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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 168

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 168 - March 2010

Tomatis Listening Centre

The Tomatis Listening Centre in Highbury, founded by Ella Williams, is in its tenth year of operation and going stronger than ever.

People from all walks of life have come to open up their listening and freshen up their perception.

The change in habitual listening pattern is brought about by treatment with the electronic ear, which frees the client to use new ways of receiving, analysing sound information. Tomatis Listening Therapy is used for auditory processing difficulties, dyslexia, attention, memory and concentration issues, balance and coordination, delayed speech, communication, voice and language acquisition. 

Further Information
Please contact Ella Williams at the Listening (Voice, Music& Language) Centre London on Tel: 020 359 5268;  

CNELM: Tackling Obesity: 27-28 Feb, 20-21 March; 10 –11April 2010

The Centre for Nutrition, Education & Lifestyle Management (CNELM) announces the Tackling Obesity module, designed for Health Care Practitioners and Students. The module aims to provide a biomedical basis for obesity and describe nutritional strategies for tackling obesity and related conditions. The module focuses on tackling obesity in the UK, but will also include global research to support the understanding of obesity. The module will integrate the pathophysiology of obesity in a framework of social, cultural and individual perceptions.

Lecturers include:
Live Speakers:
  • Christine Bailey BSc MSc Trained Chef
  • Michelle Barrow BSc MSc NLP Practitioner
  • Liz Darke BSc NLP Practitioner
  • Ann Garry BSc NLP Practitioner 
  • Helen Lynam BSc NLP Master Practitioner
  • Dr Daniela Mo
  • Kate Neil MSc DipION (RN RM non-practising)
  • Christopher Rasey BA Master Practitioner, Certified NLP Trainer
Online Speakers:
  • Dr Paul Clayton
  • Ian Craig BSc MSc NLP Practitioner
  • Liz Copeland MA BSc NLP Master Practitioner
  • Dr Philip Hayes
  • Kate Neil
The 6 day module has been awarded 15 CPD credits with BANT and can be attended and/or accessed online through CNELM's audio visual lectures facility. This module can also be studied at postgraduate level 4 (20 credits) and has been accredited by Middlesex University. Individual CPD days can be purchased for £50 with discounts available for BANT members and multiple day purchase.

Course Dates and Times: 27-28 Feb, 20-21 March; 10 –11April 2010 – 10am – 5pm
Further Information
For booking and further information, please contact CNELM on Tel: 0118 798686; Fax: 0118 979 8786;

Retreat and Revive for the Spring Equinox  –  With Emma Jones and Guests
March 19th-23rd

The healthy Jones retreat will give you time to have space, reflection, rejuvenation and inspiration.  This retreat is perfectly timed for the Spring Equinox so that you can create a clean body and healthy mind.

The Spring Season is a time to cleanse the liver and increase on cleansing foods so that the body can wake up after the winter months. Now is the time to wash away any stagnant energy and create a fresh focus of health and vitality.

Five days of focusing on naturopathy, Yoga, a raw food diet, health coaching, in beautiful surroundings. The retreat is taking place in the exclusive Buckland hall in Brecon, Wales. You will get the chance to experience the following:
  • Enjoy an ecstatic organic raw diet;
  • Reflect with meditation;
  • Invigorate yourself with yoga;
  • Walk to the local water falls;
  • Try new power foods and recipes;
  • Transform your life with health coaching;
  •  Experience new exercise techniques like Hula Hooping;
  • Take part in laughter/happiness workshops;
  • Understand the effect of the Spring Equinox;
  • Be the person you have always wanted to be........;
  • Guest speakers include raw food and mind detox expert..
About Emma Jones
Emma is a Naturopath and has been running retreats in Wales for 10 years. Her retreats allow people to heal and rejuvenate in natural beautiful surroundings. Emma believes that health should be fun and her approach is both inspiring and creates lasting results in people's lives. Everything on the retreat is considered with care from the pure spring water to the organic local food.  Emma provides care and attention so that the whole experience leaves you enriched and nourished.

Further Information
There are limited places available, booking is essential.  Price £395 inclusive. Please contact Emma Jones on Tel: 07854 425930;

Birthlight Trust – Holistic Approach to Pregnancy, Birth and Babyhood

The Birthlight Trust educational charity promotes an integrated, holistic approach to pregnancy, birth and babyhood. Its main objective is to enhance well being and enjoyment for parents and their babies before and after birth. The application of simple yoga-based body movements, breathing techniques and relaxation, both on land and in water, has proved beneficial for increasing numbers of parents, professional carers, educators and instructors.

