literally at the click of a button!


Essential Training Solutions Ltd (ETS) offer a FREE installation service for CMS. ETS will ensure CMS is installed successfully and, at the same time, provide a 15 minute consultation to get you started. When you order CMS, you will be provided with a telephone number to ring to schedule your online meeting. You need do nothing more!

Further Information

Please contact Essential Training Solutions Ltd on Tel: +44 (0)1604 879110; Fax: +44 (0)1604 879110;

Alyssa Burns-Hill PhD Discusses Hormone Health

Many people think that hormone health is about women’s menstrual cycles and perhaps, fertility, but it’s so much more than that.  Let’s look at a few areas relevant to most people.

Dr Alyssa Burns-Hill New Logo


Long-term stress is a major factor in most people’s lives that takes its toll and is revealed through memory lapses, depression, infertility, anxiety, weight gain around the middle, sugar cravings and inability to sleep properly … leading to tiredness and more sugar cravings! Can you relate to some of these indicators of stress that also reveal the state of your adrenal glands - your ‘stress-handling’ glands?

Weight Management Problems

The slimming industry is massive and getting richer (fatter?) by the week.  Many people I speak to have problems with trying to lose weight; they find that they cut the calories but the scales still give the same number and this leads to despondence and failure.  Some people have even had thyroid tests that their doctor says are ‘normal’ - so what’s going on?

A number of ‘other than thyroid’ hormone imbalances can hijack your diet causing sugar cravings because of energy dips or feelings of depression or mood swings which can lead to comfort eating … and stress, that will interfere with blood sugar regulation as well as thyroid hormone function - a double whammy to sabotage the best dietary intentions.

I Want to Feel like Me Again

Did the ‘old you’ get lost along the way?  This is another common plea that heard in my clinics when people have become irritable, depressed, overly tearful, anxious, no energy, no motivation, put on too much weight, aged too quickly … the list goes on. 

Very often the stress of life over the years combined with the perimenopausal transition or a loss of a relationship can bring things to a head where the person knows that they have to do something because they’re not the person they used to be.  A positive shift can be achieved through hormone balancing and support. 

These are some snippets from my international hormone health practice that, ‘joins the dots’ across the physical, mental and emotional levels of health.  A fairly unique approach that reaps dividends, it’s one that is combined with education so that people are empowered to look after themselves in the longer term. 

By using advanced hormone testing and in depth analysis, I am able to reveal why you feel the way you feel and it’s often down to hormone imbalance that can be effectively corrected through the use of high quality nutritional supplementation targeted through the hormone imbalances, combined with small diet and lifestyle changes (no diet sheets) that can show significant and measurable changes with a few weeks.

Further Information

Alyssa Burns-Hill PhD may be contacted on Tel: 01534 522151;

How does Acupuncture actually work?

by Henry McGrath

Acupuncture is the insertion of tiny needles into certain points on the body, for the treatment of illness.  There is increasingly good evidence that acupuncture can treat a wide range of conditions successfully.  The World Health Organisation website lists 28 conditions for which acupuncture has been ‘proved through controlled trials to be an effective treatment’, including rhinitis, headache, high blood pressure, lowered immunity, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, back pain, and knee pain.  It lists another 60 conditions for which some ‘therapeutic effect has been shown’, including asthma, infertility, insomnia, and pre-menstrual syndrome.  Despite this, many people are still sceptical about acupuncture because it seems to make no sense that the insertion of tiny needles can treat disease.  So how does acupuncture actually work?

Henry McGrath

Henry McGrath, Academic Director and Acupuncture Course Director at CNM
(College of Naturopathic Medicine)

Part of the answer is that the insertion of acupuncture needles causes the release of chemicals called ‘endorphins’. There are many kinds of endorphins in the human body, each with a different function. Some reduce pain, some promote the healing of damaged tissue, some promote good sleep, some calm anxiety, and some play a role in hormone production.

Recent scientific investigations have given us more clues. Using an MRI scanner, it has been shown that the shallow insertion of needles at specific points causes increased activity in the pain control centres of the brain. However, what the neuroscientists found really interesting and surprising, was that if the needles are inserted deeper into the skin, and manipulated until the patient feels a tingling around the needle, the pain control areas become less active. This would explain why experienced practitioners get better results than novices, as getting the tingling sensation is an acquired skill.

One study showed that acupuncture caused changes in the brain which promoted to stroke recovery. In this experiment, normal acupuncture was compared to “sham” acupuncture, where needles are deliberately inserted in the wrong points. Only the correct acupuncture had the desired effect.

According to Chinese medicine, energy, or ‘qi’, gathers in certain points near the surface of the body, and flows along channels called “meridians”. It has been speculated that this “qi” is a very low level of electrical impulse; indeed acupuncture points and channels have been found to be areas of low electrical resistance. When a person is ill, the electrical activity at the acupuncture points changes from what it normally is. The insertion of needles helps to return the electrical activity of the acupuncture point to its normal level. Experiments have been done where substances have been injected into acupuncture points, and have been observed to move along the acupuncture channels.

So, there is mounting evidence that acupuncture has real health benefits, and that it has a scientific basis of action.

