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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 172

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 172 - July 2010

Medical Taping Concept Application: Techniques For Sports Injuries


Medical Taping Concept Application: Techniques For Sports Injuries

In the late 1990s a new approach to taping was developed in Japan and Korea which relied upon the use of unique tape to increase 'mobilization', as opposed to the prevailing approach which was wrapping for 'immobilization'. One of the key proponents of this method was the Japanese chiropractor Kenzo Kase, who developed Kenesio Tape. Many of the texts by Dr. Kase have not been translated from Japanese to English.

As with new methods, others seek to extend the knowledge; one such practitioner was Josya Sijmonsma, a Dutch physiotherapists who wrote the book, TNM -Neuromuscular Taping (Medical Taping Concept).

TNM Neuromuscular Taping (Medical Taping Concept)
by Josya Sijmonsma
ISBN: 978-972-98228-4-1
Available from Mycology Research Laboratories Ltd

Sports Course Medical Taping Concept  by Aneid UK
July 17 and 18th.
Venue: University of Bedfordshire Luton Campus, Park Square, Luton, Bedfordshire

Tutor: Marc Van Zuilen, Physiotherapist. Medical Taping Concept Instructor; Clinical instructor of the European School of Physiotherapy. Private Clinic: Fisioterapia Alcobendas in Madrid.  

Further Information
For further information and to register for the Sports Injuries Course, please contact Aneid UK on Tel: +44 (0)1582 485209;  

The Upledger Institute UK (UIUK) is In New Hands...

The Upledger Institute UK (UIUK) is In New Hands...

If you are familiar with CranioSacral Therapy you may be familiar with the Upledger Institute. Celebrating its 25th birthday this year, it was set up in the US to teach the CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release® work developed by Dr John Upledger, whose vision, writing and continually evolving course programme has inspired  different types of practitioner to study and utilize the techniques to assist their work. In 1994, John & Carol Page wanted to share this vision with the UK and have run courses over here ever since.

John and Carol are now (starting) to retire and have passed on the running of UIUK to Caroline Barrow, who has been studying and using Upledger CranioSacral therapy since 1999 and running the College of Body Science, which teaches anatomy and physiology for complementary therapists. Her years of experience since 2001 of running a college are already under her belt and fit perfectly with UIUK.

having treatment

The UIUK website is revamped and the phone number has a Somerset code! The work  offers great post graduate training for many types of therapist and the courses are still run in different venues around the UK - currently Bristol, London, Coventry and Perth.

Further Information
To learn more about Upledger CranioSacral Therapy contact the Upledger Institute UK on Tel:  01934 733611  

Northern College of Acupuncture: Nutritional Therapy Post-graduate Diploma and MSc

Northern College of Acupuncture: logo

Diet and nutrition are an integral part of healthcare; helping clients to improve their health through nutrition can extend your practice and support your other treatments.  

This PART-TIME COURSE commences in October 2010.  It offers a post-graduate diploma which can be taken independently or can lead on to an MSc programme.  For the Diploma programme, attendance is required one weekend a month in York over 2 years, plus occasional additional clinical teaching sessions on weekdays.

The course provides a thorough grounding in evidence-based medicine within Western Nutritional Science. The Functional Medicine approach means that clients are assessed on an individual basis in relation to the potential range of underlying causes rather than just treating symptoms. The course is unique in offering one module which studies traditional nutritional approaches as applied to Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicine.

To date, the Northern College of Acupuncture is the only training College in the North of England accredited for Nutritional Therapy by the Nutritional Therapy Council. Students who have successfully completed the 2 year course may apply for professional registration with the CNHC (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council).  The University of Middlesex has validated this postgraduate programme.

Further Information
If you would like more information, please contact our Registrar Julia on Tel: 01904 343300 or email

Vertical Reflexology Courses Hands and Feet

Reflexology is a complementary therapy where specific points on the feet and hands, called reflexes, are gently worked to help improve circulation, restore equilibrium and encourage healing. Lynne Booth has developed a new, profound and very different form of Reflexology, called Vertical Reflexology, also known as Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) where the hands or feet are worked when the person is in a standing, or weight-bearing position, causing the reflexes to become more sensitive and responsive. VRT is a five-minute technique which can be used as part of a full reflexology treatment, for shortened 20 minute sessions in the work place, hospices and  also sports teams.

