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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 176

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 176 - November 2010

Your Body Loves Linseed!

Linseed oil contains the essential fatty acid ALA, more commonly known as Omega 3. Whether you are watching your blood pressure or cholesterol, want clearer skin, shining hair and stronger nails, or are embarking upon a fitness regime to lose weight, build lean muscle or burn fat, Omega 3 from linseed could really benefit you.


Durwin Banks is the owner of High Barn Oils, suppliers of linseed oil from a family-owned farm in West Sussex which provides linseed pods and culinary linseed oil direct to customers. There is never any GM seed at High Barn Oils; their oil is cold pressed on the farm with no heat, solvents or additives, ensuring that its health giving properties remain intact.

Omega 3 can be obtained from fish oils also; however linseed actually contains three times as much Omega 3 as fish oils, and is also a strong source of Omega 6, Omega 9 and Vitamin E. Using linseed as a food ingredient can improve the function of all bodily systems; from pregnancy and infancy through to maturity and old age, linseed oil helps to sustain you as a healthy human being.

Benefits of Linseeds

  • Omega 3 makes up 25% of every human cell membrane, (a balance of other oils and fats make up the rest). The balance of these cell builders are part of the very building blocks of life. Building cell membranes properly is a basic bodily function and part of a correctly functioning neuron propelled electrical system;
  • Omega 3 from linseed has an anti-inflammatory property that can help to reduce inflammation naturally in many conditions;
  • Omega 3 can help kick start your metabolism, and when combined with a good diet and regular exercise, can help you to lose weight, build lean muscle and burn fat;
  • Omega 3 can help you to look good as well as feel good with healthy glowing skin, glossy hair and strong nails, especially when combined with other linseed oil properties, Omega 6, Omega 9 and Vitamin E;
  • Recent studies have pointed to improved concentration levels in children when Omega 3 was introduced into their diets. Children love the taste of our linseed pods, and the culinary oil is brilliant for whizzing into their smoothies.
Further Information
Please contact High Barn Oils on Tel: 01403 730 326; Fax: 01403 732 749;  

Speak - Supplement in Verbal Apraxia   

Speak* Dietary Supplement
Speak is a dietary supplement (1,200 mg capsule) containing pharmaceutical grade Omega3 in combination with GLA and two specific types of Vitamin E and Vitamin K.* 

Verbal Apraxia (VA)

  • Many children with Verbal Apraxia |(VA) present with homogeneous symptoms of neurological  dysfunction that affect coordination, muscle tone, and sensory issues, [1-4] in addition to expressive speech delay, suggesting a common underlying mechanism of disease;
  • Vitamin E deficiency causes a constellation of symptoms[5-8] that overlap those of speech apraxia, limb dyspraxia, hypotonia, and sensory integration dysfunction (including abnormalities in proprioception, vestibular sensation and pain interpretation) that often occur in VA and Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD);
  • Low bioavailability of vitamin E will create an environment within the cell membrane where polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are vulnerable to lipid peroxidation and early destruction. This can lead to a functional PUFA deficiency and neurological sequelae that may be reversible through supplementation of vitamin E with PUFA;[9]
  • Inflammation of the gastrointenstinal (GI) tract and malabsorption of nutrients such as vitamin E and carnitine may contribute to neurological abnormalities.[9]

Role of Essential Fatty Acids

Various studies have suggested that PUFAs with eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and DHA provided improvements in speech production and coordination in children with verbal apraxia.[2,10,11,12] In addition, PUFA supplementation increases utilization of vitamin E in the body.[13-16] These two supplements may have a synergistic effect at higher doses.