Further Information

Diploma Courses in Naturopathic Acupuncture are held at CNM campuses at London, Bristol and Dublin. For the full range of CNM courses available, visit

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Natural Healing, Kosmed Treatment, Vega Testing, Rife Treatment

with Stephen MacAllan Lic.AC  BAc MAc.  (Licentiate, Bachelors, Masters acupuncture) M.H (Master Herbalist) Cert BERM., (Certificate Bio-Energetic Regulatory Medicine)

Stephen MacAllan damaged his knee cartilage playing football when he was 16. It had caused him considerable pain for 10 years+; he was sick of taking pain-killers and didn’t want the surgery so sought out alternatives, including homoeopathy and osteopathy. He experienced some benefits but not much help for his knee. Finally he tried Traditional Acupuncture which was brilliant - his knee became much more mobile and pain-free and his life changed and he changed course.

Stephen Macallan Herbal

Stephen abandoned his original plans to become a Psychotherapist and in 1979 and began training in Traditional Acupuncture at The College of Traditional Acupuncture UK, which he completed in 1982 with a Licentiate of Acupuncture. Over the next 20 years Stephen completed his Bachelor of Acupuncture. Master of Acupuncture, Master Herbalist and 5 trainings in Bio-Energetic Regulatory Medicine. In his practice now, by way of Bio-Energetic Regulatory Medicine - BERM., he uses a Vega-Expert machine (excellent diagnostic and treatment aid), Kosmed Treatment machine and a Rife machine.

Stephen currently offers Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Healing, Kosmed, Vega Testing and Rife Treatment at his clinics.

Further Information

Please contact Stephen on Tel: 01270 650336; Fax: 07985 585718;

Postgraduate Programmes at Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine & Dentistry

Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine & Dentistry - PU PSMD - is committed to improving health outcomes through the development of innovative, relevant education and leadership initiatives, facilitating real change in the quality of clinical care and health for individuals and the wider community.

Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine & Dentistry
Professor Alison Carr - Director Postgraduate Education PU PSMD

The PU PSMD vision for postgraduate education is one that leads on advances in health services research, clinical sciences and technology via the high-quality education and training of doctors, dentists, researchers and other healthcare professionals. PU PSMD is committed to providing an excellent research and supervisory experience and welcome applicants from a wide range of healthcare professions and backgrounds. In postgraduate education, PU PSMD offers opportunities to study alongside other doctors, dentists and healthcare professionals across a range of themes.

PU PSMD's postgraduate Masters programmes will equip you with expertise to augment your professional careers.  The programmes have been tailor-made for busy clinicians and the assignments have been developed so that projects important to the workplace may be taken forward within the Masters programmes.  In addition, the dissertation is designed not only as a research thesis but there are alternatives such as quality improvement projects and areas of focus within the clinical environment.

PU PSMD Postgraduate Masters programmes:

  • Biomedical Science
  • Clinical Education
  • Healthcare Management, Leadership & Innovation
  • Research Masters in Medicine or Dentistry
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Remote & Global Health
  • Simulation & Patient Safety

PU PSMD values developing links internationally for course delivery; courses may be delivered in the country of request, remotely through blended learning and an excellent online e-learning programme or may be delivered flexibly in the peninsula.

In addition to accredited Taught Programmes the Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine & Dentistry offer a range of innovative CPD programmes.

As Director of Postgraduate Education for Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry (PU PSMD) Professor Alison Carr would like to invite you to look at their exciting range of postgraduate Masters degrees, short courses and continuing professional development opportunities.  PU PSMD looks forward to welcoming you onto one of our programmes in the future.

Further Information

More detailed information on all of our programmes can be found on our website:

Holistic Dentistry to Change your Life

Dentistry has the capacity to change your life, however, the change can be for the worse so the patient must think carefully before embarking on any treatment no matter how it is labelled. The term holistic applied to dentistry can be just a marketing device used to attract patients. As one patient told us, “hanging a crystal in the window is no proof that the dentist is actually holistic”.

Dentistry can harm by the choice of materials used or the actual procedures themselves from extractions to implants. Materials can poison the patient as well as having an allergic response. The actual structure of the face and jaws can be altered to create stress in the muscles and joints by orthodontic treatment and chronic infections can be created or left untreated just a few cm from the brain with root fillings and cavitation infections.

Mercury is still used in large quantities in filling teeth even though there is a world treaty in place to phase down the use of mercury in dentistry from amalgam fillings. Mercury from fillings is absorbed in all the organs of the body and can create a myriad of symptoms depending on the genetic predisposition of the patient. Removing amalgam from teeth must be done under special protocols to protect the patient, the operator and the environment. Removing the mercury from body stores is vital too and we use intravenous vitamin c and glutathione to do this as this has proven to be both very safe and extremely effective.

Root fillings are always infected, but the degree of toxicity emitted by the bacteria can now be measured using a simple test, called Komstar. Teeth roots have miles of minute canals in which the bacteria hide and these cannot be reached when root filling the teeth. These infections sometimes create a ‘blob’ between the roots; sometimes the body tries to wall off the infection by laying down a dense layer of bone. This bone is Condensing Osteitis and was believed by Dr Hans Nieper to be cancer promoting, but little work has been done connecting teeth to cancer. That said, the authors on 40+ years of practice have yet to see a cancer without a chronic infection somewhere in the mouth. Institutes in the USA go further and say the side of the infection is the side the cancer starts especially in breast cancer. This ties in with our observations too.

