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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 180

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 180 - March 2011

Masters in Remote Healthcare - Peninsula College of Medicine & Dentistry 


Peninsular Remote Healthcare Course


Remote Healthcare - Recruiting Now for April 2011
The programme aims to develop evidence-based remote healthcare practitioners with special knowledge, skills and understanding of current issues influencing the organization, delivery and leadership of remote healthcare practice. It explores the challenges of expedition planning and the use of remote information sources such as telemedicine. It will equip practitioners with the advanced skills necessary to critically analyse and synthesise a range of information in order to make safe and effective decisions in complex, unpredictable and remote situations.

The Masters in Remote Healthcare (180 Masters credits)
Comprises the four modules for the Postgraduate Diploma plus the Dissertation module (60 Masters credits):

  • Remote Practitioner (Module One);
  • Personal and Organisational resilience (Module Two);
  • Remote Placement Medicine (Module Three);
  • Strategies for innovation and improvement (Module Four);
  • Dissertation (Module Five).

You have six years to complete the award, but typically, the Post Graduate Masters can be achieved in three years.

Postgraduate Diploma
This award (120 Masters credits) is made up of four 30-credit modules:

  • Remote Practitioner (Module One);
  • Personal and Organisational Resilience (Module Two);
  • Remote Placement Medicine (Module Three);

Strategies for innovation and improvement (Module Four).

You have four years to complete the award, but typically, the Post Graduate Diploma can be achieved in two years.

Postgraduate Certificate
The programme consists of two 30-credit modules:

  • Remote Practitioner (Module One);
  • Personal and Organisational Resilience (Module Two).

You have two years to complete the award, but typically, the Post Graduate Certificate can be achieved in one year. Applications to the Postgraduate Diploma will need to provide evidence of a suitable placement in a remote healthcare setting.

Further information, please contact the Admissions Team: Graduate School Peninsula College of Medicine & Dentistry on Tel: +44 (0)1752 437333;



University of Westminster Shiatsu Short Course: May and June 2011

University of Westminster Shiatsu


Shiatsu is a touch-based therapy that applies both pressure and stretches through clothing to the surface of the body. Shiatsu is a therapeutic practice that can support individuals in moving towards greater health and well-being.

Course Content
A practical and theoretical approach to understanding the philosophy of shiatsu. Exploring the relationship of shiatsu principles to other forms of bodywork. Correct application of the principles of shiatsu in a therapeutic environment. Exploring the use of shiatsu and qigong as a system for preventing illness and improving the health of both practitioner and receiver. Developing a knowledge of anatomy, palpation and body handling skills through the location of the 12 classical meridians. Demonstrating sensitivity of touch through the use of shiatsu palpation techniques in prone, supine, side and sitting positions.

Three weekends, either: 7-8 May, 21-22 May, 4-5 June 2011, or 18-19 June, 2-3 July, 16-17 July 2011.

Requirements, Certificate and Accreditation
Previous massage/reflexology/bodywork experience with either ITEC or BTEC (or equivalent) qualification in anatomy and physiology. On completion of the course you will be awarded a certificate of attendance.

On successfully passing the relevant assessments you can become a registered member with Shiatsu International and use the designated letters PRRSI (Professional Register Relaxation, Shiatsu International).

Further Information For more information about the course please contact: 
Andy Jancewicz on Tel: 020 7911 5000 ext 64615; 
Course Tutors: Andy Jancewicz on Tel: 020 7911 5000 ext 64615;
Doug Foot on Tel: 020 7911 5000 ext 64621;

For details on how to apply please contact Jonathan Carey Short Course Administrator on Tel: 020 7911 3575; Fax: 020 7911 5079;

Yoga Motherhood and Postpartum Classes

Anja Yoga Postnatal Yoga Classes


The Journey to Motherhood - a confident, joyful time for the mum-to-be and her baby. Integrating yoga during pregnancy and postpartum may improve this transition.

The ancient tradition of Yoga has been used for centuries to support the mother-to-be; new mothers and babies feeling nurtured, empowered and balanced. Now new studies show that practising yoga may reduce anxiety and depression both during pregnancy and postpartum. Maternal comfort, better sleep, less stress and better birth weight for babies are some of the other benefits of practising yoga during pregnancy and after birth. One study showed that women practising yoga reported less physical pain and shorter first stage labour.

If you already are a practising yogini you will need to adjust and modify your practice as the pregnancy progresses. Pregnancy yoga differs from a 'normal' yoga class as it aims to cater for the growing baby and prepare for birth.