Clinical Research

A total of 187 children with verbal apraxia received vitamin E+ polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation. Supplementation consisted of  280 mg DHA and 695 mg EPA per dose in liquid or capsule form, given with meal 1 to 3 times daily. A celiac panel, fat-soluble vitamin test and carnitine level were obtained in patients having blood analyzed.[9] The case series, published in the July/August 2009  edition of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine,[9] represents the most comprehensive summary of children with apraxia to date. The study found that "Use of high-dose PUFA and vitamin E in children with a  history of VA appeared  to lead to  rapid clinical improvement of many symptoms of this neurological condition  in a large cohort."[9]


1. Poster presented at American Speech Language Hearing Association Annual Convention, Pittsburg, PA. November 18, 2004.
2. Agin MC, Geng LF, Nicholl MJ, The Late Talker; What to Do If Your Child Isn´t Talking Yet, New York, NY: St. Martin´s Press. 2004.
3. Kent RD, Research on speech motor control and its disorders: a review and prospective. J. Commun Disord 33(5):391-427;quiz 428. 2000.
4. Nijland L, Maassen B, van der Meulen S. Evidence of motor programming deficits in children diagnosed with ASD. J Speech Lang Hear Res . 46(2):437-450. 2003.
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8. Traber MG. How much vitamin E? ...Just enough! Am J Clin Nutr. 84(5):959-960. 2006.
9. Morris CR, Agin MC "Syndrome of Allergy, Apraxia and Malabsorption: Characterization  of  a Neurodevelopmental  Phenotype that responds  to Omega 3 and  Vitamin E  Supplementation" - Alternative  Therapies   Vol 15, No 4.  July/Aug. 2009.
10. Agin M. Verbal apraxia and the role of essential fatty acids:the perspective of a developmental pediatrician. Paper presented at:Research Workshop on Fatty Acids in Neurodevelopmental Disorders (FAN 2001).Oxford UK. September 20-22, 2001.
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12. Roth R, Agin M. Outcomes of essential fatty acid suppplementation in verbal apraxia: Paper presented at:Research Workshop on Fatty Acids in Neurodevelopmental Disorders (FAN 2001).Oxford UK. September 20-22, 2001.
13. Bourre JM, Effects of nutrients (in food) on the structure and function on the nervous system: update on the requirements for brain. Part 1:micronutrients J Nutr Health Aging 10(5):377-385. 2006.
14. Virmani A. Gaetani F. Binienda Z. Effects of metabolic modifiers such as carnitines, coenzyme Q10, and PUFAs against different forms of neurotoxic insults: metabolic inhibitors, MPTP, and methamphetamines. Ann N Y Acad Sci 1053:183-191. Aug 2005.
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16. Volk EE, Hornstra G. Relationship between Vitamin E requirement and polyunsaturated fatty acid intake in man: a review Int J Vitam Nutr Res.70(2):31-42. 2000.

*Speak is a patented formulation  from CHRCO (Children`s Hospital and Research Center  Oakland - USA).

Further Information:
Mycology Research Laboratories, Ltd. -  Trading as ANEID; Tel. +44-158-248-5209;    

Active School of Complementary Therapy

For the past ten years Active Recovery has provided therapeutic treatments and massage services to clients, businesses, sports teams and individuals.

Active School massage practice

The Active School of Complementary Therapy (formerly the Loughborough School of Complementary Therapy) has been set up as the Training Division of Active Recovery Ltd. They have incorporated many of the techniques and modalities promoted in therapeutic practice into the current and future courses and workshops offered by ASCT. As they are also able to call on many external presenters, they will be able to offer new and informative workshops to both novice and experienced practitioners.

Tanya Milne - School Director

As a deep tissue  massage practitioner Tanya has worked with a wide variety of clients, both individually and as part of National Sports Medicine teams. She has provided massage treatments, First Aid/Injury cover, training courses and workshops for numerous organisations. Through her clinic, she now provides massage for local sports, as well as treatments for non-sporting persons and NHS patients. Tanya trained with one of the world's foremost authorities in massage therapy, and through her training courses she successfully passes on her skills to many aspiring therapists.  Some of her students have successfully practised massage therapy right through to elite level.

Training Courses

ASCT recruits tutors and visiting presenters who are successful practitioners from various fields of Complementary Health, Fitness, Exercise, and Sport to teach students to the same professional standard they employ.  ASCT provides a training environment where the emphasis is on self-development. Training courses and workshops emphasize the development of an holistic perspective with the aim to train students to work safely and effectively with clients from all walks of life. ASCT courses aim to create a complete practitioner with good career potential.