Thermography Shows Infection

Thermography picture shows white areas of  increased temperature associated with infection
and inflammation on the right side of the face not detected by x-rays.

Detecting infection from old extraction sites and root fillings can be done using Thermography and Ultrasound like the Cavitat device. As yet Munro-Hall are the only practice in the UK using these means to discover problems. The great advantage of these methods is that they detect problems very early on, well before an x-ray could do so. Holistic dentists must remove all metal from the teeth and body stores, get rid of chronic infections to create the right environment for the patient to heal themselves and maintain optimal health.

The authors Graeme and Lilian Munro-Hall, run a holistic dental clinic in Bedfordshire and have written a book, Toxic Dentistry Exposed.

Further Information

Please contact Munro-Hall Clinic on Tel 01234 840099;

27 Years at the Heart of Homeopathy from John Morgan MD of Helios Homeopathy

The seeds of Helios were sown in my days at the College of Homeopathy in 1983 when I met some enthusiastic fellow students who were interested in remedy making. At that time students learned about the process of remedy preparation but had never experienced the actual hands on approach.  With my experience as a pharmacist I held small workshops where five or six students would get together and make simple remedies starting with the raw material, the first remedy we made was Natrum Muriaticum which is widely used in Homeopathy.  In 1985 we launched a small range of remedies at a Society of Homeopaths conference and members were very supportive of a new source of remedies made by homeopaths, so the idea of taking remedy making further and opening a brand new homeopathic pharmacy was formed.

Helios Homeopathy

Setting up a registered pharmacy is complicated, but after several months of preparing the shop and dispensary and waiting for registration from the Pharmaceutical Society, Helios finally opened at 92 Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells in November 1986.  Subsequent growth saw the need to locate to our existing premises at 97 Camden Road in 1991, where alongside the pharmacy we have a manufacturing premises and a holistic healthcare clinic.

In the first month of opening we took between 10 and 20 orders a day of varying sizes and the first customers were college students and Society of Homeopaths members. A large number of our first customers are still ordering from us and currently we send out between 350-500 orders a day to practitioners, their patients and the public in the UK and 140 countries around the globe.

We have come a long way since first opening and now have over 60 wonderful staff and a branch in Covent Garden, London. Making remedies accurately, by hand, to traditional methods and providing expert advice and a fast responsive service is what we do and will continue to do.  Our aims and ethos have not changed since the formative years in that we continue to make our own remedies, from original sources, right up to the highest potencies with homeopaths as our main workforce. We opened with 30 remedies and now have over 3,500 and are still making new ones every week.

I don’t envisage an ending to this work and want Helios to go on beyond its current generation to the next. Homeopathy continues to grow in popularity and we share and support the ideals of the global homeopathic community so that homeopathy upholds its rightful place for the future health of humanity. Thank you to all our customers who have supported us over the years, we would not be here without you.

Further Information

Helios may be contacted on Tel: +44 (0)1892 537254 (14 lines); +44 (0)1892 536393 (24 hours); Ansaphone (practitioners) +44 (0)1892 538400 (24 hours); Fax: +44 (0)1892 546850;

Integrate Your Multiple Brains at the NLP Conference 2014 - 21-23 Nov

During a rare visit to the UK, Marvin Oka will be presenting a workshop at the NLP Conference in London in November on Multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT). Working with Grant Soosalu he has shown that that the olfactory and gustatory representational systems are more than just rep systems - they correlate directly with the heart and gut intelligences and their corresponding functions of emotions, values and relational affect (heart), and core identity, protection and mobilisation (gut). mBIT focuses on facilitating the emergence of wisdom through the alignment and integration of your multiple brains. As Wyatt Woodsmall, NLP author and Master Trainer has said, “mBraining takes up where NLP leaves off. It is based on a synthesis of the latest research in neurology and cognitive science. Marvin and Grant have done an amazing job of collecting and synthesizing the latest scientific research. None of their work is speculative. It is all based on hard scientific research. Furthermore, this is the birth of a new field. In short, if you want a model that synthesizes NLP, that expands upon it and that is based on hard science, then mBraining is for you. Learn it now and get in on the ground floor.”

NLP Conference 2014

Marvin is a highly sought after international consultant and key-note speaker, specializing in leading edge behavioural change technologies and research. His professional background is in the innovative and ground-breaking field of Behavioural Modelling. This exciting field examines various forms of human talent, ability and expertise, and then seeks to create models and methods to replicate these forms of superior performance in others.

Marvin is one of only five people in the world who have been recognized by their peers by being awarded the rare title of Certified Master Behavioural Modeller. Additionally he was one of the first five people to achieve the accredited status of Certified NLP Master Trainer and at that time was the youngest ever to have reached this level of professional competency. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii and now living in Australia, Marvin is one of the founding directors and is on the board of the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA).