VRT courses are post-graduate teaching modules for qualified Reflexologists. Over 6500 Reflexologists have been taught VRT internationally; Lynne Booth and her tutors run courses in many countries.  See the VRT website for current courses worth 12 CPD points per day.

A Range of One Day Accredited Courses - Basic and Advanced VRT - on Offer
  • Step by step hand and foot reflexology instructions to relieve pain, stress,  headaches, indigestion and other aliments;
  • General introduction covers the background to VRT and Reflexology including a dorsal chart;
  • Easy self-help hand exercises are taught for insomnia, jet lag and relaxation;
  • Professional Reflexologists, new to VRT, can incorporate basic techniques into their practice;
  • VRT practitioners can acquire advanced hand and foot techniques to extend their repertoire.
  • days;
  • VRT and the Endocrine System;
  • VRT for Hands and Nails.
Further Information
Vertical Reflexology and Vertical Reflexology for Hands are published by Piatkus Books.  To set up author interviews or request a review copy, further quotes or information contact Sam Cross on Tel: 0117 9626746; 

The Pelvic Corrector Ring

This simple Device, without moving parts, has been designed to obtain excellent results in re-aligning your pelvis. If your pelvis is not aligned and stabilized you may suffer the 'slings and arrows of outrageous' back-pain and other musculo-skeletal aches and pains.

The Pelvic Corrector Ring

Back-pain and other musculo-skeletal aches and pains are caused 95% of the time by an unstable pelvis, so commonplace.  When it is dislocated, it loses its horizontality, and thus the spine is forced to suffer distortion, and also, the body has to sustain leg length discrepancy.

This PCR Device is geared to execute 'Three Techniques' all different, but they re-adjust the pelvis back to its proper angularity. These 'Three Techniques' implemented by this PCR Device are easy to learn and only take seconds or minutes to execute. The Pelvic Corrector Ring enables you to correct the dislocation of your pelvis when required..
Instructions are sent with the Device; instructions as to usage are also indicated in the Manual:
Correct Your Pelvis And Heal Your Back-Pain (ISBN 0-9549755-0-2).
However, the Manual stands on its own in that it contains self-help techniques to re-align your pelvis with or without the Device, though with the Device there usually is more success.

Further Information
The PCR Device is designed and developed by Alexander Barrie in England. Please contact Alexander Barrie on Tel: 0208 423 5659; 

Goldenhills Manuka Honey UMF16+ for Eye Problems

Eye problems, such as conjunctivitis, inflammation of the eye lid, a stye, or red, sore, itchy, congested, or watery eyes that result from hay fever, an allergy, an irritant, or an eye infection, can prove really distressing. 

Goldenhills Manuka Honey UMF16+ for Eye Problems
Manuka Honey from New Zealand is different from any other honey, as it possesses a unique antibacterial component, known as Unique Manuka Factor (UMF), which delivers added antibacterial benefits to the body. UMF-rated Manuka Honey is more potent than any other honey, and therefore, a natural choice for easing a range of eye problems.  Since the antibacterial level varies between each batch of Manuka Honey, the UMF-rating scale guides us an indication of a honey's strength. For eye problems, select a medium-strength Manuka Honey, such as Lifeplan Goldenhills Manuka Honey UMF16+, as it will provide the correct antibacterial activity to help fight any eye irritation or infection.  It also provides your eyes with antiviral, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory benefits too, which in combination, aids the body's healing processes to restore your eyes to their former health.
Further Information
Lifeplan Goldenhills Manuka Honey UMF16+ is available from independent health food stores nationwide and the Lifeplan Products Limited website Lifeplan Goldenhills only uses Manuka Honey that's ethical, environmentally friendly, totally natural, and which uses no chemicals in the production process. For further information, contact Lifeplan Products Ltd on Tel: 01455 556281;

The Florence Nightingale Memorial Lecture

Date: Monday, 12 July 2010, 10.30a.m. - 3.30p.m
Venue: Penny Brohn Cancer Care, Chapel Pill Lane, Pill, Bristol BS20 0HH
Cost: Charity donation to Penny Brohn would be appreciated

The Florence Nightingale Memorial Lecture

Professor Barbara Dossey, International Co-Director, Nightingale Initiative for Global Health, is leading world celebrations marking the centenary of Florence Nightingale's death, and the Nightingale Declaration for a Healthy World.