An Introduction to Massage Workshops - from 11 Sept 2010


Thai Massage Workshops - in Loughborough to June 2011
BTEC Sports & Remedial Massage Diploma (Level 5) - Starts 2nd October 2010

Further Information
Please Contact Active on Tel: 01509 556101; Mob: 07908 596673;

Yoga Music and Guided Meditation CD

Produced by California based composer Sandeep Khurana Yoga Music and Guided Meditations  audio CD offers everything that a healing practitioner, yoga practitioner, spiritual seeker, learner or energy healer could ask for.

Yoga Mussic cover

Heather Shaw's beautiful, and warm voice in the guided meditations has added an incredible healing touch to the meditation tracks. The album, 20th release by Sandeep Khurana is comprised of seven  tracks, including music for relaxation and a track for dance meditation.  It is a complete all in one audio CD for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. 

Album Tracks

Track 1 A Simple Yoga Meditation is a complete guided meditation for anyone and everyone new or experienced in meditation and is meant to induce a state of calmness and tranquillity in the listener's mind;
Track 2 entitled Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation, is a complete guided meditation for healing and balancing of the seven major chakras;
Track 3 recommended for Reiki learners, channels and masters, called Reiki Guided Meditation, is designed to guide the listener through a complete Reiki healing meditation.
Track 4 entitled Pranayama Breathing Meditation, is a guided meditation using varying breathing patterns and different levels of breath control which helps focus and calm the mind with focus on breath. 
Track 5 is titled Om Mantra Chanting Meditation. The Om chants generate healing vibrations and sound waves that have been known to heal the mind and the body. The listener can simultaneously chant the Om mantra while listening to the Om Mantra Meditation track, for augmented healing and improved results. 
Track 6 Shiva Dance Meditation is for dynamic dance meditation. It has inherent rhythmic dance patterns for the listeners to follow and reach higher energy states. The drum patterns are designed to open the energy centres within the body, inducing a state of trance and hypnosis. 
Track 7 is called Yoga Music for Relaxation and is a beautiful blend of nature sounds and healing music to help calm and soothe the mind and body.  This track can be used to create a sound ambience of peace, serenity and tranquility and can be played in the background during a meditation or a healing session. 

Further Information
Sandeep Khurana is a music composer and film maker based in San Francisco Bay Area and has more than 20 music albums to his credit, with genres ranging from New Age, Spiritual, Trance, Dance to World Music.  He has composed for films and has produced documentaries for TV channels. The music album is available for downloads on iTunes and all major online stores.
For details, please visit  

Power Health Launches First Beetroot Capsule

Bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals as well as key ingredient Nitrate, known for reducing blood pressure!

PowerHealth Beetroot

This September, Power Health is one of the first health food distributors to launch the Beetroot capsule into the UK. The benefits of beetroot have been publicized; however for many the juice is an acquired taste. The capsules contains all the key nutrients of Beetroot juice, but are low calorie, time-saving and easy to take.

Packed full of goodness, including Vitamin A and C, calcium, iron and folic acid - beetroot is also a rich source of antioxidants. This is due to the pigment that gives beetroot its colour - Betacyanin having powerful antioxidant properties. It is also replete with minerals including magnesium, sodium, potassium and silica which aids the uptake of calcium and acts as a useful antidote to a diet too high in salt.

Beetroot's key ingredient Nitrate has been shown to reduce blood pressure, and the risk of heart diseases and strokes, thus this is not only a convenient alternative to juice products.

Beetroot capsules are an effective and low-cost way to combat the effects of the modern day living and its stresses by helping to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and normal blood pressure.

Further Information
Power Health's Beetroot Capsules (£3.99 for 30 capsules) are available from all good health stores and online at  

Naqi Advanced Sports Massage Course

The next UK Naqi Advanced Sports Massage Course takes place on Wednesday 3rd November 2010 at the SIMTR Conference Centre in Solihull, West Midlands. The full-day course costs just £99 including VAT, lunch and £60 worth of FREE Naqi Sports Massage products.

