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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 189

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 189 - December 2011

Alternative Holistic Holidays on Mt Pelion Above the Sea: Kalikalos: Something Deeper Than a Suntan!

Kalikalos Banner

Holistic Greek seaside holidays in the beautiful unspoilt foothills of verdant Mt Pelion with delicious vegetarian food.

Living in Community

  • Yoga retreats in Greece, with that something extra - the spirit of a community dedicated to peace, partnership and sustainability!
  • Workshop holidays and retreat holidays, for self development, consciousness-raising, fun and fulfilment;
  • Living-in-community guest weeks. Experience authentic community living with new friends who share your holistic values;
  • Affordable Workcamps   Working, playing and sharing together we build buildings and build authentic community;
  • August Family holiday weeks for single parents, coupled parents and kids.

Selection of Programme of Workshops and Retreats

  • 15-22 Jun: Beyond Bowen - Dynamic Body Realignment;
  • 22-29 Jun: Zen Coaching & Yoga;
  • 29 June-6 July: Vegetarian cookery;
  • 6-20 Jul: Vipassana Lite Meditation Retreat;
  • 17-24 Aug: Living Your Truth;
  • 24-31 Aug;  The Power of the Heart,
  • 17-24 Aug and/or 24 Aug -31 Aug:  Raw Food Detox

See Full 2012 Programme of Workshops and Retreats at 

Living in Community Weeks Throughout the Summer

Just want a sociable seaside alternative holiday and don't wish to attend a workshop?

Like to stay extra week(s) before or after your workshop?

Then book our affordable living-in-community program;

Only €250/week includes daily beach run, vegetarian meals and shared accommodation.

Further Information

Please get in touch at Tel: 0208 816 8533;



Helios Homoeopathy 25th Anniversary

Helios Banner

When homoeopathic users and practitioners think of homoeopathic remedy manufacturers, Helios Homoeopathy will be one of the first which comes to their mind. Established in 1986, Helios has just celebrated its 25th anniversary and the company has grown to become an internationally respected manufacturer of quality homoeopathic remedies.

The founding aims of Helios are still the guiding principles for the company, that is ‘to create a new source of potent, accurate and effective remedies to bring profound healing and relief of suffering”.

25 years on, Helios still makes its own remedies from original materials for as many of its remedies as possible, and supports the homoeopathic community by sourcing many new remedies developed by homoeopaths and student groups each year.

As well as its remedies and efficient mail order service, Helios employs many practising homoeopaths who back up their remedy service with experience and expert advice. To be effective in homoeopathic prescribing, a little time and skill is needed to choose a remedy specific to the customers needs. Telephone and face-to-face consultations are confined to self limiting acute conditions in a pharmacy, but many common conditions can be helped by the vast range of homoeopathic remedies available for over 200 years.

To support the local community, Helios also has a multi-disciplinary clinic with four homoeopaths and representatives of other complementary medicines such as herbalism, acupuncture, nutrition, hypnotherapy and counselling. With this facility, Helios is a centre which can address the needs of most common conditions.

In 2001 Helios opened a branch in Covent Garden, London. They offer the same quality remedies, and expert advice and are a conveniently located venue for visitors from overseas to pick up remedies ordered in advance.

The Helios web site is a large resource, not only for remedies and information but also for many other healthcare products such as vitamins, herbal products, natural cosmetics, books, flower essences and much more. Helios looks forward to being of service to you.

Further Information.

Contact Helios Pharmacy (Tunbridge Wells) on Tel: 01892 537254 (Covent Garden); Tel: 0207 379 7434; 



Blue Heron Health News –  Reliable Natural Health Information…

Blue Heron Logo

Pretty much all modern diseases can be ameliorated using nothing but natural resources. Most likely you should never have to suffer serous side effects or undergo serious procedures. Even f you use traditional medical procedures, you can multiply their effectiveness and minimize their side-effects using small lifestyle changes.

Our mission at Blue Heron Health News is to educate you on all possibilities to tackle whatever health problem may be bothering you. Without you having to suffer the side effects of medication. Be it…

  • high blood pressure
  • type 2 diabetes
  • arthritis
  • high cholesterol
  • erectile dysfunction
  • menopause

… can all be drastically improved, perhaps cured using nothing but natural approaches.

Scroll through thousands of highly educational articles on natural health on our site. Written by some of the leading experts of alternative medicines.

… or better yet …

… sign up for your exclusive inner circle natural newsletter for free. And receive:

  • Free, daily natural health tips
  • Exclusive natural health offers
  • Direct contact with our natural health experts

… and more and more!