Postpartum the yoga practice changes again. Traditionally new mothers have a 40 day relax and bonding period with their baby. A time to being taken cared of by relatives and friends and a time to heal. After the resting period it is important to gently find your pelvic floor strength, core muscles and start moving again.

Anja Brierley Lange, Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner in South West London offers Ayurvedic advice and pregnancy/postnatal massage as well as yoga tuition. Classes are held in Streatham Hill on Tuesdays at 6.30pm and other locations in Chelsea and Parson's Green. Postnatal Yoga classes are held in Streatham Hill on Thursdays at 10.30am for mums and babies.

Further Information
For more information about Yoga, Ayurveda and Pregnancy please contact
Anja Brierley Lange on 07963 820 702;

Leading African Healer

 Picture of Prof Imam


Professor Imam, professional leading African Healer has 20 years experience in the field of African traditional healing and can help advise in areas including marriage problems, jobs, business, court cases, bad luck, alcoholism, exam worries, etc. Professor Imam is fluent in English, Spanish, Arabic and French.

Typical problems Professor Imam can help you with:

  • Marriage Problems
  • Jobs
  • Business
  • Bad luck
  • Nightmares
  • Alcoholism
  • Court cases
  • Smoking
  • Family Ties
  • Exams and many more.

Further Information
Please contact Prof Imam on Tel: 02085484999; Mob: 07985691335;



International Women's Day at the Feelgood Centre


International Women's Day 2011


City-based Feelgood Centre, a beauty, therapy and yoga centre, is inviting City workers to join its International Women's Day celebrations on 8 March and enjoy a spectacular range of discounted treatments to make you feel extra good that day.

The Feelgood centre, run by Cheli Mula, a beauty and body therapist and Sankar, a yoga teacher and healer, offer the full range of body therapies promoting physical and spiritual well being.

Feelgood Centre Half Price Treatments March 8

  • 2-3pm Shiatsu
  • 9.45-2.45pm Emotional freedom technique against anxiety of aging 
  • 3.30-6pm Hypnotherapy against weightloss, menopause symptoms
  • 2-6pm Skin treatments for Hands,  
  • 1-6pm Numerolgy
  • 5-6pm Emotional freedom technique, love is in you


  • 12.00-12.45pm Structural Alignment by Anne Caffrey
  • 1.00-2pm Nutrition and Female Hormone Balance, by Kate Osborne
  • 6.30-8pm Rebranding Feminismn , by Elisha Foust from the Institute for Philosophy

The day's events are designed to support the awareness of the need for female health and wellbeing and to discuss the problems and challenges of modern women.

Further Information
Sponsors: Yogi tea, la Roche Posay, and Vasus cupcakes
Please contact The Feelgood Centre, London EC1Y 4SF on Mob: 07946084848, 07940784657, or 07789567612;


Detox - Route to Inner Transformation


Detox - Route to Inner Transformation


Detox is a much used word and can be used to describe the effects of an herbal tea bag or a foot patch to a prolonged fasting programme. It tends also to be understood more as a physical process whereby toxins are removed and we feel somewhat better afterwards. It can be so much more than that! As we know from ancient fasting traditions, abstinence of food was a way of achieving greater spiritual connection.

Detox International have been running retreats for over 7 years and have developed their programme to include two Personal Transformation Detox Retreats which offer a profound experience on all levels with a greater understanding of yourself and an opportunity to change.

Fasting on juices helps to release not just physical toxins, but within a true retreat environment and with appropriate therapeutic support, people can release deeply help patterns of behaviour and emotions safely. The retreats include a series of psychodrama workshops where patterns of behaviour, patterns of relationships, and patterns of beliefs are explored. Clients can start to see how these patterns emerged. Whether they are useful or if they hold them back. The process is enhanced by the power of the physical detox programme which helps 'push' emotions and patterns to the surface where they can be more easily recognised and released; the result is that people are finally able to get in touch with who they truly are.

Further information
Please contact Detox International on Tel: 0845 1000 247;


Natural Help For Chemotherapy Patients


New Life Mel for Chemotherapy

Patients experiencing the side effects of chemotherapy have been given hope in the form of a unique food supplement called LifeMel.

Developed with over 30 years of research, LifeMel, made by honeybees, is proven in a number of cases to boost immunity before, during and after chemotherapy. For many, the side effects of this cancer treatment can be devastating, however, LifeMel can offer significant support.