Marvin will present the workshop on the 21st November at The NLP Conference, an event held in London each November. The conference brings together some of the foremost NLP trainers in the world to share recent innovations and developments in the field. It is an outstanding opportunity to meet and network with like-minded people who are using NLP to make a difference to people's lives in areas as diverse as education, health, business and coaching.

Other international NLP Trainers taking part include:

Laureli Blyth, Art Giser, Michael Hall, Sue Knight, Judith Lowe, Ian McDermott, Joseph O’Connor, Frank Pucelik, Julian Russell, Penny Tomkins and Wyatt Woodsmall.

Further Information

NLP Conference 2014 takes place 21-23 Nov 2014. Log on to for full details.

Organic Aromatherapy - Sarah Williams and Chakra Balancing Creams

Sarah Williams ITEC MGPP AC regd internationally trained holistic bodywork therapist runs Organic Aromatherapy, a small West Sussex company. Sarah has worked internationally over the past 15 years, continuing her training. As a member of the Guild for Professional Practitioners (GPP) and registered with the Aromatherapy Consortium (AC), she incorporates many bodywork and advanced massage techniques, stress relief, healing , acupressure, homeopathy, psychoneuroimmunology (pni), nutrition, reflexology, chakra energy balancing (18 chakra system), crystal healing and vibrational remedies into each treatment. She has also studied with Peruvian shaman and shares the Munay Ki Rites which are said to be 'life-changing'.

Soul Harmony - Organic Aromatherapy

In 1995, Sarah began to channel the Soul Harmony™ range of Chakra and Organ Balancing Creams, starting with the first 7 chakras, the range has now expanded to 32 creams and aromatherapy candles, all of which are made with love. These healing tools are now being used globally by individuals ,therapists , and medical practitioners as effective healing tools to support natural good health. Sarah Williams and the Chakra Balancing Creams and candles will be at the following events:

Tuesday 17th June 2014: Southampton, Hants   (Talk) "The expanded chakra system"   7pm-9pm (£5)   Richard Taunton 6th Form College,  Hill Lane  SO15 5RL

Sat/Sunday 21st /22nd June 2014; Midhurst, W.Sussex, The Grange, Midhurst Summer Solstice Holistic Fair

Sunday 13th July 2014: Gosport, Hants. Alverbank Hotel Mind, Body and Spirit, 11am - 4pm

Thursday 28th August; Midhurst, W.Sussex (Talk)  STARLIGHT "The expanded chakra system and the shift from 3-5d"

Sunday 7th September 2014: Hove, W.Sussex  Holistic & Mystic Mind, Body and Spirit

Sunday 28th September 2014: Caterham, Kent  Holistic & Mystic Mind, Body and Spirit

Thursday 2nd October 2014: Petersfield (Talk) Embracing Peace "The expanded chakra system and the shift from 3-5d". Winton House, High St. Petersfield GU32 3JL 7.30-9.30pm

Sunday 5th October 2014: Petersfield, Hants. Mind Body & Spirit Fair, Community Centre, Love Lane 10-5pm

Sunday 12th October 2014:Worthing, W.Sussex Mind, Body & Soul, Charmandean centre, Worthing BN14 9HS, 10.30am-5pm

Sunday 19th October 2014: Dorking, Surrey  Denbies, Holistic & Mystic Mind, Body & Soul Fair

Sat/Sunday 1st/2nd November 2014: Wickham, Hants  Mind, Body & Soul, Community Centre PO17 5AL  10-4pm

Sat/Sunday 22nd/23rd November 2014: Kempton, Surrey Kempton Mind, Body & Spirit Weekend

Sunday 7th December 2014: Crawley, Surrey Holistic & Mystic Mind, Body and Soul Fair

Further Information

The creams are available from Organic-Aromatherapy Ltd website, with further information about problems and conditions, and Sarah’s workshops about the 18 Chakras and how to harmonize them to promote healing and health. Please contact Organic Aromatherapy on Tel: 0844 357 9843;

Profile Active School of Complementary Therapy ASCT


ASCT has been providing Sports & Remedial Massage Courses since 2000.  In 2007 ASCT became an accredited school with the ISRM and now provides BTEC Level 5 Sports & Remedial Massage Diploma Courses.  ASCT also provide a variety of CPD Workshops/Courses for therapists of all levels and also offer Introductory Courses for those who have never massaged before, and would like to see if this is the career for them. 

Active School of Complementary Therapy ASCT

Course Information

The ASCT ISRM/BTEC Programme is both under graduate (for those who need to start from the beginning) and post graduate (for those already qualified that want to be Level 5).  The techniques to be learned are varied, and great care is taken in ensuring our students’ techniques will give them the ability to offer effective and safe treatment for the client, as well as being safe for them to apply.

ASCT are also offering two new courses in 2014, starting in October with a Diploma course in Acupuncture for Sports Injuries, and in November with a Diploma Course in Acupuncture for Cancer Pain.

About ASCT

ASCT are a family run school which offers a warm and friendly environment in which to learn. Tutors are all experienced therapists and aim to give the best possible tuition, making your learning experience a happy one.  Courses are small (12 max) to ensure that you get as near to one to one training as possible. ASCT is located in the East Midlands offering courses in Leicestershire, and have just added a new venue for courses. 