Sports massage experts Naqi are giving £60 worth of their sports massage products to all attendees of their Advanced Sports Massage Course. Naqi, a long established European brand, have been distributing their sports massage products in the UK for over 10 years. In order to showcase their professional expertise, Naqi have also developed their acclaimed Advanced Sports Massage Courses for UK physiotherapists.

The workshops are designed to aid experienced physiotherapists and qualified sports massage
professionals in their professional development. They will be led by former amateur cycling world champion  and physiotherapist Paul Van Loon who has the Belgian and Dutch national cycling teams, speed skating world champions and the Tour De France Rabobank Team amongst his high profile client list.

The Advanced Sports Massage Course includes an in-depth analysis of techniques and positioning
to solve a multitude of common sports injuries. It is split into 10% theory teaching by Paul Van Loon followed by 90% practical hands-on learning in order to ensure that each attendee can master their new skills on the day.

Further Information
Places are limited to 40 delegates to ensure that everyone who attends gets the time and attention necessary to improve their skills and are selling out fast. To ensure that you do not miss out on your place  at the Naqi Advanced Sports Massage Course please contact your nearest Naqi retailer. See  for further details.

Natural Bach Essences Calmdown!(tm) and Peace™

Balancing Blooms® Calmdown!™ and Peace™,  two unique Bach Flower Essences are pre-prepared, ready to use natural essence combinations designed to tackle the moods associated  with life's ups and downs. They are prepared according to the original written instructions of herbalist Edward Bach who discovered the benefits of English flower essences in the 1930s.  Edward Bach believed his essences captured the positive mood of each flower as he personally perceived it to be.

Calmdown - - -

Ask many people the adjective they would use to describe Christmas and the typical answer is usually 'stressful' explains Simon Turner, Managing Director of Balancing Blooms®.  "The festive season does bring with it a host of pressures that can lead to anxiety, sleep disturbances, and the feeling that everything is getting on top of you. Research conducted by MORI for  revealed that half of the population (49%) find Christmas shopping stressful. A British Heart Foundation study also placed festive present buying as the number one stressor."
Calmdown!™ and Peace™ come in an artistically designed box that fits perfectly into a bag or drawer.  The essences come in a handy 20ml bottle and can be enjoyed by placing four drops directly on the tongue from the enclosed pipette, or mixing with water, so no matter where you are you can benefit from the mood blossoming affect.
Further Information
Available at 900 selected Boots stores nationwide, from independent chemists and health food stores or via Balancing Blooms® online shopping portal  

Vital Signs for Cancer - Protect Yourself from the Onset or Recurrence of Cancer

by Xandria Williams
Published by Piatkus. 2010. Paperback  £14.99. ISBN: 0749952474.

Although it is acknowledged that 50 per cent of cancers could be prevented if diet and lifestyle are modified early enough, someone is diagnosed with cancer every two minutes in the UK meaning that you have a greater than 35 per cent chance of developing cancer at some stage in your life.

Book Cover 

A tumour can take up to ten years to develop; in Vital Signs for Cancer, Xandria Williams offers a proactive approach to prevention by explaining:
  • The cancer process and important predisposing factors;
  • How to detect the early signs of cancer using a wide range of cutting-edge tests that can indicate which part of the body is at risk;
  • How to combine drug-free complementary treatment with orthodox medical approaches;
  • The foods and supplements that can help set you on the path to optimum health;
  • The key steps to help prevent cancer recurring.
Xandria Williams MSc DIC BSc ARCS ND DBM  trained in London and Sydney. She works as a Nutritionist, Naturopath and Psychotherapist specialising in cancer and degenerative diseases. She has written 19 books and over 400 articles on physical and mental health care. This book is the culmination of her many years as a researcher, scientist, lecturer and practitioner. 

Further Information
Available on Amazon   

Golden Emu and Poppy Seed Bath Oil

When stressed and tired, there is nothing better than a long hot bath with essentials oils to lighten the mood, relax the body and mind, and help sooth away the problems of the day....and now you can do that while helping others.