A low white blood cell count or Neutropenia, a common side effect of chemotherapy, is a blood disorder that diminishes the number of infection-fighting cells which destroy bacteria in the body, leaving sufferers open to developing illnesses and facing the potentially life-threatening situation where they are no longer well enough to carry on with the treatment needed to fight their cancer.

LifeMel is 100% natural and has been shown in a significant percentage of people to improve low white blood cell count. It is produced by honeybees in Israel, which are fed on a specific diet including selected herbs such as Siberian ginseng, echinacea and calendula.

Research published in Medical Oncology[1] and hundreds of personal accounts stand as testament to LifeMel's success in helping people all over the world to maintain a better white blood cell count while on chemotherapy.

1. Medical Oncology. Vol 23 no 4. 2006.

Further Information
LifeMel costs £37.50 and is available through pharmacies and health shops nationwide.

If Life Gives You Lemons: A Short Guide to Happiness
by Sally Stubbs LNCP FACH DACH
Published by Gibson Square Books. 2011. Paperback. £7.99

Book COver - If Life Gives You Lemons

Through a series of observations on life, starting with the word "If", from history's greatest writers, philosophers, personalities and thinkers, Sally Stubbs, one of UK's leading psychotherapists and hypnotherapists, explores that elusive thing - happiness.

In the first part of the book, Sally addresses the core issues that will help you reach your true potential and bring lasting happiness in life. Through five key lessons based on natural elements, Gold, Fire, Minerals and Crystals, Air and Diamonds, Sally shares her brilliant insights, provides practical advice, tips and real life stories to steer readers to joy. Each element represents a strand of Sally's philosophy for example Gold for Treasury of Thoughts, Fire for Warmth and Passion in you Heart.

The second part, divided into chapters based on these five learnings is a series of over 500 pertinent quotes that will give the reader essential keys to think and feel differently. These sayings, all starting with the word "If", are from a wide-ranging array of personalities including Socrates, Charles Dickens, Clint Eastwood, Katherine Hepburn to Michael Jordan and Morgan Freeman and will inspire and enthuse the reader. By turning to one of the five relevant categories, be it Thoughts, Heart, Bones, Creativity (Inc Humour and Fun), Soul, you can uplift and enhance your mood within ten seconds.

This brilliant original guide, drawing on both enlightened sayings and Sally's personal wisdom, provides a wealth of inspiration and tips for you to achieve contentment.

About the Author
With nearly 30 years solid therapeutic experience, Sally Stubbs LNCP FACH DACH is a licensed Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist with advance training in cutting edge strategies. Her practice in the Lake District offers therapeutic courses on ailments such as stress, confidence, weight, smoking, phobias. She is launching a series of easy to follow CDs on these common ailments that enable you to achieve your goals by changing your mind patterns in Winter 2010.

Further Information
Please contact Sally at


Yoga For The Inflexibles

Whilst few people doubt the important health and fitness merits of Yoga, there are many who worry they don't have the required flexibility to even get started.

Yoga for Inflexibles

In an effort to remove this intimidation factor, IMC Vision has worked with top yoga expert and fitness trainer Jamie Heseltine and released Yoga For Inflexibles; Beginners & Beyond.

Jamie is an Omega Institute certified teacher who has trained at the Nosera Institute in Costa Rica. Her DVD is both a perfect introduction for Yoga novices and is also designed to be a useful tool for those who have already embarked on Yoga disciplines.

Yoga For the Inflexibles is set in the spectacular surroundings of Lanzarote and shows that factors such as age, size and apparent inflexibility are not barriers to integrating Yoga into your lifestyle and enjoying its many benefits. The 90 minute DVD represents great value by covering many areas including: warm up, main practice, cool down, short relax, Yoga Nidra deep relaxation, posture explanations and prop recommendations.

The practices within the DVD will help create toxin release from all vital organs, endorphin production, muscle toning and lengthening, spinal care, joint opening, stimulation of digestive system, stress and anxiety release, a balance of harmony between mind, body and spirit.

Yoga changed Jamie's life. Her GP suggested it as a potential way of combating depression and, after a faltering start, Jamie eventually immersed herself in the disciplines. Not only did it help defeat depression, it led to a whole new positive life path in which she has become widely respected. In 2010 Jaime was named one of Timeout's leading trainers of the year.

