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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 152

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 152 - November 2008

The Science of Healing Conference: Transforming Ideas About Health

Premiere of The Living Matrix - groundbreaking film about the next revolution in healing

March  14-16, 2009
Kings College, London

The Science of Healing Conference: Transforming Ideas About Health

Global Experts Explore Mysteries of Healing

A three-day conference at the prestigious Kings College in London, based on a new ground-breaking film entitled The Living Matrix: The Science of Healing is to bring together some of the most innovative and renowned thinkers in the world today to explore what lies behind the miraculous recoveries experienced by people suffering from so-called 'incurable' diseases and other previously unanswered questions.  

The Living Matrix Film:

The film begins with a three-dimensional tour of the human body, which takes viewers on a journey through our miraculous biological systems.  It then moves onto people who were diagnosed with illnesses that current medical science couldn't cure, yet had experienced "miracle cures".
The Living Matrix also takes an intriguing look into the future, examining new technologies and techniques that bridge the gap between the theoretical and practical methods of healing applications. The result is a fascinating, spellbinding film, enlightening everyone who's ever contemplated the mysteries of health and well being.

The speakers at The Science of Healing Conference include:
Arielle Essex DO certified NLP coach with Erikson College:
Peter Fraser, Chief Scientific Officer with NES:
Bruce Lipton PhD:
Rollin McCraty PhD:
Lynne McTaggert Author:
Edgar Mitchell PhD:
James Oschman PhD:
Eric Pearl DC:
Dean Radin PhD:
Marilyn Schlitz PhD:
Rupert Sheldrake PhD:

Further Information
The conference takes place 14th - 16th March 2009 at Kings College, London. Costs are £180 for the two day conference if you book before January 12 2009;  £45 for 1/2 day workshop or £80 for two 1/2 day workshops. Further information visit  

New Bi-Aura DVD - Total Insight Into Energy Therapy 


New Bi-Aura DVD - Total Insight Into Energy Therapy

Gentle and non invasive, the gentle ancient healing art of Bi-Aura activates the body's natural ability to hear itself. Bi-Aura is safe and clinically effective for all including the elderly, children and animals.

These inspirational courses are a journey of self development. The course specializes in exploring the Chakras. Each weekend focuses in depth on the influence of a specific chakra and the consequences, should it be excessive or deficient;  this activates the relevant chakra within the student and evokes any issues associated with it to come to light. The course provides an insight into the theory and practice of Bio-Energy Therapy, a therapy which works solely with the bio-field of the body and why it works so profoundly.  Safe, relaxing and non-invasive, Bi-Aura therapy has achieved astounding results with many debilitating conditions both physical and emotional, such as asthma, migraine, chronic fatigue, depression, back pain and stress related ailments.

Further Information         
Please view the new Bi-Aura DVD at www.Bi-Aura.Com  
Please view the utube video about Bi-Aura at

Sounding Bowls - Healing Musical Instrument


Sounding Bowls - Healing Musical Instrument

Sounding Bowls are a unique and modern instrument used in hospices and healing centres across the world. Within a Sounding Bowl bronze wound strings are stretched across richly figured Cherry, Sycamore or Ash wood whose notes resound from spiral section curves to enfold the player in a unique bud-shape of sound.

Tobias Kaye's passion as a woodturner has always been to transform the beauty that trees offer us in their own shapes and material so that the forms she brings to it as a human artist harmonize with what they intrinsically offer. Unsure how best to bring out this innate harmony, she wracked her brains without result. One night, while meditating, an image of a bowl stretching a tuned string within it appeared before her. Fitting the first string to a wooden bowl was like seeing life being breathed into it.

The circle has always contained magic for human beings. From stone circles through round temples to crop circles, and from goddess cauldrons through circle dancing to the holy grail, we have images of circle magic going beyond our comprehension through all of our history. In a Sounding Bowl, the taut string gives a contrast to this circle that brings harmony, which is about finding the true genius within, whose musical flame can weave together the apparently disparate so that our life becomes a creative gift in place of a dualist battle.

Sounding Bowls are often used as a tool for meditation allowing the resounding note to connect us with the source of our innate harmony. Two notes can be used to explore the 'space between' from which all manifest reality flows, or three notes can be used to explore the relationships of the trinity or of the white, the red and the black aspects of the goddess.