Our charter is contained in the word 'birthlight', in the sense of giving birth lightly, without violence to the baby. Not all women can have a natural birth but it is our aim that all women should have a fulfilling experience of childbirth with the support they need before and after their babies are born. Birthlight also refers to the light and joy that can shine around the birth of every child, a dimension that is often forgotten.
Birthlight's wide range of classes and courses are designed for parents from pre-conception to the third year and continually strive to use the latest research findings in the development of simple but effective movements. Birthlight has over 1,000 certified instructors, offering training in:
Further Information
Please contact Birthlight on Tel: 01223 362288;

The Annie Appleseed Foundation (AAP)

Ann Fonfa was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 1993. Due to her chemical sensitivities, she opted not to take chemotherapy-but she was determined to find some viable alternatives. 

The Annie Appleseed Project (AAP), based in Delray Beach, Florida, was formed in response to the approach that antioxidants can prove useful in conjunction with conventional therapy. The goal of AAP is to provide solid information, advocacy and awareness for people with cancer about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Although the project began as AAP founder Ann Fonfa's personal quest to get answers about CAM therapies, it has grown to become a nationally recognized organization.

The Annie Appleseed website went online in June, 1999. Content is added on a weekly basis, currently totalling some 8,000 web pages and links. In addition to reports from conferences worldwide, the site posts studies that help explain the benefits of natural and nontoxic substances. More than two million people have visited in the last twelve months, and thousands more have heard lAnn Fonfa speak at meetings around the USA, asking challenging questions that many doctors don't want to hear.

AAP has sponsored two national meetings-"Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Cancer Therapies" – in 2008 and 2009, and has exhibited at 30 other meetings including the American Society for Clinical Oncology, Oncology Nursing Society, Ovarian National Cancer Alliance, Prostate Forum, and American Psychosocial Oncology Society. The 4th Annual Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies Conference will be held  March 3-5, 2011 at West Palm Beach, FL.
Further Information
For more information on the Annie Appleseed Project, visit  

Dove Clinic: Hayfever and Allergy Relief – the Natural Way
As the frosts recede and the plants wake up, many of us rejoice at the coming of spring! But for an increasing number of people the warmer months are tarnished by hay fever symptoms of a runny nose, headaches, itching eyes and tiredness. Hay fever is caused by an immune reaction to pollen that is growing in frequency along with the closely associated conditions of asthma and eczema.

So, how can we re-balance our immune system and avoid steroids and anti-histamine tablets? The good news is that nutritional supplements to improve cell-mediated immune function such as 1-3 1-6 beta glucan (as found in Immiflex) and an approach called Neutralization, offer effective, very safe and research-based alternatives.

Neutralization tackles the cause of the problem, whether food intolerance, animal or dust mite allergy, or the pollen reactions in hayfever. A series of dilutions of the specific allergen are tested on the individual until the end-point dilution that switches off the immune response is found. This can then be used for natural ongoing allergy relief, and has been proven effective in many clinical studies.

Further information
Please contact the Dove Clinic on Tel: 01962 7 18000;  

Craniosacral Therapy Courses and Training at Turning Point

This gentle and effective approach to treating and helping with many conditions. Craniosacral Therapy is being used by osteopaths and chiropractors as some dentists and doctors to treat pain and discomfort as well as making improvements to the patients' structure. Massage therapists and other bodyworkers find the approach less wearing on themselves!

Jonathan Lawrence

You are eligible to join the course if you are a therapist with at least level 3 anatomy and physiology. The cost of the course represents excellent value for money and is taught by Jonathan Lawrence BA DO Cert Ed, experienced practitioner and lecturer, whose courses have drawn praise from medical and complementary therapists alike.

There are 2 courses running in 2010 in North Devon at weekends; the first weekend includes a Friday. The course is run at the Amory Centre, South Molton in a bright, warm and airy space.

Course 1: March 26-28; April 17-18; May 22- 23rd; June 26-27; Final exam July17;
Course 2: July 9-11; September 18-19; October 9-10; October 30-31; Final exam: 20 November.

