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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 175

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 175 - October 2010

'One' Yoga Therapy Centre Opens in London

Yoga Biomedical Trust, UK's leading yoga therapy body that promotes scientific research into yoga for the treatment and prevention of medical problems, is proud to announce the opening of One, in September 2010, its new Yoga Centre in Shoreditch, London. One is a unique Yoga Therapy Centre featuring some of the most renown authorities in this field.

One Yoga Therapy Centre

The benefits of yoga therapy - a fusion of deep breathing, invigorating postures and self-help - is gaining credence within the medical community as a complementary therapy for helping with a range of issues, including depression and anxiety, through to fertility, menopause and asthma. Robin Monro, Director of the Yoga Biomedical Trust, believes that yoga therapy is one of the few treatments that genuinely offers a holistic cure: "If you are working on stress for example, and focus on the body alone, you're not addressing the thought patterns that cause it. And if you deal only with the mental side of things, you're ignoring the biochemical and physiological changes that emotional trauma can bring. Yoga therapy addresses both aspects of the problem."

One offers a range of courses including:
  • Yoga for Conception - Effortless exercises acclaimed for their gentle efficacy, which have been specially designed for promoting pelvic awareness and relaxation towards conception;
  • Stress - Yoga brings us back to where we should be by working directly on the nervous system.  When we calm down we are also far more able to face our thoughts, fears and obstacles;
  • Back Pain - Specialized yoga therapy can help most types of low back pain by distinguishing between different types and applying appropriate yoga practices and precautions;
  • To support Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, One will offer classes on Yoga for Breast Health, also a specific Yoga for Breast Cancer restorative course.
Further Information
One Yoga Centre is at 1 Teesdale Street, London E26GF. Please contact One on Tel:  020 7275 8434;

The NLP Conference 12th-14th November 2010

Now in its 20th year, The NLP Conference is an annual 3 day event which attracts some of the best national and international speakers, trainers and authors from the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

NLP Conference Banner

NLP looks at the way our minds are programmed - programming that is the product of all our experiences, beliefs and those who have influenced us. It is they way we are made up - the way we look at the world.

Sometimes this programming contains "bugs" or doesn't work in the way we (or those we care for) want it to. NLP contains a number of techniques that allows us to fix these bugs, eliminating limiting beliefs, for example, or curing phobias.

Speakers include
Janey Lee Grace
Shelle Rose Charvet
Michael Hall
Ian McDermott
Andrew Austin
Caitlin Walker
Nick Owen
Robert Fletcher
Sue Knight
Nick Kemp
Iain McGilchrist
Lisa Wake
Pamela Gawler-Wright
Jeremy Lazarus

All standards of experience are catered for from complete beginners to seasoned professionals who have been using NLP for decades. Presentations cover subjects as diverse as health, teaching and training, therapy, personal development and business and leadership. All disciplines come together to learn and share best practice.

The NLP Conference is  a wonderful opportunity to catch up with the latest developments and applications of NLP and network with hundreds of like minded people keen to improve their lives and the lives of those they care for.

Further Information
For full details and online booking Tel: 01267 211880;   
pdf of the conference flyer   

Revolutionary Programme: Makeover to be Naturally Slim

Jane was an inactive and overweight serial dieter. Yet she gave up dieting, found peace with food, shed 3 stones and entered her first marathon a year later. How is it possible that she achieved all that?

Happy Weight Logo

Jane Learned that Diets don't Work

There are a number of physiological and psychological reasons for that. One of those is that when we cut calories by a certain amount, the metabolism slows. Then when we resume normal eating and increase our energy intake, the body has become more economical in how it uses and stores that energy. We end up even fatter than we were before we dieted.

Jane Followed the 5 Stages of the Happyweight Programme

She experienced being a natural balanced eater again. She ate when hungry and stopped non-hunger eating. She learned methods to keep her motivated to continue increasing her fitness over time. She learned some brilliant psychological skills that helped her think slim and manage her emotions more effectively, thus overcoming emotional eating.  She also became empowered with scientific nutritional knowledge about fat loss as well as anti-ageing. She understood how food could balance her brain, hormones and digestive system too and that this was also important for her long-term aims and goals.