Further Information
A special 40% Reader Discount Offer is available. Simply: visit , shop for Yoga For The Inflexibles; Beginners & Beyond. When at the check out add the code imc669824 and your discount will automatically be made. More information at IMC Vision Ltd is a specialist production company in health, fitness and lifestyle DVDs. Visit


Flexible Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner Training

Craniosacral Therapy


Turning Point Training runs craniosacral therapy practitioner courses in Marlow near London and in Devon, and offers the Certificate in Craniosacral Therapy Level One and Diploma in Craniosacral Therapy Level Two. The Level One Course can be spread over two years, and the Level two Course over Three Years.  

Students are required to study a number of modules for each course, and these modules can be done at their convenience, within the overall time frame. Turning Point is the first training provider for craniosacral technique to offer practitioner training courses in bite sized modules, allowing students to spread the coursework, and the cost, over 2 or 3 years.
The craniosacral courses provided by Turning Point Training offer a practical and hands on approach to learning, with close supervision and personal attention. The classes are small to allow plenty of one to one tuition. Jonathan Lawrence's teaching style aims to empower individuals to gain new skills and further their personal and professional development.

Further Information
Please contact Turning Point on Tel: 01769 579079; Mob: 07944 411681;

Phytodol Spray for Arthritic Pains, Muscle Inflammation and Sore Joints

Phytodol Spray

Arthritis affects more than 10 million people living in the UK. All natural Phytodol joint care spray contains Glucosamine hydrochloride alongside MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), to help relieve aching joints and painful arthritic pains. Research suggests that oral ingestion of glucosamine is slower at absorption than a transdermal spray.

New Phytodol joint care spray gets to work FASTER than a capsule, with a slight warming sensation when applied to the skin, working right at the heart of the problem to treat stiff and aching joints as well as pains of an inflammatory nature!

Other essential ingredients include Cinnamon, Ginger and Zedoary essential oils, alongside Arnica glycolic extract, a plant grown in the Alps and Northern Apennin famous for its richness in sesquiterpenes (a class of organic compounds), which create the anti-inflammatory action needed to reduce everyday aches and pains.

Why Glucosamine?
Glucosamine, a natural substance found in the body, is used in the formation and repair of cartilage and other bodily tissues. It is considered one of the safest and most effective supplements for the maintenance of healthy joints. As we age our body loses the ability to produce sufficient glucosamine, causing thinning of cartilage and eventually degeneration of joints. Studies have demonstrated that Glucosamine is one of the rare natural substances able to stop the progression of osteoarthritis - a painful and debilitating condition which can also leave sufferers feeling anxious, tired and vulnerable.

Essential Oils
Phytodol joint care spray also includes the Ginger, Cinnamon and Zedoary essential oils, which work hand-in-hand as muscle regenerators and stimulants to relieve pain where needed. Soothing for the senses, as well as the joints!

Further Information
Phytodol is also available as a cream, which is good for cartilage, articular problems and improving the flexibility and function of joints. Phytodol Spray is available in Holland & Barratt and all good health food stores, and online at


Living Nature's New Gentle Makeup Remover

Living Nature Make-Up Remover

New from Living Nature, the certified natural skin care and cosmetic range from New Zealand, is Gentle Makeup Remover, a 100% pure cleanser that's highly effective in its action, yet so mild in its composition that it's suitable for all skin types, including those with the most sensitive of skin.
Living Nature Gentle Makeup Remover enhances the company's highly popular Eye Makeup Remover, as it's reformulated to deliver even better performance and improved benefits for facial skin.  Harnessing the power of specially selected, unique botanicals from New Zealand, Living Nature's Gentle Makeup Remover, tenderly and effectively removes both make-up and skin impurities from the face, including the delicate sensitive area around the eyes. It calms and soothes irritations and any skin inflammation, then moisturises and softens the skin, naturally.  

This wonderful make-up remover includes the New Zealand Kumerahou plant (pictured above) for its natural cleansing and antimicrobial properties and Harakeke, New Zealand's flax plant, for its antiseptic, soothing and hydrating benefits; very similar to those of aloe vera.  Additionally, Witch Hazel and Eye Bright Extract are included for their skin-calming properties and Galactoarabinan for its ability to create a gentle moisture-retaining barrier on the skin.  
New Zealand, Living Nature Gentle Makeup Remover is allergen-free, contains only 100% natural preservatives, fragrance and ingredients, and provides you with one of the very best, most natural ways to remove your make-up to keep your skin looking and feeling, healthier, and refreshed.
Further Information
For stockist and further information, contact Living Nature (UK) on Tel: 0845 2508455;

Writing Routes: A Resource Handbook of Therapeutic Writing
by Gillie Bolton, Victoria Field and Kate Thompson
Foreword by Gwyneth Lewis
Published by Jessica Kingsley. 2010. Paperback. £18.99/ £29.95. ISBN 978-1-84905-107-1.