The Range of Sounding Bowls Includes:
Meditation Bowls;
Melody Bowls;
Fan strung Bowls;
Fully Rounded Sounding Bowls;
Cross Strung Sounding Bowls.
Further Information
Please contact Tobias Kaya at Tel/Fax: 01364 642 837;

Breaking Through The Untouchable Diseases: Using Applied Immunology and Herbal Remedies

by Gerald Green
Published by SAGAX Publishing. 2008. ISBN 0953240789

Breaking Through The Untouchable Diseases: Using Applied Immunology and Herbal Remedies

At the age of 45 herbalist Gerald Green was struck down with life threatening asthma and emphysema. Following the failure of conventional medicines and treatments Gerald decided that the only way to survive was to embark upon a process of discovery with herbal remedies. Now in his seventies, Gerald has devoted his life to the study and successful treatment, using both applied immunology and herbal remedies, of many of the worlds most devastating and debilitating auto-immune diseases, including Crohn's Disease, multiple sclerosis, and even cancer.

The foreword of the book is written by Jo Wood (wife of Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood) - author of the organics book Naturally, and it is Gerald whom Jo credits with turning around both her health and her life. To quote her final paragraph 'This book will walk you towards Shangri La, and I strongly suggest you let it take you on your way'.
Further Information
Available through online book stores including  

Europe's First Macrobiotics Wellness Clinic

Europe's First Macrobiotics Wellness Clinic
Opening on 17th October 2008, SHA Wellness Clinic is devoted to improving and prolonging wellbeing and will be the first wellness clinic in Europe to offer the macrobiotic system of diet, developed by Michio Kushi, the internationally recognised father of modern macrobiotics.
The clinic's new and innovative wellbeing concept - Método SHA - is based on the belief that any individual in the pursuit of optimum health not only needs to eliminate all symptoms of ill health or discomfort, but must also seek a state of vitality and prosperity.  With the Método SHA approach, your life will be improved by rebalancing the mind and body using the fusion of ancient wisdom and advanced western technology.  This is achieved through a combination of a personalised diet, natural therapies and specialist consultations that focus on improving the healing powers of the human body and reaching a state of equilibrium that guarantees a longer, fuller life.
Nestled between the sea and the magical green mountains, close to the secluded El Albir beach on the Mediterranean Coast of Spain, SHA Wellness Clinic features five buildings interconnected with bridges that are in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature. Each of their 93 suites features an elegant yet minimalist modern design with living room, dressing room and air conditioning as well as spacious terrace with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra Helada.
Guests visiting SHA are encouraged to commit to a minimum of a one week stay in order to undertake a programme that will be able to offer dramatic and life-changing benefits.

Further Information
Please visit  

A Living Miracle - Fight cancer at its cellular level and win!

by Pat Reeves
Published by Pathfinder Paperbacks. 2008. Softback. £9.99. ISBN: 0-9542448-2-6

A Living Miracle - Fight cancer at its cellular level and win!

Pat Reeves is a practitioner of Nutritional and Functional Medicine in the West Midlands, who uses a variety of allied techniques to assist those who wish to remain in optimal health and those who desire to return to it. She wrote this book to provide those newly diagnosed with a plethora of choices and the most practical and effective treatments she has personally used since her diagnosis many years ago.
This book is also for everyone - with cutting edge preventive information for those free of cancer - as well as for those who unfortunately, are not.

Reading this book will empower you, provide the tools you need, and compel you to take action - just as she did. Like Pat, you can discover how to engage your body to nurture its own healing via nutrition, naturopathy and many other techniques. You will find out how to strip away your fears, burdens and any obsolete values you may still be holding on to - as these can be counter-productive to your healing.

Learn how to prepare your food to retain its highest nutrient values, understand the reason that living foods have been integral to my healing success - and can be to yours;
Complete information on how to produce your own nutrient-dense food in your own kitchen and nutritional information of their contents - there are a hundred simple recipes.
This is Pat Reeve's pivotal tool which keeps her passionate about her ability to reach out to others in her Nutritional Medicine practice - and stay on top of her sport as World champion power-lifter - despite her genetically fuelled osteosarcoma.

Further Information
Please contact Pat Reeves on Tel: 01384 270270;  

Relief from SAD from Lumie

Relief from SAD from Lumie 
Light therapy is scientifically proven to help treat SAD and the winter blues... This winter, Lumie is recommending that people should seek as much bright light as possible to avoid feeling blue or suffering from SAD.  This can be achieved in a number of ways, including going on holiday to a sunny destination, getting outside as much as possible or using a quick, simple and effective treatment called light therapy. Lumie offers two types of light therapy; bright lights and dawn simulators; both have been scientifically proven to help treat SAD and the winter blues.