Courses - there are a number of options - are Delivered by Judy Price, the Founder
  • The 30 day home study programme which has 6 CDs and an excellent and inspiring manual of exercises for you to work through;
  • Personal coaching and therapy by phone or in person. Judy is a therapist and trained in eating disorders as well as a dieting veteran;
  • The new online course is planned for launch in the next two months so sign up for notifications.
Further Information
Claim your free report Ten Ways to Burn Fat Without Dieting from
Please contact Judy on Tel: 0844 8001197;  

 Our Native Village Eco Resort for Holistic Health - Bangalore India

Our Native Village is a 100% eco resort where everything from energy, water, waste management and architecture, and food are all based on sustainable platforms.  The resort also has India's first 'pond style' fully natural swimming pool,  with no chemicals used in cleansing; the roots of aquatic plants 'eat' up all the 'dirt' from the pool, oxygenate the water and help maintain hygiene.

Our Native Village Eco Resort for Holistic Health - Bangalore India

Healing the Body
The focus here is on nutrition and its healing properties. A low fat whole-plant-based food will help the body (physiology) address many diseases. With a finely planned nutritional intervention in a series of 21 day programmes, guests give themselves the chance to tune into food as a medicine and a disease reversal tool.

Healing the Mind
Ancient and modern science has acknowledged and proven the link between the mind and the
body. A number of Mind-Body and Energy Medicine techniques will be used, including reflexology, yoga, meditation, shadow-work, Emotional Freedom Techniques and cellular meditation.

Healing the Soul
Once the body and mind have been taken care of, to now complete the holistic nature of healing, the soul will be healed. Techniques like Past Life Regression and Re Birthing breath work will be used to aid in these explorations.

Further Information
Please contact Our Native Village. Enquiries / Reservations on Tel: +91 80 41140909;

Stephen MacAllan - Natural Medicine Practitioner

Stephen MacAllan Logo
Stephen MacAllan  Lic Ac BAc MAc MH Cert BERM MAM/H MBAcC  has been in practice since 1976, and is fully qualified in Traditional Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy, Bio-Energetic Regulatory Medicine and Angelic Reiki.

In his Harley Street, London clinic he works with holistic amalgam-free dentists dealing with  mercury-related Health Challenges and ensuring that amalgam replacement is carried out properly and safely. He also works with patients after amalgam replacement, monitoring the sometimes lengthy and complicated detoxification process and enabling good recovery of health.

In his home practice in Crewe, Cheshire, Stephen sees his role as a natural health practitioner to try to identify the various stress factors in patients  and then find ways to remove those stress factors. Stress factors include toxins, infections, nutritional deficiencies, Ch'i disturbances, Geopathic stresses, emotional/psychological stresses, Electro-Magnetic Field disturbances and other issues.

He has many resources to draw on to help patients:
  • Acupuncture: a remedy practised for over 5000 years which has helped millions of people and continues to amass numerous scientific studies showing benefit for a wide variety of health complaints;
  • Herbal medicine: also with a huge history of use by many peoples for hundreds of years;
  • Vegatesting: a recent medical device, which combines the principles of acupuncture and homoeopathy with modern electronics to produce a marvellous aid to diagnosis;
  • Kosmed: a recent medical device with an excellent pedigree including extensive use by Russian Doctors for many years.
Further Information
Stephen MacAllan Lic Ac BAc MAc MH Cert BERM MAM/H MBAcC  may be contacted on  Tel : 01270 650336; Mob 07985 585718;

You Know More Than You Think - How to access your super-subconscious powers

by Seka Nikolic
Published by Hay House. 30 Sept 2010. Paperback. £10.99. ISBN: 1848502214.
Foreword by Paul McKenna

You Know More Than You Think - How to access your super-subconscious powers

Have you ever telephoned someone just as they were about to ring you? Or received an email from a friend at the same moment you were thinking of them? In her latest book You Know More Than You Think, leading Bio-Energy practitioner Seka Nikolic explains how these aren't just extraordinary coincidences, but examples of your super-subconscious powers at work.  

Seka sets out a practical and accessible guide to learning about the four main dimensions of energy. She explains how we can each tune our energy frequency to control the messages we send and receive, attain a neutral mind and consequently control what we think, how we feel and what we attract.

Discover how to:
  • Become aware of energy frequencies and recognise the powers you already have;
  • Protect yourself from negative energy and attract positive energy;
  • Control the energy extensions that exist beyond your energy;
  • Access the benefits of distance healing;
  • Reduce and deter the effects of ailments and illness to achieve good health;
  • Maintain an energetic connection to help cope with grief;
  • Attract healthy and loving relationships;
  • Use breathing exercises to ultimately access your super-subconscious.
Further Information
Available from Amazon  

Heart Wisdom: Your Transformation Guide to Joyful Living and Loving

by Russell Feingold
Published by Findhorn Press. December 2010. Paperback. £7.99 ISBN 978-1-84409-533-9

Heart Wisdom: Your Transformation Guide to Joyful Living and Loving

Who am I? Why does my life feel like it's a mess? What is my true purpose?