Further Information

To learn more, visit Blue Heron Natural Health News… at



The British College of Integrative Medicine is looking for answers: Healthy-e-learning survey

Having successfully established the UK’s first degree courses in Integrative Medicine and Health Coaching, the British College of Integrative Medicine is now looking to create an e-Learning platform to create a lively community of learners in all aspects of sustainable health and self-development


BCIM Students

BCIM aims to educate the masses rather than the lucky few, like this group of Diploma students

The UK’s Chief Medical Officer and Dr Margaret Chan, Director of the World Health Organization, have stated that neither developed nor developing countries can cope with the spiralling healthcare costs of lifestyle (non-communicable) illness now, let alone as rates of preventable illnesses like diabetes, obesity, depression, cancer and heart disease rise inexorably.

BCIM believes that the key to enhancing health and wellbeing and preventing disease is education in integrative healthcare, which combines orthodox medicine with complementary, psychological and self-help approaches. Director Dr Rosy Daniel says: “In order to be able to educate the masses, to accelerate this knowledge far and fast, BCIM needs to create a platform  that will meet the wide community’s learning needs, from members of the public right through to medical professionals seeking a more holistic approach to their practice.”

Can you spare five minutes to answer an online survey and help us shape our Healthy-e-Learning platform? We’ll enter all names into a prize draw in January to win a Kindle; please click here [   ] to take part. 

BCIM is run by a charity called the Integrative Health Trust that is working hard to improve people’s health, wellbeing and personal potential through sustainable and supportive healthcare. By educating those who care for us about integrative healthcare (see BCIM course listing  - ) and teaching the public how to take better care of themselves, IHT hopes to facilitate a major change in the healthcare of Britain for the benefit of people and the economy.

Further Information

Please take five minutes to answer an online survey and help us shape our Healthy-e-Learning platform? We’ll enter all names into a prize draw in January to win a Kindle:



Flower Essences of Australia – Newest Range from Flowersense Online

Flower Essence full range of products

Flower Essences of Australia is the newest range from FlowerSense Online which stocks a wide International range of Flower Essences including:

  • Flower Essences of Australia
  • Spirit of Beauty
  • Flowers of the Orient
  • Australian Bush Flower Essences
  • Master's Flower Essences
  • Flower Essence Society
  • Petite Fleur
  • AUM Himalayan Floral Relief

An Ancient Natural System of Medicine

The wilderness of the Australian outback is host to some of the oldest and most spectacular wildflowers that bloom prolifically throughout the year. It was the Aboriginal peoples of Australia who drew upon the vitality, strength and healing powers of the flowers around them and they were one of the first to lay claim to this unique system of medicine.

They discovered the therapeutic value of flower essences as effective emotional healers and are considered the grandfathers of the art, just as Dr Edward Bach who is responsible for their rediscovery and wide use today is considered the father. Both recognised and understood that the root of many health imbalances lay in emotional and physical build up of shock & stress and that once in balance the body was able to heal itself. Organically and conscientiously sourced from the pristine and remote wilderness of the Australian bush, the essences are imported in bulk and bottled in the UK to help to reduce our carbon footprint.

Clare Harvey is an internationally recognized authority on Flower Essences, and was originally trained by her grandmother, being taught herself by Dr Edward Bach and Nora Weeks. Clare started the first International Flower Essence School for Practitioners, The International Federation for Vibrational Medicine in 1988 which runs Introductory and Professional Training courses. In 1995 Clare wrote an Encyclopaedia of Flowers Remedies drawing together and incorporating the healing qualities of over two thousand Flower Remedies from around the world. She has then gone on to write the Principles of Vibrational Healing and The Healing Spirit of Plants .

Further Information

For the complete repertoire of ranges of flower essences, please contact Clare Harvey of FlowerSense Online on Tel: 01963 250750;



Chronic Pain & Debilitating Conditions Resolution

by Olivia Roberts

Published by Findhorn Press. 2012. Paperback + CD. £10.39. ISBN: 9781844095704.

Chronic Pain Resolution - Book Cover

Olivia Roberts has developed a unique technique called Resolution Magic, based on her training in NLP and her Neurological Wave Syndrome theory that gradually reduces symptoms until they disappear! Roberts has used this method successfully to help hundreds of people identify the root causes of their symptoms, live free of pain and transform their lives.