Penny Brohn Cancer Care is hosting this special occasion for nurses. The day will include a buffet lunch and tours of the Centre, as well as the lecture Integral and Holistic Nursing: Our Legacy, Our Science, Our Art. 

Florence Nightingale was one of the most remarkable women of the nineteenth century. A trailblazing activist and visionary, her ideas on public health, sanitation, holistic health and women's place in society were decades ahead of their time.

Less well know is Florence Nightingale, the visionary, who understood the role of spirituality in healing. Spirituality to her was the common thread that connected all religions and faiths giving 'unity to the whole - one continuous thread of interest to all these pearls'.

Further Information
Helpline: Tel: 0845 1233210;    

Memory Lane from Power Health - Roll Back the Clock

Memory Lane is a brain boosting supplement with key ingredient Phosphatidylserine (PS,) essential for neuronal signalling to help maintain long-term memory. This naturally occurring nutrient in the brain improves cognitive function, and enhances mental ability in as little as three weeks. Levels of PS decline with age, but research shows that taking a PS supplement to increase levels can restore many brain functions.[1] According to Dr Parris Kidd, a cell biologist with a special interest in ageing, "a supplement like Memory Lane is efficiently absorbed by the brain." Experts estimate taking PS can roll back the clock by roughly 12 years![2]

Memory Lane from Power Health -

A PS supplement such as Memory Lane can help improve recognition of faces and names, recalling information, maintaining concentration and remembering the locations of misplaced objects. It is also useful for younger people to enhance mental performance and improve attention span, social interest and participation. PS is a natural component of our diet, found in the cell membranes of animals and plants. The quantities are too small to be of any dietary significance, so supplementation is crucial.

It has been estimated that up to 50% of us will experience a noticeable decline in our mental Abilities.[3] Slowing down when it comes to common daily tasks such as recalling names has a devastating impact on self-esteem. According to Dr Kidd, "There is a decade by decade drop in memory function in the healthy population and it is particularly obvious in the 40s."[4]

How is Memory formed?

A gene called NR2B is the key switch that controls the brains ability to associate one event with another. It acts as the receptor for memory known as NMDA. Like a double lock on a door, it needs two signals before it opens. If two signals arrive at the same time, then the receptor is triggered and a memory is formed. As we get older, the receptor becomes less responsive which makes learning more difficult. This explains declining memory as we get older.


1. Crook TH and Adderly BD. The Memory Cure. 1998.
2. Ann Kent. Can a tablet keep your mind sharp in middle age? Good Health Developments Journal.
3. Jim McLean. Intelligence pills to supplement IQ. Daily Record. 2009.
4. Ann Kent. Can a tablet keep your mind sharp in middle age? Good Health Developments Journal.

Clinical Study

Benefits of Phospahtidylserine on measures of total recall, long-term storage, long term retrieval and long term retrieval from Cenacchi et al (1993.)

In the American studies, improvements in mental ability were noted within as little as 3 weeks from starting to take phosphatidylserine. The studies confirmed that phosphatidylserine can benefit particular aspects of cognitive functioning in mildly impaired individuals. In four different tests of the ability to store and recall information, especially long-term storage and recall, there was a 10-30% improvement in performance after 6 months use of phosphatidylserine.

Further Information
Availability: health stores and pharmacies nationwide and online at  

Viva Centre for Modern Mayr Medicine - Rejuvenation for Mind Body Soul and Spirit


Viva Mayr

Viva Mayr, Centre for Modern Mayr Medicine prestigious clinic was set up in 2004 by the Mayr practitioner and physician Dr Harald Stossier and has quickly established an international reputation and an army of devotees. Dr Harald Stossier and his medical team are delighted to introduce a powerful new autumn program available for the first time to their valued clients at Viva Mayr.

Viva Mayr is situated on a peninsula on the southern shore of beautiful Lake Wörth which is blessed with a sunny southern Alpine climate and stunning scenery. Because of the Mediterranean climate, this is not only Europe's largest, but also its warmest Alpine lake.

Viva Mayr

Dr Stossier's aim is to nurture all patients so that they leave the Viva Centre feeling well and revitalized. By restoring the body's balance through cleansing the digestive system and learning the basics of good digestion (such as chewing properly), we can regain optimum health and vitality and alleviate many modern-day ailments.