Starting in October 2014 ASCT will be offering courses in Lincolnshire.

Further Information

For further information about courses please contact ASCT on Tel: 01509 551513;  



Noma - Wegamed Diagnostic and Therapy Equipment and Training

Formed in 1984, Noma is fronted by Sylvia Austen who offers a professional service to the world of complementary medicine. With a small team of employees operating out of a business centre in the heart of Southampton, Noma represents quality.

Wegamed Diagnostic and Therapy Equipment

Wegamed Diagnostic and Therapy Equipment

Supplying only qualified practitioners, Noma acts as sole agent for PASCOE products and WEGAMED (formerly known as VEGA) testing equipment (medical devices for diagnosis and therapy) and provides professional WEGAMED training.

The Wegamed company (GmbH) with headquarters in Essen can build on over 25 years of experience in the development of diagnostic and therapeutic devices for daily practice. Under the management of Peter Mölleney, himself a doctor in the 5th generation with his own practice for complementary and alternative medicine, the Wegamed company continues in the tradition of Vega Grieshaber KG. Through further research and development, in cooperation with engineers and research institutes, a totally new type of medical device has been created for effective diagnosis and successful therapy without any side-effects.

The Wegamed concept obtains a five element therapy which is based on a construction kit method. Each device can be used separately and being combined at any time. The diagnostic is based on a full body check with the bio-impedance method “Check Medical Sport" (formerly knows as VEGACheck) and the, originated on electro acupuncture according to Voll, "Test Expert Plus" (formerly known as VEGATest). With these two devices, you get a full reproducible diagnosis for an individual therapy.

The following therapy can be based on regeneration and detoxification with the Med Matrix or by activating self-healing on bio resonance basis with the Med Select. In addition to the physiologic therapy, the psychological support can be affected by the new Med Audiocolor as a real time neurofeedback system. This system trains you to relax, concentrate, imagine or mediate. For sure, the fantastic functions of the previous Audiocolor are integrated and could be used as colour-tone-therapy with optimised visual effects. To support the daily performance, the SOEair (Singulett-Oxygen-Energy) ideally suited to the activation of air in the bedroom (during the natural recuperation phase for our bodies while asleep), while at work in the office, while reading or watching television, or even while driving, to assist our body's ability to compensate for the stresses and strains imposed by our civilization.

Further Information

For more details and information, please get in contact with Noma on Tel: 023 8077 0513;  

PulseOn – The Wearable Heart Rate Monitor that Goes Beyond Tracking

PulseOn offers a combination of comfort and style that has never been seen before, to make heart rate monitoring easier than ever. The small and stylish wrist device measures heart rate accurately and reliably from the wrist, without the need for a chest belt, allowing you to get the most out of your training. Combined with meaningful insights during and after training, it truly is the world’s most sophisticated and simple-to-use heart rate monitoring device, allowing you to optimize your training.

PulseOn – The Wearable Heart Rate Monitor that Goes Beyond Tracking

Key features

  • Accurate and reliable continuous heart rate monitoring without a chest strap
  • Small and stylish design for superior usability
  • Heart rate data transformed into meaningful insights during and after training
  • Syncs wireless with apps for iOS and Android
  • Personalized feedback that is simple and understandable

PulseOn is the new wearable heart rate monitoring device that tracks a user’s heart rate continuously without the need for a chest belt. PulseOn, a start-up spun out from Nokia in 2012, has developed a small and stylish wrist device, allowing users to monitor their heart rate accurately and reliably during training events and beyond. With wireless connectivity to iOS and Android mobile applications, the heart rate data is transformed into meaningful feedback on training that is personalized for each individual. PulseOn goes beyond continuously tracking a user’s heart rate - it provides highly meaningful insights into training sessions including the effect of training and coaching, ensuring the optimal balance between training and recovery. In addition to the accurate heart rate measurements from the smallest wrist based heart rate monitoring device available, it is also incredibly simple and intuitive to use.

The key features of PulseOn include:

  • Strapless – PulseOn tracks the heart rate continuously without the need for a chest strap
  • Accurate – PulseOn provides accurate and reliable heart rate measurements during and after training
  • Small and stylish – PulseOn’s wrist device is the smallest and most comfortable heart rate monitoring device available
  • Meaningful insights – heart rate data is transformed into actionable feedback that can be easily understood by users, providing guidance on how to optimise activity effectively
  • Personalized – feedback is based on each individual, not just people in general
  • Wireless – PulseOn syncs data automatically with smartphones, allowing for easily accessible and portable feedback

From today, people can pre-order a PulseOn heart rate monitoring device from Indiegogo. The exclusive pre-order packages starting at $169 (RRP $199) will be delivered in September 2014. To support PulseOn, go to Indiegogo:

Further Information

For more information on PulseOn, please visit . You can also follow PulseOn on social channels Facebook: /PulseOnHR Twitter: @PulseOnHR Instagram: #PulseOnHR

The Inner Camino: A Path of Awakening

by Sara Hollwey & Jill Brierley

Published by Findhorn Press. May 2014. Softback. £11.99 978-1-84409-465-3. 

