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The Sedona Method of Personal Transformation

by Alex Christie(more info)

listed in personal growth, originally published in issue 70 - November 2001

This unique technique for releasing emotions has enabled people to improve their lives profoundly. For example, some people have felt their stress, depression and ill health fall away. Others have effortlessly lost the weight no diet could shift, or easily broken long-term habits such as overeating, smoking or drinking. Yet others have felt their self-awareness and self-value increase, leading to improved relationships both professionally and personally. People have experienced effective decision-making, clarity of mind, feeling in control whatever the challenge, and improved sales and earnings. Realizing goals and experiencing zest in their relationships and life are other benefits. Some people experience lasting well-being and peace using the Sedona Method®.

Participants experience how our belief patterns imprison/restrict us
Participants experience how our belief patterns imprison/restrict us

Master Your Emotions

Mastering your emotions is a critical skill that can easily change every aspect of your life. As well as controlling how you experience life right now, your emotions dictate what you can and cannot do and colour even your most 'objective' decisions. At worst, they may be making you sick. Usually the way we deal with our emotions is either to suppress or express them. Suppression is when we push down any uncomfortable feeling that arises. We mainly do this unconsciously, turning to escape methods like eating comfort foods, alcohol, smoking, television, etc., just to blot out the uncomfortable emotion and avoid the pain we carry inside. The more we suppress our emotions the more pressure builds up inside us, leading to stress, sudden emotional outbursts when we can no longer contain them, and eventually to ill health and disease. Expression avoids the internal build-up of pressure, but does not deal with the underlying cause of our upset – and how does the person on the receiving end of our anger feel? You can break this cycle by learning how to recognize and let go of your feelings as they arise. What you discover by using the Sedona Method is that you are not your feelings, thoughts and beliefs, and your true self is then able to shine through. You will find yourself increasingly able to live in the moment and respond appropriately to what is happening right now. As you feel more positive inside, so your perception of the world becomes more positive.

Let Go of Uncomfortable Thoughts and Feelings

With the Sedona Method you become aware of what you are feeling moment-to-moment, and learn how to let go of painful emotions that stand in the way of your performing at your best and enjoying life's challenges. As you let go of those self-limiting thoughts that tell you "I can't", "I won't succeed", "I don't deserve it", you naturally start believing "I can" more of the time and feel motivated to do more and go beyond your comfort zones.

Can you remember a time when everything seemed perfect? You were in the flow and everything was going right? You can let go of stress, grief, anger, fear, lack of self-belief, childhood or past traumas, indeed any uncomfortable emotions that are stopping you from having the life you want right now. You can learn to go deeper and release the root cause of your emotions and beliefs and in so doing access an unshakeable inner security and feel in control and happy at all times.

Usually the way we deal with our emotions is either to suppress or express them. Suppression is when we push down any uncomfortable feeling that arises. We mainly do this unconsciously, turning to escape methods like eating comfort foods, alcohol, smoking, television, etc., just to blot out the uncomfortable emotion and avoid the pain we carry inside. The more we suppress our emotions the more pressure builds up inside us, leading to stress, sudden emotional outbursts when we can no longer contain them, and eventually to ill health and disease. Expression avoids the internal build-up of pressure, but does not deal with the underlying cause of our upset – and how does the person on the receiving end of our anger feel?

Eliminate Stress and Enjoy Radiant Health

Stress is caused by the accumulation of negative feelings and thoughts that arise throughout our day. Stress affects us on all levels – mentally, emotionally and physically. It affects our sleep, daytime performance, relationships, ability to think clearly, and our health. Prolonged stress leads to sickness. The Sedona Method enables you to reduce stress in your life using a process of self-enquiry together with a releasing technique. Studies have shown that people who respond better in the face of stress are far more likely to obtain their goals in life. They are also healthier and happier. The Sedona Method is an invaluable tool for health practitioners and therapists for avoiding burn-out.

Break Long-Standing Habits and Addictions

The Sedona Method has helped many people give up addictions such as smoking, alcohol and overeating. Have you ever noticed that when you reach for a cigarette or some chocolate when you're not hungry, it is because there is an uncomfortable feeling you are trying to avoid? Habits and addictions have emotional triggers. As you tap into your natural ability to release you will find you can let go of whatever it is that is causing you to smoke, drink or overeat. You will be able to let go of any unwanted habit, whatever it might be.

Improve the Quality of Your Relationships

Have you ever felt blocked from experiencing or expressing the deep love you feel for those you care for? Would you like to let go of those annoyances and criticisms that place barriers between yourself and those you love, or with whom you work? As you release your negative feelings you will find that the quality of both your professional and your personal relationships improves. You will be able to relax more with people, even strangers. You can rediscover the magic that brought you together with your partner in the first place, or release that which stands in the way of your having a loving relationship.

Improve Your Business/Income

In a study conducted over a six-month period with Mony Corporation NY, the sales group that learned the Sedona Method out-performed the control group by 33%. The second three months showed even greater improvement in sales than the first. Companies have reported increased productivity and sales, a reduction in staff sickness and absenteeism, and improved communication, teamwork and customer service using the Sedona Method.

"I found the Sedona Method a great tool for improving productivity and creativity in the workplace. It helps you to see opportunities and creates fun where before there was stress and misery. My company's turnover more than doubled within a year of me starting to use releasing – a remarkable achievement which I attribute mainly to the application of the Sedona Method." Steven Cole, MD, London.

I invite further research into the benefits of the Sedona Method in the UK.