Further Information
Please contact Turning Point Training on Tel: 01769 579079;  

Natural Skincare Company

The Natural Skincare Company, a family business based in Horsham, West Sussex, UK, started due to Amanda McGillivray's commitment to, and interest in the organic way of life. Having spent many months researching and looking at evidence relating to the detrimental effects of chemicals that are used in everyday skin and bodycare products, Amanda has selected a wide range of  products which can be used with confidence, with no artificial preservatives, colours, perfumes, mineral oils or SLS.

The Natural Skincare Companies aim is to bring superior and truly natural and organic personal care products of the highest quality to their customers, the purest and most effective on the market today. The products are not tested on animals, are cruelty free and most are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Paul Penders products are also registered with The Vegan Society.

The Natural Skincare Company stock a wide number of Natural and Organic ranges including Paul Penders, Caribbean Blue and The Natural Skincare Company's own soaps to name but a few.

Further Information
Please contact The Natural Skincare Company on Tel: 01403 790913;

British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) Conference on Sweeteners:
Thursday 15 April 2010: The Royal Society, 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AG 

Intense sweeteners have been available as a means of reducing sugar intake for more than a century and have made possible low and no-sugar brands which feature in almost everyone's diet.  Furthermore, they could also be important in helping us to reduce energy intake in the future.

But for some, perceptions of the role and value of intense sweeteners can be somewhat negative. So the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) set out to explore the facts behind the stories and see where low calorie sweeteners fit into today's foodscape.

The objective of this one-day conference is to make available the latest science and research on sweeteners, to explore where these ingredients can be a useful choice in foods and beverages, to review their safety and consider negative perceptions where they exist. The event is designed to appeal to anyone interested in food, nutrition and health and to provide an interactive, scientifically sound and engaging debate.

Panel Discussion
  • Professor Tom Sanders (King's College London);
  • Professor Andrew Renwick (School of Medicine, University of Southampton);
  • Professor Nick Finer (Dept of Medicine, University College London);
  • Catherine Collins (St George's Hospital NHS Trust).
The BNF plan to hold a panel discussion in the afternoon to discuss some of the science behind the headlines about sweeteners and will be taking questions from the audience. This will be an opportunity to discuss issues such as consumer perceptions of intense sweeteners and specific concerns that people may have about their use. They invite delegates to submit questions to the panel in advance (these questions will be read out anonymously); they will also be taking questions on the day.

Further  Information
For programme and registration forms please contact the British Nutrition Foundation on Tel: 020 7404 6504;

Safe Breast Screening - Medical Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (MDITI)

Breast Screening in Liverpool have launched Digital Infrared Thermal imaging,  a high tech medical screening device that can detect active breast abnormalities 8-10 years before a mammogram. It is unique in its capabilities to display metabolic process and physiological or functional changes. Medical Digital Infra/red Thermal imaging (MDITI) uses cutting edge technology to visualize pain and detect disease at its earliest stage.

MDITI is 100% safe, as patients are not exposed to harmful radiation and is therefore suitable for all age groups and pregnant women. MDITI is recognized by the UK Medical Health Regularity Agency as a GRADE 1 screening procedure and is particularly useful for young children who find it difficult to articulate their symptoms but are in obvious pain.

The following benefits are acquired from MDITI:
  • 100% safe screening;
  • No exposure to harmful radiation;
  • Non invasive procedure
  • Non contact
  • Early detection
MDITI can either be used clinically in the detection of disease and physical injury and also as an aid to diagnosis and prognosis, through monitoring rehabilitation in the following fields:
  • Breast Health
  • Cardiology
  • Neurology
  • Oncology
  • Rheumatology
  • Paediatrics
  • Orthopaedics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Chiropractic
  • Sports Medicine
  • Dentistry
All MDITI screenings are accompanied with a full Medical Doctors Report. No referral from your doctor is required..

Further Information
Please contact Breast Screening on Tel: 0151 931 5001; 0151 931 4940;


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About Cherry Coad Aldridge


  • Brief Takes

    Psoas Expert Liz Koch UK Workshops

    Psoas Muscle author and somatic core educator Liz Koch will return to England in May 2010.  May 4-6 in Somerset England at Croydon Hall Retreat Centre Liz will present a 3-day Psoas depths workshop (open to every one) that provides an in- depth exploration for  how to release, tone & lengthen your Psoas. May 7-11 a 5-Day retreat & application course provides time for healing psoas problems, and an opportunity for professionals to learn how to apply a psoas savvy approach to their healing modality.