Writing Routes Book Cover

'Detailed maps are needed for where to start in creative writing and how to proceed. Writing Routes provides just such an atlas, essential information for anybody setting out on the adventure of self-discovery through words.'

from the Foreword by Gwyneth Lewis

The use of creative writing as a route to personal or professional development is a powerful therapeutic tool, yet often the most difficult part is knowing how and where to begin. The experiences of others, and the strategies and approaches they have used in their own writing, can provide tried-and-tested models for practice, and 'ways in' that facilitators might wish to recommend to others.

Writing Routes is an essential roadmap for anybody setting out on the journey of self-discovery through words. This diverse collection of short pieces introduce and demonstrate many different ways of getting into and thinking about creative writing for personal or professional development.

Further Information
Available on Amazon:


Incognito - Natural Range of Insect Repellents

A new range of natural insect repellents is giving holiday makers - both at home and abroad - protection against mosquitoes and other biting insects.

Insect Repllents by Incognito

The incognito range of products was developed by entrepreneur Howard Carter after he survived attacks of malaria and dengue fever in the space of a year.
Spurred on by his experiences and frustrated by the ineffectiveness of traditional, chemical-based DEET products, Howard was inspired to launch incognito to develop the best mosquito and insect repellent on the market.
The incognito range includes a repellent spray which is made entirely from natural ingredients including Eucalyptus maculata citriodora. incognito products have been shown to be effective against more than 3,000 varieties of mosquito and other biting and stinging insects. The incognito repellent spray is the only product certified by UK Trading Standards as "clinically proven to protect against malaria".
Other products in the incognito range include toiletries such as soaps, shampoos and after sun cream, mosquito nets, incense sticks and essential oil organic Java citronella oil.

Incognito products are ideal for use in tropical regions with a malaria risk but are also great for protecting against bites when holidaying at home or in Europe
Further Information
Incognito spray and other products are available at Harrods, Holland & Barrett, John Bell & Croyden, Planet Organic, Whole Foods,  Trailfinders Travel Clinics, health shops or direct from


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    Statutory Regulation of Herbal Practitioners
    The National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) warmly welcomed the Government's announcement on 16 Feb. of the statutory regulation of Herbal and traditional Medicine Practitioners under the Health Professions Council (HPC). Statutory regulation will ensure the continued supply of herbal medicines to practitioners in compliance with new EU regulations. Statutory regulation of Herbalists has had unequivocal backing from the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee as well as two Department of Health Committees. It has been the subject of two public consultations, the last attracting over 6000 responses - by far the majority of which favoured such regulation.

    Further information:

    Shiatsu Short Course
    The University of Westminster is running short weekend courses over three weekends in London in May and June. The course is either 7-8 May, 21-22 May and 4-5 June, or 18-19 June, 2-3 July, 16-17 July. The course is a practical and theoretical approach to understanding the philosophy of Shiatsu. Exploring the relationship of Shiatsu principles to other forms of bodywork. Correct application of the principles of Shiatsu in a therapeutic environment.

    Further information Tel: 020-7911 5000 ext 64615 or 020-7911 3575

    Voice Dialogue Online Program
    A Pusher, Pleaser, Romantic, Perfectionist, Critic, Judge... each of us is made up of many different parts or selves. Some we know very well, some we may have had glimpses of and others are hidden away in the shadows. Based on the work of groundbreaking therapists, Drs Hal and Sidra Stone, a new interactive web-based programme gives you the opportunity to: meet your inner cast of characters; discover the gifts that each of them brings; understand how they inform and influence the choices you make; find a new and empowering place to stand in balance between them.
    Get your FREE video exercise and to find out more about how to dialogue with your many selves:

    Further information: 07941 141377;

    Turning Point Training
    Train as a Craniosacral Therapist in 2011. Jonathan Lawrence is running courses on Saturdays between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm on 26 February, 26 March, 16 April, 25 June, 23 July, 24 September, 22 October and 26 November in Devon. The course is designed for professionals in conventional and complementary medicine to extend the range of skills at their disposal. Dentists, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Holistic Therapists have all benefited from the course.