Chronic Pain and Debilitating Conditions Resolution is Olivia’s story of how she suffered from migraine, ME and IBS until she discovered an unusual combination of exercises that freed her from her debilitating symptoms and allowed her to lead a full and active life. The book contains over 50 fascinating case histories allowing the reader to effortlessly acquire a great deal of knowledge on how to use the Resolution Magic system. With the step-by-step `essential guides' for each exercise, the reader can quickly begin to make dramatic changes to the rest of their lives.

Neurological Wave Syndrome is Olivia Robert’s theory that symptoms are caused by electrical waves, created by our own neurological system.

About the Author

Olivia Roberts is a Master NLP Practitioner, an Alternative Pain Specialist and psychotherapist. Now in her late 50s, Olivia works with people who have many different conditions in her practice as a full-time Resolution Magic therapist.

Further Information

Chronic Pain and Debilitating Conditions Resolution book  and CD is published by Findhorn Press, March 2012 (978-1-84409-570-4) £12.99 distributed by Deep Books.

London Evening Standard



CAMEXPO Reports Successful 2011 Show!

 camexpo Outstanding Achievement Award winners

Left to Right: Mary Atkinson presenting CAM Outstanding Achievement Award to 
Meghan Mari and Rachel Fairweather (Jing Institute)

The ninth edition of the UK’s dedicated professional CAM show – CAMEXPO -  was a huge success, with both exhibitors and visitors reporting a very productive and vibrant event.  Organised by Diversified Business Communications UK, CAMEXPO attracted a total of 5333 attendees over 22-23 October at Earls Court, London, and was praised yet again for the quality of its visitors, its Keynote speakers, and the wide choice of CAM products and services on offer.

Despite severe disruptions on the tube lines serving Earls Court over the weekend, thousands of dedicated practitioners, therapists, CAM students and health store buyers flocked to the show.    

Show highlights included the announcement of the winners of camexpo’s three prestigious annual awards, including the Best New CAM Product Award 2011, voted for by visitors to the show’s New Products Showcase on Saturday 22 October.  The winner, by some margin, was Sappho Organic Cosmetics by Xynergy Health Products (distributed by The Nutri Centre).

Another CAMEXPO winner was Clare Brown, who together with her husband Richard owns Revitalise in Hove, East Sussex, which won the CAM Clinic of the Year Award 2011.  The Award, sponsored by Viridian Nutrition, in association with The Nutri Centre, included £500 prize money, and was presented by Jayney Goddard, president of The Complementary Medical Association (CMA).

The recipients of CAMEXPO’s third annual, industry-voted CAM Outstanding Achievement Award were also a popular choice.  The winners Meghan Mari and Rachel Fairweather, Directors and Co-Founders of the Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training, enjoyed a standing ovation as they accepted the honour from last year’s winner, complementary therapist, tutor and author, Mary Atkinson.

Further Information

CAMEXPO will return to Earls Court, London, on 20-21 October 2012.  For further information, please visit , or stay up-to-date with all the latest news and 2012 exhibitor information via the show’s facebook page  and twitter account (@camexpo



Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs

by Alison Trewhela and Anna Semlyen

Published by Lotus Publishing. 2011. Softback  £14.44. $17.11.  ISBN-10: 1905367279.


Cover Yoga for Healthy Lower Back


Ground-breaking new evidence – based book Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs is set for release at the end of Nov 2011. The book was used in a cutting-edge trial evaluating the effectiveness of yoga for low back pain conducted by the York Trials Unit, Department of Health Sciences at The University of York, one of the largest yoga studies ever.

Chronic low back pain sufferers offered specialist yoga had a 30 per cent improvement in back function compared to patients offered normal GP care alone.  Not only does the book document the important scientifically published study results, it also covers topics such as how to find a yoga teacher, committing to yoga, what to do if you get a sign of a painful back episode and anatomy of the back. Clear, concise colour photographs show specific yoga poses and exercises proven to help back pain sufferers to cope with doing more everyday activities.

Written by Alison Trewhela (Iyengar Yoga Association) and Anna Semlyen (British Wheel of Yoga), two key figures within the yoga world, the book offers both pain relief poses, as well as a core and progressive programme of yoga poses to aid rehabilitation and prevent future episodes.  Practice sequences are accompanied by both standard and official yoga pose names, a description of how to perform the pose, observations to look out for, benefits and the advised order and number of repetitions of each pose.  All accompanied by colour photographs. As well as being the only yoga book based on published scientific evidence, these photos help make Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs one of clearest, most concise, easy to reference and accessible practical yoga books on the market.

