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Stuck in Dry-dock

by Michael Levy(more info)

listed in personal growth, originally published in issue 149 - July 2008

Imagine numerous small groups of people, segregated by beliefs, who plan to go on an exotic luxurious world cruise. Some groups follow ancient doctrine, others follow modern intellectual reasoning and logic; some are political, while others believe in nothing. Their group leaders, who own an old elegant luxury ship, which has a fine traditions, and reputation, have educated them. So they are shepherded on board, and each group is introduced to their own individual captain by their group leader. The different captains all look alike but every one of them has different ideas on how their groups are to behave.

From the outside, the old vessel looks good, and inside it is bedecked with all types of frills and extravagance, however, beneath the surface it is falling apart at the seams. Undeterred, they wait onboard to start the journey of a lifetime around the world. One of the other problems is the ship’s engines have been removed and the ship is languishing in dry-dock. Still, the group loves traditions or their own slant on life, and are all of the same uncompromising mind-set, so they will patiently wait and pray for the day when it to will set sail.

While they wait, they are served all types of fancy alcoholic drinks, cigarettes and cigars galore, heaps and heaps of fatty foods that taste delicious to the taste buds but tend to block the arteries of the heart. They all seem to be enjoying themselves while they wait for the journey to commence, but after a while they become weary and anxious. Nevertheless, their respective group leaders keep them in check and their trusty captain distance themselves from each of the other groups. They pretend to be sociable with the other groups when they meet; however, they are indoctrinated by the laws their captain lays down, keeping them divided and aloof. Many times, they try to enlist members of the other groups but they never think about joining the other groups’ way of thinking.

Every moment of every fresh, new day, a new luxurious ship sails by. The good, kind captain invites all the groups on board for a super free world cruise on a modern state-of-the-art ship with the best of everything. The groups have not heard of the new ship and only know of the traditions and reputation of the old ship.

The unfamiliar captain tells them that nothing on board this ship can harm them. Only water and healthy beverages are served. Healthy, natural food is provided in balanced amounts to maintain the body weight and keep it in tip top condition. There are no group leaders on board, for there is only one group and they all pay attention to the captain’s wisdom. Every time they need to find answers to complex questions, they ask in silent mediation and listen quietly until authentic answers appear. This captain can read minds, so every thought that requires an answer will be given one at the appropriate moment

Since this cruise only lasts for one lifetime, they all understand they need to help each other enjoy their time together in peace, harmony, love and joy. Every race, creed and colour join together in creating fresh invigorating ideas so that they can thrive abundantly.

Meanwhile, back on board the old ship, the people fear all that anything they have not experienced before, so they refuse the captain of the new ship and tell him that they prefer to stick with what they know, and wait for the old ship to be refurbished, and then get the new engines to sail around the world.

Of course, the old ship is never going to sail again, as it is falling apart from all the stresses and strains it experienced fighting rough seas of the past. Sadly, the group will grow old and die on the old ship without ever experiencing their dreams of sailing around the world for a trip of a lifetime.

Many people stick with indoctrinated old traditions, or newfangled beliefs, all their life, and moan and groan why nothing they do helps them achieve their dreams. They ask why their past kin were killed in holy wars and tragic events. Why they still today fight and argue with other people’s opinions, ideas, beliefs and doctrines, while all the time a loving creator of the mind and body is asking them to hear the silent voice of wisdom that leads to their own Paradise Park. Because the doctrines in their convictions, or non-belief, do not allow them to step outside their dogmatic fear-laden understanding of life, they stay glued to old, stale thoughts that contain sentiments that project fear, anger and revenge.

The source of intelligence that is requesting them to proceed on a paradise journey of a lifetime is not written up in any textbook or holy book. The truth cannot be found in any book or house of worship, as it resides in the hearts and souls of all humans and all life forces in the universe. It embraces divine love and joy …to live life in luxurious splendour of true pleasure and fondness. The captain of a boat that is enmeshed within your mind, body and soul has the mastery to take you on a journey that will light up your life, helping you to discover joy in every moment you live on earth.

The people who sit-put in worn out teachings and do not assimilate with all human beings regardless of colour or creed, lose the power of grace, and can only live life stuck in folklore that separate them from all other humans who do not follow the same culture. If all people love and enjoy the illumination of one source of intelligence, without fear or favour, then all wars will cease and the world will once again become paradise.

In true essence, God is not a He or a She. Gender does not equate to a power of intelligence that creates and evolves all things bright and beautiful throughout the cosmos. On our small planet, human beings are one minor part of nature; however, the self-importance of human beings has produced a sophisticated species that is polluting, destroying and overwhelming its very own life forces of natural elements such as air, water and vegetation.

Humans also ruin their own immune systems with their erroneous lifestyles and bad nutritional habits. The intelligence in the body is governed by the intelligence of its original design. The ruination of the body is caused by the mindless actions of the ego/personality.

The dictator in the conscious mind will command, “I am my own boss and I will live as I want to live.” Even though they have a true skipper who can take them on a delightful voyage of good health and happiness, they prefer to struggle and strain with their own way of doing things on a ship named …The Great Pretender.


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