    Further information Tel: 01769 579079; 07944 411681;

    Stalking the Similimum Seminar
    Misha Norland, Founder of the School of Homeopathy, is holding a seminar on 4 & 5 June in Birnam, Dunkeld, Scotland for more advanced Homeopathic students and Practitioners. The object of homeopathic case-witnessing is to reveal the obstacle. They encourage the obstacle, ambivalence, repressed drives turning disease to express itself, its imperatives (primary expressions) and frustrations (secondary functions), because they understand that it needs to be seen, its unique qualities revealed, not judged or imprisoned, removed or killed, but must be heard, met and appreciated for what it is.

    Further information
    Tel: 01350 727674;

    EcoLifeWalks is based in a quiet ocean-side 5 star spa resort in Lanzarote. It is aimed at people travelling alone who appreciate nature and want to make more of life. The package includes a life-changing course for a small group, built around biosphere walks, yoga and options such as surfing and a whale sound voyage. EcoLifeWalks will teach you how to redesign the outcome of your life while enjoying a memorable holiday.

    Further information:

    Self Breema
    Yasmin BarDor invites you to a Self Breema class she is giving with 2 good friends: Arlie Mischeaux and Roxanne Caswell, every Thursday morning 9:15-10:15 at the Yoga Room: 2530 San Pablo Ave Berkeley. Experience the harmonizing effect of Breema by learning simple Self-Breema and partner exercises for revitalizing the whole body. Breema's delightful, natural movement are profoundly relaxing and energizing. They foster physical vitality, mental clarity and emotional balance, which are the root of REAL HEALTH. Every component in Breema supports one aim: a taste of being present in the moment. Find out for yourself the treasure of Breema!

    Further Information Tel: +1 510 486-9167;

    Holistic Health 2011-02-14
    The FHT would like to invite you to its Annual Training Congress held at the Holistic Health Exhibition on 8-9 May. The Congress features 16 experts sharing their knowledge and latest techniques in seminars and demonstrations. The sessions can be used for CPD points to introduce you to new therapies or update and advance your existing knowledge. Seminar tickets are discounted until 3 May. To enter the Holistic Health Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham you will need to register for a free exhibition ticket.

    Further information Tel: 023-8062 4350;

    Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
    The Prostate Cancer Charity is staging its third annual Prostate Cancer Awareness Month this March when thousands of people will join together and declare "I'm aware" to support men and their families affected by the disease. Numerous events and activities from information days to the Real Man Cup, a five-a-side football tournament, a mass skydive day and blue fun runs will be taking place across the country with the universal aim of raising awareness of the most common cancer in men in the UK.

    Further information Tel: 020-8222 7136 / 7670 / 7687;

    Breast Cancer Advice 'Misleading' Claims Scientist
    Women who want to cut their risk of developing their risk of breast cancer should reduce the amount of meat they eat and cut down or even cut out, dairy products according to a leading scientist. Breast cancer is far less common in countries like China and Japan according to the World Health Organisation. Professor Jane Plant says that officialdom is ignoring research that shows that hormone related cancers are fuelled by diets that give rise to high levels of steroid hormones such as oestrogen. Professor Plant has recently become a patron of the Vegan and Vegetarian Foundation (VVF) who have produced a guide and report on beating breast cancer through diet. A Fighting Chance (guide £1.90) and One in Nine(report £2.90).

    To order Tel: 0117 570 5190; Mob: 07796 901124

    Big Cycle Challenge in Cuba
    Raise funds to fight cancer by entering the Big Cycle Challenge in Cuba. The Big Cycle Challenges in India raised £175,000 for The Marie Curie Cancer Care, CHILDREN with LEUKEMIA, The Lymphoma Association and Ovarian Cancer Action. The four Big Cycle Challenge charities work to benefit people affected by cancer at all levels, from Nursing to support for families.

    Further information Tel: 0845 408 2698;

    Healthy Steps
    The USDA's new dietary guidelines for food encourages Americans to focus on what they eat and how they eat. At the heart of the guidelines is to cut back on the size of portions. The new guidelines Healthy Steps by Jokari suggests that: portion control is key; make half your plate fruits and vegetables; switch to a reduced fat milk; compare sodium in foods in order to reduce your intake; drink water instead of high-calorie sugary drinks.