The answers to these questions and others you may be seeking are to be found here, just a heartbeat away, in Russell Feingold's book Heart Wisdom: Your Transformational Guide to Joyful Living and Loving, created for those times when things positively, absolutely have to change. 

Russell Feingold is a transformational coach and master healer whose extensive experience, with individuals at the end of their tether, has produced a fresh approach to creating the optimum conditions for personal change.

Feingold has created a guide, filled with laser like, original techniques that astutely steer the reader back to his or her authentic self. As well as candidly sharing himself and his own experiences, Feingold includes in Heart Wisdom individual examples taken from his practice. He shows how his techniques can cut stress, tension and fear (which Feingold believes to be one of our biggest issues) and help the reader gain new perspective on old problems.

Along with his 9 ways to stay connected to the heart, Heart Wisdom also contains fascinating facts about the human heart, which he uses effectively throughout. Feingold writes with clarity, wisdom and compassion for the reader, who you feel he genuinely wants to assist. Heart Wisdom is about finding harmony with the true self and consequently making new decisions, creating positive relationships, fulfilling careers, happy family life and good health; finally becoming congruent with who we really are, rather than who we think we should, or would like to be. Russell Feingold intuitively understands that the heart is the gateway to the soul.
Further Information
Please visit
Available on Amazon  

Black Garlic Superfood


Black Garlic Superfood

Black Garlic is a new superfood and healthy snack available in UK and EU supermarkets this Autumn. Previously only available in selected delis, restaurants and online, these amazingly sweet soft black cloves will be available to all. Sold in bulb form ( quite fun to peel and snack ) and peeled (most regularly purchased ). Black Garlic Ltd intend to extend range to include Sauce, Powder, Juice and Paste.

Black Garlic is completely new to the UK and Europe and is a fascinating product with a really sweet taste, twice the anti oxidants of regular garlic, and zero after smell so it is a great way of getting enough garlic in a really, really sweet way. The product has no additives or preservatives and is basically aged white Garlic (heat and humidity treated).

Black Garlic Ltd have all relevant paperwork regarding nutritional properties and anti oxidant studies (plus others, including anti fatigue); our source and factory are technically accredited to the standard of UK  and EU supermarkets. Supermarket contracts are due to start in October and the product has been well received across Europe and the USA, in both the health and food industry.

Further Information
Please contact Katy Heath at Black Garlic Ltd on Tel:  07836 277 094;  

Hibiscus On The Pulse - High Blood Pressure Remedy

Research from the American Heart Association published in 2009 revealed that drinking hibiscus tea lowered blood pressure in a group of pre-hypertensive and mildly hypertensive adults. Nutrition scientist Diane McKay led the study, which was part funded by the US Department of Agriculture.

Hibiscus On The Pulse - High Blood Pressure Remedy

In a clinical trial, McKay tested 65 volunteers between the ages of 30 and 70, whose systolic blood pressure was 120-150mmHg and whose diastolic blood pressure was 95mmHg or less at the start of the study. For six weeks, half the group drank three cups of hibiscus tea a day, while the other drank a placebo beverage containing artificial hibiscus flavouring and colour.

Volunteers who drank hibiscus tea had a 7.2 point drop in their systolic blood pressure, compared to a 1.3 point drop in volunteers who drank the placebo beverage. In those with mean systolic blood pressure over 129mmHg, the reduction was nearly 14mmHg. The study's author noted that hibiscus flowers contain anthocyanins, natural antioxidants found in plants, which help improve capillary function and strengthen collagen.

Simply Hibi is the super juice that contains 17 times more anthocyanins than cranberry and other juice drinks. Antioxidant-rich Simply Hibi is a 100% natural, hibiscus infusion drink that provides an effective natural remedy for high blood pressure. Its composition of 85% hibiscus-infused water and 15% grape juice concentrate ensures a rich berry flavour with no added artificial colourings or preservatives.

Further Information
Simply Hibi is available in selected Waitrose and Sainsbury's stores, as well as Holland & Barrett health food stores. It is available in one-litre tetra cartons with an MRRP of £1.39. To discover more about the drink, visit  

The Netical Patch™

The Netical Patch™ was developed by Don Scott who suffered many years from osteoarthritis which caused unbelievable pain. He couldn't walk at times and was often confined to a wheelchair. The discovery came by accident when Scott was working his farmlands and his tractor stalled. The only way out of the field was to walk; something that he had difficulty with over the years without some kind of support. Wrapping one foot around a club, Scott hobbled through a field of nettles. By the time he reached his residence, he noticed all of his pain was gone.

