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Normal Ignorance and Natural Truth

by Michael Levy(more info)

listed in personal growth, originally published in issue 261 - March 2020


For the past few million years human beings evolved into the species that exists today. What we observe is six billion people on a planet who all believe they live a normal life in their environment. And indeed they do......they all live a normal life, but how natural is that? How many humans live a natural life as nature intended. Has the evolutionary system allowed humans to fall into a pit of ignorance that could result in the disappearance of humanity? Perhaps if we can gleam some information from other species, we may see a little clearer our own folly and make amends.


Michael Levy 261 Ignorance and Natural Truth


I was watching a program on evolution recently on PBS. One section of the program was a study on our closest relatives on earth, the apes and our similarities in two groups of apes in particular. Chimpanzees and Bonobos are the nearest existing relatives to humans. Many attributes of the apes within their societies, culture, mentality and intricate social interdependence are comparable to human society in general. Both groups of apes are intricately connected, even though they live in different intellectual structures.

The Chimpanzees are dominated by the most aggressive male and many fights continually erupt. The aggressive male physically injures many of the group so that he can keep his supremacy. (I wonder if Saddam parents were monkeying around?)

In the Bonobos society it seems they are only interested in eating food and making love all day long. (Mama Mia!! The Italian connection?) Two groups of apes look very similar in appearance but have evolved in different ways.

And so it is with human society. Humankind has evolved according to the environment and location of their community. For many thousands of years in the Middle East, the human power menu has delivered many wars and aggressions. Holy wars in God’s name springs up on a regular basis whenever one group wish to dominate another group. Over time people moved from these regions to populate Europe, then the America’s. Today in the Middle East nothing has changed except the aggression has become more diabolical. Very few counties have democracy, public executions are enacted and suicide bombers disappear in a blast of insane glory along with many innocent people. This is now normal, but how natural is it?
Today in America we have a society where people are shot and killed for no reason. This is now normal, but how natural is it? Last month’s latest fears were brought about by the sniper and this is just the tip of the insanity:

  1. Today in America folks are robbed and assaulted in broad daylight by barbarians. This is now normal, but how natural is it?
  2. Today in America women of all ages are mercilessly raped by uncouth animals. This is now normal, but how natural is it?
  3. Today in America irrational children kill their teachers and classmates. This is now normal, but how natural is it?
  4. Today in America vulgar clergymen sexually abuse young boys. This is now normal, but how natural is it?
  5. Today in America mindless humans inflict air pollution on mass populations which becomes responsible for the deaths of millions over time. This is now normal, but how natural is it?
  6. Today in America heart dis-ease and cancer kill millions of people through stress and bad diet. This is now normal, but how natural is it?
  7. Today in America a few savage executives can rob millions of unaware people out of their hard earned life savings. This is now normal, but how natural is it?

I could make a list that will reach from the East coast, to the West coast of events, actions and sickness that are now considered normal, but how natural is it?

How do humans differ from their close relatives the Chimps? Maybe only the fact that Chimps do not have human resources to cause greater mayhem in their society. My! Oh! My! what a wretched variety of normal beings we have evolved into. What unnatural traits of mayhem we have adapted over thousands of years. Is it now locked in our DNA, in our Genes? Can nothing be done to eliminate our normal way of life so that we can become natural again, as nature intended. Is there any hope” Maybe a glimmer of Light?

  • Normality cannot be conquered by normal;
  • A fire cannot be doused by another fire;
  • A flood cannot be drained by water;
  • Ignorance of identity cannot be enlightened by the ignorant.

Many people will get sick at some stage of their life and eventually die of a dis-ease. At best medication or surgery will give a Band-Aid  remedy that will fix up the immediate problem, but cannot eliminate the cause of dis-ease. No, it takes something else to see through the charade, the masquerades, the pretence, the mask of normality covering all the evil and depravity of a normal human society. It Takes the Eye Of Natural Human Spirit to cleanse normal people.

Perhaps we can raise our standards to those of the Bonobos apes, so that we learn to share our food and wisdom with the whole world, so nobody feels the needs to rob and kill. We can learn to spread our love to every nation on earth, so nobody feels unloved or unwelcome on mother earth. The French word for good is “Bon” Surely we can learn to live equal to the Bonobos and listen to our Good Boss........ The Creator. Let’s all progress from normal ignorance and advance


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