Dr Stossier and his medical team work closely with each guest to ensure they receive a personalized and effective treatment programme combining both conventional and alternative medicine. Every guest begins their cure with a visit to one of our resident doctors where a comprehensive medical history is taken including an initial medical check up. Kinesiology (muscle testing) is used to determine any substances that you are allergic or intolerant to, and any areas of your constitution that need particular attention. We then devise your treatment plan based around the therapies that will be most beneficial to you, including a personalized nutrition programme.

At the end of your stay you will have a final medical check up to chart your progress and  recommendations will be given to enable you to continue making improvements once you are back home.

Further Information
Viva Mayr Centre for Modern Medicine-A-9082 Maria Woerth Tel: +43 4273 31117 

Health Benefits For Sabona Copper

Sabona, the company which supplies copper bracelets throughout the world to a wide customer base is commemorating 50 years in business this year. Throughout the long period of trading successfully, the health benefits of copper have been apparent.

Health Benefits For Sabona Copper

The company stresses that copper is an essential metalloelement - a form of copper in the biological system, like iron and magnesium - which the body requires to function. Like all other essential metalloelements it cannot be produced by the body. Different forms of copper have been used for medicinal reasons throughout the history of mankind. Ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Persian, Hindu and Aztec writings record various consistent medicinal uses of copper.

Sabona uses the very purest high quality copper and there is increasing evidence that Sabona copper complexes have anti-inflamatory properties. It is this attribute that is of interest and benefit to people who suffer from rheumatism and arthritis, aches and pains. Professor John Sorenson from University of Arkansas states that copper is an essential element for life and that many enzymes contain copper. Copper complexes are remarkably active pharmacological agents. This activity is not shared by copper ions or the parent ligands on their own.

Work by Sorensen showed that a copper chelate is anti-inflammatory and even showed that copper chelated with substances not normally anti-inflammatory were effective in reducing inflammation and showed that in anti-inflammatory drugs the chelate of copper was twenty times more effective.  It is therefore postulated that the anti-inflammatory activity of the drug is related to the formation of a chelate with copper existing in the tissues. He also points out that copper-protein complexes are required by all cells in man. These complexes serve as enzymes needed for normal metabolic processes.

Further Information
Please contact Sabona at  

Timeout Instead of Burnout - Regena Health Resort

The term 'spa', associated with treatment through water, is a highly interesting combination of ancient tradition and modern technology. Water plays a central role in this: purification, warm and cold baths, steam baths, massage as well as sports recovery to name just a few.

Timeout Instead of Burnout - Regena Health Resort

"The world of water and sensuality dates back to the famous Roman thermal springs. In the years following, Naturopathic treatment, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda as well as Oriental training methods such as Chi Quong also came about" states Joachim Hunger of Regena in Bad Brückenau, which the health resort scout Relax Guide confirms as being the best health resort in Bavaria, Germany. A wellness-oasis with a first class hotel and medicinal competence centre, together with traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic treatment and Classical Medicine have been united in one place at Regena.

Many people are put under pressure and exposed to stresses and strains on a daily basis. The feeling of being burnt out is developed through lasting stress such as pressure to perform and succeed, personal problems and clashes between professional and private needs and requirements. When a person is completely spent out, a feeling of inner emptiness develops and all life-energy seems to be lost. A rise in irritability, sleep problems, depression and exhaustion become apparent and health problems begin to appear. Then it is about time to find a way to make it stop.

Simply relax. Breathe deeply, tune out and become reinvigorated. Indulge your body and mind in quiet and relaxation. Escape the hectic pace and stress of everyday life and allow yourself to indulge in something truly special in the heart of Germany. For those who seek professional medical treatment, which includes not only classic medicine but also natural medicinal methods and oriental therapy, need look no further than the unrivalled health resorts of Germany.

Further information
Please contact REGENA Healthcare Resort on Tel. +49 (0)9741 8010; Fax +49 (0)9741 801 820;

Picture Credit: Image courtesy of ""

Emotional Healing for the Inner Child: A Survivor's Guide to the Journey of Life                       

by Anne Cummings
Published by Book Guild. 2009. Hardback. £17.99

Emotional Healing for the Inner Child: A Survivor's Guide to the Journey of Life
How to give your Inner Child the emotional intelligence to deal with life.
Why do we react in certain ways in some situations and not in others?
Why do others react to us in surprising ways?
Relating to others is not a game of chance - it is very often an unconscious, conditioned response that we have learned as a child.