The Netical Patchâ„¢

This soon led to many years of botanical research and patent of the Netical Patch™. Throughout his research years, Scott applied the nettle patches on people from around the country, including doctors and athletes.

The Netical Patch™ comes in three convenient sizes and can be applied to the main trunk of your body as well as arms, elbows, fingers, legs, knees and toes. The larger size patches can be applied to ankles, heels, the head and throat. The Netical Patch(tm) not only helps relieve aches and discomfort associated with physical injuries or musculoskeletal problems, but also relieves pain of minor burns and helps heal minor cuts.

Made from the extract of the nettle plant (Urtica dioica) the resins are extracted onto a 100 percent cotton cloth. Manufactured by Nettle Farms LLC, the Netical Patch™ is distributed locally through Transdermal Innovations, Inc.

Further Information
Please contact Transdermal Innovations, Inc. on Tel:  +1 740-569-4499;

Crocs Specialist Vent

The Crocs™ Specialist Vent, work shoes that let your feet breathe. With an increased metatarsal area, this clog offers additional protection for the top of your foot. A croslite™ footbed, closed heel and raised edging around the portals make this the perfect shoe for work.

Crocs Specialist Vent

  • New professional styling creates the ultimate comfort shoe for the workplace;
  • Designed to meet workplace standards with a closed heel;
  • Exclusive croslite™ material conforms to foot creating a custom fit;
  • Supportive arch and footbed circulation nubs ensure all-day comfort;
  • Side ventilation ports promote airflow and are inset to protect foot from spills;
  • Thicker metatarsal area helps protect the top of the foot;
  • Loose fit allows foot to bend and expand naturally;
  • Odour resistant and bacteriostatic.
Care for Crocs
Wash with warm water to remove excess dirt. Then use Crocs Butter to bring your crocs back to top condition.
Further Information  


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    Transform Your Mind and Your Life...with Richard Bandler's Licensed NLP Practitioner Course. Date 16-24 October, Kensington, London.

    Have you ever wondered what gives the really successful and happy people in the world the edge over all the others?

    Have you ever thought how good it would be to be able to learn to have the supposedly secret instincts of those hugely successful people?

    Now you can find out!!

    Further Information and to enrol please Tel: 0845 2607930;

    CAM Outstanding Achievement Award

    The CAM Outstanding Achievement Award will be running for the second year at Camexpo 23 - 24 October - deadline Monday 11 Oct 2010.

    This is the ultimate recognition that can be bestowed on an individual who has made a truly outstanding contribution to the Complementary and Natural Therapy Industry.  The Award will be presented at camexpo, at Earls Court on the 23 - 24 October.

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    The Annual Be Happy programme, an 8-week course by Robert Holden has 4 workshops over 8 weeks. 2-3 and 16 October and 6 and 27 November in Central London. This globally acclaimed course helps you to be happier with your life.

    For only the second time, Robert will be running a Love's Philosophy weekend in December in London. This creative workshop will provide you with a rich mix of principles and exercises to help you flourish in your life, your work and your relationships. Course Dates 11-12 December 2010, the Columbia Hotel, London W2.

    Further information Tel: 0845 430 9236

    The Jerusalem International Conference on Integrated Medicine - October 2010

    The Professional Associations of Complementary Health Professionals in Israel, invite you to a special meeting aimed to enrich each other with the cumulative knowledge from all their Clinics, researches and philosophical diversity. The Conference October 19-22, in Jerusalem, hosts workshops and lecturers of leading professionals from many countries, who come to share knowledge and create a modern, advanced dialogue between the various worlds of medicine.

    The main professional issues will be: Oncology, medicinal plants, chronic pain, preventative and supportive medicine, integrative models in divisions of the medical establishment, laughter and humour, infertility, paediatrics, homeopathy, professional ethics, special lectures, surveys and workshops.

    Further information:

    The NLP Conference

    The annual NLP Conference will take place on 12-14 November, Canary Wharf, London.
    Major UK NLP Institutes

    The Conference is truly independent and welcomes participation from all Organisations and Institutes. Most of the major UK NLP Training Institutes are represented.

    Leading NLP Authors
    Many of the best known British NLP authors are presenting in addition to the NLP authors who are also International and NLP Institute lead trainers.

