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Only A Visitor

by Michael Levy(more info)

listed in personal growth, originally published in issue 161 - August 2009

Let me ask you a question ... If you go on vacation to a small exotic island, reclining in a deck chair, on a crystalline white beach, would you be feeling contented and happy? Silly question isn't it, of course you would ... You are only a visitor, in a foreign land, having no interest in local politics or local discontent. You are there to enjoy yourself and have fun in the sun...Only a visitor.

When you get back home, a mountain of mail awaits you. Many bills to be paid, lots of flyers letting you know you can't exist without the latest electronic gizmo. There's even a flyer from the local crematorium reminding you they are frying tonight ... Book your future spot in the heat while the price of fuel is low. All of a sudden the exotic island has become a dream like memory and the heat from the warm sun takes on a new meaning.

The finite realty of mortality is now brought home along with your suntan. You realize you only have a few good years left before illness and decaying body take their toll. Even if you are in your early twenties, you are realizing time is not on your side ... Before you know it; you will be simmering on a low light.

It is at that point you crumple up the flyer and throw it in the garbage. Enough of these morbid thoughts, it's a work day tomorrow and now your thoughts are: has business improved or will the boss still be thinking of downsizing?

The next few weeks drag-on-by, and now the holiday in the sun is all but forgotten. Worries and anxiety are on the ram-page ... Despondently, you have no idea how to turn over that page as you sink deeper still into depression modes of melancholy.

A trip to the doctor's office may bequeath you with a bottle of pills. You start to pop them in your mouth on a daily basis. Even though they irritate your stomach, with the occasional sickly feeling, you have to continue because they make you feel light-headed, reducing the sense of worry a little. Unfortunately, they do not have the power to remedy any problems that continue to unfold. Back at the doctor's office, he also is also popping the same pills because he cannot cope with the modern day stresses of life.

Do you want me to carry on with more devaluing, ever unfolding developments in most peoples lives or should I stop the negative descriptions and give you a choice of how you can overcome all the uneasiness that plagues your brain? Since time is short, and you don't want to read long-winded stuff that cannot help you, I'll get right to the point ... You are only a visitor living in an Exotic Abode called a mind and body, so why worry?

Early in the 20th century a group of travellers visited a great sage named Rabbi Chofetz Chaim. His room was bare except for a few items.

"Rabbi," they asked, "where is your furniture?"
"Well, where is yours?" the sage replied.
"We don't have any furniture," they responded, "because we are just passing through."
He smiled, "And so am I."    
Your non-permanent home is called earth. You have journeyed from a distant, unknown source to occupy a human body and brain, infused with an intelligence system that can keep it in perfect working order for over 100 years. It is constructed in the same way as a tree, flower, fish or any other animal. The molecular structure may be a little different; however, the intelligence that keeps it all functioning in perfect order is identical. The only tangible difference is that a human being has the ability to use reason and logic to fathom out its own existence. Up to this point in time, most of the reasoning and logic is of no benefit when is boils down to true quality of life. In fact, in comparison to every other life force in the universe, the human brain has sophisticated itself far away from authentic happiness and contentment. It seems the more analytical the mortal being becomes, the more it distances itself from the original pleasures a human birth is meant to bring with it.

Few people grasp that the mountains of sophisticated, academic thoughts, evolving over thousands of years, have actually damaged the simplicity of joyful living. To make this earth a better place humanity needs to disrobe itself of many false doctrines, erroneous teaching, inaccurate logic, unsound reasoning, superstitious traditions, fallacious dogma, analytical philosophy, meaningless theology, cunning politics, financial skulduggery and mad science.

They may all linger on and on, to torment humanity in their numerous, canny guises for many years, however, you do not have to be a part of all the unsound none-sense. There is positively no requirement on your behalf to be emotionally involved in other people's erroneous be-lie-f systems.

You are only visiting, and none of your role plays will last the ravages of time; therefore, what cannot last cannot be real ... They are all fleeting roles that will all-too-soon, pass-bye ... If you take the role-play too seriously, then the stresses that carry may well end the grievous acts well before the scheduled finale.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying knowledge, learning and academic skills do not have their place in society... Far from it.... I endorse all the magnificent discoveries and luxuries of modern day living; however, they are not humanity's true reality, for each human being is only a visitor in an exotic land. People can say modern luxuries are the icing on the cake ... They may catch-on that the frills and thrills are not the cake ... in spite of everything and in-any-event, both the cake and the icing will be consumed by each ticking second of the mortal clock.

Therefore, if you grasp you cannot control or hold onto anything beyond your given time on earth, from this point on, recite this mantra throughout your day.

I'm only a visitor made in a temporary fabrication I call "Me" ... I do not need to hold on to any reason or logic that can reduce my JOY. 

If we are only visiting, then we can have no attachments. Everything is being used on a temporal basis. We know everything material disappear from our physical sight when we go away from our earthly abode.
Understand, you are only a visitor ... all too soon, it will all be transformed into a dream-like metaphysical memory, effortlessly drifting in an essence of mystical energy. Now take a deep breath. You may have just breathed in an exotic dream-like memory.


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