This book is about the journey of the Inner Child and how that child influences our behaviour today.

Through the metaphor of a ferry crossing, each section of the book corresponds to a section of the journey, from hopeful beginnings, through turbulent waters to the final satisfaction of arriving at your destination.
Using Emotional Therapy techniques informed by Jung and Fromm, the author shows how we can learn to respond with emotional intelligence to life around us. She shows how we can discover inner peace and harmony by learning to respond to situations, rather than reacting to them.

She also shows you how to cope with the ups and downs of life, particularly the difficult times that can so easily unsettle us and throw us off course. However, learning about your inner child, the child you once were, means that when the next storm descends you can find yourself a safe haven.

Further Information
Available from Amazon  
and from Book Guild Publishing  
For further information please contact Anne Cummings on Tel: 01547 530977;


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    Trager® Summer Workshops

    Harry Dalford and Julie Kingston have put together three unique Trager workshops this summer with Instructor Dante Marchini: Trager® Self Care Workshop, Sat 7 Aug from 0930 - 1700hrs, £50, The Trager® Approach Level I Training 08th-14th August 2010, which Starts 2.00pm Sunday 8 Aug, half day Wed and finishes 5.00pm Saturday 14Aug - maximum 12 places, booking and deposit essential, and Trager In Pregnancy Workshop for body workers, therapists and pregnant women  Sun 15 Aug 1330-1830 pm at Bramley Village Hall, GU5 0AX, Cost: £40.

    For more information or application form, please contact
    Julie Kingston / Harry Dalford Tel:  01483 894741;

    Camexpo 2

    Visitor registration for Camexpo, the Complementary, natural and integrated healthcare show, has now opened with thousands of CAM Practitioners, Therapists, Students and Health Store Buyers expected to flock to the event at Earl's Court on 23-24 October. By pre-registering online, visitors can benefit from early-bird saving on the cost of entry. Show tickets are currently priced at £5 for Positive Health readers until 31 August, reverting to £18 payable on the door. Please use code camex163 to obtain your reader offer.

    Now in its eighth year, Camexpo is well established as the definitive industry event for the Complementary Healthcare sector. As the UK's only dedicated CAM show, it has seen a 44% total increase in attendance since 2007, with Camexpo 2009 enjoying a record turnout of 5163 attendees.

    Further information:

    American Institute of Cancer Research Annual Research Conference

    The American Institute of Cancer Research (AICR) Conference on food, nutrition, physical activity on cancer on 21-22 October 2010 will take place in Washington DC. Registration is now open and an early-bird discount is being offered.

    Topics covered will be: Ageing, issues related to diet, physical activity and cancer; Diet, physical activity and cancer survivorship; Diet, inflammation and cancer; Obesity and cancer; Nutrition proteomics and cancer prevention; Diet and cancer, what cohort studies are telling us; New and emerging science, the micobiome-implications for diet and cancer.

    Further information:

    Healing the Light Body Summer Workshop

    Aquarius Flower remedies is running a Summer Workshop, Healing the Light Body, on 10-11 July in their 'shed' in Chudleigh, Devon. This workshop integrates three different sets of flower essences into simple, healing routines to cleanse and stimulate the light body or aura. During the weekend you will explore the theory of the chakra system and the flower essences we use to bring healing to these organs of our subtle anatomy. You will learn how to diagnose weak and blocked chakras and how to administer the essences for best results.

    Further information Tel: 01626 854289

    Turning Point Training

    Turning Point Training are offering Craniosacral Therapy Level 1 Training in Autumn 2010. North Devon course dates are: 17, 18 and 19 September, 9 and 10 October, 30 and 31 October, 19 and 20 November and the final exam is on 21 November. Jonathan Lawrence BA DO Cert Ed is the Course Director.

    Further information Tel: 01769 579079 / 07944 411681 courseenquiries@

    Federation of Holistic Therapies Conference

    Registration is now open for the FHT Conference Complementary Therapies and the Pregnant Client. The one-day event will take place on 24 September at The King's Fund, London. The conference will address the latest research, best practice and issues for Therapists practising or considering practising with pregnant clients.