Further Information

Available from Amazon:


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  • Therapy Rooms Rental Opportunity
    Freedom Back Clinics, back care specialists, have recently opened clinics in Leeds, Manchester, Canary Wharf and City of London. The clinics are state-of-the-art; all treatment rooms are fully kitted with medical couches and hand washing facilities. Treatment rooms are available to rent, particularly for complementary therapies. Many people are already coming through their doors and there are lots of opportunity to cross promote.

    If you are interested, please do not hesitate to call Jay Greenslade on 07713 113476;


    AsthmaCare Ireland

    Patrick McKeown is running an AsthmaCare refresher course for people who have attended a Patrick McKeown AsthmaCare course over the last ten years. Courses will take place in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway. He is also running Buteyko courses in LA, California from 5-12 December inclusive.


    To register Tel: 00353 91 756229;


    Ginger Helps Reduce Colon Cancer

    Research published recently has shown that the popular spice ginger, may help to combat against colon cancer. This disease is one of the most common in the UK, killing on average 50 people each day. The study used the popular spice ginger, which is the root of the plant Zingibar officinale which has been used for many years, not only as a food flavouring, but also for its numerous medical purposes.  Lifespan Ginger Extract 50mg is equivalent to 1000mg of fresh herb powder and is standardised to provide 2.5mg gingerols, the active constituent of this spice. This product is registered with the Vegan Society.


    Further information:


    Shining A Light Against Mouth Cancer

    Light Against Cancer is to work closely with the Mouth Cancer Foundation, the UK’s leading head and neck cancer charity, for the benefit of head and neck cancer patients. Both agree that patients need the information and access to the fact that the fight against cancer cells can be increasingly done photodynamically: Light-sensitive agents combined with laser light, lead to considerable healing successes, particularly in the head and neck area. Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) constitutes a good supplement as well as a promising alternative to established cancer treatments. Jointly, the two partners want to increase their efforts in favour of use of PDT.


    Further information Tel: 0049 (0)69 / 95 90 83-16


    Major Improvements in Cancer Survival, but not for Pancreatic Cancer

    A new study by Macmillan shows a major improvement in cancer survival for most cancers over the past forty year, however, there has been no improvement at all for pancreatic cancer, which remains the worst performing cancer with a median survival rate well under one year. Taking the data published by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, an analysis of 20 cancers in the UK, including pancreatic cancer, was carried out to determine median survival rates from the early 1970s to 2007.


    Further information Tel: 01428 658733;  Mob: 07841 396020


    Like a Flower

    Like a Flower: My Years of Yoga with Vanda Scaravelli by Sandra Sabatini is a beautiful and moving book from the Author of Yoga classic Breath. Sandra says “My years of Yoga with Vanda are wrapped in a gleam of light, like childhood memories and other special events, so that the memories remain untouched by the passing of time… I hope to enter that world of memories with great respect and love for those special years of studying with Vanda and at the end, seal it up again so it can go on glowing with that special luminosity for many years to come.” The book includes photographs by Dr David Darom.


    Further information: Published by Pinter & Martin. ISBN: 978-1-905177-29-5; Tel: 020-7737 6868;


    Advertising Standards Authority Advice

    On 1 March 2011, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) extended its voluntary remit to advertisers’ own marketing communications on their own websites and in other non-paid-for space online under their control. The ASA and the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) are self-regulatory bodies. Adherence to their recommendations is not mandated under law. ASA and CAP are funded by voluntary levy and their operation is based on an agreement between advertisers, agencies and the media owners. The General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies (GRCCT) look forward to working with CAP on a revised code more appropriate to public protection in relation to providers of Complementary Therapy.


    Further information Tel: 0870 3144031;


    Vitamin D Fortified Yoghurt Improves Health for Diabetics

    People with diabetes are known to have an increased risk of heart disease. New research published in BioMed Central’s open access journal BMC Medicine shows that regular consumption of a vitamin D-fortified yoghurt drink improves cholesterol levels and biomarkers of endothelial dysfunction, a precursor of heart disease in diabetes. Vitamin D-fortified yoghurt or Doogh was taken by patients twice a day for 12 weeks. The patients who had take the vitamin D yoghurt also had improved cholesterol levels with lower  total cholesterol and LDL levels and an increase in HDL.