How It Works

"The Sedona Method stands out far beyond the rest for its simplicity, efficiency, absence of questionable concepts, and rapidity of results." Dr McClelland, Harvard Medical School
• Because the Sedona Method takes you to the very root of your negative thoughts, feelings and behavioural patterns, allowing you to let them go from this deeper level, people find it a far more effective way to achieve what they want in life than just affirmations, goal-setting or positive thinking;
• The results increase over time. The more you use it the more you benefit from the Method;
• Releasing can take you to the same peaceful state that meditation does, but you do not need to withdraw from the world. It is an 'eyes open' method. The beauty of it is you can use it whatever you are doing, wherever you are, whenever you need it;
• No complicated or highly imaginative visualization is necessary. The method is simple, yet the possibilities for using it are endless;
• It is not a programming. It is a unique way of re-learning your natural ability to 'let go' and thereby create security and a feeling of mastery over your life;
• Unlike therapy, you do not have to understand intellectually, remember or re-experience the cause of your emotions and beliefs to be free of them. You can simply feel your reaction and let it go;
• There is no need to share anything of a personal nature;
• Once you have learned the method you can do-it-yourself. You do not need to join any group or depend on anyone, although support is always freely available.

The History of the Sedona Method

Lester Levenson, a physicist and highly successful entrepreneur, was at the pinnacle of his life and career. Yet despite worldly success he was a very unhappy and unhealthy man, suffering his second heart attack at the age of only 42. His doctors gave him two weeks to live. Lester decided to look within to find out what had caused his ill health and unhappiness. He discovered a way of letting go of all negative thoughts and feelings and felt increasingly lighter and happier. Within a period of three months his body had completely healed itself and he entered a state of profound inner peace and happiness that stayed with him for the next 42 years. The Sedona Method is the transformational tool he created so that others too might realize their true nature and full potential, and so discover this natural state of peace and happiness that exists within us all.

How to Release Emotions

Holistic releasing

One way of releasing is what we call Holistic Releasing. We live in a world consisting of polarities. Everything arises in pairs. If you have love you also have hate, pain cannot exist without pleasure. But we live our lives as if this were not true. We try to hold onto what we judge to be good, and of course it slips away. And we resist what we judge as bad, and it usually persists and sometimes even gets bigger. We also expend lots of energy trying to keep the two sides apart. If instead you embrace both sides of a polarity and bring the opposites together, you find they cancel each other out, they dissolve each other like matter and antimatter, and you quickly find yourself in a centred state that can allow for all possibilities, yet remain at peace.

Diving in†

A second way of releasing emotions that is particularly effective with powerful feelings such as grief or anger is to dive into the feeling. Such emotions can feel very threatening and our reaction is usually to either run away from them, deny them, cover them up with activity, drink or food, or to cling to and identify with them. How often do we say "I'm sad," or "I'm really angry, labelling ourselves instead of just the passing emotion." If instead we do just the opposite, and allow ourselves to feel the emotion without resisting it in any way, and then in our imagination we dive into this emotion, increasingly deeper, as deep as we can possibly go, and then deeper still, we may initially feel greater pain, but the deeper we dive into the feeling the more it dissipates, until eventually it dissolves and we are left with a deep sense of peace, the peace that is always to be found just beyond our thoughts and emotions. †We strongly recommend you use this technique only under the guidance of/with the support of a qualified Sedona Method Instructor.

Personal Testimonies

Social Phobia

Caroline from Suffolk had been suffering from social phobia following a nervous breakdown. Her world was gradually closing in tighter and tighter around her, despite treatment. The Sedona Method enabled Caroline to understand what was causing her avoidance of so many things, and her fear of meeting people left her.

Weight Loss

"In the 6 weeks that I have been practising the Method I have lost 16 lbs. The amazing thing is that I have not gone on a diet, yet incredibly, I have lost weight. My opinion is that the course is worth every penny." Michael Heath, Cheshire


"I gained freedom releasing the grief about my daughter's death 8 years ago. The shock of finding her dead had remained with me until this week." MA, London

Compulsive Overeating

"I used to compulsively overeat and exercise. Every moment of every day I would obsess about food and my appearance, constantly checking in the mirror for any weight loss or gain. Everything I tried brought only temporary relief, causing me to despair and overeat/exercise even more. The Sedona Method brought me immediate calmness, which I feel most of the time now. I no longer overeat to escape my feelings and I am able to let go of any self-critical thoughts as they arise." Tine, Brighton

ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

"After 4 years of severe flu-like symptoms I was diagnosed as having ME. Prior to my illness I was a Higher Civil Servant and enjoyed a challenging and exciting career, and active social life. I was determined not to let my overwhelming tiredness affect my life, but in 1997 I physically collapsed. This was the beginning of the end of my life as I had known it. I was hospitalized many times and had to resign from my career. Having exhausted all conventional and complementary therapies available I started looking inwards. I read many self-help books, and visited faith healers and spiritual teachers. I then attended the Sedona Method Seminar. I saw that I wanted to control everything in my life – my job, family, illness, and above all my feelings. I feared the emotions an intimate relationship would uncover, I defied what my body was telling me, I tried to control it all. By releasing, my illness never again had power over me. The Sedona Method has been the most significant event in my life. My journey is now one of enlightenment, courage, faith, love, and gratitude." Moira, Dublin.


Levenson Lester. Keys to the Ultimate Freedom. Sedona Institute. 1993.
For more information and an introductory brochure and tape
contact Alex: Tel: 020 8876 0216;;


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