    All the Speakers for the event have now been confirmed for this and two other one-day events. Dermatology for the Skincare Specialist will take place on 10 October in Manchester, addressing sensitive and problems skin and how best to treat it. Sports Therapy: Treating the Elite will take place on 20 November at Coventry University and will explore the use of Sports Therapy by elite sports people and how to succeed in the sports industry.

    Further information Tel: 023-8062 4350

    Vital Signs of Cancer

    Vital Signs of Cancer by Xandria Williams MSC DIC BSc ARCS ND DBM - Nutritionist, Naturopath and Psychotherapist - is a book packed with essential research. It details the cutting edge tests you can do to detect the early signs of cancer, the foods and supplements that can set you on the path to optimum health and provides a clear guide as to how we can use natural therapies alongside traditional medical treatments to give yourself the best chance of beating cancer. Xandria Williams offers a proactive approach to cancer prevention by explaining: The cancer process and important predisposing factors; How to detect the early signs and key steps to help prevent cancer recurring.

    Further information Tel: 020-7911 8961

    Killing Cancer

    Six years ago, David Longman launched the charity Killing Cancer with the intention of raising public and NHS awareness of the Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) option. By the end of the summer, a Department of Health report will see that this objective has been largely achieved. PDT services are to be rolled out across the UK for many cancer treatments - approved and in trial.

    He also had the objective of funding new PDT trials. The latest achievement is with PDT and pancreatic cancer. Using the same drug and procedure, a medical team was set up in the UK to attempt to destroy breast cancer tumours.

    Please see the Case Study published in PH Online Issue 122 with David's daughter, whose previously blighted life with a vascular tumour was successfully transformed with PDT:

    Killing Cancer needs to raise £300,000 and have put on events, theatre shows, lunches, walks and runs to raise money in the past, but they need help and ideas to raise money. If you can help in any way, by holding an event to help raise funds, please contact David Longman, KILLING CANCER, Lodge Farm Cottage, Grafham Road, Brampton, Huntingdon PE28 0DB. Tel: 0779 8833 003

    Yoga Weekend in East Sussex

    A three day yoga retreat in East Sussex is taking place from 23-25 July. Yoga with... is running this energising short break which takes place at the elegant and secluded Tilton House in the South Downs. Offering a mix of relaxing Yoga sessions in a yurt, invigorating sea-view walks and indulgent holistic treatments. Suitable for beginners who wish to learn Yoga and experts looking to deepen their practice. The retreat includes: Two nights accommodation at Tilton House; five Yoga sessions in the spacious outdoor yurt, healthy breakfasts, vegetarian lunches and dinners using organic, home grown produce and transfers to and from Berwick station.

    Further information Tel: 7780 601381

    Healthspan Raise Over a Years Worth of Care for Alzheimer's Society

    Healthspan is pleased to announce that they have raised over £200,000 in three months for the Alzheimer's Society. The money raised is enough to buy a staggering 396 days of care with a Support Worker for a person with dementia.

    The Help for Today... Hope for Tomorrow campaign was fronted by Alzheimer's Society patron and the Broadcaster and Journalist Fiona Phillips. Healthspan aimed to raise £100,000 for the charity but surpassed all expectations by doubling this amount. For every order that a participating Healthspan customer made as a result of the campaign, Healthspan donated £5 to the cause.

    Further information visit:  or

    Natural Cosmetics Conference

    The international market for natural beauty care offers great growth opportunities and at the same time is developing dynamically. The key success factor is consistent brand positioning and associated distribution. Trends and challenges for the industry and trade are being discussed by international decision makers from the cosmetics manufacturing industry, marketing, sales and trade sectors from 14-15 September 2010 at the Nuremberg Congress Centre. This is when the Natural Cosmetics Conference will be held for the third time, once again with top-ranking speakers from the fields of science, market research, trade and industry.

    Further information
    Please visit  

    Festival of Life

    Plans are in progress for the best ever Festival of Life to be held on Saturday 25 September. Now in its seventh year, the festival is expanding to Red Lion Square which offers more space for Permaculture and family-friendly entertainment's with the usual mix of stalls and presentations inside Conway Hall from 10.30 am plus the Conscious Dance Party from 7pm to midnight.