    NLP Trainers and Coaches
    Featuring some of the most innovative people in NLP today

    Becoming a highly effective teacher with NLP
    Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to develop out standing teaching and leadership skills

    Book your place via the website. All prices include lunchtime buffet and morning and afternoon refreshments. Special rates have been arranged at the Conference hotel, The Britannia International in London, but places are limited. To book into the hotel Tel: 0871 222 0042.

    Further information Tel: 0845 370 9705

    Rudolf Steiner 100th Anniversary Anthroposophy Conference

    The 100 Years Anniversary Conference of Anthroposophy and Psychosophy Lectures Retrospection, Celebration, Awakening is being held in Berlin 2-5 November 2010. Speakers include: Martin Barkhoff, Martin Basfeld, Roland Halfen, Detlef Hardorp, Martin Kollewijn, Peter Lutzker, Yehuda Tagar and others.

    At the dawn of modern psychology, Rudolf Steiner sketched a new conception of human consciousness and delineated the interaction of body, soul and spirit. Yet 100 years later, these remarkable contributions to new layers of understanding the human being have hardly been used, applied and integrated into the anthroposophical movement, let alone into contemporary modern culture as a whole.

    Bookings and Further Information: Please contact Rudolf Steiner Haus Berlin on Tel. 0049 (0)30 832 59 32; also 0049 (0)3322 242824;

    American Institute of Cancer Research Conference

    The 2010 American Institute of Cancer Research (AICR) Conference is taking place on 21-22 October in Washington DC. The Conference focuses on Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer. Register by 17 September to take advantage of the early-bird discount rate.

    A limited number of scholarships are available for doctoral students studying Nutrition and Cancer within the United States.

    For further information, the full program and speaker biographies. Tel: 1-800-843-8114
    (DC: 202-328-7744)  

    PMA Your Work Day

    Inject positive mental attitude (PMA) into your office with Bach(tm) Original Flower Remedies. From the makers of Rescue Remedy(r), Bach Original Flower Remedies are a system of 38 remedies, which can help us rediscover the positive side of ourselves and lead emotionally healthy lives.

    Larch can help boost self-confidence, Mimulus can help give courage and Centaury can help you stand up for yourself.

    Bach™ Original Flower Remedies are available from Holland and Barrett, Boots and most independent chemist and health food stores.

    Further information:

    Tai Chi Classes

    Devon free classes of Tai Chi and QiGong have started in Totnes, Devon and London, Gloucester classes are running later on this month. Andrew's Development Group is starting this month too.

    A weekend of Tai Chi and QiGong will take place at Sharpham house on 24-26 September and Instructor training starts in March in the South Devon Venue. Workshops will be run throughout the year in Devon, Bristol and London throughout the year.

    Further information Tel: 0845 257 2142

    Study Links Fluoride to Pre-Term Birth and Anaemia in Pregnancy

    Fluorine avoidance reduced anaemia in pregnant women, decreased pre-term births and enhanced babies birth-weight, concludes a leading fluoride expert, AK Susheela and colleagues in a study published in Current Science (May 2010).

    Susheela's team explains that anaemia in pregnancy, which can lead to maternal and infant mortality, continues to plague many countries despite nutritional counselling and maternal iron and folic acid supplementation. This is the first examination of fluoride as an additional risk factor for anaemia and low-birth-weight babies.

    Further information:

    The International Journal of Healing and Caring

    The International Journal of Healing and Caring is shifting from subscriptions to revenue streams from donations and classified advertisements. Their application for non-profit status has been filed and they are waiting for federal approval.

    In this peer reviewed online journal you can learn about the latest, most up-to-date wholistic healing approaches, explore creative and innovative healing options, find new scientific research on wholistic, Complementary therapies and enjoy heart-warming stories of fellow seekers on the paths to healing. The September issue is now online/

    Further information:

    Vitamin D Viridian Range

    Research has been published showing the benefits of Vitamin D on low mood (SAD), bone health, immunity, cardiovascular health and now, protection against genetic diseases such as MS, diabetes and even certain cancers.

    The Viridian range of more than 170 vitamins, minerals, herbs, tinctures, ointments, amino acids, speciality nutrients and nutritional oils was founded in 1999. The Soil Association certifies more than 40% of Viridian products.

    Request a free Viridian Nutrition e-catalogue  which lists all the ingredients in the Viridian Nutrition range and has an at-a-glance chart which indicates which products are vegan, kosher and organic.