    Further Information:

    Lottery Grant of £205,000 to Research Healing

    A lottery grant, awarded by University of Birmingham to medical charity Freshwinds, will research the benefits of Healing provided by members of NFSH/The Healing Trust over the next two years. Patients of a Birmingham hospital who have been diagnosed with particular bowel problems, and who are still suffering after completing their conventional treatment, will be offered a series of five healing sessions. The grant application was supported by a hospital audit of 75 gastroenterology patients who had received one 20-minute healing session.

    Further information: 01604 603247/01922 627346 or 07940 821917

    Expectancy Career Pathway

    Do you want to specialize in treating pregnant women?  Have you considered a career pathway in maternity complementary therapies?
    Expectancy is the leading provider of accredited professional programmes, courses and study days on complementary therapies in pregnancy and was highly commended in the 2009 CAM Awards.
    The university accredited Maternity Support Therapist programme prepares you to accompany women during birth, providing your therapies safely and appropriately
    Progressing to the new Certificate in Maternity Complementary Therapies offers you a career pathway option for helping expectant, labouring and newly-birthed mothers, using a variety of complementary therapies. Specialist insurance available through Federation of Antenatal Educators
    New prospectus now available!
    Further information: Tel: 08452 301 323

    Do White Kidney Beans Hold the Weight Loss Key?

    Clinical studies have shown that DEcarb(tm) , whose active ingredient is PhaseLite(tm), a highly concentrated glycoprotein complex harvested from white kidney beans, stops the body absorbing up to 66% of dietary carbohydrates from a meal. The product has been shown to lower calorie intake by blocking the production of the digestive enzyme that breaks down starchy carbohydrates such as bread, pasta and potatoes.

    DEcarb(tm) is GMO-free and contains quality assured ingredients, with no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives and has a proven safety profile with no significant side effects. The product is suitable for any adult with a BMI over 18.5 who recognizes that reducing the amount of starch carbohydrates thy eat will have a positive effect on their weight management.

    DEcarb(tm) is available from Goldshield Healthcare.

    Further information Tel: 08700 778833

    The UK's First Online Food Consumption Personality Assessment

    An online assessment tool is now available that will help people to ditch fad diets for good, by offering a new approach to weight loss tailored to individual eating habits and preferences.

    This is likely to be well received given that a new survey of 10,000 Brits found that just 16% of people have managed to achieve sustainable weight loss from going on a diet. The assessment requires people to go through a series of 18 questions indicating the answers that are most and least like them in order to identify their food consumption personality. There are nine different core EATERtypes and the questions are designed to identify a person's primary, secondary and tertiary EATERtype personality.

    On completion of the assessment, people are provided with tailored, details and practical advice on making positive, straight forward and sustainable changes that can be sustained for life.

    Further information:

    A New Season at Tai Chi Nation

    Tai Chi Nation are running a course in Bristol starting on 27 March and will run on Saturdays for 6 half days. Easter Tai Chi Weekend from 2-4 April for a weekend of Tai Chi, Taoist Philosophy and more with organic chocolate Easter eggs. London Classes continue in Hackney on Wednesdays from 10.30-12.00pm. There will also be a workshop on 25 April.

    Tai Chi Nation also offer Well-Being at Work and are working with several organizations helping staff to develop focus, co-operation and communication skills.

    Further information Tel: 0845 257 2142

    Migraine Action Launches Migraine Heroes Healthcare Awards 2010

    Migraine Action is inviting the one in ten people in the UK who are affected by migraine to nominate their migraine heroes in the Migraine Action Migraine Heroes Healthcare Awards 2010.

    The awards organised by Migraine Action, recognize the many healthcare professionals, family members, friends and colleagues helping people living with migraine to cope with what the World Health Organisation has classified amongst the 20 most disabling lifetime conditions.

    There are eight categories for the 2010 awards: Best Carer, Best Clinic, Best in Complementary Medicine, Best Employer, Best GP and Best Healthcare Professional.

    Closing date for the entries is 18 June 2010. Winners will be announced at an awards luncheon in London as part of Migraine Awareness Week (5-11 September 2010). Winners will receive special trophies, educational bursary and vouchers.