    The 2010 website is now refurbished and ready to receive your input. If you would like to offer sponsorship to the festival or have recommendations or would like to volunteer, book a stall or a presentation email:

    Shiatsu Massage and Reduced Blood Pressure

    High blood pressure (HBP) is a severe condition that can lead to heart failure, stroke and coronary heart disease. In 2004 a study conducted by Andrew Long BA MSc from the University of Salford, UK and Hannah Mackay BSc PhD provided insight on the short and long term effects of Shiatsu Massage. The study was conducted in the UK and Germany; the results were the same in both locations. All of the participants from both countries described immediate effects along with long term effects from Shiatsu. The study participants had symptoms ranging from anxiety to HBP and most felt better after undergoing Shiatsu Massage.

    Further information
    Please contact Pacific College of Oriental Medicine on  Tel: 001 619 574-6909;  Freephone 800 729 0941;

    Viridian Nutrition Organic Weight Management Plan

    Claiming a first for the natural products industry, Viridian Nutrition is launching a boxed Organic Weight Management Plan bringing a whole new holistic meaning to the phrase Size ZerO. The Viridian Organic Weight Management Plan comprises diet, motivation, exercise and supplements. The boxed set includes four organic weight management supplements, a 24 page booklet all ethically presented in an environmental box.

    The four supplements are: Organic Nopal capsules, Organic Green Tea capsules, Organic Mineral Complex capsules and Organic Soul Food Greens capsules. Formulated by Viridian Technical Director, Alex Kirchin MSc Dip ION, The viridian Weight Management Plan is available from independent health food stores.

    Further information Tel: 01327 878050

    Lose Weight Over Your Cuppa

    A new blend of Java Tea, Green Tea and Liquorice makes up the new tea Natur Boutique (Green Tea Diet Blend) which has a great taste and real health benefits. Java tea is made from a herb called Misai Kucing  or Cat's Whiskers, a medicinal plant grown in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. As well as being a powerful antioxidant, Java tea has been seen to help flush the urinary system. Green tea is a gentle stimulant, a powerful antioxidant, astringent and diuretic. Liquorice offers a diet friendly sweetness to the tea and is also thought to help with weight loss by reducing fat accumulation.

    Further information:

    How Many Farms Can You Fit in One Apartment

    Urban gardening calls for a new set of skills: the tools to get started, choosing the right crops and their proper care. Organic farming innovator, Jay North is a world-class developer of time tested organic practices. His new book The Windowsill Organic Gardener: Organic Growing for the Urban Gardener offers a step-by-step guide to grow vegetables, herbs and edible flowers in a space as small as a window box. His process is easy to follow and does not require complex equipment for hydroponics or high intensity lighting.

    Further information

    Reiki Website for Practitioners

    Jamie Slater, a Reiki Practitioner, has launched a new Reiki website, which allows Reiki Practitioners and Teachers to advertise their services and network each other. 10% of the proceeds of the site goes to charities, one which helps preserve bumble bees, another which helps whales and dolphins and one which helps to protect the rain forest. Later Jamie hopes to be able to give more. To help launch this site, interested people are asked to link to the site. Jamie also invites feedback and hopes the site is useful to all interested in Reiki treatment, Practitioners and Teachers.

    Further information

    Rhio - Hooked on Raw

    Healthy Living Publication's new Author, Rhio, is a raw food expert, a leading proponent of the raw foods lifestyle and is a popular speaker on the dangers of genetically modified foods, irradiated food and hybridisation of seeds. Her book, now published by Book Publishing Company is Hooked on Raw.

    Accepting food as nature in her wisdom prepares it for us; The rejuvenating effects of fasting; Frankenfoods, biotechnology and genetically engineered seeds, soaking and sprouting and contains 350 gourmet, live food recipes.

    Further information Thomas Hupp on Tel: 888 250 8458;

    Shamanic Healing

    Lindon Rankin is passing on the insight he has gained as a Shamanic Healer of mastering the secrets of changing the self. This can be successfully achieved on every level through a series of workshops starting this April. Lindon provides you with the tools you need to achieve a permanent shift in your consciousness and personal development. Lindon started 7th Breath to help people reach their highest potential. He applies his gifts in one-to-one healing sessions, workshops and weekly classes.