Emu Oil

Golden Emu & Poppy Seed Bath Oil goes beyond just helping you relax; its two main active ingredients, Golden Emu Oil and Poppy seed oil will leave you both feeling great and looking amazing. You don't have to feel guilty about indulging yourself either, as a percentage of the sale of the Bath Oil goes directly to help The Royal British Legion's 'year round' poppy appeal.

Their new Bath Oil is just one of the many Royal British Legion sponsored products that are available via their new web store which has been created to help raise funds all year round for their important work.

Poppy seed oil is one of nature's best moisturisers and you'll leave the bath with your skin feeling renewed and refreshed. It's also replete with omegas and fatty acids that act as vital building blocks for healthy skin.

Golden Emu Oil also acts as a powerful moisturiser, with studies showing it could be a genuine and natural elixir to give you younger looking skin. Perhaps emu oil is best known for its claimed anti-inflammatory properties; however studies have shown it is also one of the best muscle and joint rubs available, so you'll towel down with all your aches and pains soothed.

It's not just your muscles and joints that will be refreshed, as camomile and lavender oils combine to help relax your mind. Together these ingredients make for a luxurious bath oil that is unlike anything else out there - leaving you with soft skin, mind relaxed and muscles soothed. And, for every sale made a donation goes to The Royal British Legion's 'year round' poppy appeal.

Further Information
To buy a bottle of Golden Emu Oil and Poppy Seed Bath Oil visit   or  

Feminine Shoes for Swollen Feet

If you suffer with swollen feet but prefer feminine-looking footwear, Cosyfeet's new Daisy style could be the answer.

satin shoes

This lightweight leather shoe has fine stitching detail and an elegant, scooped wedge heel. It's dainty appearance disguises an extra-roomy EEEEE+ width fitting which can accommodate serious swelling.

Designed for comfort, the Daisy has a seam-free toe area to protect vulnerable toes, and a padded collar for cushioning around the heel. Made to be soft yet supportive, the Daisy has a touch-fastening strap for a flexible fit.

The Daisy shoe is priced at £60.00, or £51.06 if you qualify for VAT relief due to a chronic medical condition. It comes in a range of six colours, and is available in sizes 3 to 9 including half sizes.

Further Information
Please contact Cosyfeet on Tel:  01458 447275;  

Lifeplan Pumpkin Seed Extract for Urinary Problems

More people than one might first think suffer difficulties passing urine, such as the embarrassment and uncertainty of incontinence, the desire to pass urine more frequently than normal throughout the day and at night, and those with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Urinary Problems include difficulties passing urine, experiencing the  need to visit the toilet regularly, either during the day or throughout the night, frequent urination due to an enlarged prostate, and incontinence caused by weak bladder muscles.

Lifeplan Pumpkin Seed Extract

Each high-strength tablet provides 30mg of pumpkin seed extract, equivalent to 300mg of fresh pumpkin seeds, a supplement formulated specifically to bring relief and rescue, to all those experiencing urinary problems, whether male or female.

Lifeplan Pumpkin Seed Extract

The use of pumpkin seeds as a health-promoting food and as a natural diuretic aid is not new. Essentially, pumpkin seeds are classed as a superfood, as they contains high levels of amino acids, beta carotene, vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium, copper, and manganese. These nutritious seeds are also rich in Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, and phytosterols. 

Pumpkin seeds also contain curbicin, a substance structurally similar to testosterone, and oestrogen, which research shows helps strengthen bladder muscles, promote healthy urine flow, and reduce nocturia, regular night-time urination; it may also help shrink the prostate epithelium when taken long-term. 
Lifeplan's new Pumpkin Seed Extract is therefore a natural, highly efficacious solution to many a urine problem and benefits from being registered with the Vegan Society. They also contain no refined sugar, salt, starch, lactose, gluten, yeast, or animal derivatives, and in so doing, are suitable for most dietary requirements.
Further Information
Lifeplan's new Pumpkin Seed Extract (rrp £6.99 for 60 tablets) is available from independent health food stores and by mail order. For further information and to ask health-related questions of the company's trained nutritionists, contact Lifeplan Products Ltd on Tel: 01455 556281;