    Further information:

    SMILE Fund
    The SMILE Fund is a not for profit organisation founded by Christine Charters-Young who runs the Suffolk-based Healing House for Health and Well Being. Its aim is to offer Complementary Therapies to those who would benefit from them, but cannot afford the treatments. The inspiration for SMILE came from seven year old Ellie Cross from Newmarket, who first started visiting Christine at her Great Bradley Practice when she was five years old. Ellie had been seen by Hospital Consultants since the age of two, but Ellie's chronic constipation was still making her life a misery. Things started to improve for Ellie after the first Reflexology treatment. Inspired by Ellie's recovery, Christine wanted to give all children access to therapies that will help them and launched The SMILE Fund.

    Further information
    Tel: 01223 654552;

    Kiwiherb Marshmallow & Mullein Syrup for Allergy
    Phil Rasmussen, New Zealand Medical Herbalist and creator of the Kiwiherb Herbal Remedies range advises using Marshmallow and Mullein to combat allergies such as hayfever. Kiwiherb's organic Marshmallow & Mullein Syrup, created by Phil Rasmussen following many years experience as a Medical Herbalist in New Zealand, combines Practitioner-strength concentrations of Marshmallow and Mullein with two other cough soothing herbs, White Horehound and Elecampane.

    Kiwiherb Marshmallow & Mullein Syrup is available from health food stores nationwide or by mail order Tel: 01455 556281

    Further information:

    UKsem Announces 2011 Conference Date
    The British Association of Sports and Exercise Medicine (BASEM) has announced the dates for Uksem 2011 at ExCel, London. The event will take place from 23-26 November and is predicted to attract over 1000 delegates and 80 international speakers from sport and exercise medicine, performance, conditioning and recovery. BASEM has also signalled its intention of developing Uksem over the next three years into a major event in the world arena.

    Further information:

    Latest Cancer Preventability Data
    The latest cancer preventability data has been released to mark World Cancer Day. The Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) and World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) have released estimates that show that by eating a varied and healthy diet, undertaking regular physical activity, being at a healthy weight and limiting alcohol intake will help prevent cancer. To fight the global cancer epidemic, the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) is urging people to take action and support the World Cancer Declaration at

    To further support World Cancer Day and learn more about the global cancer epidemic by taking the LIVESTRONG 5 question World Cancer Day Quiz at

    Alexander Lowen Residence Fire
    Following a fire at Alexander Lowen Residence in New Canaan, CT, The Foundation is reluctantly forced to cancel the TRE Workshop with Dr David Breceli that was scheduled for 4-5 March 2011. They have tried to find alternative venues, which might be useful in the future, but at the moment there is too much uncertainty and fire-related work to re-venue the March workshop. They expect the 20-22 May TRE workshop to happen as scheduled, hopefully in a suitable nearby facility.

    Further information Tel: +1 203-966-3474;

    Chocolate is a 'Super Fruit'
    It is widely known that fruit contains antioxidants, which benefit health. Researchers at the Hershey Center for Health & Nutrition(tm) compared the antioxidant activity in cocoa powder and fruit powders and found that gram per gram, there was more antioxidant capacity and a greater total flavanol content in cocoa powder. Similarly when they compared the amount of antioxidants per serving of dark chocolate, cocoa, hot chocolate mix and fruit juices, they found that both dark chocolate and cocoa had a greater antioxidant capacity and a greater total flavanol and polyphenol content than fruit juices.
    Further information: Tel: 020 3192 2370;

    Happiness Project
    The Happiness Project has a new UK Launch. Happiness NOW! is a new UK edition of Robert's groundbreaking book released by Hay House which is packed with tools, anecdotes, exercises, coaching stories and timeless wisdom. Robert's live talk: Shift Happens! Will take place on 28 February at Alternatives, London. Robert has a radio show weekly on Hay House Radio called Shift Happens! And also has a fan page on Facebook.

    Further information:

    6th UK Stroke Forum Conference
    Healthcare professionals working in stroke care and research are invited to attend the 6th annual UK Stroke Forum Conference from 29 November to 1 December at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, Glasgow, Scotland. The Call for Abstracts is open from 18 April until 17 June and applications from all areas of stroke research and service delivery are welcome. Hosted by the Stroke Association the Conference attracts leading stroke researchers from around the world and features plenary and parallel sessions, interactive workshops, poster tours and an exhibition of over fifty stands.

    Further information:

    13th Acupuncture Research Symposium
    The Acupuncture Research Resource Centre's (ARRC) one-day symposium takes place on 12 March 2011 at Goodenough College, London WC1N 2AB. Registration is open now and the price included certificate of attendance and lunch. 200 attendees are expected and the aim is to provide a platform for the dissemination of current Acupuncture research findings.