    Further information Tel: 07841 577 773;

    Cell Phone Radiation Risk

    The San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed Mayor Gavin Newsom's cell phone right to know ordinance that will require Retailers to post warnings of cell phone radiation at the point-of-sale. The ordinance was passed despite heavy lobbying by the telecommunications industry. To be enacted into law there is first a ten-day comment period before the Mayor signs it to law. San Francisco is the first city in the country to require radiation disclosure at the point-of-sale. Warnings were proposed in Maine in March by Rep. Andrea Boland and in the State of California in recent weeks by Sen. Mark Leno, but both bills did not pass.

    Further information:

    A Huge Thank You from Mark

    Mark Mathews is thanking all the people who sponsored him to complete a triathlon in aid of The Sunflower Trust. Mark completed the triathlon in 1 hour 52.53 minutes and came first in his age group.
    He raised £2,140, which is nearly half the target of £5000. The next, more difficult challenge is the ascent of Le Grande Casse, following the path that Mark's Great Uncle William made 150 years ago when he was less than half Mark's age. Unlike him, Mark will not be stopping every two hours to take the temperature and to measure the barometric pressure. He believes it will be challenge enough climbing up the glacier at a 45-degree angle.

    If you would like to sponsor Mark on this final challenge to achieve £5000 or for further information
    Tel: 01483 531498  and type in Mark Mathews .

    NLP Quadrant1 International REALSALES

    REALSALES is a unique programme specifically for sales people who want to make a real impact on their results.

    If you would like to: Keep control of the sales process; Recognize and respond to subtle buying signals; Build long term business relationships; Expand your sphere of influence; Set powerful sales outcomes; Generate the motivation and strategy to succeed and Stay focused on your outcomes, avoid distractions and eliminate time wasting, the programme may be for you.

    The programme at the Oxford Thames Four Pillars Hotel on 16 & 17 September.

    How to Sell with NLP by Pat Hutchinson is due to be released in the Autumn. Discover some of the powerful techniques used on the REALSALES programme. Pat Hutchinson has filled the book with practical tested ideas.

    Further information Tel: 0870 762 1300

    Risk of Brain Cancer from Cell Phone Use

    A presentation by L Lloyd Morgan BSc at the 32nd Annual Bioelectromagnetics Society meeting in Seoul, Korea claimed that the risk of brain tumours from cell phone use in the Interphone study is significantly higher than was recently reported in the International Journal of Epidemiology. The re-evaluation applies a correction factor to interphone study results, calculated using the geometric mean value of the published odds ratios for less than five years of cell phone use. The new study shows that the risk of brain cancer from cell phone use was underestimated by at least 25%.

    Further information:

    Stay Hydrated Whilst on Holiday

    Dr Emma Derbyshire PhD Rnutr, Consultant to the Natural Hydration Council has developed a fact sheet entitled Stay Hydrated Whilst on Holiday, which explains the multi-factoral reasons for ensuring adequate hydration whilst travelling abroad. As water contains no sugar, calories, additives or acids, there are multiple reasons why we all ought to drink more of it, especially when we are asking our bodies to meet the challenges of extreme temperatures, changes to our normal routines, long haul air travel and an unfamiliar diet.

    Stay Hydrated Whilst on Holiday is available at:
    content/cmsGoAssets/Documents/Stored/26/Hydration on holiday.pdf

    Black Garlic

    Ocado, the home delivery arm of Waitrose, have this week followed Selfridges in stocking the new cooking ingredient and superfood, Black Garlic.

    Black Garlic has been a chef's favourite in the US since 2009, where the New York Times called it the "hottest ingredient in the US at the moment".

    Black garlic, which is aged white garlic, famously leaves no after smell, is completely sweet, adds a new dimension to flavour creation and works alongside white garlic, adding sweetness and caramelly tones to any dish.

    Further information
    Tel: 0208 883 6105  

    Dreamfields Pasta for Diabetes Week

    With only 5 grams of digestible carbs and 65% lower Glycemic Index than regular pasta, Dreamfields pasta is the perfect solution for anyone looking to manage their blood sugar levels during and beyond Diabetes Week 2010 which took place on 13-19 June. Dreamfields pasta can be the key to reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes as well as achieving sustainable weight loss.

    Dreamfield's Spaghetti, Penne Rigate and Rotini also have twice the fibre of regular pasta aiding better digestive health for both diabetics and non-diabetics alike.

    Further information:  

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