“A stunning spiritual guide directing readers on how to walk into their soul
Caroline Myss, author of Sacred Contracts

A journey beyond the mundane to the numinous esoteric wisdom in a practical handbook

The Inner Camino

Are you looking to make real and lasting change in your life? The Inner Camino offers the reader a reliable method to support such change effortlessly, even in situations that appear intransigent or hopeless.

The Inner Camino contains within it easy to follow maps and a compass to re-orientate the reader on a journey within. It travels through both the inner psychological and mystical worlds, bridging eastern and western spiritual practice and psychological theory. The Inner Camino is written in the form of a pilgrimage and is about this transformational process. It follows way-marks through our most creative source of wisdom, our Intuitive Consciousness.

 “The gift of this book is that it brings us into communication with our own inner Guide who communes with us from a formless realm where words alone are meaningless.” - John Brierley, author of the Camino Guides.

Along the path the reader learns to dream into hitherto undreamt visions for the world and themselves. This guidebook is practical, unsentimental and packed with immediately applicable insights towards clearly identified and easily accessible goals.

 “The Inner Camino is a unique and remarkable book. It is an invitation to embark on a pilgrimage of self-discovery. This journey involves bridging the chasm that separates intuitive from rational thinking, the inner from the outer world, and spiritual from the secular experience.” - Alan Carr Ph.D. Professor of Clinical Psychology, University College, Dublin

About the Authors

Sara Hollwey Reg Psychol PSI IAHIP IACP is currently working as a clinical psychologist in the School of Psychology at University College Dublin. She also has a private psychotherapy and supervision practice working with individuals, couples, families and groups, using Process Work and Integrative Psychotherapy.

Jill Brierley Reg UKCP is currently working as a psychotherapist and supervisor. She has a private practice where she works with individuals, couples and groups using Process Work, Integrative Arts Psychotherapy and EMDR.

Further Information

Available from Findhorn Press and Amazon


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    Book Publishing Co features four legacy authors. Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices by Dr Norman Walker, explains how lack of minerals and vitamins from our customary diet is the primary cause of most sickness and disease. By consuming fresh vegetable and fruit juices, we obtain the nutrients required for optimal health. Become Younger also by Dr Norman Walker, outlines how to slow down ageing with optimal foods and better lifestyles. Iridology Simplified by Bernard Jensen is an introduction to Iridology and its relation to nutrition. Mucusless Diet Healing by Professor Arnold Ehret presents a complete, workable program for cleansing, repairing, rebuilding and maintaining a healthy body. Food Combining Made Easy by Herbert Shelton, first published in 1940, is the leading primer for guidance about which foods should and should not be eaten at the same meal.


    Further information Tel: 888-260-8458, 931-964-3571 ext 414,


    Water... The Elixir of Life

    Water...The Elixir of Life by Lesley Pierce was launched in May. Lesley is passionate about teaching Nutritional Healing and Naturopathy and still gets excited about what she has learned over the years. Proceeds from 500 books is going to The Sanctuary of Healing and 10p from each book is going to a charity which works towards cleaning water in parts of the world where people are not as fortunate as we all are.


    Further information:


    First Brighton Yoga Festival

    The first Brighton Yoga Festival takes place this summer. A free one-day Yoga festival, takes place on 26 July in the heart of Kemptown; Caroline Lucas MP will open the festival. The Brighton Yoga Festival will run from 9am-5.30pm. Local organic cotton yogawear company Gossypium is the lead sponsor. Other sponsors include: Africanyoga, Anahata Clinic, Brighton Buddhist Centre, Brighton Natural Health Centre, Free Spirit Yoga, Freestyle Yoga Project, Inspiration Yoga, Marina Studios, My Escape Travel Company, Neal’s Yard Remedies, Revitalise, Seven Dials Yoga, Studio io, Tree of Life, Yoga Matters and Unity Studios.


    Further information:   or on Twitter @NTNYYogaFest.


    Natural Ways to Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels

    60% of people in the UK are thought to have raised or abnormal levels of blood cholesterol, known as the silent killer. National Cholesterol Month in October raises awareness of the silent killer. Advice is to avoid saturated fats found in red meat and dairy and opt for soya, nuts, seeds, beans, pulses, oats and healthy oils. If overweight, try to lose weight; losing only 5% of your body weight can reduce cholesterol levels. Alcohol in moderation and try to increase your exercise. Try to supplement your diet with Red Yeast Rice Extra from Health Plus, high in fibre and plant steroids or Whole Grape Complex, full of antioxidants to help protect the good cholesterol with the added bonus of maintaining healthy skin.


    Further information: Available at  and all good independent health shops. Simon Bandy of Health Plus is available for further comments on


    Complete Family Nutrition

    Complete Family Nutrition by Jane Clarke is a must-have guide to healthy eating for all the family, from babyhood all the way through to old age. With Jane Clarke, a most trusted Nutritionist and influential health writer, you will find all the basic principles of good nutrition, clearly laid out with plenty of tips on how to tailor the food and drink you prepare for key stages of life, including infancy, puberty, pregnancy, menopause and old age, where our food choices need a bit of adjustment to provide added vitamins and minerals.