As well as bright light therapy, Lumie has also just launched its brand new dawn simulator, Bodyclock Elite
 Lindsay Stanley, spokesperson for Lumie, said: "A recent survey of ours has shown there to be an increase in the number of UK incidences of SAD sufferers, rising from 500,000 to over four million.  The number thought to be affected by the milder form of the condition, known as the winter blues, has also jumped from five to ten million.
"Because the root cause of SAD and the winter blues is lack of bright light, Lumie recommends:
Buy a bright light (make sure you note down Lumie's top tips on buying one);
Try a dawn simulator such as the Bodyclock Elite as this could help wake you during the darker mornings;
Go on a winter holiday (remember it's brightness that counts, not heat);
Sit by a window at work where possible;
Go for a walk around the block on lunch;
Get outside as much as possible."
Further Information
For further information for all light therapy products available from the Lumie range, including light, dawn simulators and visors, please visit Tel: 01954 780500;

Health-Enhancing Properties of Miso 

Health-Enhancing Properties of Miso
Like fine wine, miso comes in many varieties, each with its own unique taste, colour and texture, and each reflecting the local culture, crops and growing conditions of the different regions of Japan.

Miso, the traditional Japanese soya food, has long been recognized for its rich, savoury flavour and its versatility. It's the perfect alternative to salt to enhance the flavours of soups, stews and sauces.

Clearspring's range of miso includes the best of each type, both dark and light including Barley, Brown Rice, Hatcho and Sweet White Miso in jars and pouches, as well as Instant Miso Soups and Miso Relish.

Clearspring Organic Barley Miso A relatively dark and rich miso that is the traditional miso of rural communities in Japan.
Clearspring Organic Brown Rice Miso Dark brown in colour, brown rice miso is high in fibre and has a nutty, rich and slightly sweet flavour.

Clearspring Organic Brown Rice Miso has similar properties to barley miso but with a slightly sweeter taste and also works well as a savoury seasoning for soups, stews and sauces.

Clearspring Organic Sweet White Miso Sweet white miso has a wonderful creamy richness, and a delicate and slightly salty sweetness. Best used for seasoning light soups, it also makes a good substitute for dairy ingredients in dips, dressings, sauces and spreads. Try using a little in mashed potato instead of milk, or in creamy soups instead of dairy cream.

Clearspring Organic Hatcho Miso The darkest of all the mison, Hatcho miso is a pure soya bean miso that is packed fully of protein. Its characteristic smoky flavour is one of the true tastes of traditional Japan.
Clearspring Miso Relish A delectably savoury, yet sweet, and can perk up paté and dips, and add flavour to stir-fry and noodle dishes. It also makes a tasty filling for sandwiches and sushi, as well as a topping for tofu.
Further Information
Available from independent health food shops . For more information about the Clearspring range please visit

Colloidal Silver - Antibiotic Spray to Keep Skin Hydrated and Bacteria Free


Colloidal Silver - Antibiotic Spray to Keep Skin Hydrated and Bacteria Free

Whether stuck in a busy, stuffy office or the damp, germ ridden and crowded tube this winter, you are vulnerable to picking up all sorts of infections and your skin is equally at risk.  Central heating compounded with lack of adequate ventilation causes havoc to the skin and can increase the number of surface bacteria resulting in breakouts, dry and flaking skin.  

Collodial Silver Mist Spray can help. Natures own anti-biotic making a comeback in conventional medicine, this unique scent free spray can combat air pollutants and even resistant strains of bacteria.  It will also promote skin hydration and help to keep you feeling fresh. Now in spray mist form, it will become the essential handbag companion. The most versatile product, Colloidal Silver Spray not only cools, refreshes and protects the skin but also helps to protect the skin from electromagnetic radiation associated with computers.

Use under or over makeup, regularly throughout the day it will make city living cleaner, fresher and altogether more bearable.

Skin expert Helen Sher discovered the natural protective benefits of colloidal silver while researching products to help with acne and rosacea. The Sher System Colloidal Silver Spray comes in a handy 50ml glass bottle so it can fit in any handbag and is also produced in a 200ml bottle.

A light spritz of the Colloidal Silver Spray will ensure facial bacteria are kept at bay. It can kill most bacteria within 6 minutes of contact and destroys over 650 different types when compared to conventional antibiotics that can tackle only six.  

Further Information
Please contact The Sher System on Tel: 020 7499 4022;  available online at

Recovery From CFS - 50 Personal Stories

by Compiler and Editor Alexandra Barton
ISBN no: 9781434363589

Recovery From CFS - 50 Personal Stories

Recovery from CFS - 50 Personal Stories is a collection of 50 recovery stories which will give hope to everyone who has CFS/ME or cares for someone with CFS/ME. This is the only book of CFS/ME recovery stories available in the world.  