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    A new program has been launched by Save Your Hands!®. The Certified Injury Prevention Instructor (CIPI) program, designed to provide CIPI instructors with the skills, curriculum and marketing savvy to perform successful Save Your Hands!® workshops or to be hired as a trainer by Spas, Clinics and Schools. The CIPI certification includes three online courses on how Instructors can market themselves as a CIPI. The CIPI program is directed by Lauriann Greene, co-author of the best-selling Save Your Hands! textbook. The first live workshop will be held in Corona, California on 13-14 November 2010.

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    International Training Seminars

    Robert Dilts will be presenting, for the first time in the UK, the latest generation of tools for coaching and self-coaching at his workshop, Coaching, Self-Leadership and the Inner Game of Business. The workshop will take place on 4-5 December 2010 in Hammersmith, London. Topics include: Leadership and Self-Leadership; The Inner Game of Business; Staying the Course - How to Filter Out Unwanted Influences and Energy Management - Having the Resources You Need When You Need them.

    Further information Tel: 01268 777 125

    Obesity - Time for a New Approach?

    Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum Keynote Seminar Obesity - Time for a New Approach takes place on 8 February 2011 in Central London with Dr Adrienne Cullum, Analyst, Public Health Programmes (Centre for Public Health), National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), Professor David Haslam, GP and Chair, National Obesity Forum and Dr Harry Rutter, Director, National Obesity Observatory and other distinguished speakers. The seminar will take a fresh look at the effectiveness of different approaches to tackling obesity in terms of evidence-based decision making, outcomes and cost-effectiveness.

    Further information Tel: 01344 864 796;

    Neuromuscular Taping

    Neuromuscular taping is a well-known concept as it is easy to apply and achieves great results. Neuromuscular Taping can be applied in different stages as treatment or prevention of injuries. Aneid are running courses on 12 November 2010, 13 November 2010, 3 December 2010 and 4 November 2010. The course will cover specific techniques for the application in injuries, techniques for specific sports, dealing with different injuries specific to each course and clinical cases. Participants will receive a certificate of participation after a practical exam at the end of the course.

    Further information:

    Keep the Christmas Cheer Alive

    During the Christmas period, we all enjoy a little too much of what we shouldn't, but how to tackle the inevitable onslaught of the hangover and post party blues? The answer could be in the Globe artichoke. Artichokes can be difficult to get hold of in the UK and it is even harder to know what to do with them when you do get them.

    Natur Boutique has just launched one of the UK's first artichoke teas. Artichoke tea is a tasty alternative to tea or coffee and so the easy answer to reducing the effects of festive over-indulgence is sticking the kettle on!

    Natur Boutique artichoke tea is sold at health food stores or by visiting:

    Weight Management Retreat

    Grayshott Spa has teamed up with leading Nutritionist Vicki Edgson to create the Vital Health - Weight Management seven-day retreat. Recognizing that the twenty-first century disease is fatigue, Vicky addresses the tie between lack of energy, unnecessary weight gain and subsequent obesity. Throughout the six-nigh, seven-day stay, guests will experience workshops, master classes and one-to-one consultations with Vicki on nutrition fundamentals that everyone should have. Vicki works closely with the Spa's experienced spa and fitness teams to create an exciting combination of outdoor exercise and indoor relaxation modalities. This maximizes the important cardiovascular work needed to boost energy and maintain trim bodies, balanced with T'ai Chi, Yoga and Qi Gong.

    Further information Tel: 01428 602020

    Skincare System for Men

    Eve Taylor™ Professional Aromatherapy Skin and Body Care, with over 40 years expertise in professional skin and beauty care have launched its new skincare system for men. Et Men™ is a totally new range of skincare that has been designed for men who want their own daily skincare routine.