    Further information:,,9781409337416,00.html?/Complete_Family_Nutrition_Jane_Clarke


    Fat Holiday Photos Revealed as Top Motivation Behind Weight Loss

    Research by an online pharmacy has revealed that more than half of dieting Britons were motivated to embark on a weight loss mission after witnessing less than flattering holiday snaps. The study, conducted by , which specializes in weight loss treatments, asked participants what first inspired them to lose weight and how much, if any, they lost. The motivations were: 1. Unflattering holiday photos - 51%, 2. Comments from partner - 46%, 3. Unflattering photos from nights out - 43%, 4. Being unable to fit into clothes - 41%, 5. A relationship break up - 38%, 6. Comments from the general public - 32%, 7. Comments from friends and family - 29%, 8. Worried about embarrassing children/family - 24%, 9. Recommendations by doctor - 17% and 10. Realizing you are unable to see certain body parts when naked - 17%.


    Further information:


    Spotlight on Skin

    Skin conditions are one of the most common problems with one in ten people affected by conditions such as mild acne and mild eczema in the UK. Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy discovered that lifestyle changes play a part in skin conditions. Some of the most common homeopathic remedies for mild acne are: Sulphur, Hepar Sulph and Silicea. Common homeopathic remedies for mild eczema are: Sulphur, Graphites, Arsenicum Album and Rhus tox. Nelsons Pharmacy offer consultations over Skype or via email.


    Further information Skype: 020-7629 3118;


    Avoid Migraines the Natural Way

    Migraine Awareness Week, which aims to raise awareness of the condition takes place from 7-13 September. Simon Bandy from natural supplements company Veganicity has created some easy-to-follow tips which may help to relieve migraine pain and stop them occurring. Top up magnesium levels, use peppermint scents and cold compresses on your forehead and back of the neck to ease the pain, keep a food diary, drink a caffeinated drink, take Co Q10 and turn out the lights.


    Further information: Co Q10 is available from


    Unbeelievable Propolis

    Propolis, produced by bees, coats the walls of the hive and has strong antiseptic properties which protect the hive from bacteria. It reduces vibration and sound within the hive and seals the hive from the elements, pollution, bugs and parasites, prevents bacterial growth and reinforces the hive. Propolis benefits us with its antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic and antibiotic natural medicine; it also has a high vitamin content. Bee Prepared Immune support by unbelievable Health, is a supplement containing a unique blend of ingredients from hive, field and forest which are unique in that they are not often found in a regular diet or multivitamin. Taking propolis during the high risk cold and flu season reduces colds, coughing and inflammation of mouth, tonsils and throat.


    Further information Tel: 020-7993 2471;


    Pineapple Pain Relief

    New research published recently, has found that a natural substance found in pineapples, normally associated with weight loss, may act as a powerful, natural pain killer. Bromelain, a natural chemical found in pineapples and associated with weight loss, has been looked at in a recent study from a different angle. They looked at the effect in 45 people taking the common drug anti-inflammatory Diclofenac, a placebo or bromelain extract had on pain, inflammation and quality of life after dental surgery. They found that whilst bromelain extract did not exert as strong an anti-inflammatory effect as Diclofenac, it did significantly reduce pain. Fito’s Organic Pineapple Capsules are 100% natural, organic and suitable for vegetarians.


    Further information Tel: 020-8978 3740;


    Udo’s Choice beyond Greens

    According to the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, consumption of 7 or more servings of fruit and vegetables per day can lead to a 42% reduced risk of death in the general English population. Udo’s Choice beyond Greens offers a complete nutrition in one product. A mixture of the finest green foods, essential fatty acids, fibre, whole food concentrates, phytonutrients and digestive enzymes in one unique formula. Each tablespoon provides more than 1000mg of high quality flax, sunflower and sesame seed oil. The powder blends quickly and easily into food and drink, making it great for people n the run who need an instant, nutritious boost or pick-me-up snack. Beyond Greens is sugar free.


    Further information Tel: 08450 606 070;


    Himalayan Salt and Seaweed

    Himalayan Crystal Salt has lower Sodium Chloride levels than standard table salt; when mixed with 20% Seagreens Seaweed, it lowers them even further. It has a high natural mineral content from both the Himalayan Salt and the Seagreens Seaweed. Seaweeds generally contain ten to twenty times the minerals of land plants and many other vitamins needed for metabolic processes. Seaweeds contain algal carotenoids and polyphenols which have been proven to be powerful antioxidant properties and iodine prevalent in seaweed, is essential for the thyroid gland to regulate the body’s metabolism. Bestcare’s Himalayan Salt and Seaweed is available from Bestcare.


    Further information Tel: 01342 410 303;


    OptiBac Probiotics for TD

    Travellers’ diarrhoea (TD) is a common problem when travelling to exotic places.  OptiBac Probiotics who have expertise in live cultures, have made it easy for us by producing 10 different products, each containing different probiotic strains for different health concerns. A family-run company based in Hampshire, OptiBac Probiotics have partnered with some of the world’s leading probiotic institutes; their strains have been tested in more than 265 clinical trials. OptiBac Probiotics use only the highest quality, robust strains which do not even require refrigeration and all products are free from artificial sweeteners and additives.