Compiler and Editor Alexandra Barton spent many years as an invalid with CFS/ME. She was unable to walk more than a few yards and used a wheelchair for the occasional family outing. She once went to Disney Land, Paris with a disabled scooter in the luggage hold of the bus. Alexandra recovered by reverting to the diet of our ancestors; within six months was able to manage without the live-in au-pair who had looked after her, the children and the home for 5 years. Another year later and she was canoeing down the Ardeche in France on an active family holiday.

When Alexandra recovered she advertised in newspapers and magazines to find people who had recovered and were willing to write their stories to give hope to people who are still sick. 50 people kindly agreed to do so and the result is "Recovery from CFS - 50 Personal Stories".

Dr Jacob Teitelbaum, Medical Director of the National Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers Inc. USA, a specialist in CFS/ME, has written the foreword. Two recovery stories are written by doctors, including that of Dr Clare Fleming who edited two reports from the National Task Force on CFS/ME and contributed to the Action for ME residential rehabilitation courses for people with CFS/ME in the UK. British canoeist Anna Hemmings details her return from CFS/ME to winning a World Championship Gold Medal.  

The fifty men, women and children were all diagnosed with CFS/ME by a medical professional and were ill for between 2 and 25 years before they regained their health and returned to a normal life.  Methods of recovery in each story are different and very individual and every author recommends therapies, supplements, books and websites and offers advice at the end of their story.  Many also give contact details for sufferers who need support. 

Further Information
20% of book proceeds to ME Research UK. Available from  (£14.99) and   (£9.99)  or  and
Also available as an ebook from  
Alexandra Barton - Compiler and Editor, now works as a life coach, counsellor and nutritional therapist helping people with CFS to regain their health and happiness.  

3 Awards to Beyond Organic Skin Care


3 Awards to Beyond Organic Skin Care


Cornwall based Beyond Organic Skin Care has won three awards in 2008, including winners in the Facial Skincare Category by Natural Health Magazine for their Regenerating Night Cream in April 2008.

Also in the Facial Skincare category, both the Detoxifying Cleanser and the Regenerating Night Cream were Top Finalists in the prestigious Natural & Organic Awards, sponsored by the Soil Association in May 2008.  There were over 140 organic entries for this category, but the judges were impressed with both the packaging and the performance of the products.

Finally, in September 2008 Lifescape Beauty Awards have voted the whole range as 'Best Newcomer'.

"For a small, family run Cornish company to receive this recognition, shows both the quality of our range and the fact that people value hand crafted skin care products that support both their health and the environment," stated Beyond Organic Skin Care's Marianne Tregoning.

In keeping with all of the Beyond Organic Skin Care range the award winning products are totally natural, organic, free from parabens, petrochemicals, GM materials and all artificial colours and fragrances and certified fully organic by the Biodynamic Agricultural Association (BDAA).

Further Information
Please contact Beyond Organic Skin Care on Tel: 0845 500 3550; Fax: 0870 3 607 608;   

Save Your Hands! The Complete Guide to Injury Prevention and Ergonomics for Manual Therapists, 2nd Edition

by Lauriann Greene CEAS and Richard W Goggins CPE LMP with contributions by Janet M Peterson PT DT
Published by Body of Work Books. 2008. $39.95 US. ISBN 978-0-9679549-1-2.

Save Your Hands! The Complete Guide to Injury Prevention and Ergonomics for Manual Therapists, 2nd Edition

This comprehensive text provides manual therapists with a wealth of research-based, practical advice and tips to help them work with greater safety and comfort, and keep early symptoms from developing into chronic or debilitating injury.  Recent research shows a high prevalence of injury among manual therapists, which can lead to interruption or even termination of one's career.

Totally rewritten and updated, with 352 pages and over 80 photos and illustrations, Save Your Hands! 2nd Edition offers proven injury prevention and ergonomics strategies and tips to help students and experienced manual therapists save not only their hands, but also their backs, shoulders, necks and emotional well-being throughout a long, healthy career.

Save Your Hands! shows you how to:
Find alternative techniques to protect vulnerable parts of your body, including thumbs, wrists, shoulders, neck and back;
Design your workspace to increase your safety and comfort;
Develop good body mechanics to reduce stress and effort;
Recognize the warning signs and symptoms of injury;
Treat symptoms effectively before they lead to injury;
Protect your investment in your career.
Further Information
To obtain this book please contact Lauriann on Tel: 001 877-424-0994; Fax: 001 253-423-5316;


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