    Further information Tel: 01327 878050

    It's Fine To Lose Weight Fast

    New research indicates that people trying to lose weight should follow a diet programme that slices a large proportion of their unwanted weight right off. The traditional approach to weight-loss has been that a slow, gradual weight loss is more effective in the long term than fast weight loss, but research presented to the International Congress on Obesity in Stockholm earlier this month has kicked that idea into touch.

    Dr Jeroen Barte, a Researcher at the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands analysed data from 12 different weight-loss studies with over 1,000 participants.

    The programme lasted between ten weeks and one and a half years and all the participants were weighed again at least a year after the programme ended to ascertain how successfully they had kept the weight off. The dieters who had initially lost more weight also ended up with the best long-term results.

    Further information

    Turning Point Training

    There are still a couple of places for the Autumn Craniosacral Training course on 17-19 September, 9-10 October and 19-20 November with the final exam on 21 November.

    Bookings are now being taken for the Spring course, 8-10 April, 21-22 May, 11-12 June and 8-9 July. Final exam 10 July. The course is designed for professionals in conventional and Complementary Medicine to extend the range of skills at their disposal.

    Dentists, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Holistic Therapists have benefited from the course. Teaching groups are small with intensive individual tuition. The course is held in North Devon.

    Further information Tel: 01769 579079;  07944 411681  courseenquiries@craniosacralcourses.

    Introduction to Equine Massage

    For horse owners and horse lovers, Introduction to Equine Massage is a one-day workshop that will introduce and allow you to acquire a new skill to use with your own horse.

    This workshop is a taster for either an owners 4-day certificate course or the FHT accredited Diploma in Equine Massage, but will give you a real introduction to the world of equine massage.

    Learn to map the horse's body, read their body language and practise some hands-on techniques.

    Further information Tel: 023 8062 4350

    Holistic Heaven

    Hundreds of people will visit Holistic Heaven the Mind Body and Spirit Festival at Oakley House in Bromley. Discover new treatments, stimulate your mind and inspire your senses.

    There are free workshops to help visitors to understand alternative treatments and open their mind to life-changing practices. There will be over 40 exhibitors featuring innovative products, clothing, crystals, jewellery, health and beauty products, books, music, taster treatments and gifts.

    Indulge in treatments, relax with experienced therapists and discover a new direction in life.

    Further information Tel: 0845 302 4914;

    Macrobiotic Diet Potential to Increase Fertility

    It is estimated that as many as one in seven couples are infertile, with up to one in four experiencing difficulties before they do manage to conceive naturally.

    One of the main reasons is that women are leaving it later to become mothers as they choose to pursue a career and lifestyle interests, before deciding to start a family.

    David McCarthy, a Pharmacist with over 25 years experience and owner of believes there are more important considerations. A macrobiotic diet involves eating fresh organic foods, little or no meat, caffeine, alcohol or dairy and plenty of rice, beans and pulses. As this type of diet can help regulate insulin and increase levels of certain hormones, it has a real potential to increase fertility.

    Further information Tel: 01444 484727  

    Goat's Milk Saves Man from Breakfast Pain

    A man from Bamber Bridge in Lancashire can now enjoy a pain-free breakfast after swapping cows' milk for St Helen's Farm goats' milk. The switch has alleviated the heartburn and indigestion he suffered from using cows' milk on his cereal at breakfast.

    St Helen's Farm is based at Seaton Ross near York and produces a range of dairy products from goats including butter, cheese, cream and yoghurt.

    Further information Tel: 01430 861715 (Customer helpline)  01430 861400 (Business enquiries)

    Urban Zen Centre

    The Urban Zen Center in New York, is holding some events in September and October.
    Food Solutions: Restoring Nourishment to Our Children's Plates with Paediatrician Stephen Cowan MD and natural health and wellness pioneer, Annemarie Colbin PhD will comprise of a day of learning, discovery and innovative hands-on cooking and tasting in a supportive environment.

    This event takes place on 29 September 9.00am-2.30pm.

    Winning Weight Battles and Conquering Cravings with Neal Barnard MD who will be conducting an in-depth seminar covering everything you need to know about tackling, not only weight, but the conditions that come along with it on 2 October 10.00am-4.00pm.

    Food Solutions: Reducing Pain Through the Food You Choose 27 October, 9.00am-2.30pm. Can the food you choose pay a role in chronic pain and symptom management?

    Dr Mark Hyman with Diabesity 30 October 10.00am-4.00pm. The full spectrum of mild insulin resistance to end-state diabetes.

    Further information Tel: +1.212.414.8520
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