    Further information Tel: 01733 260 161

    Annual Natural Health Research Institute(NHRI) Scientific Symposium

    The 5th Annual Natural Health Research Institute (NHRI) Scientific Symposium takes place on 18 November 2010 at Indian Lakes Resort, Bloomingdale, IL. The aim is to educate legislators about the safety and effectiveness of dietary supplements. The solution to the healthcare crisis is wellness and prevention. A panel of distinguished scientists headed by Bruce Ames, one of the top Nutritional Scientists in the world will present a seminar on the safety and effectiveness of supplements.

    Further information:

    Holistic Heaven: Mind, Body and Spirit Fair

    Tickets are now on sale for a fantastic day out at Holistic Heaven, Oakley House, Bromley Common on 7 November 2010. With all the stalls sold out, there will be plenty to discover at the Fair.  There will be free workshops to help visitors understand alternative treatments and open their minds to life-changing practices, 100 different therapies and products to experience and discover from Indian Head massage to Aura Photography to Handmade Jewellery. Win a luxury day at Addington Palace Spa in the prize draw, plus face painting, balloon modelling and jewellery making workshops for children. Experience treatments, relax with experienced Therapists and enjoy the day.

    Further information Tel: 0845 302 4914

    Yoga Teacher Training and Ayurveda Retreat in Kerala

    Kerala in India is home to the Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training and Ayurveda Retreat. The retreat offers 200 and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Caroline Kiebl, who offers a comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training for Yoga Teachers, aspiring Teachers and Yoga Practitioners. An Ashtanga Yoga Training Manual will be issued to each participant. There is a 6 day-a-week Yoga Training Schedule, six Ayurvedic Massages and Steambath treatments and the retreat will run from 4 February to 3 March 2011.

    Further information:

    Supertea arrives from Secret Tea Garden in Laos

    A green tea from Laos with an unusually high antioxidant count has been introduced to the UK by specialist tea traders Lalani & Co. Excelsior Green Tea, from the Paksong Tea Gardens in Laos has been tested by two independent labs, averaging 23.4% polyphenols by dry weight. Initial tests show a total of 381.50mg polyphenol antioxidants per cup. These results are far above the usual range, making Pakson's Green Tea the perfect detox supertea for spas, health food shops, natural food retailers and the speciality market.

    Further information Tel: 020 3355 1640;

    Ground Breaking Findings on Understanding Cancer

    Ground Breaking Findings on understanding Cancer have been published in the current issue of Science. Biomarke 'MK-PK has been identified as a key enzyme in cancer diagnosis therapy. The Warburg Hypothesis [1924!!!] (named after the Nobel Prize winner) confirmed that cancer cells can be recognized by their metabolism. Scientists from Harvard Medical School in Boston report on the enzyme 'MK-PK' in a study in Science.

    Further information Tel: +49-641-4996-0

    Ginvera - Goodbye to Problem Skin

    Acne and problem skin can be a constant complaint, as some products use harsh chemicals which are rough on your skin. Ginvera Marvel Gel is rich in antioxidant ingredients including: Green and White Tea, Ginseng and Aloe Vera, which have proven health benefits and easily and effectively restore your skin to its natural glow. Research has indicated that Green Tea has even more antioxidant properties than vitamins A, C and E and can aid sun damage protection by quenching free radicals and reducing inflammation. White tea contains alpha hydroxyl acid and zinc. Ginseng helps balance the oil gland production and fight the formation of wrinkles and Aloe Vera has moisture-binding properties.

    Further information:

    New Patrons for the School of Homeopathy

    The School of Homeopathy is proud to announce the appointment of Rajan Sankaran, Jan Scholten, Jeremy Sherr, Massimo Mangialovori, Frans Vermeulen and Miranda Castro as Patrons to the school. Each Patron is a celebrated Homeopath and has made huge contributions to Homeopathy including holding seminars and lectures all over the world.