    Further information Tel: 020-3192 2370;


    A Healthy Diet for People Living with HIV4

    The British Dietetic Association (BDA) is fully supporting World AIDS Day (1 December 2011), by highlighting the vital importance of good nutrition for those living with HIV and AIDS. The BDA also has a specialist group working in this field called Dietitians in HIV and AIDS (DHIVA). People living with HIV are living longer and healthier lives thanks to antiretroviral therapy which suppresses the virus. A balanced diet is important to maintain all aspects of good health, including a strong immune system. People living with HIV are more likely to develop high cholesterol, diabetes and osteoporosis, partly as a side-effect of some of the anti-retroviral medicines.


    Further information:


    Help for Depression provides a very comprehensive explanation of the various approaches and treatments for depression as a critical starting point for individuals and/or their loved ones. Readers might also be interested in the upcoming free live depression Q&A on 5 December at 10.00am at


    Further information:


    Seagreens Best Organic Product

    Seagreens® Mineral Salt has won Best Organic Product award at Your Healthy Living Awards. Seagreens® invited customers to vote for the Mineral Salt and they won the award. As a way of thanking their customers, they have teamed up with mail order partner Oceans of Goodness to offer a free Mineral salt with any order placed with them for Seagreens® products placed with them for Seagreens® products.


    To find a local stockist from whom to purchase Seagreens® Mineral Salt, visit  to search for your nearest retailer on the Seagreens web site.


    Further information Tel: 01293 520460 quoting code SGHLA in the gift voucher box and you will be sent your free Mineral Salt with your order, or visit One free Mineral Salt per household. Offer expires 31 December 2011.


    Loveability with The Happiness Project

    After a full-house sell out event in the summer, Loveability is again in the air as Christmas approaches. The Happiness Project are running a 3-day course where you will see Robert coach you through a step-by-step through the 10 essential principles and exercises on true love and loving relationships, applicable to any relationship including your family, partner, children, friends, colleagues and yourself. The course is designed to help all of your relationships become happier, kinder, more enjoyable and more loving. Another course being run is Coaching Success – London 26-30 January 2012 or you can listen to Robert’s radio show on Hay House Radio.


    Further information:


    Finding a Natural Solution

    Scientists at the University of Brighton teamed up with Aromatherapist Maggie Tisserand to investigate the basis of some natural remedies for the hospital-acquired superbug MRSA. In her newly published book Aromatherapy vs MRSA, Maggie describes the antimicrobial and healing properties of scientifically validated essential oils. This follows results of extensive test carried out at the University which help explain why some have the ability to inhibit or kill the growth of MRSA bacteria.


    Further information: Aromatherapy vs MRSA is available from


    Pregnancy Rates Double With Chinese Medicine

    Women receiving Chinese Herbal Medicine are twice as likely to get pregnant than those receiving Western Medical fertility treatment according to new research. Researchers at the University of Adalaide reviewed a range of studies which in total involved 1851 women aged between 18 and 45 years who had received treatment for fertility. They found that Chinese Herbal Medicine achieved on average a 60% fertility rate compared with 30% for standard Western medicine drug treatment  or IVF.


    Further information:



    Lactofree® is the only UK range of lactose-free dairy products and has added a  perfectly indulgent addition to its range with the introduction of Lactofree cream. Following comments from lactose intolerant sufferers with a sweet tooth, Lactofree discovered that cream was one of the most missed treats. 15% of the UK population are lactose intolerant. Lactofree cream is available for ASDA and Sainsbury stores nationwide.


    Further information:


    Pure Gold – The New Super Food

    Charlie Beldam, owner of Cotswold Gold, has been producing Cotswold Gold Rape in his family for the last two years. Once cold pressed, rapeseed produces an oil which apart from being a cook’s best friend, is high in Omegas 3, 6 and 9, is high in vitamin E, has half the saturated fat of olive oil and is low in cholesterol (0.1%). Cotswold Gold is suitable for all types of food preparation – drizzle over salads or use for roasting, frying or any other form of high temperature cooking. The oil is a favourite with professional cooks and has been selected by Raymond Blanc for use in his kitchen and cookery school and has been used by James Martin. Low in food miles, waste product from the production process is converted into cattle feed and waste oil is converted into renewable energy thus allowing the company to be carbon neutral whilst operating a near zero waste policy.


    Further information and recipes please contact Cotswold Gold on Tel : 07867 938221;

  • Flower essences online

    Fine quality flower essences international ranges to help promote vitality and emotional well-being.

  • Super Patch Wellbeing

    Super Patches – a most revolutionary advance in wellbeing strategies in the history of medicine

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