    Further information Tel: 020 8735 1216;

    School of Homeopathy
    There are two opportunities with Jeremy Sherr's Homeopathic Clinic during his post-graduate course Dynamis that the School of Homeopathy is hosting in Stroud this year.

    Low Cost Patients Clinic. They are looking for around 6 patients a day for the 8 course clinic days. Jeremy is a leading Homeopaths and the School is delighted to offer Homeopathic appointments with him at less than a third of his current rates. If you are interested: Homeopath and Student Clinic: For the opportunity to sit in on some Clinic days with Jeremy Sherr. Four times a year, through Dynamis in the UK, Jeremy Sherr will be running a busy clinic with live audio and video links open to Homeopaths or students.

    Further information:

    Popular Infant Juices Contain Too Much Fluoride
    Commonly consumed infant fruit juices contain fluoride, some at levels higher than recommended for public water supplies which can damage teeth, according to research to be presented on 17 March 2011 at the International Association for Dental Research annual meeting in San Diego. Ninety samples of three different flavours (apple, pear and grape) from three manufacturers were tested. All contained fluoride at concentrations ranging from 0.22 to1.81 parts per million (ppm). Researchers also found that all infant formulas, whether ready-to-feed, concentrated or organic contains some fluoride (October 2009 Journal of the American Dental Association). Fluoride was found in chicken products frequently eaten by children but it was not listed on the labels.

    Further information: Tel: +1 516-433-8882


    Glastonbury Retreats
    The Chalice Well Trust in Glastonbury, one of the oldest Holy wells in the UK, is featuring a series of retreats throughout the year that they are co-hosting with some interesting facilitators.

    Laughter Retreat with Joe Hoare, 25-27 March - Quantum Laughter. The Essence Tree of Life Retreat 28 April-3 May. Naturally Poetic 10-12 June with Jay Ramsey and Sophie and Knock. The Healing Power of Song 22-24 July with Michael Stillwater. There are two later retreats in the Autumn/Winter Called Fruits and Roots - Co-Creating with Nature and Deeper into the Heart of the Well.

    Further information
    Tel: 01458 831154;

    Prof Yossi Shiloh Cancer Clowes Award
    For his pioneering work in cancer research, Professor Yossi Shiloh of Tel Aviv University's Sackler Faculty of Medicine will receive the American Association for Cancer Research's prestigious Clowes Award. The prize, which will be awarded at ceremonies in Florida later this year includes a research grant. Professor Shiloh is the first Israeli ever to win the award.

    Further information Tel: +1 212.742.9070 ext 117;


    Grapeseed Beauty UK Launch
    The Grapeseed Company creates its eco-friendly, vinotherapy skin and personal care products by hand from certified organic and natural ingredients. All products are formulated with wild-harvested, essential oil-based fragrances and feature the finest quality, expeller-pressed grape seed oil, crushed grape seeds and red wine extract. Grape seeds are known to help fight free radical damage and the signs of aging and to heal skin exposed to natural elements.

    Further information Tel: 07877 780889;


    EU and National Rules for Food Supplements
    EAS has clarified the borderline between EU and National rules for food supplements. Food supplement companies struggling to navigate the fine line between European Union (EU) regulation and national rules for food supplements in Europe can get clarity at an upcoming workshop from international food policy consultancy EAS. The one-day session, titled Building a Regulatory Strategy for Marketing Food Supplements in Europe: The Key Steps to a Successful Product Launch, will take place in Brussels on 17 March, with EAS regulatory experts advising companies on how to avoid common pitfalls to a successful regulatory strategy in the wake of the EU's food supplement harmonisation process.

    Further information Tel: +32 2 218 14 70;


    Relaxing Breaks by the Sea
    Two Yoga, Pilates and Meditation breaks are on offer on the west coast of Sweden on 19-24 June at Asia Spa, Vargberg, Sweden. 5 days and 4 nights in an award winning, first class spa hotel in the spa town. Daily Yoga and Pilates classes in the studio and Meditation and deep relaxation sessions in the meditation room.

    Yoga and Meditation retreat at a 5 star beach hotel in Gullmarstrand Beach Hotel, Fiskebäckskil, Sweden on 18022 July. 5 days and 4 nights of energizing and healing yoga, stillness, meditation and deep relaxation at the Hotel which was voted Best Conference Experience in Sweden 2009.

    Further information Tel: 01622 715576;



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