    To discover more about the School of Homeopathy Patrons and what they say about joining the school visit:

    Explore Your Emotion Online

    The new Bach™ Original Flower Remedies online course reveals the Nation's top pressure responses. From research by Bach Original Flower Remedies, the most common reactions to the pressures of everyday life have been identified. The results of the online poll show that one in three people respond by worrying and becoming anxious. It also revealed that a quarter of people polled eat and drink the wrong things when under pressure, 19% become snappy or angry and 8% over stretch themselves or become withdrawn. The new online Bach Flower Remedies Introduction Course can be accessed free at:  

    Further information  

    Mammograms Breastscreen Benefits Questioned

    A new study suggests benefits of breast cancer screening may be more modest than previously estimated. In a study in Norway, women in their 50s and 60s who got a mammogram every other year, reduced their risk of dying from breast cancer by only a modest 10% as opposed to those who did not get the examinations according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine. That is a much smaller benefit than the UK screening programmes figure of 35%.

    Further information

    Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) - Money Due to Authors

    Many people have written for the health profession, either articles or books. The Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) may be holding money for them through the licensing of photocopying or scanning schemes in schools, universities, businesses or public sector bodies.

    Further information

    Watercress Metabolite May 'Turn Off' Breast Cancer Signal

    New scientific research has revealed that a phytochemical in watercress may have the ability to suppress breast cancer cell development by 'turning off' a signal in the body and therefore starving the growing tumour of essential blood and oxygen. The University of Southampton conducted the research, which was unveiled at a press conference at the Royal Society of Medicine's Chandos House on 14 September. It shows that the compound phenylethyl isothiocyanate (PEITC), is able to interfere with the function of the protein called Hypoxia Inducible Factor (HIF), which plays a critical role in cancer development.

    Further information Tel: 020-8892 5665 

    Manuka Honey for Helicobacter Pylori Infection

    Helicobacter pylori bacterium, the main cause of stomach ulcers and many digestive upsets, infects about 25% of us in the UK. Lifeplan Goldenhills Mnauka Honey UMF20+ possesses the correct level of antibacterial properties necessary for tackling this common infection bringing about rapid and effective relief to severe or persistent digestive complaints, including stomach ulcers.

    Further information Tel: 01455 556 281 

    Ashtanga Yoga for Men Retreat Weeks in Mexico

    Male Yoga Practitioners who are interested in learning Ashtanga Yoga are invited to attend an all-inclusive weeklong Ashtanga Yoga training. Beginners are welcome. Ashtanga Yoga is an effective method of Yoga practice, which restores the body to a radiant state of health. The weeks on offer are 15-21 November, 22-28 November 29 November-5 December and 6 December-12 December 2010. The course will take place at Hotel Lagunita, an exclusive spa resort with 32 thatched roof cabins.

    Further information: 

    Free Organic Goody Bag from Well Hung Meat

    The Soil Association's Organic Fortnight has started and Well Hung Meat is offering a free organic goody bag (worth over £20) with their monthly boxes and a deliciously simple steak and chips recipe and details of how to get hold of some free tickets to upcoming events. To get this discount and goody bag, make sure you enter the promotion code GOODY when placing your order.

    Further information Tel: 0845 230 3131

    Holistic Optimal Fertility Plan: Fully Fertile - Findhorn Press

    How many couples are struggling to become pregnant? The Authors of Fully Fertile have had their own struggles and at their Pulling Down the Moon Clinics in Chicago, they have helped thousands of women to conceive, some naturally and some with IVF. With advice on how to use Yoga, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Oriental Medicine and other mind/body/spirit practices, Fully Fertile is the book for any woman who is even thinking of becoming pregnant, before they even think about trying to conceive.

    Further information: 

    Vitamin B Slows Alzheimer's Brain Shrinkage

    A study by Oxford University Scientists has concluded that consuming daily supplements of B vitamins may help to slow the brain shrinkage that is associated with Alzheimer's disease. The study was conducted on 168 people and found that taking high doses of Vitamin B Complex every day, reduced brain shrinkage associated with dementia by up to 53%. Healthspan is one of  the UK's direct suppliers of vitamins and nutritional supplements and they offer Vitamin B Complex supplements. Suitable for vegetarians, the tablet contains 100% of the recommended daily allowance for each member of the vitamin B family.

    Further information:
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