    Further information Tel: 0116 275 8317

    Happiness and Success

    Happiness Project is running a one-day workshop offering the latest ideas and tools for enjoying relationship fulfilment. Key outcomes for the day will be to create a clear vision for relationship success; to remove limitations that derail your relationships and to discover new approaches for letting your relationship flourish. The workshop will take place on 26 March 2010 at Myhotel, Chelsea, London SW3.

    The workshop is being run by Ben Renshaw, co-director of The Happiness Project and relationship expert.

    Further information Tel: 0845 430 9236

    Get Your Digestion Back In Shape

    If you are one of the 33% of the UK population who regularly suffer with digestive problems such as acid reflux, bloating, IBS, constipation, diarrhoea/colitis or even just feeling tired after meals, then it can be worrying news, as these complaints indicate that your digestive system is struggling and your  health may be at risk.

    Simply Vital, a holistic health company, have created vitalSHAPE, to ease digestive problems and improve the health and efficiency of the digestive system. It is an advanced probiotic/prebiotic/ digestive enzyme formula containing L. Acidophilus DDS-1, a true probiotic which is proven to be the only bacteria of its kind to be able to survive the harsh environment of the stomach acid and biles salts of the digestive system.

    In addition, vitalSHAPE can help maintain healthy immune defences, alleviate constipation and support weight control.

    Further information:

    Understanding the Powerful Benefits of Vitamin D2 (Vegan)

    Vitamin D The Sunshine Vitamin is a new book by Zoltan Rona MD MSc. This essential vitamin has become one of the most talked about nutrients of today. There are many myths surrounding Vitamin D and the effect of Sunlight on the skin.

    The book discusses: Is avoiding the sun an irrational fear? What is the role of Vitamin D in disease prevention? What supplements afford the best protection? How much Vitamin D is enough?

    Zoltan Rona is a specialist in preventive and Complementary Medicine in Canada and has written several best sellers and has enjoyed a successful medical practice in Toronto for the past 27 years.

    Further information Tel: 888 260 8458

    Alexander Lowen Foundation Workshop

    The Alexander Lowen Foundation honours the life and work of Dr Alexander Lowen, and is presenting a four-day workshop at San Pietro Sopra Le Acque in Italy, a resort in Umbria, one hour from Rome. The workshop will take place on 15-18 April The theme of the workshop is Alexander Lowen Bioenergetics. Following Alexander Lowen's tradition, there will be strong emphasis on individual sessions, Bioenergetic exercises focusing on the body and Psychotherapy and innovative Bioenergetic group process. Participants with previous experience or new to Bioenergetics are welcomed.

    Further information Tel: 1-386-462-5155

    Healing Plants Bible

    Healing Plants Bible is a reference book, published by Godsfield Press, with over 100 healing plants from around the world identified. The book explores these incredible plants, from key medicinal herbs such as St John's wort, sage and camomile to edible healing plants such as grapes and blueberries. The book provides a comprehensive guide to their history of usage, therapeutic properties and healing applications. Featuring guidance on seasonal availability, advice on the use of herbal teas, tinctures and flower essences for common ailments and the latest research findings.

    Further information Tel: 020-7632 5400

    Magnetic Resonance Therapy for Osteoporosis

    Magnetic Resonance Therapy (MBST) has been successfully developed and used in Germany and many other countries over the past ten years for conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis. MBST directly targets the cause of these problems - either, the damaged bone or cartilage tissue itself. Highly effective magnetic resonance signals produced by MBST devices, transfer energy to the cartilage or bone tissue, thereby stimulating its regeneration. Successfully treated patients show a significant reduction in pain, an increase in bone density or cartilage growth and increased mobility, all without side effects. Such impressive results have been successfully documented and confirmed in numerous clinical studies.

    With nine million people in the UK with arthritis, its introduction to the UK has been welcomed.

    Further information Tel: 01353 663350;

    Neurohormonal Effects of Massage Therapy

    Among the many benefits of Massage Therapy are those related to the body's production and regulation of neurohormones. These are the hormones produced by the nervous system that affect an individual's behaviour and general well-being. It has long been suspected that Massage Therapy offers a number of mood enhancing benefits. Research conducted at the TOUCH Research Institute at the University of Miami has revealed that massage increases the availability of all neurohormones affecting brain chemistry.

    Massage tends to elevate the levels of dopamine which influences fine motor activity such as painting or playing a musical instrument. It affects intuition, inspiration, joy and enthusiasm. Massage can also raise the level of serotonin, which acts to quell irritability and cravings for sex and food.