    Further information:


    Clinical Aromatherapy for Women

    An 18 CNE evidence-based 2 part Aromatherapy course for experienced women’s Health Nurses, Maternity Nurses, Nurse Midwives and Nurse Practitioners currently practising women’s health takes place on 27 August and 29 October at the Community Hospital North 7150 Clearvista Drive, Indianapolis Indianna USA. The aim of the course is to provide evidence-based education in clinical Aromatherapy which will provide Nurses and Nurse Midwives with holistic options for their patients to ease suffering, enhance nursing care, quality of life and transition to motherhood. Physical and emotional Aromatherapy support throughout a woman’s lifecycle will be explored.


    Further information:   


    Quest - Revitalize Family Adventure Festival

    The Quest Festival takes place on 24-27 July at Newton Abbot Racecourse, Devon. The Quest this year offers more fun and nourishing entertainment for families than ever before, with the launch of the Kids Quest playground and the new Spirit of Sunrise Camping Village. The Kids Quest programme will be packed full of family adventure, complete an enchanting festival café and a free-range play area with climbing frames, vintage fairground rides and a soft play zone for toddlers. A choice of 96 children’s activities and over 30 free workshops including drumming, hula hooping, circus skills, theatre, musical improvisation, painting, face painting, spoon carving and wand making, crystals and fairies, spontaneous clowning, giant bubbles and an epic treasure hunt.


    Further information Tel: 07795 204 833;


    The Spirit in Aromatherapy

    The Spirit in Aromatherapy by Gill Farrer-Halls bridges the gap between intuitive inner wisdom and Aromatherapy. Published by Singing Dragon, the book advocates following your instinct when blending oils and cultivating mindful awareness to becoming a better Practitioner and encourages Aromatherapists to build a deeper connection with both their work and their patients.


    Further information Tel: 020-7833 2307;



    YogaBellies therapies are Yoga-based therapies created especially for women, mothers and babies. All YogaBellies sessions incorporate a range of authentic yogic and holistic techniques, blending together traditional Yoga asanas (postures), self-hypnosis and deep relaxation. 86% of YogaBellies’ attendees have never set foot in a Yoga Class before, ensuring that the classes are open to all levels. As well as classes for pregnant women, YogaBellies holds a number of classes for new mums who can bring their babies, toddlers and children along.


    Further information:


    Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

    Fibromyalgia Awareness Day intends to shine a light on a chronic condition which causes sufferers to feel intense pain all over their body. Due to the multi-faceted nature of fibromyalgia, one single treatment rarely works - instead it is a combined approach that proves most helpful. For many sufferers, this includes complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). A recent poll on Therapy Directory has revealed the top three most popular complementary therapies used for pain relief. Massage Therapy is the most popular form of therapy to help with pain, Acupuncture, recommended by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) for back pain, is another popular therapy for pain management and Reiki, where the Practitioner’s hands are place on or over the recipient’s body with the aim of channelling universal life energy. Professional Therapists in your area can be found on the Therapy Directory.


    Further information Tel: 0844 8030 245;


    AICR Annual Research Conference

    American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) annual research conference on food, nutrition, physical activity and cancer takes place at the Capital Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC on 29-31 October. Join fellow scientists, researchers, health professionals and registered Dieticians to hear about the latest research in Micronutrients in Cancer Prevention, Is Goldilocks Correct After All? Physical Activity and Cancer Survivorship, Obesity and Breast Cancer in Minority Populations, Childhood Cancer and Survivorship, Surrogate Markers for Cancer Intervention Trials and Dietary Patterns and Cancer: new Directions.


    Further information Tel: 01334 477910;


    Chill Out with Curcumin

    Many of us will associate turmeric with curries and other Asian dishes, but alongside its culinary use, the aromatic spice has also been found to have numerous health benefits. Fito’s organic turmeric capsules (one of the few organic brands available), are suitable for vegetarians and contain 10,000mg of the spice extract per capsule. From the lowlands of Vietnam, the turmeric in the capsules has been grown without pesticides and contain no additives, flavourings or preservatives.


    Further information Tel: 020-8978 3740;


    Olive Leaf - Nature’s Antibiotic

    Studies have shown that Olive Leaf kills most bacteria within 3 hours. BEE Prepared Daily Support contains bee propolis, black elderberry, olive leaf, beta glucans, astazanthin and reishi. Great for colds, flu and hay fever, before and during travel, sports, training and fitness, exams, when feeling run down and daily maintenance of immune system.


    Further information Tel: 020-7993 2471;


    200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Chicago with Caroline Klebl

    July 6th to August 1st 2014. Immerse deeply in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice in this Source of Yoga Teacher Training. This certification course is registered with the Yoga Alliance and surpasses their 200 and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training standards. Source of Yoga offers a comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training program to yoga teachers, aspiring teachers and all levels of yoga practitioners. This teacher training combines the high standards of practice of the Ashtanga Vinyasa System with the development of teaching skills necessary to introduce students to Yoga practice safely and effectively. By learning the Ashtanga Yoga method, it is possible to teach Vinyasa, Power and Ashtanga Yoga classes.

    Further Information and to register


    The FLEXXICORE exercise revolution: transform your fitness regime with 2 exhilarating exercisers

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