    Further information Tel: (800) 729-0941

    Resveratrol - The New HRT?

    Resveratrol is a chemical compound found in certain plants. It is called a phytoalexin because plants naturally produce it as an antibiotic substance to fight both bacteria and fungi. Plants containing Resveratrol include the flesh and skins of grapes, raspberries, mulberries, blueberries and cranberries and can be found in peanuts, certain pine trees and Japanese knotweed.

    According to a report in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, it could be used as a safe alternative to HRT. It has been known for some time that Resveratol is effective in fighting the signs of ageing, but it has now been found to exert weak oestrogen-like activity and is being investigated as a natural alternative to the chemically produced oestrogen provided by HRT.

    Further information:

    Doctor Peh Tea for Tooth Decay and Gingivitis

    Doctor Peh was developed in a partnership between Dr Micha Rosental and the Israeli company Nufar Natural Products and is designed to preserve the health of teeth and gums.

    Drinking Doctor Peh tea, rinsing the mouth with the product, preserves dental, oral and periodontal hygiene, refreshes the mouth and prevents unpleasant odour. One of the most outstanding advantages of the product is you can drink it at work and in situations where brushing is not possible.

    The new product contains several medicinal herbs including White leaved savory (Micromeria) which gives it a flavour similar to mint. Doctor Peh also treats gingivitis and sterilizes the gums, teeth and mouth. Doctor Peh also contains knotweed, medicinal sage, medicinal marigold, camomile, common marjoram, thyme and mint.

    Further information:

    or to order:

    Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Retreat

    Ashtanga Yoga are holding a Teacher Training Retreat in the Costa Rican rainforest from 1-28 March 2010. The Teacher Training intensive with Caroline Klebl meets the 200 and 500 hour international Certification standards of the Yoga Alliance.

    The schedule will involve Ashtanga Yoga (MySore Style or Led), Adjustments/Teaching Techniques and Anatomy, Ayurveda and Philosophy. The price includes organic gourmet vegetarian meals and accommodation at the Eco Lodge.

    Further information:  

    Reflexology for Babies and Children

    Reflexology for Babies and Children is a new book by Sue Ricks. A topic close to Sue's heart, this book is the result of both personal inspiration from her own family and of practice in clinic. Over 18 years of research has lead to the creation of this 132 page colourful and informative guide to providing the benefits of Reflexology for babies and children.

    The straight-forward and easy to understand text makes it suitable for both Practitioners and families wishing to treat their younger members. It includes step-by-step instructions, helpful advice on how to overcome many common conditions and knowledge on how to create suitable treatments for individual babies and children.

    Reflexology for Babies and Children, published by Barny Books, is available from all major book stores, Amazon and from  Sue may also be contacted on Tel: 01509 214373.

    New Atkins for a New You

    The Atkins diet has been a weight loss phenomenon since 1972. In March, Vermilion will publish New Atkins for a New You - a streamlined version of the classic Atkins diet that is fully updated, simpler, more versatile and sustainable than before. Written by three US Doctors specializing in nutritional science, New Atkins for a New You will help you to slim down quickly and stay there. It makes it clear that doing Atkins is not about eating only beef, bacon and butter, but rather is about finding how many carbohydrates you can tolerate and making good choices.

    Key changes to the original Atkins programme include: A daily requirement of a substantial amount of high fibre vegetables, tips on how to reduce or eliminate symptoms that sometimes accompany the initial conversion to a low-carb diet, the ability to tailor the program to individual needs, including variations for vegans and vegetarians, ways to smooth the transition from one phase to the next, tips on how to maintain the diet when away from home or eating out.

    Further information
    Tel: 020-78408400. This title is launched in March and will be available from all good book stores including Amazon and from  

  • Flower essences online

    Fine quality flower essences international ranges to help promote vitality and emotional well-being.

  • Super Patch Wellbeing

    Super Patches – a most revolutionary advance in wellbeing strategies in the history of medicine

  • Liposomal Nutrients

    Optimum system for nutrient delivery to cells - fully bioavailable vitamins absorbed and metabolised

  • nutrition and cancer

    by Sandra Goodman PhD The latest scientific research regarding Nutrition and Cancer. Full details at

  • mycology research MRL

    MRL markets mushroom products food grade US & Netherlands GMP standards. Health Professional Videos

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